Enema Times For Alexia

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Enema Times For Alexia

By Anonymous

Alexia's dream was the same. She'd be laying on some newspaper in the bathroom, naked from the waist down. She couldn't get up off the floor no matter how much she thought about doing it. She only had a long T-shirt on with a pair of socks. Her pajama pants and underwear lay in a heap on the floor near the bathtub where she had let them down and stepped out of them.

"It's time for enema, Alexia," said her mother as she opened up the medicine cabinet and brought out a jar of Vaseline. "You're getting an enema."

Her mother knelt down behind her, separated her buttocks with one hand, and with her other finger, gently rubbed a bit of Vaseline on her anus. Alexia felt her mother's finger rub that Vaseline deep up in her behind, almost sticking her finger right up into her rectum. It gave her a very hot feeling down between her legs; in fact, it was somewhat arousing.

Her mother hung the yellow enema bag up on the doorknob, then took up the rubber tip in a firm pincer grasp. Alexia looked back over her shoulder and looked at the moist enema bag hanging from the doorknob, the super-thin white, plastic hose that ran from the bottom to the tip in her mother's fingers. In next to no seconds, that flexible tip was going to be inserted between her rumps up inside her rectum, and water from the bag was going to be flowing up her butt…

Alexia felt her other hand lifting one of the rumps of her butt as far as it could be pulled away, and she felt the cold air of the bathroom tickle her anus. Then she felt her mother's hand placing the tip of the enema at her anus and giving it a firm push, while manipulating it back and forth. Alexia felt the tip sliding in easily with the aid of the Vaseline, and she felt a sting in her butt as she had never felt before. The tip felt ice cold to her anus, and she gasped and automatically reached back with one hand, grabbing her mother's wrist.

"Stay still, Alexia," her mother ordered. "Now move your hand. I have to stick this up your hine. Move it now."

"But it hurts!" Alexia cried out as her mother pushed her hand away and proceeded to prepare the tip for sticking up in her butt. "Gosh, ow! I don't want an enema."

"I'm going to give enema," her mother said in a tone of voice that gave Alexia chills up and down her spine. The way she said it made her take note that she was going to receive an enema, no questions asked. Her mother said it as if she was tied down and couldn't possibly escape. "You've got fever and I've got to lower it. Your being constipated isn't helping either. I'll just have to give enema."

Alexia didn't know how her mother expected her to allow her to put an enema up in her behind without some resistance. That thing hurt going up in her tail like that! Nonetheless, her mother finally plugged her anus with the tip of the enema as she inserted it a full inch up in her, and all Alexia could do was rub her hands between her legs and take the pain. The tip felt like a sharp, thick needle up in her behind, and any movement she made with her legs made that tip sting again and again. She felt a tremendous urge to release some gas, but since she was plugged from the rear, she could only bear down as hard as she could. Doing that seemed to encourage the tip farther into her rectum, though.

"Alexia, I said lay still," her mother instructed sharply when Alexia squirmed and closed her eyes tightly, gasping and panting. "This is gonna hurt when you move around like that. Now stay still and get ready, ‘cause this is not coming outta your tail until this bag is empty."

Now her mother released the clamp on the part connected to the bag hanging on the doorknob, then released the clamp on the plastic tube near the tip. The clamp near the tip made a sharp, metallic clicking sound. Alexia felt the warm water gush into her rectum with a startling, intense surge that gave off a loud gurgling sound. Her mother used one hand on her rump to keep it open, and used her other hand to keep the tip of the enema plugged into her behind. Alexia became aware of the sharp smell of medicated water as her mother injected her with enema from the bag via the tube. She felt a tremendous need to defecate now, but with the enema plugged up her tail, she could do nothing. The cramps in her stomach grew with intensity until they reached a peak that made her let loose a scream of agony.

"Alexia! Stop that screaming!" her mother yelled. "Now you lay still and hold this enema. Hold it in, and don't waste this water."

"But this hurts!" Alexia protested. She lifted one leg up, and without meaning to do so, allowed a jetstream of water to shoot right out of her rectum past the tip of the inserted enema. She felt some temporary relief from that, but the water continued to gush up into her behind, and she felt like her stomach was going to explode from inside. A sound of gurgling that sounded much like a fart sounded as she accidentally let a stream of that warm water shoot out the back of her tail again. Alexia could smell the sharp, soapy enema and her own stinkiness.

"You're kinda stinky, Alexia," her mother commented as she moved the tip back and forth slowly in Alexia's anus.

"Well, I can't help it!" Alexia shouted indignantly. "It's my butt, and I haven't had a chance to take a bath!"

Her mother kept repeating sternly, "No wasting, now hold it!" Alexia was crying now; she couldn't stop the tears from running any more than she could relieve herself of the intense cramping in her stomach. She looked over her shoulder and saw how bulky that enema bag looked, and wondered how much longer this injection would continue. She was really starting to feel a wave of nausea passing over her, and her stomach had this warm, almost hot feeling in it. She could practically imagine smoke rising from the back of her behind where that enema was inserted.

"I need to go, Mom," she pleaded tearfully as she let loose another surge of warm soapy water from her rectum. This time she heard that expulsion splash against the bathroom sink behind her mother. "Please, Mom. I have to use the bathroom really bad."

"You'll go when I get through giving enema," her mother told her with a gentle ultimatum. Alexia felt the tip penetrate her anus a bit deeper. The warm soapy water gurgled in her rectum as her mother kept the tip firmly inserted in her anus.

"Now keep your legs down. You're not gonna waste any more of this enema. Now either you lay here and hold it, or I'm gonna lay you over the edge of that bathtub and stick enema up your hiney."

Alexia didn't like the alternative choice. So for five entire minutes, she laid there, holding in the water with all her effort as it literally splashed around inside her. Just when she started feeling nauseous and was about to throw up, there came from the enema a sharp metallic clicking sound that she felt in her rectum when it vibrated the enema tip. The injection was over. Her mother opened her rump as far as it could be opened, and gently pulled the enema tip out of her rectum. Along with it shot forth a heavy jetstream of water that ended with an intense fart from Alexia's behind. Alexia felt like she was going to have a diarrhea-like bowel movement of epic proportions.

"Upon that toilet!" yelled her mother, giving her naked behind a sharp spank with the palm of her hand.

Alexia got up on the toilet and let it all explode out of her behind. She didn't think her stomach would stop hurting as water surged again and again out of her behind, always ending with loud, blippery farts. Yet her mother only filled up the enema bag at the sink with more soapy water, and instructed her to lay back down on some fresh newspaper on the floor. Alexia did as she was told.

Her mother repeated the process and gave her daughter another enema, and then another. Alexia's stomach hurt badly, but the relief she was feeling after every enema seemed to outweigh the intense pain of receiving the enema. After her mother injected the fourth series of enema up her butt, she knew she could not take any more. Her anus was burning with a soreness she had never felt, and by the time she sat on the toilet after the fourth enema, there was no longer any diarrhea shooting out the back of her behind. There came nothing but the water that had been injected into her, indicating that she had had a complete rectal washout.

Alexia continued to have gas after expelling the fourth enema, and her mother put her to bed with clean sheets and a nice, warm blanket. Before she fell asleep, her mother laid her across her lap, opened up her behind, and treated her stinging anus with alcohol, peroxide, and then Vaseline. Alexia kept burping and farting, but the gas she released only smelled like that sharp, soapy enema water that had been injected up her tail.

And so it was like that every morning. Early after dawn, Alexia was summoned into the bathroom, and was subjected to enema after enema until her fever came down, and her rectum had been cleaned out. Alexia would lay on the floor while her mother inserted the tip through her anus, and then let the water soak in her rectum for five or sometimes even ten minutes. Alexia would struggle greatly to retain that much water in her rectum for that long a period of time. Yet her mother made sure she retained enough enema before she removed the tip from her behind, and would promptly fill the bag up again with more soapy solution while Alexia sat on the toilet. Every night before Alexia went to bed, she would visit the bathroom and see the enema hanging on the inside doorknob, constantly reminding her that it was always ready for sticking up in her hiney.

Her mother stopped giving her enemas after she became too old. Alexia never forgot the rituals, for her mother placed the enema away in the towel shelf in the hallway, rolled up and clipped together.