The Milking Clinic

Author: Rick O
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The Milking Clinic

Author: Rick O

Chapter 1 - Kendra and Jay

The woman sitting behind the desk was attractive and perky. A blue nametag on her white lab smock read "MISS HOLLY". Jay looked at Miss Holly's blonde hair which was slightly curled under, creating a smartly professional and at the same time sensuous look. She recited the litany of the research project to the 26 year old Jay.

"This is a four week endeavor for each subject who volunteers for our project," she stated. "We are testing both males and females in what is known as milking. We require consistent attendance every weekday for four weeks. I can not at this time divulge all the goals of the research, since we want to avoid influencing the outcome."

She waited for a reaction. Jay, his attention divided between listening to Miss Holly and fantasizing about her, stammered, "Uh, yes - four weeks, right?"

"Correct. Now, one of the characteristics of the research is that we will collect and measure your output of semen and prostatic fluid every session, and you will not be allowed a full normal ejaculation. To ensure compliance you will wear what is known as a chastity cage when you are not here. You with me so far?"

"What do you mean about not allowing ejaculation? I thought that milking was -"

A slight smile graced Miss Holly's face. "With males, milking refers to extraction of semen without orgasmic ejaculation. During the milking process we at the clinic are knowledgeable about preventing full ejaculation by employing various sensory techniques. You may find the experience arousing and frustrating at the same time. On the final day of your participation you will be allowed complete release in addition to the agreed-upon payment."

The idea of being stimulated by Miss Holly had a definite appeal to Jay, so he agreed to the trial after giving it a moment's thought.

Miss Holly continued. "Beginning with the first session, and every other day thereafter, we require that you receive colonic irrigation, also known as an enema, prior to the session. If you are in agreement with all this, please read and sign this release."

After skimming the one page release, Jay signed it. "When do we start?" he asked.

"You can start tomorrow," she stated. "We have appointments open at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 4 PM. Allow an extra 45 minutes for your colonic irrigation."

After selecting the 9 AM appointment, he asked, "Are you going to be the one doing the, uh..."

"In your case, no - Miss Kendra will be facilitating your sessions, because she supervises the mechanical milking. I do the manual milking, which will be done with the next male applicant. Now, before you leave here, let's go to a clinic room and I'll fit you with a chastity cage."

Holly got up and walked ahead. Jay fixed his gaze on her swaying hips and bare legs as they walked down the hall and into an examination room. She seated herself and had Jay stand in front of her.

"Pull down your pants now."

Jay self-consciously unfastened his jeans and tugged them down. His very erect boner pressed against the inside of his briefs. Miss Holly grasped the waistband of the briefs and slid them down. Jay's boner sprang outward and pointed at Holly's face. She palpated his testicles and then lightly squeezed the tip of his cock, which then became more hardened and erect.

"Okay, stay right there," she instructed, and got up to retrieve a cock cage. She returned and fastened the metal and plastic device around his waist and cock, and locked it.

"You can shower and bathe with this on," she explained. "Okay, now get your pants back up and we'll see you tomorrow."

That night Jay wondered if he made the right choice in agreeing to undergo the treatment. He acknowledged that he found the idea exciting. On the other hand, he knew that if he backed out at any point, he would get no payment. He slept restlessly and awoke several times with an erection pressing against the confines of the chastity cage. He made sure he was on time for his appointment the following day.

Miss Holly greeted Jay with a cheerful smile when he arrived at the clinic. She told him to go to room 4 and get completely undressed and that Miss Kendra would be there in a few minutes. After undressing, he waited nervously for several minutes. Then the door opened and a petite black-haired woman walked in carrying a full enema bag.

"Hi, I'm Miss Kendra," she announced as she hung the bag on a stand. "Please get up on the table and put your feet in the stirrups."

Kendra appeared to be no older than 20, and she watched as Jay awkwardly followed her instructions. She wheeled the stand over to the front corner of the examination table and lubricated the nozzle. After a few minutes Jay was groaning from the effects of a very full and intrusive enema. After retaining it for several minutes, Kendra let him up to get rid of it and instructed him to rinse off in the adjoining shower afterward. After he got cleaned up, she led him, naked, out of that room and into another room.

A sturdy spreader bar was attached to the low ceiling and there were metal rings in the floor.

Kendra giggled and said, "It does look rather sinister, doesn't it? You'll probably be getting extremely aroused during the sessions, and we found that we need to bind the subjects in place so they won't interfere and bring themselves to ejaculation. Let me take off your chastity cage."

She unlocked and removed the cock cage, and then led him to the overhead spreader bar.

"Go ahead and put your arms up there and hold on to the bar - good, now I'll bind your wrists in place. Spread your legs - good, now let's get your ankles bound. There."

Kendra wheeled a small appliance in front of Jay. Then she retrieved a pliable dildo-like object with a lengthy cable attached to it, and smeared a generous amount of petroleum jelly on it. It had a bulbous shape in its center and tapered toward the end with the cable, so that it would be retained easily.

"This is for helping to prevent orgasmic ejaculation," she said, and inserted it into his back way.

"Aaaaaaugh!" he exclaimed as Kendra pushed it in.

She attached the other end of the cable to a fitting on the appliance.

"Now for the fun part," she giggled, and retrieved a soft plastic cylinder with a suction tube. She placed lubricant on Jay's erect cock, and also on the inside of the transparent cylinder, and slid it around his cock. Jay's breathing deepened with his arousal. Kendra attached the suction tube to a fitting on the appliance, and then pulled up a chair next to it. Then she removed her lab coat and seated herself, revealing a short-skirted white uniform and bare legs. She was now about three feet in front of Jay.

"I'm going to extract and collect as much as possible during the forty minutes of activity today," she stated. I'll start by milking your prostate."

She clicked on the appliance, and turned a dial. The pliable dildo expanded inside Jay. It kept expanding, and when he felt as though he would burst, he let out a loud, "UHHHHHHH!" sound, and the dildo shrank for a few seconds. Then it expanded again, pressing hard against his prostate, and evoking another yell. Kendra repeated this while observing drops of fluid escape from his cock. She did not stop the alternate expansion and contraction of the dildo until no more fluid came out.

"Now for some more fun," Kendra giggled.

Jay jerked as if startled. The cylinder around his cock began a pulsating sucking action. The stimulation was at the same time intense and frustrating. It was not like being inside a woman. It felt more like an intense but loose blowjob. A few moments of this and Jay's arousal peaked rapidly. He felt his cock begin to pulse. Just as he was about to burst forth with a wild ejaculation, all the stimulation ceased. Jay's cock pulsed a couple more times, and then the semen that would have been satisfyingly ejected in spurts, instead dribbled from the tip of his member into the collecting cylinder.

"Ohhhh!" he moaned in frustration.

Kendra smiled sexily and refrained from stimulating Jay in any way for five minutes. Then she turned a dial and the pulsating sucking resumed. After a moment of this the dildo that was inside him began to vibrate at a low level. As the attachment relentlessly sucked and pulsed on his member, Jay's arousal slowly and steadily built up.

Jay considered that if he could keep quiet, Kendra wouldn't notice when he crossed the line and he could experience a satisfying orgasm. He tried to keep his breathing under control, and as the stimulation continued he felt the first pulse of ejaculation. The stimulation suddenly stopped, and a few dribbles leaked into the attached cylinder.

"Damn it!' he groaned as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Kendra tried to suppress a smile that indicated that she knew what he had tried. She stood up and cradled his face in her hands and said, "You're doing fine." Then she went back and calmly waited a few moments before having the dildo gently expand and contract every few seconds.

Jay looked hungrily at the pretty clinician. Kendra sat with her thighs slightly open and her feet apart. She smiled sexily and said, "Time for some more sucky-sucky," and started the machine's gentle pulsating sucking action.

"Ohhhhh," Jay groaned, and pumped his hips back and forth in vain as his arousal slowly and gradually built up again. The pulsing and sucking intensified, and he again felt a fervid ejaculation building up. He was sure that this time there would be no stopping the hot and satisfying spurts of semen. The feeling gripped his insides; he closed his eyes and grimaced. "Ahhhhhh!" he exclaimed, and as the first jet would have shot out, all stimulation ceased.

"Gaaaaaah!" he yelled in frustration, and a few stringy drops of fluid escaped. He violently pumped his hips through the air. "I want to cummmmm!"

Kendra caused the dildo to press against Jay's prostate a few times to flush out the remaining fluid. Then she withdrew the dildo and the pump cylinder, and placed the chastity cage around his cock. Before releasing him, she gave him a kiss on his lips.

"I'm going to keep a daily log of the volume of output," she said, and then told him he could get dressed and that the session was over.

After several days of sessions, Jay didn't know if he could last through four weeks of grueling semen extraction. Kendra thought of new ways to keep his interest peaked - she would display her breasts through an unbuttoned blouse, perform sensuous touching, and give teasing kisses. A few times she wore nothing under her lab smock and surprised Jay when she took it off. Then, sitting in front of him, she masturbated herself to a raucous climax two or three times during the session. When she did this she threw her head back and, with her mouth wide open, loudly moaned, "Ahhhhh - Ahhhhhhh - Ahhhhhhh!" as her body's spasms conveyed her pleasure.

The weekends also brought no relief, as Jay wore the chastity cage then as well as during the week.

Monday morning Jay was more than ready to have some sexual activity, even if it did not culminate in a satisfying orgasm. Kendra often palpated his testicles while the machine milked him, giggling sexily until he was ready to spurt. Jay enjoyed Kendra's attention even though he was greatly frustrated from the milking. Sometimes he was certain that he could not take another day of milking frustration, although he always managed to show up for the following session.

The end of the fourth week came, and the session went as usual, with the exception that Kendra kept his stimulation below the ejaculation threshold for much of the time. Toward the end of the session, she smiled sexily and turned up the sucking action of the machine for greater stimulation. Then she stood in front of him with her arms folded and watched as the machine brought him up to, and then past, the threshold of orgasmic ejaculation.

Jay exclaimed incoherently, and twisted and writhed as he finally was allowed to experience orgasm and ejaculation to completion. Kendra let the machine's suction continue to pulse for a moment, and then shut it off.

Chapter 2 - Holly and Alan

Holly screened the next applicant, Alan, in her office as she had done with Jay. Alan agreed to the four week program, and knew that Holly would be the one administering the sessions. Let's take a look at her technique of manual milking, instead of using a machine.

Holly gave him the requisite enema, and led him to the bondage room. She bound his wrists to the spreader bar, his ankles to the floor rings, and removed the chastity cage. Predictably, Alan's boner stood out like a flagpole. She had a wide mouthed plastic vial clipped to her belt for collecting the session's extraction.

She inserted an inflatable dildo in Alan's back way, and allowed the attached squeeze bulb to hang down.

Holly gave a firm squeeze to the bulb as she looked directly into Alan's eyes. The dildo expanded inside him and pressed hard against his innards, including his prostate.

"Uhhhhhh!" he groaned.

Holly waited a moment, and saw that Alan was still erect. She gave another squeeze.


His erection subsided, even though a few drops of pre-cum emerged. Holly smiled and squirted some lotion on her hands and expertly stroked his cock. After a moment it came to life and hardened under her attention. She appeared to be completely absorbed in her task as she brought Alan to the brink of ejaculation. Suddenly she released his cock and swiveled around, placing the vial which was clipped to her belt, directly under his cock. A few dribbles of semen emerged and dripped into the vial as Alan moaned in frustration.

Holly deflated the dildo, and re-inflated it several times, having it milk his prostate until no more fluid dripped out. Then she again expertly used her hands on his cock, and teased him with her seductive smile as his arousal built up. His insides contracted as he prepared to forcefully ejaculate. Holly stopped all stimulation as Alan's cock began to pulse. A few strings of semen spilled into Holly's vial as her subject groaned in frustration.

While Alan recovered, Holly ran her sensuous hands over his body, and in a few minutes he was aroused again. After working the dildo inside him for a few moments, she applied her hands to his cock and testicles, acting as though she intended to bring him to a full and satisfying ejaculation. As Alan became more and more aroused, Holly's eyes gleamed. She kept working with her oiled hands, and the instant she felt his erection twitch and pulse, she let go and collected his dribbling output.

"No," Alan panted, "Please - please let me have a good cum!" He pumped his hips in vain for a moment.

Holly giggled and said, "You're doing good. I'll put the chastity cage back on you and we'll see you tomorrow."

As the daily sessions progressed, Holly's actions became more and more overtly sexual as a way of Keeping Alan's stimulation at its peak. She removed her panties, took off her uniform dress, and made front to front contact with the bound male. Other times she sat with her legs spread and jilled herself between milking episodes. She felt Alan's eyes hungrily probe her glistening pussy as she masturbated herself and giggled. Other times she made sexy faces as her bound charge coarsely whispered his fervent desire to be brought to a complete ejaculation. Occasionally, Holly tenderly kissed him on the lips to bring his arousal to the fore.

Like the other participants, Alan was not sure that he had the will to follow through to the end of the experiment, but the attraction of having Holly's complete attention every day, even if it meant that he would be teased and denied, always compelled him to return. The thought of the woman's sensuous fingers palpating and manipulating his cock and testicles excited him, and he always had the hope that just once, she would miscalculate and bring him over the edge to a wrenching and satisfying ejaculation. He imagined a surprised expression on Holly's face as she held his pulsing member in her hand as streaks of semen shot onto her naked body.

On Alan's last day, the session began as usual. Bound with legs spread, his cock jutted out like a flagpole when Holly removed the cock cage. For practically the entire session, Holly teased and tickle-touched his cock and testicles with oiled fingers. She smiled, giggled, and sexily whispered to him. He struggled and pleaded with her to bring his frustration to an end.

Holly knew that Alan felt that his testicles were the size of a volleyball with all the frustration he endured. She put more oil on her hands, and then, with her lips pressed together and her eyes looking soulfully into his, she gave long, full strokes as she worked him up to, and finally beyond, a wrenching ejaculation.

"Aaaaaaaugh!" he exclaimed with eyes shut and head thrown back. Holly kept pumping his cock with her hand as Alan first spurted, then dribbled, drop after drop. When he had no more to give, Holly stopped. Alan practically slumped in his bonds from relief, and Holly let him be for a few moments. Then she released him and told him that his payment was waiting for him at the receptionist's desk.

Chapter 3 - Kendra and Bethany

Bethany, a slender brunette with long straight hair, timidly entered the reception area of the clinic. She smiled shyly at Kendra, and said, "Hi - I called about an hour ago, and -"

"Oh yes," Kendra replied pleasantly. "You were referred here by a friend of yours. Let's see, it was Darla who told you about us, right?"

"Yes. Darla. I wanted to find out more about the sessions. I mean, Darla told me some, and -"

"Certainly," Kendra interrupted, trying to put the nervous young woman at ease. "We are performing testing and research in what is called milking, on both males and females. If you'd like to take part in it, we require consistent attendance every weekday for four weeks. Each session is about 40 minutes, and we will attempt to collect breast milk over that time. Your output will be charted. Upon successful completion of the attendance requirements you will receive the payment noted in the agreement."

Bethany was silent for a moment and then said, "I'd like to do it."

Kendra let her know the various appointment slots available, and Bethany chose a late afternoon time, and came back that same day.

Kendra led the nervous woman to a treatment room and told her to strip completely. She then led Bethany to a stark chair-like object and told her to be seated. The minimal seating area and the back were lightly padded. It was shaped so that when a woman was in it, she was leaning forward slightly. Kendra then bound Bethany's arms so they were extended outward to her side and somewhat behind her. This caused her breasts to jut forward.

Bethany's breathing deepened; her bare chest moved rhythmically with each breath. Kendra brought a cart with an extraction machine and set it in front and to one side of Bethany. She squirted some lotion on her hands and rubbed Bethany's breasts with them in preparation for the suction device. The bound woman sighed deeply as Kendra's hands worked the lotion around her nipples.

Then the clinician attached the suction tubes to Bethany's breasts. "Oh God!" she exclaimed when she felt the gentle suction on her nipples.

Kendra seated herself next to the machine. She looked directly at Bethany as she turned a knob. The device increased the suction on one breast, held it for a moment, and released. Then the other breast. The machine continued, sucking and releasing alternate breasts.

Bethany frequently moaned as the stimulation on her breasts aroused her. After a few moments she could not keep still, and rubbed her knees together in a rapid up and down motion. Then she crossed her legs tightly together and squirmed until she climaxed. All the while her breasts were being sucked in a pulsating manner by the machine.

Kendra observed while Bethany's moans and squirming became increasingly shameless. When the session was over, Bethany was drenched in sweat and had climaxed five times. She was relaxed, almost limp, when Kendra released her bindings and helped her up.

"Oh my gosh, that was something else!" She exclaimed dizzily.

Kendra smiled and said, "I trust you'll be back tomorrow?"

"God, yes!"

When Bethany entered the clinic the next day, Kendra wore her uniform a little on the loose and sloppy side, something that her client noticed as she accompanied her to the treatment room. Bethany stripped and seated herself in the treatment chair. Kendra bound her wrists in place.

"Did you say that you do guys too?" Bethany asked.

"Yes," Kendra replied as she picked up a bottle of lotion. "It really gets them frustrated."

"Frustrated? How's that?"

Kendra squirted a generous amount of lotion on her hands.

"We don't let them have a full ejaculation. Just as they start to squirt, we stop all stimulation. That's what milking means when applied to males."

Kendra continued talking as she rubbed the lotion on Bethany's breasts.

"Also, we make them wear a chastity cage so they won't be able to bring themselves to a full ejaculation when they're not here." She continued to rub Bethany's breasts for a while. The woman's breathing deepened; her eyes were wide.

Kendra slightly puckered her lips as she massaged Bethany's breasts. "Yes, the guys are always about to go insane at the end of each session - but they always come back."

"Oh, how sexy!" Bethany exclaimed.

Kendra attached the suction tubes to Bethany's breasts and started the extraction machine. The rhythmic on-and-off pulsing of the suction aroused Bethany in short order.

"Ohhh - ahhh - oh - OHHH - AH!"

She pressed her thighs and knees tightly together and kicked her legs for a moment; then she rubbed her thighs together and climaxed. Her mouth opened wide as she raucously voiced her orgasmic exclamations.

Throughout the entire length of the session, the machine coaxed spurts of milk from Bethany's breasts. Throughout the session she squirmed and kicked, constantly aroused. She climaxed several times and was exhausted when the session was finally over.

"God, my nipples are so sensitive right now!" she exclaimed when she put on her blouse.

After Bethany left, Kendra and Holly prepared to leave for the day.

"How's that female that you're milking?" Holly asked.

"She kicks her legs a lot - it's really something to see. She's a squirmer too."

"I'd like to see that - how about if I do your session tomorrow and you can do my morning one - the guy started this week and that's the only session I have tomorrow."

Kendra smiled brightly and agreed. She looked forward to doing some teasing and hand-milking of a bound male.

The next afternoon, Bethany came to the clinic. Holly told her that Kendra could not be there that afternoon, and that she'd fill in for her. They went to the treatment room and as usual, Bethany stripped while Holly prepared the machine.

Holly bound her willing client's wrists as Kendra had done, and then sensuously applied the lotion to the captive girl's breasts. She hooked up the suction tubes and started the machine. Bethany's chest rose and fell with each breath she took as her arousal increased, and after a few moments she could not keep from squirming and wiggling. She rubbed her knees together and climaxed. Another few moments and she pressed her thighs together and kicked her legs wildly as another climax wracked her.

Holly kept the machine running and went over to Bethany. She expertly spread her client's feet apart and bound them to the outsides of the chair.

"What?! Aahhhh! wh- why did you -"

"Shhh," Holly gently admonished, and squatted in front of Bethany. She had an excellent view of the bound woman's creamy pussy and spread legs. After a moment Holly inserted a finger into the bound woman's dripping pussy and wiggled it around. She kept her finger inside, and stimulated the bound girl's clitoris with her thumb. Bethany raucously exploded in orgasm. Holly withdrew and stood before her client for the remainder of the session. Bethany begged Holly to repeat her ministrations. Holly's reaction was to smile and simply watch the desperate Bethany squirm and wiggle as much as her bonds allowed. This went on for several minutes as Bethany became more and more frustrated and aroused.

When the session had about five minutes remaining, Holly again squatted between Bethany's spread thighs. She very lightly stroked the bound woman's labia and clitoris with one hand, and after a few moments continued the stroking as she inserted a finger of her other hand and wiggled it inside her. Using skillful motion and pressure, she gave Bethany her most raucous orgasm of the day.

Holly released Bethany's bonds and mentioned that she had to be in another appointment soon.

"Is this for a male?" asked Bethany.

"Yes - how did -"

"Kendra mentioned that it's really frustrating for the guys. I'd give anything to see one of those sessions."

A sly smile graced Holly's face and she told Bethany, "Don't get dressed - I'll get a lab smock for you and you can come with me."

Bethany's eyes lit up and she waited for Holly to return with her smock. She donned the lab smock, with nothing underneath, and put on her sandals.

Bethany followed Holly to the reception area where Larry waited for his appointment.

"Hello Larry," Holly chirped, "Let's go to room 3 and we'll get started."

"I gave Larry his enema yesterday - the males have an enema every two days," Holly said to Bethany as they walked to the treatment room.

"Clothes off, and get in position," Holly cheerfully instructed. Larry shed his clothes and grasped the horizontal spreader bar. Holly bound his wrists and then bound his ankles well apart. Then she removed his cock cage. His full erection stood out for all to see.

Holly strapped the collection vial to her waist and retrieved the inflatable dildo. She lubricated it generously and inserted it between Larry's nether cheeks.

"First we milk his prostate with this," Holly explained to Bethany. She gave the squeeze bulb a full squeeze and the dildo expanded inside Larry. A few seconds later, another squeeze.


Holly then alternately pumped and released some of the pressure several times until a few strings of prostatic fluid seeped out. She collected his output into the vial, and then pumped up the dildo until he grimaced. She left the dildo pressing hard against him. Then she lubricated her hands with oil and went to work on his cock.

Larry's breathing deepened as Holly skillfully applied her hands, very lightly at first and then more exuberantly. With a coy smile and an occasional giggle, Holly teased and stroked until his cock just began to pulse. With an exaggerated expression of mock surprise, she exclaimed, "UH-OH!" and quickly let go. She swiveled around and collected the stream of dribble from Larry's frustrated and throbbing cock. Larry audibly panted.

Holly released the pressure from the dildo and waited a few moments. Bethany had been raptly observing.

Holly then unbuttoned Bethany's smock and let it open. While Bethany was somewhat surprised by this, she took it in stride.

"Look at her delicious pussy!" Holly exclaimed while fingering Bethany's pubic hair.

"I'll bet she's been creaming from watching you. Let's see..." Holly inserted a finger all the way into Bethany's pussy and probed around. Bethany's knees buckled slightly and she gave a sensuous moan. Then Holly withdrew with an ample serving of her assistant's feminine lubricant glazing her finger.

"Mmmmmm, yes!" Holly exclaimed as she went over to Larry and showed him Bethany's juices close-up.

"I'll bet she tastes good, too." She put her glazed finger in Larry's mouth and he enthusiastically sucked it clean as his arousal returned. Holly inflated the dildo within Larry with a full squeeze, and then oiled her hands and began work on his raging erection. Bethany stood and stared at the scene before her - with her lab smock open.

Larry grimaced as his arousal approached the orgasmic stage. Holly kept working her hands efficiently, interspersing the strokes with sexy giggles.

Just as Larry cried out, "UHHHHH!" Holly's hands sprang away from his cock - she again exclaimed, "UH - OHHHH!" and collected the dribble of semen in the vial strapped to her waist.

Beads of sweat trickled down Larry's frustrated visage. Holly deflated the dildo inside him and then stripped Bethany's lab coat completely off her. She led Bethany closer to Larry and had her stand facing him.

As if on cue, Larry's erection and arousal returned. Then Holly stood behind Bethany and placed the tips of her fingers on Bethany's breasts. The woman startled as a flood of sensual feeling from her own milking session jolted her and coursed through her body. Bethany's arousal peaked in a short time as Holly gently stimulated her well-milked breasts. She put her knees together, cupped her hands over her pussy, threw her head back and exclaimed raucously while involuntarily pumping her hips.

Larry's cock swayed with desire at the sensual show in front of him.

Holly pulled her own lab smock down to her waist, baring her breasts. Then she went over to Larry and fingered his testicles for a considerable while. Both women took delight in his frustrated moans. Holly then oiled her hands again and very lightly stroked Larry's erect cock until it jerked with the first twitch of impending ejaculation. She again collected the milked semen in her vial, and then placed the cock cage on Larry and released him.

For several days thereafter, Bethany, upon completion of her own breast milking session, accompanied Holly to Larry's cock milking appointments. Holly always managed to find an excuse to strip Bethany bare and fondle her sensitive and well-milked breasts to a raucous climax. Bethany frequently sat spread-legged on a short lab stool and jilled herself while she watched Holly expertly increase Larry's desperation.

Larry's final appointment was memorable. He was repeatedly teased and brought to the brink of ejaculation by both Holly and Bethany, but was not milked. Bethany delighted in stripping and making sensuous faces while very lightly touching Larry's cock and testicles. She also touched him all over while Holly repeatedly stroked his throbbing member just short of ejaculation.

After nearly forty minutes of tormenting Larry, Holly smiled brightly and slowly stroked, keeping her eyes locked on Larry's. She stroked and stroked, and continued when she felt him approaching the threshold of ejaculation. Larry cried out loudly when he passed the point of no return. Holly kept stroking, and the cock in her hand shot out pulse after pulse of semen. Larry wiggled and pumped his hips as much as his restraints allowed. Holly did not stop stroking until there was no more output. Larry was drenched in sweat, and appeared very relaxed after his wild ejaculation.

Bethany was aroused beyond belief from the scene that day. After Holly released Larry and gave him his payment, he was on his way.

"That was one hot session!" Bethany exclaimed to Holly. "I've never had such a turn on as I've had from seeing you tease those guys till they're crazy." She pressed her knees together.

Holly replied, "It's one of the things I enjoy the most. I get so hot when I tie up my boyfriend and tease him to distraction before I let him cum."

Bethany was aroused when she left the clinic, and just as she got in her car her cell phone rang. It was her friend Darla.

"Darla," Bethany exclaimed, "Where've you been? I've tried to get ahold of you for over two weeks!"

"I had to go to a training thing for work - didn't I mention it?"


"Oh well. Hey, you've GOT to tell me about your sessions at that clinic. I'm kind of tired, so I'm sending out for a pizza - why don't you come over?"

"I'm on my way!"

Bethany and Darla exchanged hugs when they met, and Darla led her friend into the living room and sat beside her.

Darla put her hand on Bethany's bare knee and smiled. "Now tell me everything!"

Bethany excitedly related her experience of her first session with Kendra, and how arousing it was. As Darla nodded understandingly, Bethany went on to describe how she shamelessly brought herself off while being milked; than about the session with Holly, and how Holly tied her legs apart and then stuck her finger inside and wiggled it till she exploded in orgasm.

Darla's eyes widened with excitement. Her hand crept up Bethany's thigh as the conversation went on. Bethany described her participation in the milking sessions for Larry, and what a turn-on that was.

Bethany talked in detail about that day's session with Larry, and how she participated in handling and teasing his frustrated boner. Darla had one hand in her panties, and her other hand on Bethany's crotch near her pubic area.

"And then I took off my lab coat," Bethany related, "and stood in front of him. I was completely naked, well, except for my shoes (giggle). It felt good, knowing that he was powerless to do anything about his (giggle) thing! I felt him looking at me with desire. He wanted so much to have a good cum. And then I went up to him and, you know, handled him there. He kinda pumped, you know, back and forth, but I didn't get hold of him firmly enough so that he could get any good from that (giggle). His thing was so big and hard. Then I kind of lightly tickle-touched him on hiss balls. That drove him crazy! (giggle)

Bethany's chest rose and fell with her aroused breathing. She looked in Darla's eyes, and then pulled her face to hers and they exchanged a long sensuous kiss. Then Darla led Bethany by the hand to her bed. They hurriedly undressed, and got on the bed. After another intense kiss, Darla wrestled Bethany underneath her and straddled her. Then she pinched and tweaked Bethany's hardened nipples until she cried out and squirmed under her. Darla kept going and after a few moments Bethany exclaimed with a raucous open-mouthed orgasm.

Darla giggled and said, "They were sensitive, weren't they?"

Bethany giggled and said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so hot!" and forcefully maneuvered Darla underneath her and pinned her down. Then she nibbled on Darla's breasts, sometimes not very gently. Darla squirmed and moaned under her. After a few moments of this, Bethany got between Darla's legs and inserted her finger into her friend's now-dripping pussy. With her other hand she jilled her friend until she pumped her hips wildly in orgasm.

"Hey Bethany," Darla said after they had a chance to calm down, "Let's get my boyfriend over here sometime and tie him up and both of us milk him like you said goes on at the clinic?"

"Oh, wow! Yes! And we can do some girl-girl stuff in front of him too! When?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, okay?'

They both giggled.