An Oil Enema Treatment

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An Oil Enema Treatment

Bedtime... we each take our turns using the bathroom and getting ready for bed.  My turn first.  I pee and wash my hands and face, then brush my teeth.  As I stand next to the bed, pulling a fresh T-shirt over my head to sleep in, I hear you in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and straining, making those unmistakable grunting sounds that indicate you're having problems again.

"Hey Babe, everything OK?" I ask through the door.  You come back into the bedroom in your T-shirt and shorts, saying, "Oh, Max!  I'm stuck again!!  All this effort and all I get is one small, hard lump.  My belly feels like a full sausage!  Help??"

"Ok.  I've got just the thing for you," I smile, entering the bathroom.  Opening the door under the basin I remove a sealed box, a Fleet oil enema.  "This will soften up that hardened stool for you.  Let me give it to you."

Sitting on the closed toilet seat I motion for you to stand in front of me and I set the Fleet bottle on the tank lid.  Your cute little pink T-shirt is knotted mid-way between your navel and breasts, exposing your nicely tanned tummy and cute belly button.  Below that you've got on a sexy pair of ragged cut-off jeans (the ones I customized for you ;-) ) showing off every possible inch of bare thigh, and giving the guys following you just a glimpse of heaven!  Pressing my nose against your bare tummy I draw you toward me, lightly brushing my fingertips up and down the backs of your bare legs, first stroking the sensitive backs of your knees, then sliding my fingernails lightly up to the fringe of your shorts, barely covering your butt, up and down several times, savoring the warm satin feel of your skin.  I smell sun and perspiration on your bare tummy, Mmmmm.  So sexy... so sensual!

Unbuttoning the shorts and then pulling down the zipper I let them slide down your legs to the floor and you step out of them.  Now my fingers hook the waist of your bikini panties slipping them down as well.  Again you step out of them.

"Darling, please lie over my lap now," I instruct, and you willingly comply.  (Oh, how pretty!!  The sight of your round, soft bottom always gives me such joy!)  Tenderly brushing my palms over those soft fleshy cheeks I massage each one, warming them for you with my touch.  Grasping the Fleet bottle I remove the protective cover from the tip.  With the index finger and thumb of my left hand I spread your buttocks open.  You suddenly feel very exposed.  Oh- oh, I just remembered, I forgot to lubricate your anus.  Immediately the thought occurs to me: this bottle is filled with oil!  Perfect!!  Holding the tip about an inch from your anal opening I gently squeeze it and squirt some of the oil out between your cheeks.  The liquid runs along the crack of your butt and gives you tingles, making you involuntarily pinch your cheeks together against the force of my thumb and finger holding you open.  Now pressing the nozzle tip against your anus I give another light squeeze, this time injecting a small amount of the oil just inside your sphincter.  Slowly I press the tip against you and it begins to slip inside very easily.  With the entire length of the nozzle inside I give a slow steady squeeeeeeeeeze and I feel you tense up as the oil squirts into you, filling your rectum.  Another SQUEEEEEEEEEZEEE, and you feel your inner sphincter at the far end of your rectal vault forced open by the pressure and the oil creeps further up into your colon.  One last long squeeeeeeeeeeze and I empty the bottle deeply inside you.

"How's that, Babe?" I ask, and you cautiously reply, "OK, I guess.  Feels so slippery in there," you giggle.

"I know, but that'll loosen up that hard stuff," I assure you.  "Now you can stand up but keep the oil inside until I tell you."  Standing next to me you lightly stroke your bare belly, feeling just the slightest sensation of something foreign inside.  After several minutes of relaxing you tell me, "I don't feel anything anymore, Max.  I don't think it'll work!"

"Sure it will.  You just need a little more help to finish things," I smile.  Pulling open the drawer where I keep our toys I fumble through the hoses, nozzles and bags, searching for exactly the right item.  "Here it is!" I grin, removing a large red bulb syringe and the matching enema tip.  "This one always cleans out the jambs.  You want to fix the solution?" I ask.

Closing the stopper in the sink you place the bar of Ivory soap in the basin and turn on the water, nice and warm.  As it splashes over the soap bar the water turns milky white and the clean, sharp aroma of Ivory fills the bathroom.  When the basin is full you turn off the water and look expectantly at the bulb syringe sitting on the counter next to you.  I stand behind you, wrapping my arms lovingly around your waist, and attach the nozzle and bulb.  Holding the tip in the sink I squeeze the bulb.  Bubbles rise to the surface of the warm water.  I release the bulb, letting the soapy solution draw back up inside with a sucking sound.  Swishing the bottle I check its fullness.  Not quite enough, I decide.  Expelling the remaining air I hold the tip below the surface once more, drawing up several more ounces to fill the pint bulb completely to capacity.  "OK, now we're ready," I smile, taking your hand and leading you back to the toilet.  Patting my legs I sit on the stool and hold the enema bulb while you resume your position across my lap.  Again, I spread your beautiful cheeks open and you feel the tip pressing persistently against your opening.  Now it glides into your oil filled rectum and all the way up inside you.  The warmth of the bulb is pressed firmly against your butt-cheeks I press my palm against the back of the bulb to hold the nozzle in all the way and relax my fingers and let them close around the bulb.  Then, squeeeeeeeeeeze... squeeeeeeeeeeeeze... again, squeeeeeeeze.  The soapy solution sprays into your bowels, gushing deeply into you as I grip the bulb and compress it.  Your sphincter tightens around the nozzle inside you and you feel the warmth filling you from behind, gliding deeply into your belly.

"That's all, Sweetheart.  How to you feel?" I ask.  "My tummy feels kinda funny inside, Max." you reply.  "Not really full, just... kinda strange."

"Need another?" I ask, and you nod in agreement.  While you stand beside the toilet I refill the bulb and return.  Again, you lay over my lap and I press the tip inside you and fill your rectum with the warm, soapy solution, another full pint into your rectum and bowels.

"Oh, now I'm full!" you grunt, standing up once more, rubbing your belly, feeling the solution moving inside.

"You've gotta hold it for 15 minutes," I remind you, "otherwise it won't work right."  You nod but the concerned look on your face makes me wonder if you'll be able to comply.  "Need some help to hold it?" I ask you.  Again, you nod quickly.  Going back to the toy drawer I pull out a special helper and a jar of Vaseline.  Lubricating the plug I motion for you to lay back down.  Now I gently press the butt-plug inside you until the flat backing rests tightly against your anal opening.  Taking the squeeze bulb in my hand I give it four quick pumps, inflating the plug inside you to about the size of a small lemon.  "It's OK to stand back up, Love," I tell you, "you won't have any accidents now."

You're smiling when you stand, your nipples protruding through the cotton T-shirt.  "Maaaaxxxx..." you coo, "I'm feeling soooooo randy right now!!  Can we play?"  I return your smile and guide your hips over mine, sliding lower on the toilet seat to present my rigid pole in a more vertical position.  Slowly and carefully you lower your hips to meet mine, using your fingers to spread your pussy lips and guide me to the exact spot.  Ohhhh, how slippery you are.  As the head of my dick pops inside your tight little pussy my mind starts to play tricks on me.  I can visualize exactly what you look like down there as I enter you, almost as if my penis has a secret eye at the tip.  Maybe it's because the nerve endings there are so extremely sensitive; it just SEEMS as if I can see inside.  It helps me savor the experience, feeling every millimeter of my cock slide slowly up inside your body.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, that's so beautiful!

When we're nicely mated together I reach behind you and find the special control for the plug, turning on the vibrator feature.  'OHHHHHH!" you exclaim, feeling the sudden tingling in your butt as the vibrator wiggles inside you.  Your eyes widen as it transmits the buzzing sensations directly against that column of soapy water filling your bowels, making your tummy feel all buzzy and fuzzy inside.  "Unnnh, unnnnh, ohhhh, Max, that's wild!" you exclaim.  You tip your head back, eyes closed, and involuntarily press both hands against your bare pussy, feeling the tingling sensations growing stronger there, too.  I'm not being left out here, either!  That wiggling, vibrating toy in your butt is pressed directly against my dick, buried deep inside your pussy!  The sensations are incredible!  We grind our hips together, bouncing and circling, slowly for a time, then faster, then slower, up and down, hypnotically dancing in unison, conjoined like Siamese twins who share a groin.

You exclaim, "Ohhhhh, yesssss, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, my tummy feels so wonderful!"  Rubbing your pussy faster you lift up and then slide down, feeling your entire body tensing up, growing unbearably sensitive inside, rubbing faster, faster, your fingers get slippery with your juices, "OH, OH."  Spreading your thighs open wider, frantic now to reach your rapidly approaching climax.  "Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh, Cumming!  Cumming! Ohhhhhhhhh, Max, Ohhhhh, God, Ohhhh," your face contorts with tension as your pussy begins to spasm rhythmically, throbbing and pulsing, shooting electric bolts from your crotch to your nipples and all through your sloshing belly.  You force yourself as tightly against me as humanly possible, pressing my dick inside as far as you can.  Seeing your face, the intensity of your expression, feeling your hands rubbing against me as you masturbate, all the sensations combine and I involuntarily begin to spurt my warm semen straight up inside you, feeling all the muscles in my groin synchronize to eject my love as far into your womb as possible.  "Aaahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, Babyyy!!  OHHHHHH!!"

When you open your eyes you're smiling dreamily.  Your body feels like rubber as you sit astride me, leaning against my chest.  We cuddle for several minutes, my hands slowly stroking your sides and back.  You lay your head on my shoulder I give you a tender kiss on your neck as you murmur, "It's working, Max, the enema's working!  My belly is aching.  I gotta go, right away!"

"OK Darling, let me help you." I whisper, "Stand up now."  Then I get up and help you position yourself over the toilet, still holding yourself above the seat.  Releasing the thumbscrew holding the air pressure I deflate the plug inside you and reach between your legs to slip it out of you, the pressure inside you assisting me.  The plug is barely out and you sit quickly, feeling the soapy enema gushing out under the tremendous pressure of your forcefully contracting tummy.  Next I hear those nasty, hard pieces of stool popping out, splashing noisily into the bowl, nicely lubricated and softened by the Fleet oil enema.  For about 20 minutes you sit, expelling the remainder of all the enemas and the entire contents of your distended colon.  Smiling, you return to bed.  "That was wonderful, Max!" you exclaim.  "I feel light as a feather."

"You need one more nice, warm enema, Babe.  A baking soda one to rinse out that soap."  I quietly fill the 2-quart bag and bring the douche nozzle and bag back to the bed.  You lie on your side and let me fill you slowly, stopping periodically to let the pressure equalize.  Then back to the toilet to release the water only, having nothing else inside to expel.  When you return to bed you barely get under the sheets and fall asleep immediately, having expended every ounce of energy during the evening's adventure.