My Enema from a Nurse

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My Enema from a Nurse

I have liked rectal stimulation, and enemas in particular, ever since I was a young girl and my mother would take my temperature rectally. Sometimes she followed up the temperature-taking with an enema if I was running a high fever.

When she said, "I'm going to have to take your temperature now," I would feel a strange flush come over me as I anticipated her spreading my buttocks open as I lay across her lap and inserting the thickly lubricated thermometer into my bottom. She used a rectal thermometer even when I was a teenager, and the procedure was usually the same: I would lie on my bed and wait for her to fetch the thermometer and the jar of vaseline. She entered my room and sat on my bed. She was careless about leaving the door open, and the anxiety of wondering if someone would pass by and see me with the thermometer jutting from my anus added to my arousal.

As I watched, she would shake down the stubby-tipped thermometer and then dip it into the vaseline and scoop up a large dollop of jelly on the bulb. I would stand up and then she helped me position myself across her lap with my ass bent and sticking up in the air. She would pull my panties down to my knees, and I could feel the cool air on my bare butt cheeks and thighs. I knew my anus and vaginal lips were clearly visible to her, especially when she used her left hand to open my buttocks wide apart. I was usually already quite wet as she slid the rectal thermometer in place, but she never commented, and I don't really know if she noticed my state of arousal. My excitement increased if she happened to twirl the thermometer around while it was in my fanny.

I recently had to be admitted to the hospital, and while I was in there I had an enema experience that will stay with me for a long time. The nurse who was assigned to me was a very attractive young woman with a no-nonsense air. She seemed to enjoy bossing around a 40 year old woman.

On the second morning, my doctor came in while she was making my bed, and he told me that he was going to order the nurse to give me an enema before my surgery. She nodded and looked at me with a smug smile, knowing I was going to have to submit to the procedure from her.

I felt humiliated at the thought of receiving an enema from this young nurse, but in spite of myself I was turned on at the thought of it, too.

Later that afternoon the time came for my enema. The nurse came in with a cart on which all the enema supplies were laid out in plain view. I saw the very long, fat rectal tube that was going to be attached to a large clear enema bag. The nozzle on the end of the tubing was green and very thick, with holes along the side and on its tip. I wondered how it would feel inside my rectum. I didn't have long to wait to find out.

The nurse opened a packet of soap into the enema bag and filled the bag with warm water until it bulged. She attached the rectal tube to it and lubricated the nozzle thoroughly with KY jelly.

After hanging the bag from an IV stand next to my bed, she ordered me to take a knee/chest position with my head down. My bare bottom was sticking up in the air, and she pushed my knees apart until my asshole was spread wide open. I was mortified to feel my pussy moistening as she positioned me thus and then used her finger to rub KY around my open hole.

When she inserted the fat enema nozzle into my bottom, I moaned with pleasure accidentally as I felt it go into my butt. She clicked open the stopcock and warm water began to pulse into my bowels. My wetness spread as I felt the enema filling me. The nurse held the tube in my bottom, and she occasionally pumped it in and out of my rear, which caused me to moan and groan even more.

I was so embarrassed to think that she knew I was excited by the enema. The thought of it being administered by such an attractive nurse added to my excitement. I squirmed as the bag emptied and the pressure from the water increased a lot.

To my surprise, the nurse smacked me hard on my right butt cheek when I squirmed. I purposely complained to her about the amount of water and the length of time it was taking, and she spanked me hard with a good 10 or 20 blows. I had never been spanked with a rectal tube in my bottom before, and this was a great new feeling to add to that of the enema.

When the enema was almost over, a young candy-striper walked into my room. She saw me there on the bed on my elbows and knees with the rectal tube snaking out of my bottom, and she quickly excused herself. The nurse chuckled under her breath at my predicament as she slowly withdrew the nozzle from my butt. My anus clamped shut when the plug popped out of my derriere.

I stayed with my ass in the air until the nurse gave me permission to expel the enema. It seemed like an eternity until I could cover myself up.

Even though my nurse was domineering, I look forward to the next time my doctor says, "The nurse will have to give you an enema today.