Anatomy of a High Enema

Author: Jay
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Anatomy of a High Enema

by Jay

This true story is dedicated to Sophia and is the recounting of a well documented solo administered large volume enema taken one Friday morning almost a year ago.

Preparation started at about 8:30 AM. I removed the five liter enema can from its storage location, fitted a 32 Fr colon tube to its white hose and set it on the counter in the sink area of the second bathroom. Then prepared a ½ cup of sodium bicarbonate topped off with eight teaspoons of table salt. This was to be mixed into the enema solution when the reservoir was filled. The treatment area was in the inner room where the toilet was stationed and consisted of a multi folded thick blanket with a pillow at the head. In the middle there was a thick heavy bolster pillow with a folded bath towel on top. All this was covered with a white sheet giving it the appearance of an ersatz treatment table. Off to the right was a digital clock which showed time to the fractions of a second.

A couple of quarts of water were added to the enema can and the flow was adjusted to drain two cups or 16 ounces of solution in just over 30 seconds. The large enema can was then drained and the reservoir was filled with 4 quarts of hot water. Into this the salt and soda mixture was dissolved resulting in just under 4 liters of enema solution. With this accomplished, the air was evacuated from the hose and the green and white reservoir can was positioned on the cabinet counter in the inner room. Three inches of the colon tube's tip were coated with Crisco and laid out on a sheet of wax paper. All was about ready and the stage was set.

At 8:55 I stripped in the outer room and prepared my bottom by injecting a few ounces of KY lubricant before entering the treatment area. On opening the door the first thing that caught my eye was the reddish orange enema hose coiled in the center of the floor level table. Seeing his large diameter rectal invader with its coating of white lubricant awaiting entry into my bottom stopped me in my tracts. Looking back from this intimidating apparition and up the length of the white hose there was this enormous green and white metal cylinder holding the solution that was soon to be injected high up into my belly. If you think the sight of a bulging enema bag appears intimidating this can and the treatment table tableau was ten times as bad. To assist in this procedure I'd envisioned a sexy woman, I called her Sophia, who was to be my surrogate and she was off to the side of the treatment table.

I positioned myself with my groin over the bolster and found that I was close to a knee chest position with my bottom pointing up into the air. My legs were spread and my body gave an involuntary jerk as the tip of the colon tube touched my exposed anus. It stayed there as I tried to relax and it didn't seem to be pushed in as I breathed deeply. Rather with each breath my body seemed to suck it in and within a few moments it was inside of me a good four to six inches. It was now 8:59 30 and Sophia asked if I was ready. I mumbled yes conscious of the size of the tube that was protruding from my rear and at exactly 0900 there was a faint click followed by a warm sensation where the tube was in contact with my anus. Then a slow spreading warmth behind my pubic bone as the not too hot salt and soda solution slowly filled t my upper rectum and spread through the sigmoid flexure into the sigmoid section itself. At 9:01:15 again that faint click and the increase in pressure stopped as did the flow while the injected warmth continued to spread across my lower abdomen.

Slowly the initial heat of this initial surge subsided as an almost two minute rest period was observed and then at 9:03 the stopcock was again opened and a resurgence of fluid warmth was again felt in my lower belly. Suddenly, as if an inner door had been opened, the tube slipped forward and glided swiftly another ten inches up into my inner reaches. The warmth now was spread across my tummy up under my ribcage and was starting to invade my right side when the incoming flow was again stopped by a metallic click. Four minutes had passed since this injection had started and now I was on another rest period with about two quarts of fluid in my insides. Breathing deeply eased the pressure in my belly as did raising my right knee which tilted my body to the left into a semi sims position with my bottom still high in the air. Another two minute rest period ensued and I tensed as I watched the seconds tick down towards 9:06 knowing that she would start the flow again.

A metallic click followed shortly afterwards by a renewed feeling of heat and slight pressure across the entire lower abdomen. Firm massage up the left side across the center and down the right side of my tummy eased the feeling of fullness and I sensed that I wasn't receiving any additional fluid. At 9:07 the flow adjustment screw was opened a quarter of a turn and an immediate surge was felt across the whole of my lower bowel. This continued with a corresponding increase of pressure till 9:08 when relief was ensured by the click that halted the increased flow. The next two minutes provided a cruel rest as the muted churnings in my viscera were distinctly different from the sharp gut wrenching pain of acute gas cramps, but they let me know that my tummy thought it had had enough.

9:10 and again the stopcock clamp opened sending more of that warm salt and soda solution flooding up into my bowels. I took extremely deep breaths and felt the increase in pressure and flow rate as the adjustment screw was opened all the way permitting unrestricted passage from the enema reservoir into my swelling belly. I was forced to roll slightly onto my left side and my tummy felt like it was ready to explode. Raising my left knee up close to my chest eased the fullness somewhat, but at last I could take no more and had to shut the switch and stop the flow. I was exhausted and unable to move. Thus I stayed in a semi fetal position for the next minute or two and then supporting my pregnant tummy made it onto the toilet and slowly removed some twenty inches of warm colon tube before obtaining the desired release.

Afterwards I determined that over 3½ quarts of water had been injected in that enema and while thinking that I had had taken enough believe that if Sophia had really been there to assist and encourage me more could have been accepted into my innards.

But still a good filling.