Foley Catheter

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Foley Catheter

The foley catheter was named after its inventor. It is extensively used during medical procedures to drain the bladder of urine, before and after certain surgeries.

Lately the foley catheter has also become very popular in medical fetish and BDSM circles, and is used for catheter play and catheter sex. Some males and also females admit to having a "catheter fetish ".

Foley catheters have some advantages compared to clear plastic (Nelaton) and straight latex catheters; they don't have to be held manually inside the bladder. Foleys have an inflatable balloon near the drain hole end of the catheter, which if inflated while inside the bladder will prevent the catheter from sliding out. This means the foley catheter can be left unattended inside the bladder and will drain any existing urine and also any freshly produced one. Unless of course it is blocked off at the outside end, which provides endless opportunities for you and your partner during catheter play or sex.

The foley catheter comes in two versions - 2 way or 3 way.

The 2 way version has the above mentioned balloon and two outlets at the other end, one for urine drainage, and the other one for the balloon inflation.

The 3 way version has the same balloon, but comes with three outlets (or inlets) and the third outlet is usually used for irrigating the bladder. With other words, the third outlet can be used for pumping a saline solution or sterile water into the bladder. With the main outlet blocked, it will fill up the bladder and give that ' I can't hold it any longer feeling', which in turn is said to be a big turn on for either or both partners.

The balloon of the foley catheter usually comes in 2 or 3 sizes, from 5 cc to 30 cc. The 30 cc is recommended if you want to prevent any leakage. To inflate the balloon, after the catheter has been inserted, a syringe without needle is necessary. Read more about catheter insertion.

To be comfortable with a catheter it should be of the right size, and they come in different size diameter. The normal range starts at FR 10 up to about FR 28. These french sizes are the circumference of the actual tube, to convert to approx. diameter in millimeters, divide the number by three.

A word of caution, the above mentioned procedures can harm or injure you or your partner, if you are not trained by a physical practitioner or other competent person.