Erotic E-Stim Explained

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Erotic E-Stim Explained

What is e-stim?

Erotic e-stim is a new way to enhance sexual pleasure. It has gained popularity in recent years as people discover what it has to offer. E-stim provides unique sensations that most people find highly erotic and stimulating.

Some people also use e-stim for BDSM purposes where it allows relatively intense sensations without the harm or lingering discomfort associated with many conventional BDSM activities.

New to E-Stim?


Erotic E-Stim Explained

Proper erotic e-stim uses special high-frequency pulse waveforms that are specially designed to stimulate the nerves in various erogenous areas of the body while minimizing the actual power delivered. When the nerves are correctly stimulated by the electrical currents, the body is fooled into thinking it's being physically stimulated. The resulting sensations can include anything from a light tingle to deep internal throbbing.

Is E-Stim Safe?

TENS units and similar medical e-stim devices have an extensive track record of safety when used properly. Good devices use similar waveforms and therefore offer a similar level of safety. E-stim devices made for erotic use have been marketed for over 15 years with few reports of any problems.

The History of Erotic E-Stim

In the 1950's a device was introduced called the Relaxacisor. It offered a means of "passive exercise" where electrical currents were used to stimulate the muscles while the person relaxed. Such products still exist today and are known as EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) devices.

What do I need to get started?

Every e-stim investment centers around the power unit, which creates the stimulation pulses that are sensed by your body. But the power unit is only half of the picture.

General Questions:


What does electro-stimulation, or e-stim feel like?

It all depends on your setup, but e-stim can feel like a gentle tingling at the lowest settings or a heavy throbbing at higher intensities. Sometimes, the sensation of e-stim is felt beyond the electrodes themselves and can affect a large area of the genitals, something which is impossible to do with ordinary vibrators or hand-held motorized toys. And the sensations of e-stim are widely varied not only in intensity, but in duty (how long the stimulation lasts), repetition rate (how quickly the stimulation repeats), and character (what the stimulation feels like). The best answer is: TRY IT! Everyone is different, and depending on your mood, turn-ons, and past experiences, e-stim may be the new way to boost your erotic pleasure.

What kind of people use e-stim?

All kinds of people have started using electro stimulation to enhance their sexual experience. It literally crosses all borders and lifestyles.

What kind of electrodes should I use?

Electrodes are very much a personal preference and there is a wide variety to choose from. It's often best to start with some simple inexpensive electrodes such as stick on TENS-type pads and perhaps flexible bands (for males). You can then experiment with placing these in a variety of locations on the body to better determine what other electrodes you might want to consider. Some prefer external electrodes while others prefer internal insertable (i.e. anal, vaginal and urethral) ones. Those using e-stim for pleasure may have different requirements than those using it for BDSM play.

How long can I stimulate for in a single session?

The length of the session is a matter of personal preference but generally should not exceed an hour or two. You should stop the stimulation if you notice excessive numbness, soreness, skin coloration, etc. E-stim, like many things, should be used in moderation. E-stim is best used as an enhancement to more conventional forms of sex not as a replacement.

Will I have an orgasm just from e-stim?

Many people do, but not everyone does. Orgasms are a very personal thing and some people have become accustomed to having an orgasm only from a few specific kinds of stimulation. E-stim represents an entirely new kind of stimulation and may or may not produce an orgasm. For some, it may take many stimulation sessions, but they eventually end up having an orgasm from just the e-stim as they adapt to the new sensations. Others still require some physical stimulation.

Can e-stim force someone to have an orgasm?

No, it cannot (although it's a common myth that it can). Generally the mind has to be willing for an orgasm to occur. See the question above.

Is e-stim a cure from impotence or other medical conditions?

No, it's not. Erotic e-stim devices are not designed to treat any medical conditions and generally should not be used by anyone with a medical condition without consulting both ErosTek and a qualified physician first.

Can I connect more than one output together to the same electrode(s)?

No! With the exception of the special TriPhase connection on certain models, you should never connect the leads together from different channels or devices.
Safety Questions:

Is e-stim safe?

The type of stimulation offered by the equipment we sell is similar to that obtained from TENS and similar devices which are generally considered safe as long as a few safety guidelines are followed:

   1. Keep all connections below the waist unless you understand all the issues involved when using electrodes above the waist. Never run current through the heart area or above the shoulders.
   2. Use equipment designed for safe stimulation of the body. Unsafe setups, such as audio amplifiers, can cause tissue damage if used for prolonged periods with normal audio waveforms. Avoid this!
   3. Go slowly... experiment with a few new toys at first, at lower intensities.
   4. Limit initial sessions to less than 30 minutes. Longer or more intense sessions can produce a harmless but sometimes undesirable "lingering tingling" sensation that can last as long as 24 hours, whereby the genitals remain at a heightened state of arousal. Just (try to) go slowly, especially when incorporating new electrodes into your setup.
   5. E-Stim is not advised for anyone with a heart condition, heart disease, epilepsy, a history of strokes or seizures, implanted electronic devices (i.e. pacemakers, defibrillators, drug pumps, etc.) or similar medical conditions. Not for use by pregnant women or women who might be pregnant.

Is it safe to use e-stim above the waist such as on the nipples?


The general guideline is "Not Above The Waist". It is dangerous to use a single electrode on each nipple as this runs the current across the chest and through the heart area. There are special electrodes designed for use on the nipples that have two contacts for each nipple. These electrodes keep the current confined to the area right around the nipple. Many people use these dual electrodes without any problems but each user must decide for themselves what level of risk they're willing to take.

Is it safe to move the electrodes or connections around while stimming?

In general, no. If you grab an electrode or metal connector with your hand, you're creating a current path through your arm and heart area. What's more, removing an electrode with current flowing through it can be painful. Turn your stim unit off or at least all the way down before handling any electrodes or changing connections.

Is it safe to use my device with two people at once?

In general no, but it's possible for advanced users. Some devices with multiple channels can be used by more than one person if each person is wired to their own output (do not attempt to use the TriPhase option available on some models with two people). For example, Channel A can be wired to a pair of electrodes on one person and Channel B can be wired to a pair on another. DO NOT try to share a single output channel between more than one person. The chances of body contact causing unintentional current paths (i.e. through the heart or head) are too dangerous.

Device Questions:


Will the output intensity change when I connect AC power versus running on battery?

Generally no. A good device regulates the power internally and is not affected by the condition of the battery or when AC power is used. When the battery is too weak to provide full stimulation, they automatically shut off.