An Enema Story with Margie

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An Enema Story with Margie

Most boys don't like enemas. I was an exception to that rule. I had always had trouble with my bowels and Mom would give me enemas to correct the problem. At first I hated them. Then I noticed that I liked the feeling of the nozzle being put into my bottom. I also liked the full feeling as the water goes in. Mom would take me into the bathroom and give me my enemas while I lay across her lap. She used a small bulb syringe at first, then a larger adult bulb syringe. Later I got my first enema with an enema bag. Mom had gone to the drug store and brought home a little blue "baby" enema bag. It held about a pint or so of water. She would have it filled and hung on the towel rack when she brought me in to get my enema.

One day I told Mom that I was constipated and needed an enema. She called me into the bathroom about an hour later. She already had the enema ready, but it wasn't my little blue bag, it her big, red bag. I had only seen this bag a few times. It was kept in Mom's closet. I was surprised and scared of this bag. It was huge, at least to a ten-year old. It was an open-top fountain syringe with black nozzles. Mom kept the nozzles in the medicine cabinet. She told me that I was big enough for this bag now. I was given enemas with that bag from then on.

One day, several months later I asked for an enema and Mom told me to go get ready and she'd be in the bathroom in a few minutes. I went in my room and took off my shorts and underwear, and wrapped a towel around me as I always did. When I went into the bathroom Mom hadn't got there yet. She came in a few minutes later and announced that I needed to learn to give myself enemas. She told me that she would talk me through it. She was getting the enema ready and hung the enema bag on the shower rod. She told me to lay on the floor and unwrap the towel a bit. She handed me the Vaseline and told me to get some on my finger. She then handed me the nozzle and told me to smear some on it. She then told me to get some more and put it on my bottom.

After I had done that she told me to push the nozzle in my bottom as far as it would go. She handed me the clamp and told me to open it and let the water run into me. After a few seconds I told her that I was full. She told me to stop the flow for a minute. After the cramping subsided she told me to open the clamp. The enema was feeling really good. I was controlling the flow and the water was up under my ribs. Then something happened. I suddenly got very full. Before I could shut the flow off I leaked some water. Mom saw it at the same time I reached for the clamp. Both of us tried to get the clamp and neither of us was able to get it closed. The result was about a cup or two of water spraying all over the bathroom. Mom told me to go and sit on the toilet and let the enema go.

After I had gone and cleaned myself and the bathroom up Mom told me she wanted to talk. She told me that from then on all I had to do was ask her and she would get the enema ready for me to take and I could give it to myself. I tried to keep Mom from getting suspicious of my love of enemas. I would only ask for one about every month or so.

About six months later I asked for an enema and Mom told me that I needed to learn how to make my own. She handed me the enema bag as we walked into the bathroom and told me to adjust the water so that it wasn't too hot or too cold. She then had me fill the bag about half way and put a little soap into the bag. Then I was told to fold the top of the bag and shake it to mix up the soap. Mom told me to hang the bag either on the shower rod or the showerhead and go ahead and take the enema. She told me that from then on she would just leave the enema bag in the bathroom for me whenever I would ask for it.

Mom was getting ready to go to her volunteer job at the local hospital one day. I asked her if I could take an enema while she was gone. As she was walking out the door she handed me the enema bag and said that I should go ahead. After she left I got the enema ready and was sitting on the toilet taking the enema. (Something Mom didn't really approve of but I did it sometimes so I could take more than one enema at a time).

Suddenly at the window the next door neighbor called me. I had been so intent on what I was doing I didn't hear her climbing up on a trellis. Margie was a year and a half older than I was and very well developed for her age. She asked me what I was doing. I stammered something about going to the bathroom but she had already seen the partially filled bag. She said she knew what I was doing and that I should let her come in to keep me company. The thought of her keeping me company while I took and enema was very exciting for some reason. I told her to go to the back door and I'd let her in.

As soon as I opened the door she ran to the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I stood out side and pounded on the door for her to open it and let me in. She told me no. I heard water running and then a few minutes later she opened the door. She was standing there with just her blouse on and a towel around her waist and was holding the enema bag with the other. It was full, something I had never seen before. It was huge. Margie commented on how big it was. She said, in fact, it was the biggest enema bag she had ever seen. She then handed me the bag and got into the bathtub and lay down on her back. She asked me for the nozzle. She took it and put it under the towel and was doing something with it. She was making some pretty strange faces and eventually she relaxed and told me to hand her the clamp. I lowered the bag so she could reach the clamp. She undid it and I could feel the water begin to run into her.

As the bag flattened she asked me to hold the bag lower to slow down the flow. After a few minutes she told me to hold it up higher and again, higher. As the last of the water ran into her I had the bag as held up as high as I could reach. She shooed me out of the bathroom and closed the door. I heard her expelling the enema.

Then I heard the sound of water running into the sink and then the bag being filled again. The door opened and the bag was hung on the shower rod. Margie had the nozzle in her hand and told me to get into the tub as she had done, it was my turn. I climbed into the tub and got comfortable. She handed me the nozzle and told me to go ahead and put it in me. I did as she said. She asked if it was in yet. I told her yes. She opened the clamp and lowered the bag as soon as the water started flowing. The water was very warm. This was the first time I had a warm enema. It was something that I had just never thought of. I was getting very excited. My penis started to show my excitement. Margie didn't say anything she just looked and giggled.

After the water was all in me. She closed the clamp and told me to take the nozzle out. I handed it to her and she told me to go ahead and get on the toilet. She stood there while I emptied the enema. We talked about enemas for a while. She told me that she often took them. As a matter of fact, she had her own bag. About that time I felt another wave of cramps coming on and Margie left the bathroom with her clothes. I heard the back door to the house close.

As I was cleaning up the enema bag the back door opened again. I ran out to the kitchen to see if it was my mother. It was Margie, again. She had a purse with her. She told me to go back to the bathroom that she had a surprise for me. She told me that it looked to her like I really needed a good cleaning out and she was going to help me do it right.

In the bathroom she opened her purse and took out what looked like her cosmetic bag. It was a little pastel print bag with a drawstring closing at the top. As she opened this bag I saw it was her enema bag. She removed an amber folding syringe and some white nozzles. As she was filling the bag I asked her to make the water warm again, that I liked warm enemas. She asked why. I told her that I hadn't had many warm enemas before. This was the first time I had seen a folding syringe being filled. I had seen them in other people's bathrooms but I had never seen one with water in it. I was fascinated by the way it expanded as the water was put into it.

When it was finally filled the sides bulged and glistened. Margie hung the bag on a towel rod and told me to lie on the floor on my back. I did so and she moved the towel and asked if I had washed my bottom. I told her yes. She told me that she needed to lube me. She took some Vaseline on her finger and put it gently against my rosebud. I tensed up. She told me to relax that I would like this. She told me to push back against her finger a little. As I did she pushed her finger into me. I was ecstatic. The feeling was wonderful. She moved her finger around and eventually pulled it out. She said that I needed some more and did I mind. My penis was getting really hard and it felt really good.

I told her to go ahead. She got some more Vaseline and then pushed her finger into me again. She said that I was very tight and for me to relax. I soon felt another finger being pushed into my backside. Margie moved both fingers around and in and out a few times. She said that I should be lubed enough and that I was sufficiently loosened.

She then proceeded to push the enema nozzle into me. The clamp was opened and I took the whole bag almost without any discomfort at all.

Margie told me to sit on the toilet and expel. When I was done she told me that I still needed another enema. The last one didn't do a good enough job. She told me that she had a real surprise and that I would like it. She told me to kneel down and bend over the bathtub. I did so. She told me not to look. I heard water running in the sink. I tried to turn around and see what she was doing, but she told me to look in the bathtub, that it was a surprise. She finally asked if I was ready. I told her that I was. She told me to take a very deep breath. As I did she pushed something very much larger than I had ever had put there into me. It almost hurt but felt very good. She told me to relax and then I felt water being forced into my bowel. I finally got to turn around as she withdrew this huge nozzle. It was a douche bulb! She told me that she would fill me up with this several more times. She said that she took enemas with the bulb once in a while.

The next time she pushed the tip into me she moved it in and out several times before she finally squeezed the bulb. She withdrew the nozzle and again refilled the bulb. This time she put it back in me and as she squeezed the bulb she twisted the nozzle. It was more than I could bear. I came and came. I was very glad that I had the towel under my young penis. I told Margie that I was pretty full. She told me that I could sit and expel the enema. After I had done so she asked me if I thought that I was clean enough. I told her yes, and thanked her with a little kiss on her cheek.

Margie and I gave each other enemas from time to time after that. But those are other stories yet to be written