Visit to the Urologist

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Visit to the Urologist

Part 1

This is my first time writting but I had to submit this story. Its a true account of what had happen back in 1995 at my visit with the urologist.

I woke up from sleep this morning with a pain in my lower back and a strong urge to pee, but when I went to pee nothing came out except a few drops of blood mixed with urine.

I quickly called the urologist that my mother went to however she was on vacation but the receptionist on the phone advised me that Dr. Gittleman is taking all of her appointments, so I scheduled my appointment.

9:30am, I arrive at Dr. Gittleman's office and the nurse told me to take this cup and go to the bathroom for a urine sample.

After completing the urine sample I handed the cup back to the nurse that helped me and I was then taken to Dr. Gittlemans office. I waited and waited until Dr. Gittleman finally arrived he was about 35 and a good-looking man. He introduced himself and he asked me a few questions.

How old are you? he asked.

I'm 22 years old, I replied.

Have you ever experienced this before?


Do you smoke?


Do you drink lots of caffine?

Well yeah, I drink lots of ice tea, I told him.

Well, what seems to be the problem is that you are experiencing kindey stones. There not large and most of them are out,however I would advise that you stop drinking products that contain caffine.

What I am going to do is give you a quick check up this morning and ask you to come back for a follow up visit.

On the way to the exam room he was telling me to drink plenty of water to flush out my urinary system. When we arrive in the exam room he asked me to undress and lay on the exam table. I entered the room first and he walked in and closed the door behind me and locking it. I was noticing in the room was an exam table with stirups and posters on the wall with diagrams of the uninary track and diagrams of the male and female genitals. A counter with all kinds of products and a cabinet on top.

It was scary and exciting for me hoping that I would not get a hard-on but I was able to control myself due to the fact I still had this drama of urinating blood. As I took off my clothes the Doctor was writting notes and washing his hands. I got on the exam table naked as he intsructed me and he checked my nose and ears and he listen to my heart and he took my blood pressure.

He told me to lay on my back and he felt my stomach and worked his way down to my lower abdomen he proceded to take his left hand and pressed down in a clapping type feel at the bottom of the base of my penis and with his right hand he examined my penis head and opening a closing the shaft of the head of my penis. My penis was semi-erect and he slowly squeezed from the base of my penis to the top. He told me to relax and that he was checking for any discharge.

I was just laying there with my hands to my side saying nothing and thinking that I hope I dont get a full erection and how embarrasing that would be. After completing that he told me to hop on down from the table and he told me stand as he pulled up a stool and rolled it in front of me. While he was sitting on the stool and I was standing in front, he told me to turn around and he felt my lower back and asked me if that is where the pain was and I told him, yes, thats where it hurts. He told me to turn around and he examined my scrotum and rolling each testicle in between his fingers then he was complete and I proceded to put my clothes back on.

As I was doing so he reminded me about the follow up visit for next week.

Part 2

Tuesday 10:00am. As the week past I was urinating normal and I felt great and my back pain had gone away. But the only thing was that I didnt jerk off in a week for a fear that blood would come out or something. Once again I was handed a cup and asked to give a sample which I did. Once again the nurse led me to the same exam room that I was in and was told that the Doctor would be with me shortly so like last time I waited and waited and as I waited I was getting very horny and turned on and having fantasies about being tied up on the exam table while the Doctor uses these machines in the room to make me ejaculate.

I reminded myself that I was in a doctors office and this is no time to think this way, but man was I ready to explode. When the Dr. Gittleman came in he kindly said hello and told me that my urine didnt have any blood in it and he reminded me once again to not drink caffine products and I told me he wanted to examine me again and that I would be on my way. So he told me to underess and to lay on the exam table and just like last time he wrote some notes and washed his hands. He came over to me and started the examination by checking my eyes, ears throat and listen to my heart.

He instructed me to lay on my back and once again he felt my stomach and worked his way to my lower abdomen. When he started feeling around my abdomen I felt my penis getting erect and he didnt say or seem to notice but my dick started to have a mind of its own. He took his thumb and index finger and placed it behind the base of my dick and applied pressure as if he was squeezing his thumb and his index finger together and with his right finger he started to examine the head of my penis, but this time I was fully erect and very sensative.

He remarked and said relax dont worry in my line of business this is very common and normal for males to have an erection to a genital exam. In the mean time as he was pressing on the head of my dick and the most sensative part of my penis is the small piece of skin that is infront of my penis he was slowly flicking that back and fourth making very erect and hard. He squeezed from the base of my penis slowly to the top and this time pre-cum appeared on the tip of my piss slit. He then stepped away from the exam table and left the room with me on the table with my hard on.

It took only about 3 minutes he returned with the nurse they both went to the drawers and the cabinet taking some items out an placing them on a tray and they came closer to me on the exam table the doctor took my hands and removed them from my semi-erect penis and told me to place my hand and keep them to the side while he collects a sperm sample from me.

He explained that at his point since I did not masturbate he wanted to get a full sample to see if there will any blood in my sperm and that the nurse will be here to help him collect the sample. He told me to relax as he lubed his latex gloved fingers with KY jelly and that I need to be still. With the doctor on one side and the nurse on the other he lowered the back of the exam table and he gently took his hands and started to examine my scrotum and rolling each testicle between his fingers. The nurse on the other hand was just watching and she has a specimen cup ready for my climax. As the Doctor examined my balls my penis started to get erect and it sprang to life. My penis even twitched from all the excitement that I was recieving from my balls. The Doctor told the nurse to hold my penis at the base of my penis and she then had one hand at my base hold it like the doctor did with her thumb and index finger behind the base and the doctor worked his fingers to the skin in front of my head flicking it back and fourth slowly and pressing on my head which was driving me crazy. I started to moan and beg that he make me cum already but the doctor ignored my orders and he told the nurse to be ready any time with the cup to collect the sample.

With his fingers he started to stroke real slow up and down the shaft with his lubed hands. It was so slow that my dick was leaking pre-cum and the nurse was using a swab to collect the pre-cum samples placing it into the cup. The doctor continued his slow stroking sessions and I was moaning and bleeding with him to let me cum but he kept on doing what he was doing. He even slowed even more and squeezed the shaft and a large amount of pre-cum was wiped up with the swab and finally he took his hand and held my nuts and with his other hand he grasped my dick and stroked it about six or seven times until I let out a big urgh! and a load of hot cum was shooting out of my penis all over the nurses hands as she was trying to collect each drop of cum that was pouring out of my cock and the Doctor kept on stroking up and down getting out each drop.

They let me rest for a few seconds and I got dressed and the doctor and nurse went back to there normal duties as if nothing happen.

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