The Enema Demo Fest

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The Enema Demo Fest


 This is a fantasy version, spurred on by my imagination only, not actual events.

 I heard about the demonstration from a subscriber list that I belong to.  Although a rather modest single female, my imagination soared at the idea of being able to watch a stranger getting enemas using various exotic equipment in front of a room.  I had been using standard equipment, nothing special, and doing enemas solo.  Some friends in a chat room said they were going, and it would be so much fun to meet them in person.  How knows?  I at least would get to meet them, see the equipment, and those demos!!  I decided to book the flight and go!!  My woman friend Harriet from the chat room, a nurse, was going as well, so I would not be a lone solo female there.

 I arrived at the hotel and checked in, carefully following the instruction by email as to how to meet up with the group.  I was very nervous but excited at the prospect of meeting several men friends that I had talked to online so many times, as well as Harriet.  I went down to the hotel bar Friday night looking for the tables that were flagged with the little umbrellas in the middle.  I approached and saw about a dozen people seated at several tables.  I hesitated and a woman looked up and said "Helen? I'm Harriet" .  I was relieved, and got smiles from the group as they asked me to join them.  I had sent my pic to my friends in the chat room, and now recognized several faces. There was my married friend from New York, John, and another married men friend, Barry.  I sat down, ordered a drink, and we chatted about our flights and nervously stared at each other, integrating that online person with this body now.

  I was given a sheet with the schedule.  There were  cocktail parties both days  in a large room, and the demonstrations were at several different times, for each type.  There was also a time to come and see equipment and a chance to purchase it.  Then there was a contest to see who could hold the most!!  My goodness that certainly had to have been a guy's idea.  The demos were in the late morning and early afternoon, with tables of wares open after that, and the evenings had nothing scheduled after the cocktail parties. Thoughts of my college years in the late sixties danced in my head!  I really had no idea of how comfortable or uncomfortable I would be!

 I got out of bed by 9AM, and went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and saw some umbrellas on the table.  I met 5 more people that had come for the convention.  I went at 10AM to the first demo, the double inflatable nozzle nozzle.  A woman said that we would wait for 10 minutes and then the room would be locked during the demo, no one going in and out until it was over.  She showed us a single inflatable nozzle, a double inflatable nozzle, and a new model with a larger inner balloon.  There was a rubber sheet over the large hotel bed, with some towels spread over it.  There were about 15 people in the room, and there was a guy about fifty standing there in a silk robe!! aha,, our model. What a brave and immodest man!!

 After 10 minutes the woman demonstrating locked the door and again repeated the rules.  She said this demonstration would be on the regular double inflatable nozzle nozzle.  She showed us one, and passed it around the room.  She showed how the valves worked and how the water flowed through it, and how it should be cleaned and cared for, as well as the price. Then she said " Garrett, are you ready?"  and the man took off his robe and walked to the bed. "Please lay on your left side Garrett and I will give you a rectal exam and prepare you first".  Garrett seemed to gulp just a tiny bit as he laid naked on the towels and lifted his top leg up and over. He was a nice looking man with salt and pepper hair, and a nice body, quite firm.  Jasmine, the lady demonstrating, put latex gloves on and then applied a generous dollop of Ky gel to her index and third fingers.  She first massaged his outer anus for some time,  then pushed the  ky gel in, moved her finger around, then back out to push more lube inside.  He was good at relaxing for her fingers and didn't need to be told what to do.  Then Jasmine put two fingers in his anus and did some stretching.  Garrett groaned some and seemed to swell at that point.

 The group moved in closer now to watch.  Jasmine removed her fingers and held up the nozzle, and lubricated the nozzle itself well.  Then she asked him to move into the knee/chest position for pushing the nozzle in.  Garrett got on his knees, spread his legs wide and put his shoulders to the bed.  His testicles and penis of course dangled down for the entire group to see.  We could see his penis slowly rise up and stand to attention!!  Then she put the nozzle to his anus, told him to bare down,, and pushed and twisted it until the first balloon was all the way in.  Garrett groaned with an "Unnnnnhh" as it found its way home.  Jasmine then inflated the inner balloon and said it was important not to overinflate.  Then she inflated the outer balloon. Garrett was acquainted with this equipment, I imagined. She then began the bag which was prepared already.  Jasmine discussed the water temperature and the pros and cons of soap as she let the water flow in slowly.  She used a hospital IV pole to hang the enema bag and said it was important not to hang the bag too high.  It was possible to damage your colon if the bag was too high and there was too much pressure on the colon.  Garrett asked her to slow or stop the flow twice. Jasmine continued to slowly let three quarts fill Garrett and asked him to hold it as long as comfortable.

 Garrett grimaced at one point and began to pant lightly.  It turned me on to watch him.  I had to stifle my impulse to rub his back and buttocks.  The men asked silly technical questions and the women sort of had their mouths hanging as they watched Garrett's facial expressions, squirming, and his hard on.

 Finally Garrett said he wanted to expel and Jasmine disconnected the tubing and followed him into the bathroom and closed the door to give him privacy.  When Jasmine returned to the room, she showed us how to release the valve quickly and described how to do it. She asked if there were any questions, and answered them.  The three women in the room, Harriet and I and another woman, looked at each other, lifting our eyebrows a little and smiled.

 The Colon Tube Demonstration

 I went to lunch and then after lunch went to a demo on the use of colon tubes.  There were twelve people here, and this time I saw a young man about 25 in a robe.  Although I find the use of the tubes a little scary myself I was certainly intrigued and eager to see how they worked.  Another woman, a nurse named Judy, was demonstrating this time.  She showed a variety of colon tubes and discussed the equipment as well as their prices.  After ten minutes she told a man at the door to lock in.  Again the bed was prepared for the demonstration. She asked the young man, named Eric, to lay on his back first .  Judy had him bring his legs up to his chest while she did a rectal exam. Judy explained the purpose of the exam, and that it was for stretching and lubricating as well as seeing if the person needed a suppository first, had hemmerhoids, etc.

 This was a very nice looking young man and I had to stifle a big smile as I saw him draw his legs up and completely expose himself.  I looked nervously to Harriet and we both smiled and gave each other an "oh my goodness , wow" look.  I was definitely getting aroused.  Then Judy told Eric to flip over and get in the knee/chest position.  Judy chose a medium width colon tube and explained the french sizing system. Judy easily pushed the colon tube in about 4 inches, then added water as she gradually pushed, then pulled back a bit, until the tube was in, all 36 inches!  She discussed the anatomy of the colon as she pushed the colon tube in and Eric groaned a bit as it had a little difficulty taking the first turn of the colon. Eric was very hard, and the veins on his penis were pulsing.  Judy put a total of three quarts into Eric and he said he felt the fullness of the tube, but not the urgency to expel that he normally would have. After several minutes Judy slowly pulled out the tube and Eric moaned with obvious pleasure, the smiled broadly, saying " that feels so great,, can't help myself"!!  We all laughed.  John said "I"m still glad its you buddy and not me there!!" Eric made a quick exit to the bathroom and Judy went behind him and shut the door.  We heard a loud groan from Eric of relief as he sat on the toilet and all chuckled.

 I looked at the table of toys and supplies for sale and chatted and met more of the group. The group of us from the chat room had decided to go out to dinner together and we all met in the lobby at 6PM.  John had a rental car and took the four of us to this wonderful Greek restaurant. He insisted on buying a rather large bottle of wine for us. We became more comfortable and told stories, joked and teased each other throughout dinner. John said not to worry, as he would not drink much as it interfered with his medication.

 John said that the demonstrations were certainly interesting, and he thought it would be fun to try out the equipment he bought.  He said he had always wanted to give a woman an enema, but his wife was totally turned off by them. He said he had quite a bit of experience with both colon tubes and the inflatable nozzle nozzle, which I did not. I knew it would come to this.  Of course our friends wanted to play, and I had to figure out quickly what I was comfortable with.  Harriet looked at me and said,"I think that would be fun.. let's do it!"  I was nervous.  I was nervous about the equipment.  I had only had nurses give me enemas in labor.  And then their was the modesty factor.  But it sounded like a once in a lifetime experience to both give and receive enemas for enjoyment and to learn how to use this equipment as well.

 "Well,  I don't know.. how would we do this?  pair up?  I"m not sure I can insert a colon tube without hurting someone.." John proposed that he demonstrate the colon tube first on Harriet, then she on Barry, Barry on me,  and then I would administer to John.  Then we would repeat for the inflatable nozzle.  Ahh, so logical. It sounded embarassing to have three in the room, but the wine had me pretty relaxed and I knew this would be a supportive and knowledgeable group.  I was the least experienced and would have two people there to guide me when I was giving the enemas.  I did not want to go first!!

 Harriet was not as modest as I and said she had no problem with this plan!!  We went to John's room.  John had various supplies for sterilizing the tubes and nozzle in between uses.  Harriet stripped down to her bra and panties while she waited for John to prepare everything.  I was amazed at how comfortable she was.  Of course the wine helped. She was a little more serious when John asked her to remove her bra and panties and get in the knee/chest position.  John lubricated her thoroughly using astroglide and then slowly began introducing the colon tube.  Harriet was a little younger than myself, mid forties and she certainly had a nice, well-proportioned body.  We all got much quiet as the long tube disappeared slowly into Harriet.   We watched her facial expressions change, and she grimaced , then relaxed. She panted at times and seemed to be aroused.   She made John stop after one and a half quarts,, and gasped as he slowly pulled the tube out.  She held it for a couple of minutes, then quickly walked to the bathroom. She smiled broadly after she walked out, naked and said "that was great! Who's next?" " Barry, I believe its your turn".  Harriet put her panties and bra back on and prepared to give Barry the colon tube treatment.

 We continued on, taking turns until all had tried and received each treatment. It was a mixture of arousal, and excitement that we experienced.  We certainly enjoyed the feeling of intimacy from our shared experience.  We joked that we were the "nursing class" group, who had practiced on each other.