Dr Phil E Good and the Shy ...

Author: Rock Hancock
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Dr Phil E Good and the Shy Southern Girl

Author: Rock Hancock

Warning: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts performed between consenting adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age then exit this file now. If you do not like graphic sex, you probably wouldn't be viewing this story anyhow. Enjoy. This is a fantasy romp and is fun for everyone.

I was in my office at the end of another day of seeing patients. I wrote prescriptions for most of them and told them to come back if they still had problems. It was the same as most other days. Too many people who were miserable in their empty lonely lives. No wonder they had problems and complaints, they had lives of torment, agony or stress.

Oh sure, most of my patients had good jobs and money, family and social standing, yet they all lacked any real enjoyment in their hectic lives.

My receptionist told me I had only one more patient to see, a young lady with complaints of general malaise and lethargy. Just like so many others I had seen. I figured I'd write her up for some Prozac or some other pill to get her going again. It was all the same. Yes, you can see, I too felt the same uncaring misery at the sheer boredom of life as my patients. I told her to send the patient into my office. Then she could go home. I'd lock up when I was finished.

When the young lady entered, my breath caught in my throat. The woman was gorgeous. Her smile lit up the room and I felt an ache in my heart unlike any feeling I had felt in years. She was blond, had large breasts and the most radiant face I had seen in years. It seemed impossible this lovely creature could be complaining of malaise and tiredness. She simply glowed in my opinion.

Remembering my voice, I asked, "You are Miss Lee? What seems to be the problem?"

"Oh my, let's not be so formal. True I am related to the great Robert E. Lee, but please call me Scarlett. All my friends do. I just seem to have this tension all through my lil ole body, doctor. It is kind of hard to explain. I feel tense and yet at the same ole time, I am tired and just feel like I could lie down and die." She said in a Southern drawl that made my heart pound.

I felt my palms turn sweaty and my breath came ragged in little gasps.

"Well, Miss Scarlett, you may call me Phil."

She placed one delicate hand over her right breast. "Well, Phil, it hurts right here in my ole heart. I just feel like there is something inside of me that aches to get out. I'm so tense. Whatever do you think it could be?"

"I... I... Well, I'll have to examine you first to be sure. You'll have to take off your clothes for me. Would that be alright?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. I didn't know what had come over me, but I wanted this woman. I don't mean just sexually. But from the first moment I saw her face, the first word I heard her say, from the first whiff of her perfume - White Shoulders - I loved her.

Again I said, "Please if you can disrobe, I'll be able to examine you and find out what is wrong." I feared for some reason, she'd understand my motives all too clearly and run out the door, perhaps to call the police. But the mistique of doctors is such that patients willing do whatever is asked of them. They strip naked and allow the doctor to probe and poke places on their bodies they rarely touch themselves. Yes, patients will do anything on doctor's orders.

She blushed slightly and perhaps thought of asking for a nurse to be present. A request I would have granted, but I was glad I didn't have to. Slowly, she slipped off her blouse and I stared at the most gorgeous set of breasts I had ever seen. She wore a lacy black bra that enhanced her charms rather than covered them. Quickly, she slid off her skirt and I saw matching lace panties. She was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams and she was about to be naked in front of me.

She hesitated for a moment and I heard myself saying in a husky voice. "That's enough for now. I see one problem you have already. Your large breasts. Did you know that breasts, especially large ones like yours, need to be massaged and caressed every day?"

I had no idea what I was saying and certainly no medical facts to back up this assertion. She seemed to believe me and I continued, "You need to rub your nipples and make them hard. This will drain away some of the tension you have. Breasts are made for nursing. Alas, too many modern women never nurse their children. Even those that do will stop giving attention to their breasts after the child is weaned. But your breasts crave this attention. Otherwise, they become charged with nervous tension and start aching. I'll bet you have backaches, too." My psuedoscience even sounded convincing to me and more importantly, to her.

"Oh? You mean my tits are too big? Well, nobody ever told me that before, but I do have the most dreadful backaches. Can you do something about that, doctor?"

I was stunned and pleased at her use of the word tits' for breasts. It played right into my hand. "Why yes, lil lady. Let me show you what to do to cure this problem," I answered, imitating her easy going Southern manner. I stepped in close to her and with one hand unsnapped her bra, letting it fall into my other hand.

Scarlett heaved a sigh or relief at the freedom this action brought to her breasts. She seemed impressed with my dexterity.

Her breasts, though large in no way sagged or slumped. They were not pendulous, but more like luscious ripe melons eager to be handled. They jiggled slightly with her breathing. I lifted one of her breasts and then the other and marveled at the weight and warmth of them. Her skin was silky smooth and almost milky white. She had the barest hint of a tan and a few small blue veins on the top of her mounds.

"You need to rub them like this," I said, my throaty voice barely containing the excitement racing through my body. I quickly tweaked both of her large nipples to perky erections. Her dark brown aureoli were crinkled with excitement and I felt her heart pounding beneath the luscious melons in my hands.

I kept up this procedure for several minutes while her breathing picked up speed and her skin flushed with the rush of heated blood. I could sense that Scarlett definitely felt better all ready.

I wondered how far I could go with this and said, "If you have a husband, you can have him massage you like this. Another great tension reliever is for him to suck on your nipples."

"Suck? You mean like a baby? Oh I wish I had a baby or a husband right now. You see, doctor, I am not married. Do you think that is why I have so much tension in my body? Sometimes I feel like I could explode. Right now, I feel that way. Your massage has made me feel better in one way, but in another way, I feel very charged and just as hot as a firecracker. Whatever shall I do?" she said, her lips pouty and so warm and soft-looking. I swear I have never seen lips as lovely as hers.

I lowered my head to her nipples and sucked for many seconds on the erect nipple. I then licked down through her cleavage and up to the other nipple. She moaned in obvious pleasure at this attention.

"Oh, that feels ever so good, doctor. I think it is just what I need for my backache. But I... I... well, down below, I seem to be all tense. It feels kind of... kind of... oh I don't know whatever is the matter with me?"

I lay her back on the examing bed and said, "Let me take a look. It may be you have other problems I need to look at." I slid her black lacy panties down over her succulent thighs and calves. Her feet were tiny and so delicate looking. I wanted to suck on everyone of her toes, but pulling her panties down revealed more delights for my eyes. Needless to say, I had an enormous erection in my pants. There is no way this kind of examination fell under my Hippocratic oath, but at the moment, I didn't care. This was a beautiful woman and I was completely in love with her at first sight.

"Now, you practice the breast massage I taught you while I examine your pelvic regions. Please pull your legs up and spread them."

She did as she was told without a second's hesitation. I had a completely unobstructed view of the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen in my life.

"Ah, I see. I see. Yes, I'm sure of it now. I see," I said with my head between her raised knees. I carefully moved her labia aside with my fingers and enjoyed watching her slit open wide to my view. She had some juice flowing already and her moans told me she was heating up with each passing minute.

"What? Whatever do you see down there, doctor? It's just my lil ole pussy. Whatever could that have to do with my tension and nerves and all?"

I loved this woman even more for her naivety. Her lil ole pussy' was a blond beauty of exquisite proportions. She was small and delicate looking and oh so delicious which I discovered as I reached out my tongue and snaked it across her clitorus.

"Ooooohhhhh. Doctor? Whatever are you doing down there?" She squealed.

I looked up, afraid I had rushed her too quickly, but I was happy to see she still massaged her nipples and her face was flushed. She moaned and whispered, "oooohhhhhh."

"Oh that is the best way to find out if you have the tension problems I think you may have. Your vagina, or pussy as you call it, makes certain juices when it is tense. The only way to tell just how tense you are is to lick up some of the juice. The taste will tell. I must say, you have the taste I suspected you might have." Boy was that an understatement. She had the most fabulous tasting quim I had ever enjoyed. Now to convince her I needed to taste more of it, to eat it all.

"Just as we needed to massage your tits to relieve tension, we must also do the same for your pussy. Here let me show you what I mean; put your finger right here." I moved one of her soft delicate hands away from her breast. I must say, she was reluctant to let go of her cherry-sized hard nipple, but she complied. I placed her finger right on her erect clitorus. The poor thing was throbbing and soaking wet with hot juices. She jumped and moaned in pleasure.

"Feel that hard little bud? It is called your clit and it needs lots of massaging when it feels like this."

"Ooooohhh, doctor. My clit? It feels so hot and like... like... maybe it is going to explode. Are you sure I should rub it now?"

"Since I am here. I'll do it for you. Then next time you'll know just how to do it. However, I'm going to use my tongue. It is very important to monitor your juices and make sure all comes out perfectly." I smiled at the way I thought of spelling come' when I said that.

Scarlett smiled and said, "Well, you're the doctor and you know best, but please hurry. I feel like something is going to explode inside me. Whatever shall I do then?"

I needed no further urging and jumped between her legs. I went to work on the sweetest love tunnel and hardest little clit I had ever enjoyed in my life. I could feel the thing throb against my tongue and lips. She started gushing a flood of juice and I thought she had already climaxed. Not quite, her climax took several delicious minutes to attain. When she did cum, it was an explosion that rocked the exam table, not to mention my overheated cock. I thought I would cum in my pants just from hearing her moans and cries of ecstasy. I swear, she gushed so hard, it was like an ejaculation and I could barely lick it all up.

Finally, she stopped bucking on the table and collapsed in temporary exhaustion. "Oooohhhhh, doctor. Whatever was that? It was an explosion, but it was sooooooooo good. I feel so much better now." She lay quietly breathing while I disengaged my mouth from her labia and sat up on the bed.

"That is called a climax or orgasm and is the greatest stress reliever of all time. How do you feel now?"

"Orgasm? That is a strange word, but I like it. I like orgasm. I feel ever so much better, but deep inside of me, I still feel some tension, some stress. Whatever do I call it? It's like an ache and it is deep inside my body. Like something isn't quite relieved. Do you understand? Do you think I need another Or...orgasm?"

My heart leaped in my throat, not to mention the leap my cock made at hearing this question. "I was afraid you might. You see, your pussy has tight muscles inside it and nerves deep down. I fear they have never been properly massaged. That is what is causing your tension. There is only way to relieve this stress."

"Oh doctor. Can you help me? You have done such a marvelous job so far." She leaned back down on the bed and assumed her previous postion of legs bent and spread. I nearly drilled a hole in my pants when I saw her quivering quim wide open and inviting me.

"Well there is only one tool for this job. Tongues and fingers can't reach that far inside of you. I'll have to undress, if you don't mind." I hastily undressed, heaving my own sigh of relief as my cock found freedom. It throbbed and bounced in the air as I walked over to the table. A drop of clear love juice oozed from the tip.

"Oooohhhh," she moaned and her stare never left my cock. "What a marvelous tool," she sighed.

I wondered just how naive she really was, but at the moment I didn't care. I climbed on the table and spread her wet pussy lips slightly with the fingers of my left hand while fisting my cock with the right. Slowly, ever so slowly, I slipped into her an inch at a time. She was tight and scalding hot. It was heaven to sink down into her depths.

When I hit bottom, I leaned forward and fastened my mouth to one of her nipples. She wrapped her arms around me and I began an agonizingly slow fucking. I wanted to make it last forever, but knew that was impossible. She bucked against me and wrapped her shapely legs over my ass. She had me and wasn't about to let go. I didn't want her to ever let go. I brought my mouth up to hers and finally kissed the softest warmest lips in the universe. She was all tongue and hungry lips and she devoured me with her mouth as well as her pussy. Somehow the action of her tongue and mouth matched that of her pussy and I felt like I was being fucked by a love goddess. She was fantastic. Try as I could to make it last, all too soon I felt that wonderful stirring in my balls.

I blasted off with a loud scream. She matched it as her own orgasm surged through her hot little body. We both climaxed together and it seemed that our cumming would never end. She gushed her own hot juices to mix with my enormous ejaculation. Together we flooded the depths of her pussy with hot lava.

We lay together for a long time afterward. Finally, I said, "Well, Miss Scarlett do you think the treatment worked?"

She sighed and whispered, "Oooooh my yes, doctor. I thought you would just give me some Prozac, but this is ever so much better. I fear that I may need more treatments. Do you think so?"

"Oh my yes, Miss Scarlett. At least once a week. More if you have recurring stress. You just better plan on an appointment every other day. We really want to make sure that we have cured your stress."

"You don't think your receptionist will get any ideas do you? I'm sure this is a most unconventional form of treatment," Scarlett said.

"Why frankly, my dear. I don't give a damn."

"Why you lil scamp you. Well, Dr. Phil E Good. In that case, I'll be happy to keep taking these treatments from you."

The End