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Penthouse Letters Collection


Special Preference

Your magazine is showing women the way to freedom of expression in the press and, more importantly, within the home and marital life. Many couples would be happier if they could speak freely to one another of their deep passions. I am a 34-year old divorcee, who enjoys your magazine immensely. I look for the "Special preference" letters as I love being given enemas, but I could never bring myself to ask my ex-spouse to give them to me, thinking this must be a morbid taste.

After much soul-searching, I find it is no crime to be anally erotic. The crime is making it a problem, being unable to face the fact that one is human, full of feeling and desires. I wish my desires could be fulfilled and controlled within a couple's loving relationship, instead of in secret, extra-marital affairs.

No one objects to getting pleasure from taking a bath. Yet, when we bathe our internal organs, using an enema, it is frowned on by everyone from medical men to preachers. Probably, high pressure enemas are harmful and should be rejected on medical grounds, but many sluggish, inactive persons would feel better and probably live longer if they used a slowly-filling warm >water enema to bathe their colons more often.

I prefer being given enemas to taking them myself because I am exhibitionistic and wanted most of all for my husband to take a personal interest in my body and its beauty. I like the warm flow of water and the erotic feelings of receiving the injection. It's better to live your erotic sexual life at home than in bars or massage parlors. Women still lose their husbands and men their wives, because we have never become used to speaking our innermost sexual thoughts except to a cheap whore or otherwise liberated person of low morals. Putting labels on behavior is wrong in itself and does not solve any of the human problems. Mrs. E.J., Boulder, Co. (April 1972)

Special Preference

I was amused by C.W.T.'s letter (November) concerning bizarre activities at an institution for delinquent girls. Her story reminded me of the punitive enemas my aunt used to give her two teenage daughters. One day I arrived at my aunt's house just as one of my cousins was about to undergo correction for having deliberately torn her sister's dress in a fit of envy. The culprit tried to rectify the situation by apologizing, but undauntedly my aunt was gathering the enema equipment. I was too fascinated to make a polite exit, till my cousin blushingly asked her mother to send me home. To my surprise, my aunt decided I could stay, as an additional embarrassment for the malfeasant.

In honor of my presence, she was permitted to retain her bra and panties. But I was not disappointed. I have always considered her attractive, and seeing her in a tight pair of silk panties gave me quite a thrill. The recalcitrant was ceremoniously ushered into a bedroom and reluctantly laid face down on some towels spread over the bed. She whimpered as my aunt lowered her panties in front of me and her giggling sister. The silken undergarment was arranged as a useless decoration below her knees, leaving her shapely buttocks and thighs full exposed. Then, while my curiosity rose, my aunt attached a rubber hose to the enema bag and inserted a nozzle at the loose end. I noticed that she used a larger hygienic nozzle rather than the regular device provided for enema usage. She carefully greased this threatening plastic tube as its intending victim stared in horror. Ignoring her entreaties, my aunt pried apart the unhappy girl's fleshy cheeks and the glistening black nozzle was slowly pushed into her rectum until it nearly disappeared inside the forced opening. Having checked that the hose was properly secured, my aunt instructed her whining daughter not to move and then went to the kitchen to prepare the special enema solution.

During my aunt's 15-minute absence, my cousin, doing as she was told, maintained her enema hose stretched like a strange clothes-line from her quivering behind to the limp bag hanging on a bed post. Her sister was beside herself from enjoyment and our continual taunting and banter aggravated her ordeal. Unsupervised for so long, we took advantage of the opportunity afforded by the slightly protruding nozzle. To our amusement, we discovered that, by merely manipulating the implanted object, we could obtain splendid reactions from its unwilling possessor. We were like children mischievously torturing a captured dog by playfully twisting the outraged creature's tail. Much like a helpless animal, my cousin was at our mercy. The muffling noise of a radio rendered her screams for help useless, while a great fear of my aunt's wrath prevented her from freeing herself. So, submitting to the inevitable, she meekly held her pose while her sister and I each took turns in experimenting with the nozzle. We were treated to an exciting show of squirming, fanny wiggling and childish complaints.

Just when we heard my aunt returning, my partner-in-mischief suddenly jerked the enema hose from its moorings in her alarmed sister's mid-posterior. I was at first mystified by this unexpected maneuver, but its purpose was to become apparent. As my aunt came back into the room, she found her errant daughter frantically attempting to restore the nozzle and immediately misinterpreted her intentions. Wrongly identifying the prankster and ignoring the victim's self-vindicating accusations, my aunt swiftly reinserted the nozzle and carefully filled the enema bag with the pitcher of solution she had prepared. She told us the dreadful-looking milky concoction contained a mixture of hot water, soapsuds, baking soda, salt and mineral oil. With all in readiness, she opened the stopcock, starting the flow into the pseudo-patient. My aunt skillfully released the liquid in intermittent spurts by pinching the hose. First, she would let it gush, causing the recipient to writhe in distress as the pressure quickly mounted. Then she would stop it momentarily, allowing the pressure to subside to a tolerable level. In all, well over a quart must have been emptied out of the enema bag.

My cousin believed that the completed enema concluded her degrading public exhibition, but my aunt insisted on scrubbing her heretofore private areas with a wash cloth and toilet paper in much the same way as one might clean an infant for a diaper change. Even after that, my aunt made her wait at the bathroom door and stand facing the wall only steps from the physical relief she craved. N. P. (name and address withheld), Tolland, Conn. (February, 1973)

Special Preference

I have really enjoyed your readers letters on enemas. I am a counselor at a boys camp and also act as a medic when any of the kids get sick. As we have no nurse at the camp, the kids are referred to me when they have fevers or tummy aches. Naturally, I'm responsible enough to send them to a doctor if I should think it is anything serious, but in most cases their illnesses require only a day in bed to recover. I have asked a doctor about enemas and, like myself, he believes that a good clean-out will do no harm to most boys. In fact, we both agree that enemas are not only a natural therapy, but safer and more convenient than laxatives, which have to go through the whole system merely to move a clog at the terminal point.

My wife is a nurse and takes care of the girls. Most of the boys are a little shy at first when I produce the enema can, which I do for nearly all who are confined to bed. The enema is the first treatment I give, and it is really surprising how many boys, after their first enema, see it as a most natural, pleasant and comfortable treatment. It is natural to expect that most teenage boys will get erections, but this is quite harmless. Most of the parents have congratulated me when they learn I give their boys enemas, as they also see it as a sensible way to take care of many ailments without the use of harmful chemicals. Yet I admit there are parents and doctors who would rather feed children habit-forming laxatives by mouth, as if the rectum was a forbidden area, thereby setting up inhibitions for the present and future. My wife and I have three teenagers, all at the camp and all familiar with the enema, and as far as I can see they have no rectal hang-ups. We all freely use the bathroom with an open door and are not ashamed of our bowel movements. I believe our family attitude will make for healthy sensual and sexual relationships in the future, as it now does with my wife and myself, as we also use the enema as a sex aid.

A word of advice to your good readers. Giving enemas to schoolboys and my own children has taught me to introduce the treatment gently if it is the boy's first time. If necessary, let the boy hold the pressure clip so that he can control the flow of water to his comfort. J. R., Toronto, Canada (April 1973)

Special Preference

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with Penthouse. The entertainment of the great photography and articles makes the other magazine like an old man's bedtime book. One section, Penthouse Forum, has completely changed my love life. In fact, my girl thinks that, next to the Pill, it has done more to liberate sex than anything else. Before we read Penthouse we thought we knew all about sex, as we were uninhibited enough to enjoy cunnilingus, etc. Then one day at the airport I bought a copy of your magazine and read the letters about taking enemas. I showed it to my girl, but we didn't see how putting water in the rectum could enhance one's sexual feelings. Of course, neither of us had ever tried an enema.

A week later, on my way to pick up my girl to go to a party, I happened to pass a drug store and on the spur of the moment I went in and bought an enema bag. I asked the salesgirl to gift-wrap it and you should have seen her raised eyebrows, but she obliged. When I arrived at the apartment, my girl was all dressed up and ready to go to the party. I gave her the gift-wrap box and told her she could open it later. But she insisted on opening it there and then. When she unwrapped it and saw the enema bag, she gave a shy smile and said thank-you. Then she excused herself and went into the bedroom. In a few minutes she returned completely nude and holding the now-assembled enema bag up high so the long tube with the enema nozzle on the end did not touch the floor. She promised : This evening is going to be better than the party we were going to.

Seeing the way she held the enema bag gave me a huge erection and I knew what she had said was about to come true. The first time I gave her an enema I was very clumsy and the same when she gave me mine. Neither of us took more than one quart of warm water, but we both found it stimulating. We had one of the best sex acts we had ever had with each other and she reached her first climax while I was giving her the first enema. After we finished, we went into the bathroom to expel the enema. While she was on the toilet seat, I sat on the edge of the bathtub playing with her breasts. She became excited again and when I started expelling my water, she started playing with me. That night we gave each other two more enemas with sex in-between. It was sensational. The next morning we both awoke refreshed. I do believe that these irrigations do wash toxic products out of one's system.

Now, my girl enjoys getting in the knee-chest position and after I have started giving her the enema she slips my penis into her vagina from the rear. When she gives me an enema I lie on my left side and after she has inserted the enema pipe into my rectum, she leans over and sucks me at the same time. Since we are very open about our sex life, we have never hid the enema bag in the closet but let it hang in plain view for anyone who uses our bathroom to see. J. D., Atlanta, Ga. (April 1973)

Special Preference

I have been fascinated to read you continuing Forum correspondence concerning enemas. I have been obsessed by the enema for my entire life since my infancy. I can offer no explanation for this obsession other than that it is a natural offshoot of anal eroticism or perhaps has masochistic origins. To my knowledge, I never received an enema till I was 14 when I was continually feigning constipation till my mother resorted to an enema as a last resort. As I had known it would be, it was an indescribably erotic event. Since that time, I have administered enemas to myself on numerous occasions, probably averaging about one a month. J.R.N., NYC, NY (April 1973)

Golden Showers

I was introduced to your wonderful magazine several months ago by a male cousin. I especially enjoy your Penthouse Forum. I would like to share with your readers my experiences with an activity I have found particularly arousing. I am 24, college educated and heterosexual. I am single, but have a fulfilling love life. Many of my sexual fantasies concern various scenes of males or females urinating. At the age of 12, while attending a coeducational summer camp, I chanced on a boy taking a leak in the woods and was violently aroused by this. My first intercourse occurred when I was 18 after a date at a football game. We had been drinking beer during the game and by the time it finished my bladder was full. My date was in a hurry to beat the traffic congestion, so I decided to postpone a trip to the john. However, by the time we reached the car, I knew I had miscalculated. I had to relieve myself desperately and told my boyfriend. We were near the middle of a large underground parking area and as there were no other people around I squatted down, jerked my panties off my bottom and peed copiously next to the car. My date stood by, watching me intently. When I finished, I noticed he had an enormous hard-on. As I had also been aroused by my urination, I propositioned him on the spot. We screwed on the front seat of the car.

Since then, I have had relations with several men whom I have laid by more traditional means. However, when we are alone I try to relieve myself in their presence and watch them do the same. In other societies where urination is accomplished with less privacy and fuss, there is possibly little connection between sex and urination. Joyce K., East Orange, N.J., (May 1973)

Special Preference

Reading the letter from J. A. of Nutley, N. J. (November 1972) brought to mind what happened to me several years ago, when I was 16, and dating a girl who had an older sister, a graduate nurse. I visited my girl's home frequently and often stayed overnight in the guest room. One weekend, Nancy's parents were away but Karen was home from her hospital job, to supervise us really. I woke up on the Saturday morning with a stomach ache and told Nancy, who called her sister.

Karen insisted that she take my temperature and fetched a white thermometer case and a jar of Vaseline. Only when she smeared the thermometer with Vaseline did I realize what she was going to do. I felt like leaping out of bed and hiding, but was too embarrassed to move. I hardly felt a thing except the gently probing of the thermometer as she pushed it in, but she put her hand over my buttocks to hold the thermometer in place and that really caused me to have and erection, covered by my pajama shirt, thank goodness.

Since I had a slight fever and stomach cramps, Karen suggested a mild enema would pep me up. When I said I'd rather not, she only laughed and said it wouldn't hurt. She told me to lie still and relax. A minute or two later, Karen was back with her small feminine hygiene kit and was attaching a small enema tip to the rubber hose. I guess she gave me the enema very slowly because I felt no discomfort at all. A few moments later I went to the bathroom and, sure enough, I felt much better during breakfast. Nancy didn't even mention the incident during the day and neither did Karen, much to my relief.

That evening before bed, Karen came into Nancy's room where we were listening to records and announced it was temperature time again. My face was as red as a beet but Nancy went off to the bathroom while Karen took me to her room where again it was bare bottoms up for her thermometer!

Four years ago I married Nancy after she graduated from nursing school. She's a great wife but when sickness comes along out comes the old rectal thermometer and it's bottoms up again. I really don't mind rectal and I take hers that way, too. The only thing I don't like is that Nancy will leave the thermometer and Vaseline out when I'm sick and just about everyone knows what it's for. R.W., Waterloo, Iowa (May 1973)

Special Preference

A couple of years ago I was driving on Route 80 through northern Pennsylvania. Up ahead, I noticed a VW going off to the side of the road. I pulled up to offer aid. The young lady in distress had run out of gas. I suggested siphoning gas from my car to hers, since the service stations were off the road and few and far between. The only thing to do the trick was syringe tubing and I asked Debra if she had a douche bag. She was, as could be expected, rather taken aback but rummaged through her luggage.

I've liked enemas since childhood, and when I unfolded the travel syringe, I found an enema tip rather than the curved douche pipe. I also noticed that the tip and some of the tubing were smeared with Vaseline. For any enema buff this is a dead giveaway. I siphoned the gas into the VW. Have you ever seen a VW getting an enema?

I suggested to Debra that she go to the next gas station and that I'd follow to make sure she got there. The town was fairly large and I invited her to dinner. During the meal, I asked her about enemas and found that she was as fixated as I was. I suggested that we share a room for the evening. She refused but indicated we might discuss enemas at greater length in her room. At the dinner table she described an enema and held up an imaginary bag; looking through the imaginary hanging hole at the top of the bag, she winked at me. I invited her to town, where I bought her a new enema bag. I also bought a colon tube; Debra had never seen one. Almost all hospitals use them rather than the hard plastic tips because they are made of flexible rubber and are less likely to do internal harm. The colon tube is about a half-foot long and can be used for deep insertion.

In her motel room, Debra showed much anticipation when I attached the gizmos and filled the bag with warm water. But simply holding and admiring a filled enema bag is only a still life. Trying out the new toy was a mutual desire. Debra was most willing to undergo the anal douche, but on one condition : no sex. I'm still a virgin, she said. She assumed the knee-chest position and I inserted the Vaseline-coated colon tube to the hilt as the waters flowed in. Actually, sex could not have matched the pleasures Debra derived from that enema. She moaned and groaned and, I'm sure, climaxed to the music of the gurgle of the solution.

We exchanged only enemas that evening, but Debra did relieve my highly charged state through means other than vaginal. We never did see each other again. She left in the morning before I did, leaving only a lasting enema memory. R.L., Detroit, Mich. (August 1973)

More Enemas

For many months I have read your magazine and thoroughly enjoyed most of the material that you publish. One of my favorite sections is letters by readers concerning their sexual experiences. Recent issues have contained a number of letters explaining the pleasures of enemas.

I have recently been discharged from the hospital. After having taken a test requiring the administration of nine enemas during one day, I can only conclude that people who gain sexual gratification from such an ordeal are not playing the game with a full deck. Far from producing an erotic feeling, an enema is nothing but a pain in the ass. E.H. (Address Withheld) (August 1973)

I have been a registered nurse for two years. Your special preference letters induced me to write this nurse's point of view on the enema.

The enema can be a very pleasurable experience, as I found out during my first week of nursing school After I complained to one of the doctors of stomach cramps, he told me to report at his office that evening for a full checkup.

I arrived just as the last patient was leaving. The doctor instructed me to remove my clothing except for my panties and to don one of those backless hospital gowns. The examination proceeded, after a short time he said he would give me a barium enema.

The procedure requires several preliminary cleansing enemas and I was told to roll over on my stomach. Both ends of the table were lowered until my bottom was three feet higher than my head and feet. The doctor removed my panties and placed my legs at the sides of the table, revealing my thighs and behind. A rectal thermometer was placed in my anus. I felt quite apprehensive and embarrassed. I had never had an enema before.

By looking at a large mirror I noticed the doctor assembling his equipment. He had decided on the largest rubber rectal tube he had an inch wide and three feet long. To my surprise, the thought of this huge object being forced into my rectum excited me considerably. After lubricating the tube and removing the thermometer, he slowly inserted the rectal tube into my bottom for a good ten inches. The tube was left hanging as a solution of warm water and soap was mixed in a metal can. The can was attached to the waiting tube and the warm solution filled my rectum. To my pleasure, the procedure was repeated five times before I was ready for the barium enema.

As I was returning to the table, no longer embarrassed and looking forward to the barium enema, the doctor entered the room, accompanied by an X-ray technician at the nursing school. He explained that the technician would assist him with the barium enema.

After assuming my position on the table, minus my gown, the new arrival fitted a rubber glove on his hand and lubricated it. To my great surprise, he slipped his finger into my waiting anus and proceeded to thoroughly lubricate it until I began to quiver from the exquisite sensation.

The tube used for the barium enema was three feet long and one inch wide. On the tip was a massive soft rubber bulb, to prevent premature expulsion of the barium. The bulb was lubricated. The doctor parted my buttocks and the aggressive technician pressed the glistening bulb against my parting anus until it slowly disappeared into my rear. The end of the tube was connected to a can containing four quarts of the barium solution. The solution flowed as my stomach slowly expanded to twice its normal size. The tube was clamped and removed from the enema can, the other end remained in my bottom. The table was then lowered and I rolled over on my back, placing my feet in metal stirrups. X-rays were taken. They then led me naked to a bathroom, the enema tube still dangling between my legs. After I assumed a position directly over the toilet, the doctor reached between my legs and gently pulled the tube from its moorings. I fell to the seat, expelling the massive amount of fluid.

Since this first experience with the enema, I take great pleasure in both giving and receiving them. Using a No. 32 rubber rectal tube (available in all drugstores) and a three-quart enema can, I have the male patient remove his clothing and assume a knee-chest position on the bed. This position puts the subject's backside high in the air and his legs wide apart. I explain to him that I often use enemas myself and find them soothing and pleasurable. I lubricate his anus inside and out, using a rubber glove. Then ten inches of tubing is inserted slowly and three quarts of warm soapy water injected. As the fluid is running in, the patient's stomach is massaged to relax the stomach muscles. The tube is clamped and he is placed on a bedpan. Again massaging the patient's stomach, I slowly remove the tube.

My patients tell me they have had enemas before, but admit they prefer my method. Most nurses enjoy giving enemas to young male patients who are not seriously ill. Nurses frequently use them to cleanse or relax themselves simply because the enema, properly given, is a very pleasurable experience. Registered Nurse, Dover, N. J. (August 1973)

Special Preference

About six months ago, I stayed home from work to dry out after overindulging at a wedding reception I had attended the previous evening. Around midmorning, I went into the backyard for some fresh air. My next-door neighbor saw me and asked why I wasn't at work. She is a fairly attractive widow, about fifty, and has a shy manner. I have helped her several times with odd jobs and became fairly friendly with her. When I told her about my hangover, she seemed to blush and became slightly excited. Pretending to be angry, she scolded me and started leading me by the arm to her house.

In her kitchen, I watched while she mixed several spoonfuls of baking soda in a pitcher of warm water. I told her that drinking soda water wouldn't help me, but she only laughed. When she began to swish a bar of soap in the solution, I became alarmed and said there was no way I would rink that stuff. She laughed again and said, Of course not, silly. I'm going to give you an enema. I thought she was kidding 'until she fetched an enema bag and poured the mixture into it. When I tried to protest, she continued her mock severity and said, No arguments, young man, and marched me into the bathroom.

She started unbuttoning my shirt and I became embarrassed and told her I would just lower my trousers. But she insisted on removing every stitch I was wearing. When I was naked, she instructed me to kneel on a towel with my head low and buttocks high. She knelt next to me and inserted the enema nozzle, telling me to let her know when it started to hurt. Soon I felt quite full and told her. She removed the nozzle from my rectum and I thought the treatment was completed. Instead, she massaged my belly for a minute, reinserted the nozzle, and continued the enema.

Later that day, I felt better and went over to thank her for helping me. She told me she found enemas very stimulating, but that giving herself an enema was too awkward to perform as often as she would like. I jokingly said I would give her one anytime she wanted me to. To my astonishment, she asked me to give her one right then and there. I asked her how she wanted me to give it to her, and she said to just do what she had done for me. As I stripped her, I got a terrific erection. Seeing her naked, I couldn't keep my hands off her, and we had intercourse right there on the floor. Since that day, we have given each other several enemas with sex afterward. I have found that they are very pleasant sex stimulants. Name and address withheld (February 1974)


I had been reading your magazine on a semi-regular basis, but when Xaviera Hollander began writing her informative erotic column, Call Me Madam, I began to read Penthouse monthly.

I was fascinated by one letter form the distraught victim of an anal fetishist. I fantasize his girl friend as a lesbian (like myself) the two of us spending hours together licking each other's behinds.

My current lover enjoys all variations, but I really go crazy when she gives me a nose job. Your women are beautiful and I love them but let's have less bush and more tush. (February, 1974)

Brand New Bag

Over a year ago, my husband and I discussed your special preference letters, but frankly the idea of using enemas for sexual gratification did nothing for me. So because of my lack of interest, we never experimented. I gave the subject no more thought until a few months ago while having a heated argument.

My husband had arrived home in a wretched mood. Short-tempered and argumentative, nothing I said or did was right, and we were in the midst of screaming at one another when I lost patience and told him what a crappy mood he was in. Then I said : what you need is a good enema. I don't know what even make me think of an enema at that precise moment maybe it was your magazine but acting on impulse, I went into the bathroom, filled up a syringe bag with soapy water, and for good measure, attached a large douche nozzle to the hose. I went into the bedroom with the full bag on a hanger and told my husband to undress and no arguments. Every time he would begin to say something, I would silence him sternly until he did as he was told and was lying naked on the bed.

I hung the bag on the bedpost, and as soon as I inserted the lubricated nozzle all the way in, he immediately got an erection. When I released the water, the muscles in his legs tensed, and he began to move from side to side. I stopped the flow of water occasionally, and as he got more and more aroused, I began to masturbate him while at the same time moving the nozzle around in his rectum in a slow circular motion that drove him wild. He finally climaxed with a powerful ejaculation, and it was about five minutes before he got up from the bed to empty himself.

Afterwards, the change in his attitude was almost total. He was relaxed and gracious, almost docile, and in a good enough mood to have a few drinks, and later still, to make love enthusiastically.

I'm smart enough to know when I've found a good thing, and since then I've continued to administer enemas to my husband whenever he's tense or out of sorts. And he always responds favorable. I don't know how or why they work, but I do know from experience that for my husband an enema is not only a positive sex experience, but the best therapeutic device I've found to cure an uptight disposition.

I am suspicious that enemas are primarily a male sex fetish as I have no desire for my husband to give me one, but I wonder if anyone could comment on the male vs. female attitude toward enemas from a physiological as well as psychological point of view. Is the pleasurable and tranquilizing effect enemas have on my husband unusual or unique? Name and address withheld (November 1975)

Same Old Bag

Some time ago one of your readers (on the subject of enemas) mentioned a drawing glorifying (?) the administration of an enema which he said was famous, and he asked that you locate and print it.

>From the wording I inferred that he had not seen it but wanted to. There is a relatively new book (in German) on this subject with 186 illustrations (drawings) depicting the giving of enemas. Almost surely the item solicited is among this collection.

I think it likely that most university medical school libraries will have it. The title is : Kallipygos und Askulap, and the author's name is Friedrich von Zglinicki.

The first part of the book (on excellent paper throughout) is a descriptive catalog of the illustrations; the second part consists of the actual illustrations themselves. And even thought the book was published in the 1970's, the drawings represent pproximately the period 1700-1850 as best as I can judge it. A few more ancient illustrations are included. D.S., Address withheld (November, 1975)

Seat of Pleasure

Since I was a teenager, I have had the tremendous desire to have a female remove her panties and sit on my face. This dream came true last month.

I was dating an eighteen-year-old lass, and because she was underage in this state, we were into the drive-in movie scene instead of the dance bars.

At the drive-ins we engaged in heavy petting, and she always allowed me to put one hand up her dress and feel her ass on the outside of her pantyhose.

She had a nice face and very small tits and flared out from the waist, which made her rather hippy. In fact, by some standards, her butt was too large. But I loved it. I've always loved female butts of almost any size as long as they are shaped well and, most important, have a deep crack.

I discovered that this girl had another delightful characteristic, however. While necking, I would kiss and tongue her ear, and her pussy would immediately join the party. My left hand, which would be caressing her pantied buttocks, would suddenly become soaking wet. With this discovery in mind, I invited her to my apartment for dinner and drinks. To my delight, she accepted without showing any hesitation.

After dinner we had about four or five wine flips a piece, and I was amazed at how quickly she became so extremely amorous and cooperative. I soon suggested we go into the bedroom, where we could be more comfortable.

Lying down on the bed, we locked our lips and tongues together, and I began probing around under her short skirt, searching for the top band of her pantyhose and panties. Suddenly, she rolled off the bed and stood up, and I thought the party was over. Instead she reached up under her skirt and peeled off her pantyhose and panties in one quick swoop. So fast in fact that I didn't get to see a damn thing except her bare, tanned legs and the soaking crotch of her panties as they lay around her ankles.

As she started to get back in bed, I decided what-the-hell, and asked her right out if she would please sit on my face. To my surprise, she only blinked a couple of times and said, How do you mean?

I positioned myself diagonally on the bed with my head on the corner of the mattress and my face looking back up at her. In this way she could easily sit on my face. She looked at me and my now-swollen dick for a long, curious moment. Then she turned around and backed up to the bed.

I was now looking upside down at her from the rear the tender arcs of her plump, still-covered buttocks peeking out from under her short skirt. But as she hiked it up slowly and moved back, the deep crack of her ass came looming into view. She took one more step backward so that she had one leg on each side of the corner of the bed.

She was now standing directly over my face with her thighs parted slightly. Wow! What a view big, circular buttocks coming in from both sides, forming a deep, inviting crevice. And at the bottom of the crack, there was her puckering asshole winking at me and, right ahead of it, her red-fuzz-covered, wet slit. My nostrils began to drink in the zesty aroma of fresh, dripping hot pussy. Then she clumsily sat down.

Suddenly, I couldn't breathe, and it was pitch-dark. My heart pounded with excitement, and My dick twitched in the air. After all these years, a naked female posterior was resting on my face! I couldn't talk; so I tapped her on her back. She raised up a little, and I told her to move back a bit. She did and plopped down again. Bull's eye!

Her snatch made a direct hit on my mouth. Her clitoris rested on my nose, and I was becoming drunk with the tangy scent and taste of her running cunt juices. I licked, and she twitched her hips, and our movement became a little easier.

She raised up a little bit again, and I started with my tongue resting on her butt hole, and I licked a stroke that went up across the length of her opened cunt, along her juicy lips, and ended by my circling and biting the erect bud of her clitoris. Instantly, she came violently, and her whole body twitched and shuddered. Her female nectar dripped and ran down onto my tongue. Stroke after stroke of my tongue caused her to ride her ass and cunt all over my face like a saddle on a bucking horse. She came and came and came until she passed out. Still hard, I flipped her over on the bed onto her stomach, propped pillows under her pelvis, and fucked the shit out of her from behind, doggy-style. Just before I came, I pulled our of her cunt and jizzed the crack of her ass full of my come. Then I gave her whole crack and ass hole a leisurely rim job.

I had only a few more dates with her after that one love session. Could you believe, she claimed to have been drunk and not able to remember a thing, and she went back to her hands-off policy? G.S., Seattle, Wash. (March 1977)

Marriage Bound

Ordinarily, I wouldn't think of writing to a magazine, but recently I had an experience I just had to share with you and the readers. To begin with, about a week ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. It was just no use seeing him anymore because we fought all the time and our sex life was completely nil. Up until recently everything had been fine. At least five times a week, we would get together and fuck our brains out. A couple of weeks ago, however, everything he wanted to do was 'with the guys.' I mean really with the guys! Nothing queer, but when he would invite me over to his dorm, he would end up playing cards, leaving me bored and alone, So finally I told him to shove it and gave him back the engagement ring.

Three nights ago he came over and asked me what he could do to get us back together. I really wanted him to kiss my ass hole and told him so. He thought I was kidding, but when I stripped off my jeans, he realized I was serious. I told him he would have to strip completely and lie on the floor. I then bound his feet with his belt and tied his hands to the legs of the bed on either side of him. I then told him he was going to have to show me he was really sorry for his behavior. I slowly knelt down in front of him and spread my cheeks in his face, my pink, fleshy ass hole nearly touching his nose. I don't know if he was excited then or not, but his eyes were as big as my tits. I forced his mouth open and shoved my ass right into his nose and mouth. "Lick it!" I said.

He readily complied as his talented tongue darted in and out of my anal sphincter, and I stared pinching his butt and scrotum with my free hand. About this time I noticed he was hard. I was getting pretty wet in the crotch, too, and saliva was running down my crack. I then stood up and grabbed some knitting yarn and tied it around his stiff, red cock. I stretched it back and looped the yarn around his butt, up his back, and tied it to his right arm. I got out my seven-inch vibrator and greased it up with K-Y jelly. Then you guessed it. I shoved it up his ass and left it there so that I could also rub the tip of his now-rock-hard prick. Pretty soon he started shuddering and came all over the vibrator, the come running down the crack of his ass. That was the biggest load he had ever shot.

I scooped up as much come in my hands as possible and said, "Eat it!" He hesitated; so I smeared it all over his face. I untied him, and a few minutes later we fucked in the usual way, and it had never been so good.

Since then, we have repeated this bondage scene a couple of times, and tonight we are going to reverse roles. Our relationship is now better than ever, and we plan on getting married as soon as we both graduate. S.C., Muncie, Indiana (March 1977)

Nursery Rhyme

Last year I was in the hospital for a few days for some minor surgery. I was there for three days and, just as you might expect, I became quite friendly with one of the nurses. Or should I say, she became quite friendly about with me. Her name was Pat, and she was about twenty-four, very slim and trim with the craziest legs in the world, lovely brown hair and eyes, and a delicious smile. We talked a lot and quite freely as I was in a private room. She seemed to be interested in my social life, and during our conversations, she did a fantastic job of flashing her dynamite legs, always with an inviting smile on her lovely face. She talked about my sex life more and more when she discovered that just talking would turn me on and give me quite a rise. She would look at my hard-on under the sheets, smile, and then find some excuse to leave the room, while I lay there frustrated.

The night before I was scheduled to leave, she came into the room to say good-bye because she wouldn't be there the next day when I left. She laughed, saying, "I bet you got quite a thrill every time the doctor probed your ass with his finger." I said, it had no particular effect; so she said "Well, if it's done in a special way, you know, you can get an orgasm. Especially if a girl does it." Needless to say, after a few minutes of teasing, she said she would do it for me. She sat on a chair beside the bed, facing the door (as you can understand) and told me to turn on my side. She lifted the sheet, and her hand gently rubbed my ass, and she giggled as she saw I immediately got a hard-on. One of her hands spread my ass cheeks, and the other, with some kind of grease or jelly on her finger, she slipped into my ass hole. Slowly, she got her whole finger in, twirled it, and when she found the spot she wanted she worked me over, and believe it or not, I shot a load right then and there. It was fantastic. She used a washcloth and cleaned my cock. After much persuasion, she gave me her phone number and kissed me good-by.

A few days later I finally reached her on the phone at her apartment. She teased me on the phone about what she did to me in the hospital, and asked if I was getting a hard-on, which I was. It wasn't long before she had me begging to come over to her place fore another hand probing, and she finally consented. When I arrived at her apartment, I was surprised to find there were two other girls there. Pat was in her nurse's uniform, but the other girls were in tight jeans and halters. After she introduced her friends, Pat said, "Well, are you ready to have your ass orgasm?" I asked about the other girls there, but she said she would do it only if the girls could watch. I hesitated, but not for long, and she smiled and said, "Okay, take off your clothes and lie on the bed." It was a peculiar but rather enjoyable feeling to undress in front of the girls. They were enjoying it, too, their faces smiling teasingly.

When I was naked, Pat said, "Now, nurse Pat will give you just what you need so badly, won't she? Get on your knees. Rest your head and arms on the pillow so your ass will stick up in the air. Are you comfortable?" I said I was, and her hands felt my ass as she said, "Now, watch, girls. Watch how quickly his cock gets hard. Isn't that cute?" The girls giggled as they sat on the edge of the bed, watching intensely. Pat said, "Now why don't each of you girls spread his ass so I can stick my finger in it, okay?" The girls were very ready to oblige as I felt their soft, smooth hands spreading my ass. Pat said, "Good. Now a little KY on my finger," and with that I felt her finger probing my ass hole. Her finger was deep in my ass, massaging inside of me and I was sighing and moaning, getting ready to come already, but she said, "Does my little boy feel like coming now?" I sighed heavily that I did, and she said, "Well, girls, the little boy likes getting fucked in his ass, don't you, little boy?" Softly I said, "Yes." She laughed, as did the girls, and Pat said, "Now, tell nurse Pat to please fuck you in the ass. Say it. Yes, say it or I'll pull my finger out right now. Say it. Ask Nurse Pat to please fuck you in your ass."

I hesitated, but she knew I couldn't resist so I said, "Yes. Yes, Nurse Pat, please fuck fuck me in my ass " They all laughed, and one of the girls said, "Yeah Pat, give it to him. Fuck his ass good." And with that, Pat shoved her finger and massaged, and I shot a hot load. I must confess it was the most intense orgasm I ever had, and Pat knew it. She cleaned my cock and told me to lie on my back, and then she took off her uniform and was completely nude. Fantastic.

She smiled, saying, "Did my little boy like that fucking in his ass?" I said I did very much, and she sat beside me, her nude body already driving me wild. "Well," she said as she put that finger to my lips, "Show nurse Pat how much you liked it. Thank her by licking the finger that was in your asshole. Lick it, little boy."

I licked. Yes, I licked as the girls all laughed at the sight of it. Pat said, "Tastes good, doesn't it?" I didn't know what to say; so she said, "Of course it did. Now, nurse Pat will give you a taste of her delicious ass." With that she straddled my face, her ass right above my mouth, and looking down at me she said, "Okay, ass licker, taste my delicious ass. Lick my ass." My tongue obeyed and began licking her. I tongued her till she had a climax. When she got off my face, I realized the other girls were now nude, too. I was quivering with desire at the sigh of the three young, gorgeous bodies in front of me, and my cock was sticking up like a pole. Pat said, "If you were home now looking at a magazine with pictures of three young, lovely nude girls, you would jerk off, wouldn't you, little boy?" I said I would; so they laughed as Pat said, "Well, there are two things men hate to be called. They hate to be called an ass licker or a jerk-off. Well, you have shown us you are an ass licker, so now jerk yourself off so you can show us what a jerk-off you are. Come now, jerk it off." My hand slowly grabbed my hard prick, and she snapped, "Do it. Jerk off." I found myself so obedient and began jerking off. The girls enjoyed it, sitting around on the bed, saying things like, "That's it, beat it off." "Pull that prick, jerk off." "Pound your prick." "Beat your meat." And then Pat's commanding, imperious voice, "That's it, jerk off, boy, jerk that cock of yours! Look at our bodies and beat your meat! Show us what a fucking jerk-off you are. Shoot a good load for us. If you do, we'll show you what wonderful things we have in store for you. Now, jerk that prick. Jerk faster. Let's see that had pump that cock, faster, faster, now shoot your load, jerk off!"

Needless to say, before the night was over, I had licked all of them. Later in the evening I was ordered to shoot off on the ass of one of the other girls. Then I was ordered to lick it up. This really got the girls excited, seeing me lick up my own dripping come, right off her smooth ass.

It has been almost a year now, and about once a week or so, Nurse Pat calls me to her apartment to serve her and one or two of her girl friends. The scenes have varied according to the desires and whims of the girls, who incidentally, are mostly nurses, too. Only once did any of the other girls want to be fucked. Mostly, they enjoy being eaten, cunts and asses, and having me jerk off in front of them. I never knew there were so many girls who enjoy using guys just for their sexual satisfaction.

Pat has just read this letter she ordered me to write. She wanted me to add the following : All you men out there who read this letter, get with it. You know you all love being used by sexy girls; so become an ass-licking jerk-off for your girl. And for the girls that read this, don't think your boyfriends aren't hungry to be used like this; they are too shy to admit it. But order them around and you'll see how quickly they love serving your as and pussy and making complete jerk-offs out of themselves. Guys confess a lot to me, since I'm a nurse and I know they love having something stuck up their ass. But make them ask you for it. Part of the turn-on for them is having to ask to be fucked in their ass. Go to it, girls." F.M., address withheld (April 1977)


Home Remedy

My husband and I have been married for four years. We are very broad-minded, and anything goes in the bedroom. Last year my 18-year-old brother, Bill, came to stay with us for a month while my parents went on vacation abroad.

While Bill was staying with us, he became sick. So I suggested he should have an enema. Although he was shy, he agreed to let me give him an enema. In the process he got a beautiful erection. I was amazed to see the size of his uncut prick. It really turned me on.

Later, when my husband came home from work, I told him how turned on I was over Bill's dick. After supper my husband suggested giving Bill another enema that he could watch. So we went to Bill's bedroom and told him we would have to give him another enema. We went into the bathroom, and I filled the bathroom sink up with soapy water. Then I got out the bulk syringe, instead of the enema bag. Bill pulled off his underbriefs and bent over the bathtub, and I greased up his ass hole and inserted thee black neck of the syringe. I squeezed the bulb empty and filled it again. About the fourth time I put it up his butt, I worked it in and around and in all directions. Then I had Bill stand up, and there was that beautiful dick standing right up. After he sat on the toilet and expelled all the water, I took him to his bed, and he lay down on his back. My husband came in with my double-dong dildo. I took it and raised Bill's legs up to his chin and then shoved it up his ass. He got so hot that his dick was dripping. Finally, I grabbed his joint and jerked him off. Boy, was it beautiful like a delicious piece of fruit! Bill now lives with us year-round, and we are really happy and close. I hope others can be as fulfilled as we are. Name and address withheld, April 1980.

Bottoms Up

I am a young married man of twenty-three, and I have a happy love life, but I do think my wife and I could add a little extra spice. I am referring to an experience I had when I was eighteen and still living with my parents. They had just bought our house from a woman who was moving to another town. Her name was Edith. She was about thirty, brunette, and sexy. My family and Edith had arranged that she would live in the house for some months while we worked on it before moving in.

 One day, while preparing to paint the basement, I found a box of rubber syringes of various sizes. I knew Edith's father, who had recently died, stored things from his drugstore here, and I didn't know if I should throw them out or not. To make sure, I went to Edith and confronted her with my discovery. She blushed a bit but then told me to hand them over to her "Because I could use them," she said.

She showed me to the bathroom, where she produced a rather small syringe, which she said was her own personal one. She explained that she used enemas because they had a good effect on her complexion and, with a cunning smile, offered to let me have one, "Although it would really feel a bit unpleasant," as she said.

I told her, "No, thanks," and went back to work.

Some days later I was alone again with her in the house. Edith invited me to the living room. I was excited because she was a beautiful woman with a touch of maturity I certainly lacked. I got a bottle of red wine, opened it, and poured some into her glass. My hands were trembling, and I spilled some wine on her skirt. I apologized, but she wasn't content. Edith asked me to "be a good boy and kneel down" and beg her pardon. I was surprised, so I lifted my glass to drink. "You'll have the wine later," she promised me in a soft voice. She then ordered me to take off my shorts and pants and kneel down. I declined, She came and gently, but with determined eyes, undressed me.

Then, for a second time, she asked me to kneel down, adding that this time there would be no forgiveness. She took me slowly by the shoulders and pushed me down. "Under these circumstances I'll be "Madame Edith' to you and remind you to give up your resistance," she told me in a self-confident way that caused my cock to grow to full length.

"Bend over at the waist and kiss the ground," she said. I obeyed, reluctantly. It got worse. She went to the kitchen and came back with two handfuls of rice, on which I had to kneel from then on. I bowed deeply and received a big spot of Vaseline on my anus. Then my mistress allowed me to resume a normal kneeling position but in an "absolutely disciplined and correct way." So I was left waiting for things to come. Instinctively I knew what she was up to and, partly interested, partly uneasy, I sensed my excitement growing.

Finally "Madame" entered the room in her nurse's uniform, holding a tablet loaded with the syringes I once had discovered. She exceeded my wildest anticipations. "Now he will receive his deserved punishment for being a bad boy," she said as she took a rather small syringe. She stood beside me. I was waiting. She was waiting. "What do you think you are forgetting?" she asked me a bit impatiently after a minute or so. I could not imagine. "You have to say 'please,' I was told. As I hesitated, she made me bow so that I was on all fours. "Okay, that will double your quantum," she announced as she spread my cheeks and carefully set the nozzle against my anus. I said "please," as I was told, and she began to tease me. My nurse inserted the black, smooth nozzle a little bit, then nearly withdrew it.

Suddenly, she grabbed my balls, squeezed them, and shoved the thing in all the way. Squeezing my balls and the red ball of the enema, she forced lukewarm water inside me and I nearly exploded. As he withdrew it, I "thanked" her and wanted to stand up. "Didn't I say that you would get two enemas?" she asked firmly. I begged her not to apply it to me, but she took me by the neck, bent me, and administered a second, larger one with a single, harder squeeze.

I felt more and more uncomfortable with all the water in my belly, so I pleaded with her to relieve myself. I had to kiss her feet and call her "nurse," "Madame," and "mistress." I then ran to the toilet. When I came back, she slowly removed her clothes except for her black garter belt, black stockings, and the small nurse's cap on her head.

I felt a wild lust to take her and fuck her, but she took me by the ear and bent me over the table. "Now you'll have the wine," she said, taking the bottle and filling an irrigator with a long rubber tube and a small stopper at the nozzle. She smeared the tip of it and my anus with honey, and when it slid in, the warm feeling of the honey almost made me come. "Madame Edith" withdrew it and then began some sort of questioning "Will you be a good boy and be obedient?" "Yes, Madame." "Will you never again refuse an enema?" "No, Madame," and so on, each time pushing the nozzle to the limit, squeezing my balls, and turning the tap on for just a moment. Her voice sounded huskier and sexier as she enjoyed her domineering position. I felt a tremendous orgasm nearing when she fully withdrew the instrument, grabbed my hair, laid herself on the table like a baby waiting to be wrapped, and buried my face in her dripping pussy.

I spread her legs, put the tip of my cock against her lips, and started pushing as hard as I could. She moaned and stammered that it was the right way to punish her for treating me the way she had. I hammered her cunt with all my might. We both came in earth-shaking orgasms.

I think of this experience now and then. I love my wife, and we enjoy making love very much, but there is nothing kinky about our sex. I would like her a bit domineering. Also, I crave to be given an enema. I fear this may shock her, and I don't want to meet call-girls who act as nurses. So, what can I do? A.J.

Bearing in mind the way you enjoyed your first enema, I suggest you advertise in one of the magazines devoted to S&M. In the meantime, you can buy your own enema and administer it yourself a sort of anal masturbation. If you have not approached your wife on this sensitive subject, you might try to bring it up, gently and subtly. "Call Me Madam" (December, 1981)

They Love Her Ass

My husband and I are avid readers of your magazine and really enjoy the letters in "Forum." This letter is about an experience I recently had when I visited my old girl friend, Elaine, and her husband. I am five feet seven inches, have a 36-24-36 figure, and weigh 117 pounds. I was a virgin when I married Len and have never done anything like what happened on my trip.

Elaine met me at the airport and explained that John, her husband, was out of town and wouldn't be back until the next day. We spent the day shopping and ended up at her place for dinner and some girl talk. We opened a bottle of wine, and it wasn't long before our discussion turned to sex and our love lives. Elaine told me that John really got turned on by watching X-rated movies on their new videotape machine. When I told her I had never seen one, she jumped up and put a cassette on. We sipped our wine as we watched the film.

The movie was about a housewife taken captive by a gang of robbers and forced to have sex with each of them, any way they wanted it. I soon found that my panties were soaking wet, and I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs to relieve what I was feeling between my thighs. As the movie ended, I could only just sit there and stare at the blank television screen. Elaine asked how I liked the film, and I could only nod my head. Next, I felt her hand on my knee and tried to push it away, but she tightened the pressure on my leg until I gave up.

Soon, my dress and slip were bunched up around my waist and Elaine was gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. I knew that I should stop her, but the feeling was so great that I just sat back and enjoyed it. Just as I was about to come, Elaine stopped rubbing me and told me to take my panties off. I hesitated for a moment and soon felt her hands on my hips, pulling my panties down. Her fingers were quickly back on my pussy, and I found myself squirming all over the couch. When I came, I screamed with a pleasure that I had never felt before.

Elaine then told me to stand before her and strip. I felt like I was in a trance but did as she told me. As soon as I was naked, she told me to lie down on the floor and to spread my legs. Her lips and tongue were soon working their way up my legs, and I came as soon as she brushed my pussy with her lips. I lost count of how many times I came that night as her tongue worked its way around inside my love tunnel. Elaine really knew how to please a girl.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, Elaine was rolling me over on my tummy. Her lips were soon working their magic on the backs of my thighs, and I could feel the warmth spreading through my body again. She licked my bottom until it was wet with her saliva and then spread my ass cheeks and shoved a finger into my ass. I must have raised about six inches off the floor, because she swung her leg over me and sat on my back, holding me in place. Soon the orgasms were tearing though my body so fast, I just lay there trembling and screaming. I fell into a very deep sleep, and the next thing I remember is Elaine awakening me and telling me it was time to leave for the airport to pick up John.

After that night, I was very nervous about meeting John for the first time. As soon as I met him, I knew I had nothing to worry about. He was very good-looking and had a great sense of humor that made you feel as if you had known him all of your life. The three of us went out to dinner and afterward, Elaine suggested that we go home for our nightcaps.

We all had a couple of drinks and soon Elaine and John were arguing about something. I tried to ignore them, but that was very hard to do while sitting on the same couch with them. John gave her one last warning, but she just sat there and laughed at him. Before she could say another word, John had her over his knee and was pulling her jeans and panties down. I sat there, staring at her upturned bottom and started to giggle when John began spanking her. Elaine kept asking him to stop but made no effort to try to get away. The more her bottom turned red, the more I was laughing at her predicament.

John rolled her off his lap and turned to me and asked what was so funny. I had the giggles so bad that all I could do was just shake my head. I soon found myself across his lap, and it wasn't until I felt my dress being lifted that I was able to stop giggling. I tried with all of my strength to push away from him, but he was just too strong. My panties were down around my ankles when I felt the first sting of his hand. I continued to try to get away from him but all I did was have him spank me harder. Then, just as he had done to Elaine, he rolled me of onto the floor next to her.

I lay there for a few seconds before I realized that I was totally exposed to him from the waist down. As I closed my legs and started to pull my panties back up, John told me what a terrific body I had and that Elaine had told him all about the night before. I couldn't believe that she would have told John about our beautiful evening together and started to cry. Elaine put her arms around me and told me not to be embarrassed, because she and John shared everything with each other. I pulled my dress back down to cover myself and sat there listening to Elaine as she told John every intimate detail of the night before. When she finished, I was soaking wet again. I leaned over and gave her a deep kiss.

For several long moments my tongue fought with Elaine's. As we broke our kiss, Elaine stood up and pulled me to my feet. My panties were still around my ankles. John asked me to take my clothes off, and I found myself doing as he directed. Soon, I stood there before both of them wearing only my bra and shoes, with my panties twisted around my feet. As I unhooked my bra, John asked me to turn around so that he could see my lovely ass again. I turned my back to him and trembled as he spread my ass cheeks apart.

He left the room for a few moments, and when he returned he handed me a tube of K-Y jelly. He told me to grease my ass well as he had great plans for it tonight. I could feel myself blushing as I smeared the jelly in the crack of my cheeks. Elaine told me to make sure that I got the jelly deep inside me and spread my cheeks as I worked my finger into my virgin hole. Elaine then had me get down on my hands and knees, as she pulled my panties and shoes off. She told me to reach back and spread my cheeks as far apart as I could them and get ready for the fuck of my life. The pressure of John's cock at the entrance startled me, and I tried to pull away, but Elaine told me to relax and enjoy it. It must have taken John a good five minutes to get his cock buried in my ass, and I felt like I was being torn apart, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as he slowly began pumping into me.

When the first orgasm hit me I fell forward, but John's strong hands soon had me back up on my knees as he started to really pound away. I can't describe the way I felt as orgasm after orgasm raced through my body. After what seemed like hours, he held my hips again as he pulled his cock out, and I could only just lie there as I tried to catch my breath. John and Elaine left me lying there as they went out to the kitchen to fix themselves a drink. After a few minutes, I felt strong enough to get up and walk out to the kitchen to join them.

Both were sitting at the table fully dressed, and I found myself embarrassed to be standing before them still naked. Neither one of them made a move to fix me a drink, so I started to turn away to fix my own when I felt a stinging blow to my bottom. I turned around to face them as I rubbed my smarting bottom, and Elaine told me that my ass belonged to them for the rest of my stay with them, and what did I think about that? I smiled at both of them and turned around and walked over to the counter and bent over it, offering my bottom to both of them. It wasn't long before John was pumping away again, and we were coming again.

For the rest of the week I made my ass available to him whenever and wherever he wanted, it. I always had to keep a tube of jelly with me and had to grease my own ass whenever I was told to.

John really used his imagination as to when and where he fucked me. Once he had me go into the restroom of a restaurant as we were just beginning to eat. When I got back to the table, both of them had a lot of fun asking how I felt sitting there all greased up. As we were eating dessert Elaine had me lean forward and pull the back of my dress up, and she ran her hand down the back of my panties, pushing them up into my crack. I felt as if every eye in the place was on me. In the parking lot we had parked toward the back, so when we got to the car John had me push my panties down to my knees and bend over the hood of the car as he filled me with his come. Three couples came around the corner just as we were finishing, too.

As I sat on the plane on the way home, I couldn't believe what had happened to me within the last week. I found out how much I was really missing with Len and nearly raped him on the way home in the car. At home, I walked out into the kitchen naked and pushed Len to the floor. You should have seen the expression on his face as I mounted him right there on the floor! That night we made love in every room of the house and in every hole I have. A first for both of us. I haven't found a way to tell Len about Elaine and John, but hope to before they visit us! Name and address withheld (February 1982)


I was at first reluctant to send this letter, but my husband (an avid reader of Penthouse) finally talked me into it. He was also the person who talked me into undertaking the experiences that are the subject of this letter. You see, after about six years of being married, our sex life was getting dull and tedious, and the rest of our marriage was deteriorating along with it. That's when Lee, my husband, suggested that we join a swinger's club that he had heard of. I've always considered myself relatively open-minded when it comes to matters of sex, so after some persuasion I was convinced. After all, a simple change of partners wouldn't do any harm and, I thought, might even add a little excitement to my marriage. I was in for a lot more than I had expected.

You should understand : despite my open-mindedness, I had never before been unfaithful to Lee and had never delved into kinky sex except for a few times when I had given him blowjobs. That's why the first night at the club was a relief, in that so little was expected of me. Me and Sally (a friend of mine who was engaged to Al, one of Lee's friends) were among the six "initiates" as the female halves of the couples were called. The initiates had to report to Samantha, the "initiate trainer," who was a moderately tall woman with an excellent figure. She was quite beautiful in her tight-fitting, revealing, long black gown and with her hair up, but she had a steely glint in her eye and carried a smirk which seemed to hint of what awaited us. That night, though, all she did was tell us we were to serve as waitressed and give us our uniforms scanty little bras that left our nipples exposed, G-string panties that left our bottoms uncovered, and short miniskirts.

I was excited at satisfying my exhibitionist desires and being forced to do little more. As we passed them, the men fondled our tits and asses (and even the women "actives," as the women who had already been initiated were called, took part in playing with our bodies). Every once in a while a man would drop a spoon on the floor and as we bent over to pick it up, he would smack us on the bare bottom. But it seemed all in good fun. I noticed Lee reaching into Sally's panties and giving her a feel, even though he had always been polite and respectful to her, and Sally's face started becoming flushed. I felt not even a tinge of jealousy but went over to Al and let him fondle me. He seemed to concentrate on my rear end (which my husband says is the best part of my 36-24-36 figure) and played with the cheeks of my ass.

Once dinner was over, the initiates had to clean the dishes while the men and the actives went in the orgy pad. After we did the dishes we watched through a glass window the other women giving blowjobs, being sucked off, being butt-fucked, taking on several men at a time, and engaging in just plain, conventional sex. I wished I were part of it too and was jealous that we weren't allowed in there yet. I saw Samantha, the initiate trainer, bringing my husband to ecstatic heights with her deep-throat technique.

The next session of the club was when we had to start undergoing initiation (only the women had to be initiated). Samantha assembled us a few hours early and told us that there were two ways of getting out of initiation : we could put on either a strip-tease act or a lesbian act in front of the men. She made us take part in tryouts and put on a record we had to dance and strip to the music. I did a bump-and-grind and tried to dance as seductively as I could but it was all a dismal failure. Then she grouped us into pairs to see if any of us could put on a sexy lesbian act. My partner was Sally and both of us seemed to be embarrassed, since we had been close friends for several years. But when her warm lips reached mine I felt a tingling sensation in my cunt. I put one had on her lovely, fir breasts and with the other hand reached for her clit, but then she suddenly withdrew. Thus all six initiates had to undergo initiation.

We were blindfolded and our hands tied behind our backs. We were dressed in regular clothes in my case, a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a blouse. After we were led somewhere and had the blind-folds removed and were untied, I discovered we were in a room full of the rest of the members of the club.

Samantha then turned to us. "All right, girls, time for a strip-search." We were lined up and a girl named Sue was first. As she removed each piece of clothing, Samantha took it. When Sue was completely undressed, Samantha examined her body, squeezing her breast and giving her a pinch on her ass. "Squat and spread your cunt," she ordered next. Sue was obviously humiliated, and the thought that I would be undergoing the same treatment mortified me but at at the same time caused my cunt to become sopping wet with excitement. Samantha took her middle finger and stuck it in Sue's cunt, then made Sue stand up, bend over, and spread the cheeks of her ass. Again she took her middle finger and stuck it in her anus, moving it in and out and wriggling it around. Sally, who was to be next, was beside herself with terror, and at the same time anticipation. When she was strip-searched the treatment was the same, but Samantha, suddenly noticing her humiliation, summoned a man with a video camera. To my horror, everything was on a large screen in front of the room. Holding the camera up close as Samantha examined her cunt, the man was able to get close-ups of Sally's private parts, all of which was blown up on the large screen.

When it was my turn, I was trembling from head to foot. My cunt and ass were also shown on the big screen in front of the room but Samantha added a new humiliation. She invited several men and women to stick their fingers up my vagina and anus. Feeling all those strange, rough fingers exploring me, I was on the verge of coming. I am surprised I didn't.

"Okay, now, it's time for you to be spanked for being such naughty little girls. Line up to be paddled." Sue was first again and Samantha made her bend over and put her hands on a table she had moved to the center of the room. After making Sue spread her legs a little more, she proceeded to to paddle her with a Ping-Pong paddle. After teen strokes, Sue had tears in her eyes, but still, you could see pussy juice running down her leg. When it was my turn to be spanked, Samantha sat up on the table and took me on her lap as if I were a little girl. I was sure my ass was beet red and I felt a tingling, burning sensation there. I felt like being fucked hard and strong to free myself of the clogged sensation in my cunt. When all five of us had had our fannies spanked soundly, she said, "All right, we'll let you go for today." However, she soon changed her mind. "That is, except for you, Carol," she said referring to me. "It's been a while since we gave an initiate an enema."

I froze. Lee must have told her that ever since I was young enemas sexually aroused me. As the other girls left the room I protested and started to run, but two stocky me caught up with me and, holding each arm, carried me over to the same table where Samantha had paddled me. She, meanwhile, disappeared before returning with a container with a tube and nozzle. While the men held me down on the table, she parted the cheeks of my ass. Expecting the thrust of the nozzle, I felt instead a tongue running up and down my anus. I looked over my shoulder and saw her grinning. Then, suddenly, I felt the nozzle being inserted and as she squeezed the container, warm water began to fill my bowels. The tight pressure in my ass made me feel like I was being butt-fucked. I started to rub against the table but it was too smooth to satisfy my frantic desires. I wanted to come so bad. When she was through, Samantha made me retain the water. I tried fingering myself to orgasm but the men pulled my hand back and then tied my hands behind my back. After a while I wasn't sure I could hold it anymore. Finally, Samantha let me go into the bathroom to expel the enema under supervision, of course, so that I wouldn't masturbate myself.

When I came back, I was blindfolded and was told that my initiation would be over if I gave blowjobs to five people. I was told I had to swallow every drop of come and if even a drop slipped out of my mouth, I would have to start from the beginning. I eagerly swallowed every sticky drop out of four cocks. (I had no idea who they belonged to) but the fifth person first pulled up my blindfold, and it turned out to be Samantha herself. I used my tongue to the best of my abilities on that juicy pussy of hers and stopped at the point where she cried out for me to continue. Seeing her at the my command she, whom I had been at the mercy of for so long I plunged sadistically once more between her legs and at the same time thrust my hands between my legs for my own long-delayed orgasm. Name and address withheld, August 1983

------  END  -------