Playing Doctors and Nurses

Author: Lucygirl
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Playing Doctors and Nurses

by Lucygirl

Lucy sat, nervous, in the waiting room. As always the surgery was full of people, all waiting with varying amounts of patience for their turn to see the doctor. But Lucy felt far more nervous than was usual today, even by her twitchy standard. She had come straight from work for a perfectly ordinary appointment. Just a torn and painful muscle in her leg, from to much work at the gym. But for her there was no such thing as a standard appointment. Since she was a small child, Lucy had had a dread of doctors, surgeries and all that went with them. Where did it come from? Lucy herself wasn't absolutely sure, but there was a clear memory of a painful injection when she was maybe 5 or 6. She recalled being naked and struggling on her mum's knee as the doctor stuck her with a particularly large needle and she had fainted.

This dread had been with her for years now, the shaking in the waiting room, the sweating embarrassment at having to undress. She'd reached a sort of plateau over the last few years. Fortunately, she had found a woman doctor, who tried to understand how it was that the young woman who came into her office was such a jittery bundle of nerves.

But now, a change Lucy dreaded had come around. Her own doctor had moved away. She was faced with the terror of going through all of this again with a new doctor. And this one was a man. She'd tried to get a new woman doctor but been informed there wasn't a woman on the clinic staff. So... here she was, trying to read the usual tedious old magazine, sweat trickling cold down her spine. A woman of 22 shaking in her seat like a scared little girl.

As she sat, she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. Looking up, she scanned the room trying not to look too obvious. When her eyes reached the reception desk she saw a tall black woman in nurse's uniform staring intently at her. The woman turned quickly away as Lucy momentarily caught her glance. Lucy too looked away blushing, her eyes going back to her magazine. When she looked up again, the nurse had gone.

'Lucy Cooper to room 3 for Doctor Richards'

The voice over the speakers roused Lucy from her reading. Looking around, she realised that the waiting room was now almost empty. Only a mother and child shared it with her and they were heading toward an exam room themselves. She hadn't realised how late it was. She must be the last appointment of the day. Getting up on shaky legs, Lucy straightened her skirt and headed along the corridor to the exam rooms. She paused for a moment before the door, considering turning and walking right out. She knew though that she had to face up to this. It was crazy to be so freaked by something that everyone had to face now and then. They all managed, why couldn't she? Summoning up all her nerve, she knocked gently on the door.

'Come in'

She pushed and the door swung open. Doctor Richards was seated at his desk looking over some papers. Lucy looked him over. He must be in his mid forties she guessed. Greying hair, cut short. Even seated, Lucy could tell he was tall and lean. Looking up, he turned a pleasant, but serious face toward her.

'Ms Cooper? Lucy isn't it?' His voice was deep, his accent refined. 'And what can I do for you today?'

'I-errr. Its not... Nothing serious doctor. Just muscle pain in my thigh. I think I hurt it at the gym. Its very painful though. I wanted to be sure I hadn't done anything more serious.'

'Ok, that's fine. You sure there's nothing else? You look very pale my dear. You're perspiring.'

'N-no. I-I'm ok. Fine... really. Just a bit nervous..'

'Ahh yes. I've been reading your file. A wee bit scared of coming to the doc's isn't that right? You mustn't be, really. I'm very friendly you know. Now lets have a look at this leg of yours shall we? Can you take off your jacket and skirt for me please Lucy? You can leave your blouse on.'

As much as she had tried to gather her mental resources, Lucy's face drained of colour and her legs felt suddenly weak. The thought of being, even partly, undressed in front of a male doctor filled her with irrational terror.

'I..... y-yes. I'll...'

'Are you alright dear? Would you like a nurse here? Would that be a help? The nurse is just outside.' Doctor Richards looked concerned. 'Sit down for a minute. I'll call her.'

'Oh y-yes. Please.. I'd feel better with that. Could you ask? Please?' Lucy almost collapsed into a chair as the doctor picked up the phone and pressed the call button.

'Helen? Could you come through? I've a very nervous patient here who would appreciate some moral support.' He paused listening. 'Yes, Lucy Cooper. Oh... are you sure? Right now? Well if you think so.'

Lucy saw a smile flicker across the doctor's face.

'Well, you always know best. Everyone else gone? You'd better lock up then, before you leave the desk. Of course, I'll make sure. I'll be ready. We're waiting for you.'

He cut off the call and replaced the phone.

'Alright Ms Cooper... Lucy. My nurse is coming right through. We'll wait for her before we go any further.'

Lucy sat, shifting, in the chair, waiting. Then, without knocking, the nurse swept in. It was the woman Lucy had sensed and then seen watching her so intently in the waiting room. She was tall, her skin was a rich brown with closely cropped hair. Her shoulders were broad and her quite ample body filled the neat starched uniform. She turned quickly and closed the door, locking it behind her.

'Now then Lucy, what's all this rubbish about nerves?' her accent suggested West Indian roots. 'A good looking girl like you must have lot's of experience getting your clothes off for a man.'

Lucy was stunned by her aggressiveness.

The nurse laughed as she stood looking down at Lucy, who shrank back into her chair. This wasn't at all what she had in mind when she'd asked for the nurse.

'I beg your pardon! What do you mean? I won't be talked to like...'

'Shut up girl. You know exactly what I mean! Sitting out there in reception, your legs open, showing me a bit of thigh. Very nice too. Got a thing for black women have you?'

'What? M-my god... Of course not... it's because... I can't sit normally.. the muscle..'

'Don't make excuses. It's not as if I mind. You can show ME those sexy legs anytime. Been teasing the doctor too have you? Come on, I assume the doctor needed you to undress. Get on with it.'

'Helen, you don't have to be so rough with the gir...'

'Shut up, Michael. I helped you have that hot little Asian piece. This one is for me. But don't worry darling, you'll get your share.'

Helen's face, looking down at Lucy, gave the girl mixed and confusing messages. There was something like anger there, impatience. But also a half smile, a wicked grin.

'So, a bit of a tease are you Lucy?'

'I'm not! What are you...'

'Well this time someone's calling your bluff. That's not how we play here darling. Just what did you ask her to do, Michael?' the nurse turned her face toward him.

'I'd asked Lucy to remove her skirt and jacket while I check out that muscle strain. Could you help her? She's so very nervous. Such a pretty thing, but so pale. It doesn't do her justice.'

'Oh I'll help the sexy little bitch alright.' Smiled Helen, catching Lucy by her arm and pulling her to her feet. 'And lets not have any of this false modesty. Forget the skirt and jacket. Everything off Lucy, and be quick about it. Let nurse see what you were so keen to flash me before.'

'I wasn't.. I don't know why your saying that...Please? What are you doing? Stop it! I think we should just forget about the exam... just let me out...' Lucy stood unsteadily, half supported and half restrained by Helen. 'If you think I'm undress-'

'Better do as nurse says Lucy. She's not someone you want to cross.' The doctor looked at her seriously. Lucy realised this applied to the Doctor himself as much as to her.

Helen turned the struggling Lucy, yanking her jacket back from her shoulders before pulling it off entirely. Her hand dropped to the girls waist and quickly found the fastening and zip of her skirt. Almost before she realised what was happening, Lucy found herself standing in just her blouse, panties and heels. The nurse's surprisingly strong hand gripped her upper arm, painfully. It was this pain that shook Lucy from her stunned state.

'OWWW! Christ your hurting me! Get the hell off. Doctor? What's going on? I just need to go! Now!'

'No can do my dear. Helen has her heart set on you and that's that. Better to make the best of it..'

'Her heart...? What..? No way!' Even as Lucy spoke, Helen's nimble fingers expertly loosened the buttons of her blouse. Turning her head she saw a huge smile on the nurses face.

'My god! Fuck off you dyke!' Lucy found a strength born of panic and fear. Her free hand came up and caught Helen a stinging slap across the face. A brief look of anger flashed there, only to be replaced by that same excited smile.

'Ohhhhhh that did smart. Not a girl's girl Lucy? Not going to play?' She grabbed Lucy's other arm holding her pinned. The girl felt the nurses breasts pressed against her back. The nipples were erect. 'Well, I'm sure we can do something about that, can't we Doctor Richards?' She tightened her grip on Lucy, holding her, struggling but immobilised.

'Let go you bitch. I wouldn't touch you if you were the last person on earth. Doctor tell her...'

'Fix her, Michael; she's getting tiresome.'

Looking up, Lucy saw the doctor nod and open a drawer in his desk. He removed a small box before getting up to stand before her.

'Now, now Lucy. Be a good girl. What Helen wants, Helen gets. And I hope to get a little share too. Your trouble is my dear, you just need to relax. It will be fine I promise. Just lovely soon.' He reached out and unbuttoned one of the cuffs of Lucy's blouse. 'Now I just want you to try and enjoy it. I've a little something here to help you be more... playful.'

As Helen held the writhing, stunned girl, the Doctor methodically rolled up her sleeve. Lucy stammered, no words coming, tears starting to run down her cheeks. The arm bared, Doctor Richards opened the box he carried and took out a small syringe.

'W-What are you doing? Noooooooooooo, please not a needle. I'm begging...' Lucy's eyes were fixed on the syringe as she watched the doctor carefully fit a small needle to the barrel.

He saw Lucy's terrified and fascinated stare.

'Ahhhhh. Not a scaredy cat when it comes to needles are you Lucy? Dear me, that will never do. It's quite alright, it won't hurt. Helen, make sure Lucy watches. We don't want her to miss anything now do we?' The mixture of fear and fascination in Lucy's eyes aroused the doctor.

Helen quickly shifted her grip. She had heard the sharp intake of breath when Lucy saw the needle. She pulled the shaking girl closer, enjoying her obvious terror. One strong hand pinioned Lucy's small wrists while the other came up to wind itself in her shoulder length hair. She yanked back on it bring the girl's head up.

'Watch now sweetie. It will help you get over this silly fear. You have to face it darling.' She chuckled in Lucy's ear.

Taking a small vial, Doctor Richards punctured the rubber seal and methodically drew fluid into the syringe. He did this right before Lucy's eyes. Try as she might, she couldn't turn her head away. Helen's grip on her hair kept her facing forward. Withdrawing the needle, he tapped the barrel of the syringe with a fingernail and gently pressed the plunger. Glistening drops emerged from the tip of the needle, running down its length.

Lucy was almost paralysed with fear. What struggles she managed were handled easily by the nurse's strong and expert restraint. The doctor lay the syringe on his desk for a moment as he took a length of strapping and fastened it, tourniquet-like, around Lucy's arm, just above the elbow.

'OW! That hurts ...shit let go...' Lucy found a new strength to struggle; Helen simple tightened her grip.

'You can fight all you want Lucy darling, you're just getting me hotter.' Helens tongue licked wetly behind the girl's ear. Doctor Richards gave a couple of sharp slaps to the flesh of Lucy's inner arm, just below the strap. This and her struggles brought a vein rising under his patient's pale skin.

'Ah that's a lovely one. Good.' The doctor smiled at her and held the syringe inches from Lucy's frightened face. 'Now this isn't doing to do you any harm Ms Cooper. Its just a little pharmaceutical cocktail I've developed . I'd never thought of even touching a patient before Helen joined the clinic. But... well Helen likes cunt as well as cock... and she's a very persuasive woman. Now this wont hurt very much. You'll feel a sting at first then the needle will slide in, you'll probably feel that, rather cold you know. And then? Well we'll take off that nasty tie and let it go to work. There's just a little light sedative, because we want you quiet but not sleepy, and an hypnotic. It will make you how shall I put it? Open to suggestion?'

Lucy heard Helen giggle at this, close beside her ear.

'Make you a well behaved little slut is what he means. A dirty girl who does as she's told.'

'Ok Helen, hold her still now, the more she moves the more it hurts. And we don't really want to hurt now do we? Ready Lucy?'

'Well... he may not want it to hurt.' whispered Helen in her ear 'Say "Please" like a good girl.'

'Fuck you!' replied Lucy with a last feeble show of defiance.

Doctor Richards, swabbed a spot on the soft flesh of her inner arm. Helen forced Lucy's head down, by the hair, so as not to have her miss a moment. Probing for the spot with his finger, the doctor placed the needle momentarily against Lucy's skin, pausing to savour her fear. Then, smoothly and slowly, the fine steel point was pushed forward, briefly stretching the skin before overcoming the resistance and breaking through.

'Nnnnnngghhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo' Lucy's moan only served to turn her tormentors on more than ever.

Doctor Richards steadily pressed the plunger and the measured dose disappeared into Lucy's vein. Swiftly he completed his task and slid the needle back out, swabbing the site.

'There now' he said, untying the tourniquet. 'That wasn't so bad was it?'

'You'll feel much better in a moment.' Helen was whispering in her ear. The hand that had gripped her hair, now stroked her cheek, wet with tears. 'You'll feel relaxed and warm and ready to play. I know you'll like it. I saw you in the waiting room and said to myself... There's a girl who just needs to relax and enjoy herself. You're cute Lucy darling but very uptight. You need a good fuck to make all your worries go away.'

'How do you feel now Lucy? Tell me.' Doctor Richards looked her in the eye, questioningly.

'I don't feel any... urghhhhh...sick...'

'Oh don't worry that bit of nausea will pass in just a second and you'll be fine. Well?'

'I-I... god. My head... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' Lucy's legs suddenly became too weak to hold her. She collapsed back into Helen's arms. 'What have you....? Can't think...I...'

'That seems fine, just lovely. I think you can move her to the exam table now Helen.'

'Mmmmmmmmmm can't wait. Come on Lucy sweetness. Come lie down and lets play. You want to play. Don't you?'

'I don't know...I mean.. I.. I feel very strange.' The room seemed suddenly distant. Lucy's head spun, confused. Not sure now what was real and what was a dream.

'You want to play Lucygirl. You know you do. You want to play with Nurse Helen and Doctor Michael, now don't you? Don't you want to please us? Want to fuck us? You love to fuck Lucy. You're a slut at heart, just... tense. You want to be a good girl don't you? Relax, feel how wet you are. Let me feel too.' Helens voice seemed to be inside her head now.

The nurse was propping her on the exam table as she removed the last items of Lucy's clothing. The quite, warm voice seemed to worm it's way into Lucy's drugged mind. Yes, she did feel strange, sexy. Her body was betraying her earlier resistance. Her nipples stiffened as Helen brushed them when she took away the blouse. And as her panties were slid down and off, Lucy felt soft fingers slipping into her wet cunny.

''s nice. Mmmmmmmmmm Helen...don't stop' Lucy whimpered as she was lowered back down onto the cool, leather, exam couch. Somewhere at the back of her mind, something was wrong, very wrong. But she couldn't remember what it was. All she felt was the warm strong fingers between her wet labia. All she heard was Helen's voice in her ear.

'Oh darling Lucygirl, I wouldn't dream of stopping. We've not even begun. Your very wet, such a little slut. And you've made my fingers all sticky. Clean them for me darling.'

Helen pulled her 2 soaking fingers from Lucy's pussy and held them teasingly above the girl's mouth. Her lips opened and her tongue snaked out to taste her own juices. Twice the hand was teasingly snatched away, just out of reach. At the third attempt, she sucked the strong brown fingers deep into her mouth, nursing on them, slick with the wetness from her own cunt. Finally Helen withdrew them, fighting the desperate suction.

'Did you like that Lucy? Oh I know you did, you love the taste of pussy. Don't you? Don't you Lucygirl?'

'Mmmmmm please Helen, please I want...'

'Oh yes, you want don't you? There are so many things you want. And we will all have what we want soon. Look.'

The nurse gently turned Lucy's head to one side. The girl's eyes found the doctor standing beside her. He was naked, his body strong and lean. His thick cock was erect and only inches from Lucy's face.

'Hello Lucy. You're feeling good now aren't you?'

'Ohhhh yessssss... good... sexy. Your cock's beautiful.' The words came out in a whisper.

'And you're very beautiful too Lucy. Helen always picks the sexiest women for our little games. And she has an infallible nose for a submissive streak. Now why don't you play with my cock while Helen takes off that starchy uniform? Here, hold it for me darling.'

He lifted Lucy's hand and placed it on his erection. Her fingers wrapped themselves around it and she began slowly to wank him as Helen stripped. The doctors cock grew still harder in her hand and he began to lubricate her soft fingers with pre-come. Lucy's mind and body felt strangely separate. She seemed to be outside herself, watching as the young woman on the table, who looked like her, masturbated this man she had met only a few minutes before. She felt a firm hand on the back of her head and couldn't help but allow herself to be drawn closer. The head of Doctor Richard's cock brushed her lips gently and she automatically opened to him. Taking him in her mouth she sucked hungrily on his prick. The heat and the taste were intoxicating to her and her head spun, faster and faster, everything becoming a sensual blur.

'That's good Lucy dear, suck hard now.' The doctor held her head, slowly pushing deeper as he fucked her mouth. 'Sweet little suck slut.'

The heat and the taste were intoxicating to her and her head spun, faster and faster, everything becoming a sensual blur. Every sensation, every nerve ending seemed to burn like fire. She had the impression of a strong brown body, naked and high breasted, standing beside the Doctor. One burning brown hand touched her cheek and entwined itself in her hair. Another ran sharp nails over her breasts and belly. Then the hands and the vision were gone, moving out of her sight. She felt her legs pushed firmly apart, fingers like iron gripping her thighs and then a rush of red hot breath on her clit. With that, her conscious mind gave up the fight and she was consumed by the fever-dream.

Sensation returned to Lucy in odd snatches. It was sound that intruded first. 'AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my sweet little bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm that's right Lucygirl. Finish me. Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk.'

She recognised the voice from somewhere. She became of a suffocating pressure on her face. Everything was darkness. Her mouth was open and it was full of musky moisture. The half-familiar voice grew softer and the weight on her face lifted a little.

'Ohhhhh my sweet little bitch. You learn quickly. You made nurse come so hard.' The pressure was suddenly gone and light flooded in, momentarily hurting her eyes. As she became accustomed to the brightness she recovered her focus. Inches from her wet face, she saw the dark and swollen lips of a woman's cunt. The lips were parted and they glistened between chocolate brown thighs.

'W-what? I didn't...?' With a feeling of vertigo, Lucy began to return to herself. Looking down, she saw her own familiar body, shining with sweat. She was on her back. Her breasts felt swollen and sore, she saw two hands, male hands, holding them. Thumbs rubbed across her inflamed nipples.

'Oh goddddddddddd...'

'Lucy darling, you're back with us.' The voice came from somewhere miles away. 'A little sooner than I'd expected.'

Dr. Richards leaned over her. His body pressed against hers as he held her breasts. His softening cock slipped from her cunt and lay sticky and warm against her thigh. His come trickled from Lucy's cunt and dripped down onto leather of the couch.

'Well darling girl. That was fun. Was it good for you?' The nurse laughed as she climbed down from her perch straddling Lucy's face.

'You used me! You drugged me! I didn't want... You both just USED ME!' Lucy recovered her voice. It rose in anger, as she recalled fragments of what had happened.

'Ohhhhhh dear me Lucygirl.' Helen lifted the girls chin and looked into her eyes, an exaggerated expression of disappointment on her face. 'And you seemed to be having such fun.'

'YOU BITCH!' Lucy spat the venomous words into Helen's face. Only when she tried to raise a hand to strike out did she realise that her wrists were tightly bound to the table, stretched back above her head. Her legs hung over the edges, spreading her cunt wide as it oozed spunk.

'Sticks and stones darling, sticks and stones.' The nurse turned away and walked across the room to the doctor's desk.

'I'm genuinely sorry you've come back to us just a little too soon Lucy. We certainly don't mean to upset you .' Dr. Richards moved his body slowly away from hers. His hand moved to her face, stroking, comforting. 'You shouldn't have known anything at all, about this. But its not too late. We can make everything better. I promise no lasting harm, physical or mental.'

'Damn it Michael! Don't be so weak. You enjoyed her as much as I did. So she knows. What's the problem? Personally, it's a turn on. Haven't you ever wondered how they would behave if they knew? I have. It's very arousing.' The nurse chuckled as she crossed to stand beside looking down at Lucy's prone body. 'Don't you find her humiliation just the tiniest bit sexy?'

'Sometimes Helen... you scare me.' The doctor froze, his hand still soft on Lucy's cheek.

'You evil fucking bitch! You'll pay for this. You won't get away with it. You'll both be struck off. You'll rot in prison if I have my way. You'll...' Lucy's face burned with anger, her pulse raced and she struggled against her bonds.

'Oh shut up Lucy. Don't spoil a nice evening. You were fun, but don't make such a fuss. Nothing's going to happen. You're not going to tell anyone anything. After all we can't have you telling everyone; they'd all want some' Helen chuckled.

Lucy raised her head, eyes full of hate. And saw Helen in the last stages of filling a syringe.

'What are you doing? You can't...' In that moment, she feared for her life. 'People know I came here! My mother knows I had an appointment! Oh Christ you can't...'

'Keep her quiet please Michael. She's whining.'

'Lucy , no, you don't understand. We wouldn't...' The doctor clamped a hand across Lucy's mouth.

Helen positively roared with laughter.

'Oh that's precious. You think I'm going to...?' As her laughter subsided, a slow smile crossed Helen's face. 'You know darling? I'd never thought of that.'

The nurse bent forward, bringing her face down to stare right into the girl's. She moved the syringe back and forth in front of Lucy watching as frightened eyes followed its every movement.

'When you think about it, there's such a power in this little syringe. The power of life and death perhaps. Is Poor ickle baby scared of the nasty needle?'

She moved the tip down, scratching gently across Lucy's breast, shoulder and neck. Coming to rest against the girls throat, the nurse pressed a little harder. Just hard enough to dimple the pale skin.

'Mmmmmmmm yes.' Helen whispered. 'Poor Lucygirl. There could be anything at all in this syringe, couldn't there? One little push now and, if I was being naughty or just a bit careless, you might go to sleep and never ever wake up. That makes me feel so wicked. Scary isn't it darling?'

'HELEN! You can't even think...'

'Oh fucking shut up Michael!' She pulled back from Lucy's neck. 'Get her in position please like a good boy.'


'Just do it!'

Lucy felt the doctor's hand on her leg. He lifted first one then the other onto the table and slid his arm under her. She tried to fight, but felt her legs lifted. Her knees were pushed back toward her chest. Her cunt and bum were exposed to Helen's gaze and Doctor Richards hand remained clamped over her mouth. Her arse in the air, she was silent and immobilised.

'Thank you Michael. And next time I don't expect to be questioned.'

'I'm sorry Helen. I didn't mean...'

'No harm done. I forgive you.' She bent to kiss his cheek. 'Now just do your part a keep her still, there's a good doctor.'

The nurse opened a sachet and removed the prepared swab. With professional detatchment, she cleaned an area of Lucy's smooth tensed arse.

'All right Ms Lucy Cooper.' The nurse's voice was quiet now, business-like, as if concluding a routine exam. 'Time to say night-night.'

She spread her fingers over Lucy's buttock, finding her spot. The muscles of the straining girl twitched under her palm. She pulled back her other hand and then brought it swiftly forward. The fine steel needle entered Lucy like a dart. A muffled cry came from beneath the doctor's hand.

Lucy felt the sharp stabbing pain as the syringe penetrated her. She struggled harder against the pain and fear but the doctor held her down. Then blackness flooded in on her from all sides.

'Ms Cooper? Lucy?'

She felt a coolness on her brow. Her eyes opened with difficulty and her head ached.

'What happened? Please, I feel very odd.'

The nurse's concerned face came more into focus. She bent over Lucy where she lay on the couch. A cool wet cloth was pressed against her forehead.

'Oh good, your feeling better. We were worried. Doctor? She's coming around.' Doctor Richards' face joined the nurse's. He too bent close, he turned Lucy's head gently, looking directly into her eyes.

'Welcome back Lucy. I must say, you scared us half to death.'

'What happened? I remember you asking if I wanted the nurse here, then...' Taking in her surroundings more clearly, she found herself still fully dressed on the exam couch.

'You fainted. I can only assume that your nervousness got the better of you. You appeared to have a panic attack. It was only nurse catching you that stopped you from hurting yourself. Still, there doesn't seem to be any serious harm done. You seem fine now. You've been out for nearly 2 hours you know.'

'Yes, we've just sat with you for all that time. I'm so relieved.' The nurse smiled at her, holding her hand. 'But I think it's best now if you just get home and get some rest. I've told the doctor that I'll drop you off on my way home. You're probably a little shaky.'

She helped Lucy off the table and back onto her feet.

'It's alright. I can manage. I'm sorry...' She swayed on her feet, feeling very dizzy. 'Ohhhh maybe not. I think you're right. I'd be ever so grateful.' She blushed, embarrassed, as she took the nurse's hand.

Helen led her toward the door.

'Ms Cooper?' The doctor called as his nurse opened the door. 'I'm a little concerned about this phobia of yours. We can't have a fear of the doctor getting so serious again. We need a talk when you're feeling better.'

He waved goodnight as the nurse led her out.

'Helen, could you arrange another appointment for Ms Cooper before she goes?'

'Of course doctor. No problem at all.' She smiled back over her shoulder. 'Now when would be good for you Lucy?'

This is my first story. It's been kind of hanging around unfinished for a while. I have to say a big thank you to Homer Vargas for help and encouragement in finally working it all out and wrapping it up. Big hugs Homer.