My Mother-in-law First Enema

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My Mother-in-law First Enema

This is a true story that I enjoyed very much

Two years ago, when I was 35, I had a very exciting experience with my mother-in-law. It was summer, my wife had traveled to another city for a two weeks and I stayed at home visited for her mother Mary.

By these days, I was with some problems in my stomach and when I had visited the doctor he sent me to make an examination with X-Rays.

One morning, while Mary was cocking in the kitchen, I called up the doctor for asking him the date for my examination. The nurse informed me the day and the hour that I had to go for the exam and that I had to receive a two liter enema the night before.

All the time I was talking by the phone, my mother-in-law was hearing the conversation. When I hang up, I returned the kitchen and Mary asked me about the doctor. I explained that I was going for an examination the next day because I frecuently had some problems in my stomach.

She asked my about the enema so I realized she had heared the conversation. I told her that it was no a problem so I would go to a nurse in the hospital for it.

¡Oh no, my boy!, don´t worry, I was a nurse when I was a young lady so I´ll make it to you. – She told me.

My mother-in-law is a very strict woman who had worked in a hospital for many years.

I felt very embarrased and I try to refuse but she didn´t allow me to say any word.

She explained me to go to my work and in the night she would give me the enema for the examination.

This afternoon, when I returned at home, I met my mother-in-law with another woman, her friend Liza.

"Hello boy, what about your work?" – asked my Liza.

"I had invited her for the dinner" – told me Mary, - "have you any problem ?"

"Oh, no, it´s a pleasure," I exclaimed suspecting what was going on.

Mary has prepared a really good fish and I ate just a little thinking what would happen with the night enema.

After dinner, while the both women were in the kitchen, the telephone rang and I picked up.

"Who´s calling?" asked Mary

"Wrong number !" I said.

Suddenly I heared my mother-in-law calling me for your room. When I opened the room, I found my wife´s mom holding the enema equipment in her hand and her friend with a jar of vaseline. I refused to accept an enema in front of Liza but my mother-in-law explained me that she would help her so she began to take off my panties.

Then, Mary told me to put on my knees and my shoulders over your bed and to be relaxed.

In a moment Liza put you finger in the vaseline jar and very carefuly she began to introduce it in my anus. At first I felt very embarrased with this situation but they kewn very well how to confort me.

When Liza had massaged very well my anus helping me to enjoyed it, my mother-in-law, introduced a very large nozzle in my ass while Liza holded me by my legs. Then she openend the clamp so the soapy liquid began to enter on me. In that moment I felt so excited that I had my penis erected trying to hide it.

After the first liter has passed, she took off the nozzle and she explained me that I had to retain it so she was going to refill the bag. In that moment Liza began to masaging my stomach realizing my erection. My face became red and I felt so embarassed but she explained me that is was normal for the enema so I had to accept it. She continued the massage, exciting me more and more. Whe my mother-in-law returned, she introduced me the nozzle again and I received the second enema. Meanwhile Liza continued massaging my stomach helping me to receive the liquid. At a moment, I told them: "Please stop, I can receive any more"…

"Hold a little bit more, sweet boy," Said Liza. "It´s only half a liter."

As she continued massaging me, holding me firmly by my legs, I was so excited that I evaculated in that place.

I couldn´t avoid it and Mary and Liza told me that it was no problem, so they continued giving me the enema until the end.

When she finished, my mother-in-law put your hand over my head and told me, "You are a really good boy, Don´t you think so Liza?"

Both women went to the kitchen so I stayed there without can hear what they was talking about.

Then, after holding the liquid for two minutes I went to the bathroom.

Later, that night, when Liza had gone to her house, my mother-in-law came to my bed and asked me if I had enjoyed the enema.

"Oh, I had enjoyed very much, mom," I said, "But don´t tell anything to my wife, ok?"

"Sure sweety boy, it will be our secret," she said.

The next morning I went for my exam, remembering my experince with Mary.

From that day I had received many enemas from my mother-in-law, sometimes with the help of Liza.