The Corporate Physical Exam

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The Corporate Physical Exam


It was Monday morning when Christina checked her E-mail and found one that stated that it was time for another of her employer required medical exams. The Email stated the reason for this physical was that a new physician was being retained by the her place of employment.

When she was hired less than a year ago the pay package they offered her was great for someone just out of college, in fact it was nearly twice as much as any other prospective employer had offered her. One draw back is the right of the employer to require a physical exam for any employee when they thought it necessary. This is the forth exam in the last 9 months that they scheduled for her.

Thinking back, she remembered that traumatic experience with a knot in her stomach. The first exam was very thorough and humiliating. She had to endure the humiliation of the exam, as it was a requirement for employment. The human resource director had scheduled it right after the interview Christina had along with 2 other women that were applying for employment in different areas of the organization.

Christina and Jennifer were told to wait for Anne then the three were escorted to the rear entrance of the building where a shuttle picked up the three young ladies along with their escort, a mousy woman in her late 50s. They were brought downtown to a large Hospital. Their escort Marge escorted them into a waiting area and they were given papers to fill out. Their escort collected the papers after they were filled out.

After a short wait they were ushered into a large exam room, that had a few different types of exam tables along one side the room, with equipment needed for a multitude of procedures. This made all the women very nervous. Christina could see it in the eyes of the other ladies, that they were as scared as she was. The female medical assistant had their escort follow them in the exam room with the paperwork that was filled out. While the medical assistant was setting up for young women's exams the escort informed them that in order to save time they will have their exams together.

"Please read this paper and sign it then we will start the exam." Marge their escort said.

Each of the girls read it and their faces turned white. They will have no gowns and have to agree to it.

"What if we go have our own exams by our doctors?" Anne said.

"That is not acceptable. We need our doctor to examine each of you." Said Marge.

"Any other questions?" Asked Marge as no one said anything else she said. "There are some lockers to you right. Remove everything but your bra and panties then get in line so we can start the exam."

Each of the girls signed the papers and walked over to the lockers, picked one of them, put their pocket book and shoes in it. They were talking to each other in embarrassed tones about the coming exam.

"This sounds like Blackmail to me. We have to have this Medical Center examine us or we don't get the job."

Christina removed her pants first then her blouse, leaving her feeling very vulnerable in her bra and panties. She looked over and saw the other two in various stages of undress and felt embarrassed to have to receive an exam in this fashion, not knowing if she had the job or not at this time.

Anne noticing the other girls fear said. "Well this isn't too bad, my two piece swimsuit is smaller than this."

This broke the tension and they all laughed as they got in line to await the start of the exam. They had their height and weight recorded first. The Medical assistant performed the task of reading the scale. The escort recorded each woman's height and weight.

"Go to the first exam table on the right. We will check your breathing, reflexes and heart first. Said the medical Assistant.

Christina was first instructed to get on the exam table. She didn't mind the procedures until the medical assistant told her that she was going to have to loosen her bra so the Assistant could check her heart. She held the front of the bra so her breasts would not become exposed to the other ladies there, as the medical assistant unhooked her bra catches for her. Christina was instructed to take deep breaths through her mouth while the medical assistant checked her lungs from the rear. She did the same thing from the front. Christina was told to lower her bra so the assistant could check her heart. She could see her aureole showing above her bra Christina turned red and she thought she saw a smirk on the escorts face.

"I am done you can get back in line." Said the Medical Assistant.

As Christian got off the exam table she reached back and hooked her bra adjusting her breasts in front of everyone. She watched, as the other girls were examined, getting a thrill from watching the other girls being humiliated disturbed her. She could feel herself becoming aroused by the other ladies embarrassment. Christina was shocked to realize that her vagina was becoming moist. Hopefully the other ladies will not notice her excitement as the exams progress.

"Ladies we are going to do the breast exam next. Please go to your lockers and remove you bras then line up again." Said Marge the escort with a smile.

The ladies walked to the lockers with their heads down. Christina felt that they were needlessly humiliated. She mentioned something to Jen, as she was removing her bra and placing it in the locker. The women did not know where to look, as Christina's eyes meet the other girls they turned red, causing Christina's face to feel warm with embarrassment also. They all held their hands over their breasts getting back into line. Jen whispered to Christina that both the medical assistant and Marge seemed to be enjoying the 3 examinees discomfort.

Anne was called first the medical Assistant had her stand by the exam table facing the other girls and put her hands on her head, as the medical assistant spent a very long time talking to the Escort and explaining the exam to the other women.

"Poor Anne was exposed while all this was explained." Thought Jen.

The medical assistant spent about 10 minutes on each breast using circular motions on each breast, then rubbing each of Anne's nipples until they were erect. Christina did not want to watch, but could not take her eyes off of the procedure. She looked over at Jen and she was watching it also. Anne's expression showed that she was very humiliated and embarrassed by the exam. Christina was very embarrassed for Anne and for herself, because she will have to go through this very soon also. She looked over at Jen and she was steering at the scene in front of her, Jen was nearly in tears and her face was flushed. Chris could see that Jen was fascinated and embarrassed at the same time.

"I wonder if Jen and Anne are as excited as I am?" Christina thought to herself.

"Christina your next." Said Marge with a smile that indicated she was enjoying this assignment very much.

Startled Christina walked up to the exam table passing Anne who is now walking with her head down, face red, and hands at her sides. Christina stopped facing the exam table, as she did not want to be put on display as Anne was. She stood there with her hands covering her breasts. It did not work, Marge told her to turn around and put her hands on her head so the medical assistant could examine her breasts. She turned and put her hands on her head and waited for the exam to begin. Marge was talking to the medical assistant for over 5 minutes while Christina was in this humiliating position. Smiling Marge did not take her eyes off her, this made Christina's nipples hard and embarrassed her that she was becoming more aroused by the minute. The medical assistant finally performed the same exam on Christina that Anne received, when she finished Christina was told to get back in line, she walked back to the line with her hands at her sides, what is the use everybody there saw everything anyway. Jen was called. Poor Jen was in tears by now. She walked up and faced the exam table, but was turned around by Marge. Jen was crying as she put her hands on her head. She was so embarrassed to be exposed in this way. Marge was laughing at her. Christina looked at Anne and both felt sorry for the poor girl. She had very small breasts with inverted nipples.

"Ladies for the final part of your exam I have to go get the doctor. Please go to your lockers and remove your panties then get back in line in front of the last exam table to your left." Said the Medical Assistant.

With the realization that she will be completely naked in front of four other women and a man even though he was a doctor. Christina's nipples got very hard and her vagina was very wet. She will have her vaginal juices running down her legs, as she will have no panties to pick up the moisture.

Anne feeling very humiliated at becoming excited by this embarrassing exam said. "I am going to be very embarrassed when the doctor examines me I am becoming very aroused going through this exam. He will not need any lubricant for the internal on me. How about you Chris?"

"Yes this is getting to me. I am humiliated at being naked but aroused also." Chris said.

"I am going to throw up," Cried Jen.

Both girls looked at Jen her nipples were very hard also. This surprised the girls as she had no nipples a few minutes ago. With a nervous giggle Christina and Anne wiped there vaginas with their panties, before the stuffed them in the locker. Jen's face was the color of a crayola Indian red crayon as she took her panties and wiped herself also. Looking around to see if anyone noticed she stuffed her panties in the locker. This did on go unnoticed by Marge. She saw this and was delighted that the girls were getting excited. It will humiliate them more when the doctor starts to examine them she thought.

The Medical Assistant came back into the room followed by a young man in a white coat and name tag. He was about 5 years older than Christina. He was carrying 3 pieces of identical equipment that looked like measuring cups with hoses and a funnel. When they saw the man the three girls tried to cover themselves. It was one thing to have the women there but this handsome man will make it more traumatic for the ladies to complete the exam. Christina felt that she and the other girls were going to be embarrassed by the equipment that he had, but didn't know how as of yet.

As if reading their minds the medical assistant said. "I would like you to meet doctor Masters he is an intern. The equipment he has is to collect a urine sample. You will have to let him collect the sample to make sure it is yours. We have had some problems with people bringing in samples, so you have to be observed while producing it."

With that the Dr. Masters smiled and pulled back a curtain to expose a toilet that was low and had a area to put the funnel. "Who wants to go first?" He said.

Stunned no one answered. They could not believe that they would be going to the bathroom while so many people watched.

"Jen why don't you come up here. You haven't been first yet." Said Marge.

She slowly walked up waiting for instructions.

"Sit down on the toilet, spread your legs and lean back hold onto the bars on the sides to keep your balance." Said doctor Masters.

He sat down on a low stool to the side of the Jen. Anne and Christina had a perfect view of Jen's vagina. They have never seen such an intimate view of a vagina as they had presently and at the expense of Jennifer. The image they were seeing will be them in a few minutes. The doctor reached between Jen's legs and opened her vagina to find her urethra. They are going to have this young doctor between their legs doing the same thing to them. Christina felt her vagina spasm sending more liquid running down her legs. Jen was so humiliated that she was crying as she was trying to pee. It took her a good five minutes to produce the sample. The doctor let her finish. She was peeing while these people all watched. Jen wiped herself and got up went back in line.

"I will go next." Christina volunteered

She had to get this over with. When she sat down on the toilet and spread her legs. She could feel the cool air on her most private parts and a handsome man is going to be opening her vagina and she has to let him do it. Everyone watching could see how wet Christina was. Marge caught Anne's eye and smiled at her. They knew that Christina was close to having an orgasm. She could feel the doctor opening her moist vagina up. The doctor was surprised how wet she was. He placed the funnel and told her to go anytime she was ready. It took her a while to get over the shyness, but she finally did. Finished and wiped herself got up and got back into line.

Without being told Anne went to the toilet and spread out. They did the same thing to her as the other two girls and she was just as wet as Christina. When their eyes met Christina smiled and Anne turned bright red again.

The intern left with all three samples, then came back with another man that was in a white lab coat, he was in his late forties. He was introduced as doctor Asner he will finish the rest of the exam with the assistance of Dr. Masters

Wasting no time Dr. Asner Called Christina to the Exam table with the Stirrups on it. She walked slowly to the table as she knew that her most intimate areas will be on display. He had her get on the table and helped her put her legs in the stirrups. She we totally exposed to the other people in the group.

The doctor turned to the rest of the group that was standing about 10 feet from the exam table. "Come in closer so you can see this exam. It is not very often that you will be able to observe this type of exam. It should be a learning experience for you."

Christina was going to be a instructional aid. She could not believe this entire exam. "I will not be able to look these people in the eyes when I see them at work." She thought to herself.

The doctor did another breast exam on Christina explaining what he was doing. She looked at the observers of the exam and could see that that where looking directly at her vagina. This excited her more and she could feel a flood of moisture wetting the paper on the exam table. She closed her eyes in humiliation.

Putting on a pair of exam gloves he started to feel her abdomen as he inserted his fingers in her vaginal he was pushing down to feel her internal organs he was explaining as he was going. He then inserted the speculum in her vagina and she could feel herself being opened wide. The doctor told everyone to come closer to look inside Christina's vagina. Christina felt that she was on display for hours but it was only an matter of minutes then he did a pap smear. The Rectal was last, then to Christina's surprise the doctor asked if Dr. Masters could perform the same exam on her.

"I-I guess s-so" She said when she finally found her voice.

The other women were stunned as the watched the exam again. Knowing that that will probable have to endure the same humiliation that Christina is presently.

Each lady had their turn being exposed, embarrassed and humiliated just as Christina was. When they were finally in the van to go back to the office it was 5 hours later. They where shown to the Cafeteria and given a great meal. They were all talking and became very close friend, probably because they have no secrets between them they were totally exposed to each other. Even Jen looked back and said it was a good experience and very educational.

Marge the Escort walked into the room and up to the table the girls were sitting. Smiling she said. "I have great news for you all three of you have been hired. You have started as of last Monday."

The girls were very excited they are getting 3 days pay. Not bad for just starting out. They have become very best friends over the last nine months. Staying over each others apartments and going on dates together with guys.

The last 2 exams very minimal, they only checked her height, weight, heart, lung, and reflexes, there were blood and urine samples taken also. They did not even have her get undressed for the last two exams. The only humiliating part of the exams were the female medical assistants that had to watch her produce the urine samples. She was brought to an oversized restroom and had to remove her outer garments and panties completely and spread her legs for the woman to get between them and open her outer lips to find her urethra. She had a funnel type instrument to capture the specimen. The first time that Christina had spread her legs to have this done she was completely naked and she had to let Dr. Masters retrieve the specimen it was very humiliating to her, to have to be so exposed to man, but it got easier the more she had this done by a woman.

After reliving the past humiliating and embarrassing exams she finally came back to the present time. Her face is red, her nipples are hard and her vagina is wet. Shaking her head and smiling she has to address next exam that she has to go through.

Mr. Harman her supervisor sent her the notice. The odd thing about the e-mail is that she has to inform him of the time and day of her exam by email. The name, phone number and building number of the physician was supplied in the Email. It is a new practice that is in the next office building, she noticed the sign going up the other day. Feeling her face flush, she did not like to go to a new doctor.

Not wasting any time she called the number to get this distasteful task over with as soon as possible. A male voice answered. "Corporate Practice, this is Todd speaking can I help you?"

"Yes, this is Ms. Burton from Harman Associates, Mr. Harman told me to call for an appointment for a physical." She said with an inflection of dread in her voice.

After a moments time Todd said. "We can see you at 9am Friday the twenty- eight. Christina shuddered, as it was the end of this week.

"Friday is good." She said putting it in her outlook calendar on her desktop. Then Christina e-mailed her boss as to the date and time of the exam. Putting the coming exam out of her mind. She did the work asked of her the rest of the week.

The week was a blur. The alarm rang at 6:30 Christina got up went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. She got out dried herself in front of the full- length mirror. Christina did not like her body, her breasts are too small being a 34a and she is too tall 5'8, skinny waist 22" with large bottom 36". Her red pubic hair, which is a little darker than the hair on her head, really grows fast. She should shave today, but who is going to see her, when she finished drying herself she went to her bedroom naked. Looking through her underwear drawer she found a pair red bikini panties, putting them on, she looked in the mirror and found that her pubic hair is really visible through the shear material. She got the matching bra that was see through. Christina put that on, her nipples were visible through the bra. She finished her outfit with a green pants suit matching blouse and jacket. Christina found her pair of 2 inch healed shoes that were a little darker green, she put them on and picked up her pocket book headed for the door it was 7 am she had a 45 minute trip to work. She started work at 8am Christina likes to be early for work, so she can get a cup of coffee and talk to the eligible

The traffic was light, so she got to work a few minutes early. Christina when into the lunch room and got a cup of coffee. Roger the VP in charge of human resource group was there. They talked until almost 8 am when Roger said. "I will see you latter today." She liked him, "Too bad he is married." She thought to herself.

As she was walking to her office she suddenly thought. "What was Roger talking about he was going to see her latter. They do not have any contact during the day. She is in the sales department."

Going to her desk she looked over her mail of her incoming box. It took her almost a half hour to sort it and then she started her computer. Her appointment calendar came up flashing the message 9 am doctors' appointment. Christina's face turned white she felt her pulse quicken. If she had remembered the doctors appointment she would have warn something else.

She checked her messages then left to go to the short distance to the Doctors office. Christina was very nervous while walking there, but she reprimanded herself the last 2 exams where nothing. She found the office and entered. Christina went to the reception desk and waited for the receptionist. She was shocked to read the nametag on the lapel of the man behind the desk he was Todd and he was a NP.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Ms. Burton, here for a physical." She said clearing her throat and looking away to hide her embarrassment.

"Please fill out these forms and personal history for me." He said.

Christina sat down in one of the waiting room chairs and filled out the forms. She was surprised how thorough and personal the questions were on the personal history form. The questions at the end where very embarrassing, they asked how many times a month that she had sex and how many times she masturbated a month on average. She finished filling out the paperwork and brought it back to Todd. When she turned around to go back to her chair she saw Mr. Harman and Roger going into the exam room area of the office. Christina thought that was funny they were here, but dismissed it. She sat down and waited for her name to be called with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. There seems to be something different about this exam, but she couldn't put her finger on the difference as of yet.

"Ms. Burton," She was startled to hear a male voice call her name. She looked up it was Todd. "Please follow me." He said. Shuddering she got up and went with him. He led her to a large exam room at the end of the hall it had benches on each side. Christina was so scared, it seems as though it was a flash back of her first exam for the company. Todd had to help her into the room.

Todd had to grab her hand to stop her from going the other way. Finally getting into the room Christina looked around at least there was not any other women in here with her, then turned to see Mr. Harman and Roger there.

They both said at the same time with a smile on their faces. "Hi Christina." Then Roger cleared his throat and said. "We are starting a new program in our organization. It will help us keep tabs on the health of our key employees as yourself and help the interns get experience examining people. We need your help doing this though. Can we count on you?"

Christina's head was spinning. "Y-Yes, I-I guess so! Wa-hat do you want me to d-do?" She stuttered very confused at this whole recent development having Mr. Harman and Roger in the exam room with her.

"As the doctors say, Christina that is all. Presently you will take instruction from Todd as to what is expected of you." Mr. Harman said softly trying to calm down Christina as he could see that she was becoming very agitated and on the verge of tears.

"Ms. Burton kindly remove your clothes so we can start the exam." Said Todd.

Frightened and very concerned about her modesty Christina Looked around for a place to undress and gown to put on she stuttered and in tears. " Wh-Where can I undress? Pl-Please get me a gown to cover myself."

Looking over at Her boss and the VP she said crying "Why are you still here? I have to get ready for the exam."

Mr. Harman brought over her contract that she signed when she first came to work for his organization. He pointed out the clause it stated in Item S-3 that "The employee will permit the company CEO, President and Vice President, all or singularly, to personally witness any physical exams that any Male or Female employee receives that are paid for by the company and dressed as directed by the examining physicians." This means that the boss or the VP or both along with The CEO could be there witnessing the her exam.

Todd said. "There are hooks on the wall for you to put your clothes on. Please get started as the doctor and his interns will be in here in a few minutes. I have to get your weight first."

Resigning herself to the face that she was going to be in her bra and panties in front of her boss and the VP along with a few other men. Christina started to undress taking off her jacket and hanging it up, then unbuttoning her top and sliding it off her shoulders Christina turned away from her audience in humiliation, as you could see her hard nipples through the bra. she sat down and removed her shoes and knee highs trying to keep her breasts hidden from view. She took a deep breath and unbuttoned her pants, letting them fall to the ground she picked them up with her foot and hung them up with the rest of her clothes. Her pubic hair was embarrassingly thick and unmanageable it was sticking through the shear panties.

Thinking that they could not mean nude she turned to Todd and said. "I am ready to get weighed."

She was standing there in front of her boss, V.P. and Todd in complete humiliation, presently she does not know how she will be able to face Roger tomorrow or Mr. Harman for that matter. If she remembered the exam today she would have put on more substantial undergarments. Christina reprimanded herself for not remembering this exam.

"I am afraid you're still overdressed Ms. Burton? The doctor requires all weight to be taken in the nude." Said Todd.

"Why do you want to take the last vestige of modesty away from me?" Christina cried.

"Sorry if you feel that way Ms. Burton. I am only doing as I am told by the doctors." Said Todd with a hurt look on his face.

Christina felt bad about her last outburst and she could see her bosses are getting upset with her also. More afraid of loosing her job, than removing her bra and panties at this time, she took a deep breath reached behind her and unclasps her bra, letting it fall to her hands. She turned away for the people watching her and hung up the bra. Remaining with her back turned, she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and yanked them down to her knees, then let them fall to the floor. Christina bent down to pick them up, not realizing what a wonderful view she gave everyone of her vaginal and rectal openings.

"Lets get you weighed now," said Todd as he opened the door to the hallway.

"I can't go out there like this. I will never be able to show my face in this town if the word got out I was walking around naked." She cried with a look of terror on her face.

Mr. Harman spoke up in a soothing, but demanding voice. "My dear you will do everything that we ask you today. It is for your health, but it is all up to you I can not have anyone not fulfill their contract with us it will be my unpleasant duty to find a replacement for you Monday if you do not comply with the medical personnel here today."

The reality of Christina's situation finally hit home. Christina was being blackmailed. She will have to comply with their wishes or be unemployed next week. Christina has too many college loans to be without a job. She peeked around the corner of the door to see if there is anyone in the hall and then she timidly stepped out using Todd to shield her from anyone that might see her. The Scale was at the end of a long hall. The scale was in an alcove, Christina could not see it until she was there. When she turned to corner there was Jennifer as naked as she was being weighted with 2 young men assisting her. Christina said hello to her and had to wait for her to be weighted first. Jen was in tears as they escorted her to her exam room. While Christina was being weighed Anne from the accounting department came and stood there nude with two men assisting her. They were waiting for Christina to be finished so that they could weigh her. Christina could see the embarrassment and humiliation in each of the other girls eyes. The same humiliation she was feeling presently. She was wondering if it showed in her eyes also.

The four of them went back to the exam room. Christina tried to get between the men to shield her nakedness from anyone happening in the hall. When they finally reached the door to the exam room she was relieved to be in the semi privacy of the room, even though there are 3 men enjoying her nakedness.

"Please put you hand at your sides and spread you legs about 2 floor tiles apart" instructed Roger.

Christina looked down at the floor in humiliation, putting her hands at her sides and spreading her legs as instructed. Todd got down on one knee and looked between Christina's legs.

"She needs to have her pubic hair trimmed. She is very hairy, the doctor and his students will not have a good view of her vaginal area." Said Todd to everyone present.

Christina was horrified at the next statement that Todd said." Who do you want to trim your pubic area?"

Not only will the last vestige of modesty will be taken from her but she will have to pick the person to do it. It took her about 5 minutes to decide She finally picked Roger. She reasoned that he was always nice to her.

Todd did the preliminary exam first checking her lungs, heart, reflexes and then pulled out the flask with the hose and funnel. Christina will have to produce a urine sample in front of everyone again. With tears in her eyes she followed Todd to the toilet and turned round to face everyone, spread her legs, so Todd could open her vagina and put the funnel to her vagina and produced the required specimen. Then finished while everyone watched

They brought her to the exam table and pulled out the stirrups. She is going to have to spread her legs to have her pubic hair trimmed. Roger is going to her most intimate areas. Getting on the exam table. Roger helped her put her feet in the stirrups while Todd and Mr. Harman looked on. The cabinet next to the exam table had a the shaving equipment there. Roger started with the scissors then put shaving cream on her pubic area. Taking the razor he ran it across her pubic area and removed all the her hair. She was in a position to see Roger's handi- work. Having finish the area round the pubic bone Roger put more shaving cream between her legs. He put one finger in her vagina to hold it so he could shave her vaginal area. Roger kept on brushing his finger over her clit as he was shaving her. She was having a very hard time sitting still. Christina was very aroused and humiliated to think she has to go through this to maintain her job. After what seems to her to be hours but only about 15 minutes she was ready for her exam and she has no secrets left. She has been totally exposed to her employer and the medical personnel at the in the room.

"Stay on the exam table Christina I will go let the doctor know your ready for him." Said Todd as he left the room leaving the door open.

Standing between her legs Mr. Harman and Roger said. "How do you like working for us so far?"

Christina, looking at them between her naked legs was having a hard time formulating any thoughts. The only think she could think of right now is how is she going to look at these people without being embarrassed. Yet, she could feel her vagina getting very moist. Her moisture was running between her legs to the exam table paper. Christina's nipples were getting hard also.

"I like working for you, the money is very good, but this is so humiliating and embarrassing to be exposed like this to keep our jobs." She said as she started to cry

"Christina, your getting excited. I can see your moisture running onto the paper. We want you to enjoy this. Don't be embarrassed, you're a beautiful woman. That is why we hired you and why we paid you more that double what everyone else offered you, so you could not pass up this." Said Roger smiling.

Christina wanted to get mad at them, but they were telling the truth. She was excited to be the center of attention. Being shy she was always part of the background no one really noticed her.

Looking out through the open door she could see people walking by and looking in. Then Todd came back in followed by a older man with is lab coat and about 16 other people men and women in lab coats. They walked right up to the foot of the exam table. Christina could see all the new faces stealing glimpses of her exposed vagina.

"I am Doctor Mays and these are my students. We are going to be examining you today." Said the doctor. Then he introduced each of them to her.

The doctor did a breast exam then all the students did the exam. Her breast were sore after having about 14 people examining her. Next was her internal and rectal she had all the students do the exams Also. She had 4 orgasms during the exam and had to be helped off the exam table by the time the 8 hour exam was done.

She was helped up off the exam table and each of the students came to her and thanked her. That is when she first saw Anne and Jennifer. She went over and hugged them as she has not seen them since the first day of their employment until today. They joked and talked to each other. Christina was asked questions and she answered them for the group. All this took place while she was completely naked. The whole group was taken out to eat by Mr. Harman. Including Anne and Jennifer That is after Christina dressed.