Amys First Enema

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Amys First Enema

   My girlfriend, Debbie, and I had been away at college (different schools).  During our winter break, I went over to her house while her parents were away to get caught up on how things were going with her.  We both have had life long problems being overweight.  It affected our self esteem not to mention our social life.  Probably that's one of the things we had in common that attracted us to each other.  Anyway, we got to talking about various ways to lose weight; diet, exercise, etc.  I mentioned that I had even tried using laxatives which seemed to have some effect but I became dependent on them and couldn't have a BM without using them. So I stopped.  Debbie asked me if I had ever tried using enemas.  I said "no", I had never even had an enema and wasn't sure what getting an enema was like.  My mother once explained to me that I might have to have one before going to the doctor's.  But I didn't need one and the subject never came up again.  What my mom described was a Fleet enema and I assumed that's what Debbie had in mind.

   Debbie said that she had started using enemas and thought they were so much better than laxatives.  I told her that if it would help me lose some weight I was definitely interested in trying them.  Then Debbie said she would be happy to show me how to do it.  Without thinking, I said "ok".  But then I quickly realized that this was going to be something very different from what I had ever experienced. It suddenly dawned on me that I would have to pull down my panties and let Debbie see my bare hiney. Not only that, but I had just agreed to let her put something up inside me, kind of like my mother used to do when she took my temperature.  I trusted Debbie but I was having second thoughts about this enema business.  By nature I am kind of submissive and the idea of submitting to Debbie and letting her do something that intimate was starting to arouse some very strange feelings in me.  I could tell that Debbie was also very nervous and excited by what I had agreed to let her do.

   Debbie said she would go upstairs and call me when she was ready.  As I sat waiting, I heard her running water in the bathroom.  This kind of unnerved me because I had no idea what she could be doing.  After about 10 minutes she called to me from her bedroom.  The first thing I saw when I entered her bedroom was a red, open top enema bag bulging with warm water hanging from the high brass headboard of her bed. But instead of a regular douche nozzle, there was a smaller enema nozzle on the end of the hose. Debbie had turned down the bedding and laid out several towels for me to lay on for my enema.  She had also laid out a latex glove and a tube of K-Y lubricant.  I was beginning to get the picture of what Debbie was going to do to me.  My heart started pounding and I felt like I was on a roller coaster starting up that first big hill; very apprehensive.  But it was too late for me to back out now.

   I was wearing a skirt and blouse.  I thought I might be able to get away with just lifting my skirt and pulling down my panties, but Debbie said I should get undressed.  I took off my skirt and then my panties.  Since my blouse was rather long and hung down over my butt, Debbie said I should take it off too.

  Although Debbie didn't ask me to, I took off my bra as well and stood there completely naked. I had the overwhelming urge to cover my boobs and my pussy with my hands but I resisted.  I didn't want Debbie to see how nervous and inhibited I really was.  Debbie told me to lie down on the bed on my left side.  I was facing away from her and she was behind me.  She positioned  my right leg so that it was pulled up.  Then I heard her putting on the glove.  She spread my cheeks apart and I felt her finger touch my anus.  It felt cool and wet from the lubricant.  My head was beginning to spin and she hadn't even done anything yet.  She told me to relax and take deep breaths.  I felt her finger push against the center of my anus which started to open up as she slowly slid her finger up inside me.  Instinctively I tightened up.  Debbie must have felt it because she told me to relax; and that she was doing this to lubricate my anus and loosen it up so the nozzle would go in easily.  Never had anyone done something like this to me and I was absolutely delirious at how intimate it was; and how strangely good it felt. Debbie wiggled her finger inside me and I couldn't help but wiggle my hips in response.  Then she slowly pulled her finger out.  She made it feel just like I was having a bowel movement!  I was sure I had wet myself.  But the wetness wasn't coming from my bladder.

   I could look up and see the enema bag hanging over my head.  I saw Debbie reaching up for the hose and nozzle.  She lubricated the nozzle, and then spread my cheeks again and inserted the nozzle.  Debbie waited a couple of minutes to let me get used to the sensation of feeling the hard plastic nozzle up inside my hiney.  Then she asked me, rather dramatically, "Are you ready for me to give you your very first enema?"   I took a deep breath, held it, swallowed hard and answered "yes".  Debbie reached up, clicked open the clamp and started the enema flowing into me.  Nothing I could have ever imagined prepared me for that initial surge of warm water filling my rectum.  From then on, any time I hear the word "enema" I associate it with that incredible feeling.  Debbie wanted my first enema experience to be a good one so she used plain warm water and adjusted the flow so that it was going up inside me very slowly.  I could feel the enema slowly moving out of my rectum and up my left side.  For a moment, a cramp started to form on my left side but then I could actually feel a gurgling sensation as the cramp went away and the enema flowed deeper inside me.  Now the enema was flowing across my tummy and I was really starting to feel full.  My normally soft belly was getting really hard.  The enema bag that I could just barely see wasn't bulging any more.  I wasn't sure how much more I could take, but so far, so good.  The pressure was building up.  Then there was a final surge along my right side and I knew that I was completely filled up.  The bag also looked empty.  All during the enema, Debbie kept asking me how I was doing and encouraged me by telling me how good I was taking it, especially since it was my first time.

   She was so gentle and sweet during the whole procedure.  Finally, she announced that the enema was all up inside me.  Actually, I had just taken a little over a quart but it seemed more like a gallon.  She closed the clamp and took out the nozzle.  I rolled over onto my back and could see Debbie standing over me with the empty enema bag in her hand.  She had a big smile on her face.  I'm so proud of you she said, almost like she was my mother soothing her child.  Then the enema took over and I had to rush to the bathroom just in time to expel.  I can honestly say that the only unpleasant part of getting an enema was expelling it.  It was the worst case of diarrhea I have ever had.  But it was quickly over and, after the last of the enema had left me, I had this incredible relaxed, emptied out feeling.  I don't think I have ever been that cleaned out before.  I was sure I was ten pounds lighter.  Debbie brought my clothes into the bathroom and I showered and dressed.

   "Well, what do you think?" Debbie asked me afterwards.  I told her I had no idea an enema would affect me like that.  I thanked her for introducing me to it.  She thanked me for trusting her enough to let her give me one.  Then she confessed about how nervous she was about asking me.  She was afraid I might say no and it would destroy our friendship.  I know she wanted to ask me if it turned me on sexually, just as I wanted to know if she got excited doing it to me.  But we both knew what the answer was without asking.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, Debbie did something totally unexpected but it was the perfect climax to an incredible afternoon.  She put her arms around me and gave me a long lingering open mouth kiss directly on my mouth.  Then she said that the next time it would be my turn to give her an enema; something that she wanted me to do very much.