Stretching Urethra

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Stretching Urethra

Medical fetishes have been around for a long time. Men as well as women have been curious about their 'pee hole' from an early age as part of growing up. Later in life we come in contact again with this very private little hole, while having oral sex. Some of us get even more fascinated and turned on by this little pee hole, we like to investigate further. Not just knowing what it's for and what comes out of it, we also want to know what it feels like to put something inside the ' urethra', that's what the passage from pee hole to bladder is called.

The urethra is a very sensitive organ and stretching it slightly can provide some exquisite sexual pleasure. Most men and women who are experienced with stretching urethra and know about the pleasure of it, have probably started by inserting little gadgets like - Q- tips, paper clips, pens and even thermometers. The next step may have been small catheters, rounded latex or plastic tubes, or foley catheters, read more about catheter play.

A more professional way of stretching urethra would be, by using what the medical doctors use, urethral sounds and dilators.

The male urethra is approx. 10 to 13 inches long and has a "J"- curve, while the female urethra is only approx. 2 1/2 to 3 inches long and straight. For these reasons, sounds used by men are very different and much more particular about their shape, than sounds or dilators used by women.

Women can stretch their urethra much easier and also much more than men.

Some women have stretched the passage using their own fingers, and love the feeling of being able to put a finger all the way inside their bladder.

We all know "Ty", the woman who stretched her urethra and is able to accommodate a male penis easily and she seems to enjoy her "pee hole fucks" immensely.

A lot of women say that they can climax just by stretching her urethra, with a finger or a slim vibrator inside their pee hole. Perhaps it's the close proximity of the G - spot, which is located just above the upper wall of the urethra. What ever it is, most women who are into urethra stretching seem to agree, that they have their best orgasms when stimulating their clitoris and having their urethra stimulated at the same time.

Is there a downside to all this pleasure?

If you listen to all the "experts", there are dangers involved with stretching urethra.

They say that the bladder and urethra are sterile areas and that you should only use sterile equipment and procedures while inserting anything into the urethra. To a certain extent I agree with the experts, but not everyone seems to be prone to urinary tract infection. In my three years experience, I have never sterilized anything properly while stretching my female partners urethra. During those three years she never had the slightest infection and also never had a problem with incontinence, if we don't count the first half hour after stretching her urethra. By stretching, I mean stretching it to being able to put two of my fingers side by side into her pee hole, all the way in, with two knuckles inside her bladder, or a 1 1/2 inch thick vibrator instead of my fingers.

I'm not dismissing the experts opinion, I just believe that the body, or the bladder and urethra get used to the intrusions or perhaps even immune to bacteria. This does NOT mean that you should be careless, be on the safe side and keep everything as sterile as possible. Use common sense and most of all, be patient as the stretching will not happen overnight, it will take months.


The author of this information has no medical training and is merely voicing an opinion based on personal experience!