Susie's summer in diapers

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Susie's summer in diapers

Chapter 1

Although Susie Springer’s occasional bed wetting problem was well known in her extended family, it was especially embarrassing that Saturday morning when the eighteen year old woke up to find her pyjamas soaked once again. That was the weekend her father had company. It could have been worse. At least the company was her favorite uncle, Uncle Jack, and his daughter, Amanda. Though Amanda was a year older than Susie, they had grown up together almost like sisters with many summers at Uncle Jack’s lakeside cottage. And now they were visiting the Springers for the Christmas holidays.

Had this happened a few years earlier, Susie would have been much less embarrassed at having Uncle Jack and Amanda around. Amanda herself had wet the bed, and had only outgrown it with the help of a special summer before at the cottage. While no one had ever told Susie about the details, it had apparently involved diapers and a new round of toilet training. The thought of her favorite teenage cousin in diapers had intrigued Susie greatly. Yet she was also glad her father had never tried anything like that. Fortunately, it had never come to that since her own problem had largely subsided by the time she turned thirteen.

Unfortunately, things had changed for the worse after her mother died in a car accident soon after she turned fifteen. At first, her father had patiently changed the sheets whenever Susie woke up wet. Since he had continued using a plastic sheet all along for Susie’s one or two wet nights per month, it was not such a chore when Susie’s wetting problem got worse. But when her wetting went back up to two or three nights a week in the months following her mother’s death, Susie’s father grew increasingly concerned and called his brother for advice. It was Uncle Jack who has suggested he try spanking her on wet mornings.

A week later, in early November, Susie’s father had called her into his room one night before bedtime and promised her a spanking every morning she woke up wet. While her father had always used spankings as his normal method of discipline, it seemed unfair to Susie that she was going to be spanked for something she could not control. Despite her complaints, her father remained firm. And so it was that Susie found her bare bottom turned over her father’s knee two or three times a week for the rest of November and December.

They worked out a little routine. Susie had to stay in bed each morning until her father came in to inspect. If she was wet, he pulled her out of bed, sat down on her desk chair, and put a folded towel over his lap to keep his clothes dry. He then pulled Susie’s wet nightie up, placed his daughter over his lap, and peeled down her white cotton panties before giving her a good five minute spanking.

It was the spanking as much as anything which had Susie so worried that morning just before Christmas when she woke up wet. In a house with thin walls with her uncle and cousin sleeping just down the hall, she knew they would hear everything and ask questions at breakfast.

It was little consolation to know Amanda herself was still spanked by Uncle Jack when she misbehaved. For Susie had reached the age when she was now acutely conscious of her body. She didn’t want anyone else to know she was still treated like a little girl, much less that she wet like one. And she certainly didn’t want to have to face her favorite uncle and older cousin at the breakfast table after they had just listened to her cry her way through a bare bottom spanking. Even worse was the knowledge that Uncle Jack would probably know why she was being punished since the whole idea had been his suggestion. She had even overheard her father telling Uncle Jack about her morning spankings on the phone two weeks earlier. It was bad enough that he knew. It was far worse to be spanked in the same house and have to face her uncle and cousin afterwards at breakfast while everyone discussed your wetting problem.

A big lump formed in Susie’s throat as she worried about what was about to happen. It wasn’t long before she heard the sounds of her father coming down the hall. Then he was already in her room, opening her curtains and greeting her as usual.

‘How’s my little Angel doing this morning? Did you sleep well, honey?’ he asked.

‘Yes, Daddy ... I slept fine,’ Susie replied, hoping he might just forget or pass on the inspection this morning. Her father crossed over to the bedside and kissed Susie good morning.

‘And how is your bed this morning? Hmmm? Did we keep the bed dry like a good girl?’

Every morning it was the same. Regardless of her response, he always pulled back the covers to see for himself. In the hopes that things might be different that morning, Susie clutched the covers briefly but after a little struggle, they came down anyway, revealing a girl in her very wet nightie. Because Susie’s father used a plastic sheet, Susie’s nightie was soaked from waist to knees. The urine had nowhere else to go.

‘My, my ... it looks like Daddy has another naughty wet girl this morning, doesn’t he, Susie. You should have thought twice about wetting this morning because I’m going to have to give you a wet girl spanking and Uncle Jack and Amanda are probably going to hear everything.’

‘Please, Daddy... not with Uncle Jack and Amanda visiting ... please can’t you wait until after they leave?’ Susie pleaded in a loud whisper, trying to keep everything a secret until the very end.

‘You should have thought of that earlier, Angel, before you wet the bed. You know we agreed on a spanking every time Daddy found a ‘wet girl’ in the morning. And you know I told you last week we wouldn’t be changing the routine just because Uncle Jack and Amanda were coming. I’m sorry sweetheart, but now you’re just going to have to take your spanking like a big girl. I suggest you get out of bed and come over Daddy’s knee so we can take care of your spanking right away and get downstairs for breakfast.’

At first, Susie continued pleading in a loud whisper, knowing it was probably not going to work. It didn’t. After a little more back and forth, her father’s voice changed.

‘Susan Springer. Daddy is only going to ask you one more time and then he’s going to take you downstairs and spank you in the living room. Would you like that, Miss Wettums? Would you? No ... I didn’t think so. Now do as Daddy says and don’t make him angry.’

Even though Susie figured her father was making idle threats, she didn’t want to test him. With her eyes already tearing up, she slowly climbed out of bed, still protesting.

‘Daddy, please .. no ... not a spanking now ... please wait until after they leave... pleeeeease.’

Yet even as she begged for mercy and dragged her feet, she allowed her father to lead her firmly over to her desk where he pulled out the chair and sat down. Holding on to her firmly with one hand the whole time, he reached for the towel which was always left on her desk as a warning at bedtime and draped it over his knees. He then lifted Susie up by the arms as if she weighed nothing and pulled her forward well over his lap until her wet nightied bottom was high over his right knee with her feet kicking helplessly in the air. His left hand rested on the small of her back, keeping her head and shoulders well down toward the floor. As soon as he lifted Susie into the air and onto his lap, she began crying freely, as if a dam of resistance and false hope had burst and she was now free to get a head start on her crying. Her crying only intensified as her wet nightie came up over her hips and her Daddy lifted her up, again effortlessly, in order to draw her soaking wet white cotton panties down just below her knees.

By the time the first spank, Susie had given up caring who heard what was happening and was crying openly like an eight year old, begging ‘Daddy’ not to spank her, and promising not to wet anymore. Though she didn’t want Uncle Jack or Amanda to hear her crying on top of everything else, the certainty that they would only added to her complete humiliation and intensified the very girlish sense of dependency which allowed her to cry in such a loud, infantile manner.

‘Daddy ... noooooo ... please mommmmmmyyyyyy ... noooooo ... please don’t spank me Daddy .... pleaaassseee ... I won’t wet my bed anymore .... pleeeeeaaaaaassssse ... I promise ... waaaaahhhhh waaaaaaahhh’


It was, she knew, much too late to beg off her spanking. It had already begun and the first spanks made her cry all the more freely as if she no longer cared who could hear. All she knew was that she had wet her bed like a little girl and that she was now learning a time-honored lesson over her Daddy’s knee.

SPANK SPANK SPANK ‘You aughty Susie... SPANK SPANK SPANK Daddy’s going to keep giving his big baby a good ... SPANK SPANK spanking... SPANK SPANK every time... SPANK SPANK she wets her bed. SPANK SPANK Any girl who still SPANK SPANK wets ... SPANK SPANK in my house... SPANK SPANK is not too old to be spanked SPANK SPANK like a little child...SPANK SPANK do you understand, Susie? SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK You bad little bed wetting baby ... you naughty big baby.’

By then, Susie could no longer respond coherently through her sobs. Instead she did the only thing she could manage ... she cried her heart out just like a real baby until her father decided she had had enough. Afterwards he held her in place rubbing her bottom until her crying subsided before letting her up and taking her into his lap for a nice good hug.

‘Do you promise Daddy you’ll try to be a good girl and keep your bed dry from now on, Susie?,’ he asked as she cradled her head against his shoulder.

It was always the same question and she nodded as she hugged him back, glad that her spanking was over and that the cuddling she loved more than anything else had replaced it. She always wanted that cuddling to go on forever. But sooner or later, her father had to stop. On spanking mornings, he always gave her a bath dressed her himself to make her feel even more like a naughty child. That was something Uncle Jack had suggested. And he always put her to bed early that night, with a warning of what would happen the next morning if she was naughty and wet her bed again.

By the time they got down to breakfast, Uncle Jack was already cooking scrambled eggs and Amanda was sitting at the table drinking orange juice. Both of them smiled warmly as they greeted Susie, her face still red from her crying. She did her best to greet them and felt better when Uncle Jack gave her a big hug.

‘Don’t be embarrassed, Susie, you know perfectly well lots of girls and boys your age have occasional wetting problems. Until the end of last summer, I spanked Amanda every morning when she woke up wet, didn’t I sweetheart?’Now it was Amanda’s turn to blush while Susie looked up with wide eyes. Eventually, the conversation returned to Susie.

‘Dan, I repeat my offer to take Susie for a summer of toilet training at the cottage if her problem persists. It worked for Amanda and I’m sure it would solve Susie’s little problem if it persists in May.’

‘Thank you, Jack. I just may take you up on that. Let’s see how things go in the spring. At some point, it will be necessary to go beyond plastic sheets and spankings but I want to give Susie a few more months to see if she can learn to control herself.’

‘Exactly as I would handle her, Dan. It’s probably just a temporary reaction to all the changes you’ve had here in the past year.’

As luck would have it, Susie’s problem did not get better that spring. By the middle of May, her father warned her that she would have to spend the summer at Uncle Jack’s cottage where he would toilet train her all over again. If anything, that prospect made Susie even more tense and prone to bedwetting. At times when she continued to wake up wet three or four mornings a week, Susie herself wondered if she didn’t need to try something else. And though the thought of nightime diapers at her uncle’s cottage was very scary, it was also a little comforting and even exciting. After all, her favorite cousin had gone through it and it had worked.

When school ended, Susie’s father loaded her summer clothes into the family station wagon and drove her off to Uncle Jack’s cottage on Lake Erie. It was a private beach community, with homes and cottages scattered every few hundred yards down the beach for miles. Though Susie was frightened at what lay ahead, she was glad it would remain a family secret, shared by three other people at most.

After staying for lunch, her father drove off, leaving a nervous Susie to collect her bags and follow her uncle to her room.

‘Your room is right between mine and Amanda’s which will be very convenient. Don’t be alarmed by the hospital bed you’ll be using. I got it last summer from a local hospital which was going out of business and found it very helpful for Amanda. It’s just what one needs in a situation like this. And because it’s so high off the ground, we’ll be pulling the railings up at night so you don’t roll over in your sleep and fall out.’

Even with that warning, Susie could scarcely believe her eyes when she entered her room. The room was painted in pastel pinks with blue trim and pale yellow curtains at the windows. The hospital bed had itself been painted light yellow and looked more like a large crib than something from a hospital. It was indeed quite tall, with a mattress positioned almost four feet off the floor and wooden rails at the sides which came up another two feet. For now, the outside rail was down. As she patted the bedding, she heard the telltale rustle of a plastic sheet. And her eyes widened at the sight of a diaper pail with Susie’s name stenciled on it next to the bed. Apparently her uncle had thought of everything.

She also noticed two restraints attached to the sides of the head board. When she lifted one up to see what it was, Uncle Jack said, ‘Don’t be alarmed, Susie. Those are just velcro restrainers to keep your hands out of the way for the first few weeks during diaper changes until you get used to things. Why don’t we put your clothes away, sweetheart, shall we?’

It was only when Susie turned that she saw the tall dresser against the wall behind the door. The bottom half was divided into three wide drawers. At waist level, the dresser receded two feet, forming a table top, before rising another two feet with three cupboards. The table top was laid out with numerous containers of vaseline, baby powder, baby oil, and baby wipes with plastic baby bottles and pacifiers at one end. Among the various things Susie saw an open jar of Vaseline with a thermometer sticking out of it. A big lump quickly formed in her throat. It was all too much for her to absorb at once.

Of the three cupboards above the table area, stacks of cloth diapers filled the one at left. Two parallel piles of disposable diapers were stacked neatly in the central cupboard. There must have been at least fifty of them. And the cupboard at right was full of folded plastic pants. She watched as her uncle went through them thoughtfully, holding them up one at a time as if he wanted her to see all the different kinds before he chose one. There were opaque white pants with pastel animals, pink and blue pants with ruffles on the seat, and lots of semi-transparent pants in pink, yellow, and whitish grey. Holding up a pair of semi-transparent pink plastic pants, he put them aside on the table top and replaced the others. Turning to her with a little smile, he said, ‘I think these will do nicely for today, Susie, what do you think?’ Tears began trickling down Susie’s face as she began realize her uncle was not going to wait til bedtime to diaper her.

‘Don’t cry, Angel. Uncle Jack is going to take good care of you this summer. I suppose you can’t help be scared at first but diapers are the best way to take care of your problem, you’ll see. Deep down inside, someone who wets regularly at your age is just not ready to wear big girl clothes yet. The best way to learn to stay dry is to turn back the clock to the beginning and start all over with a new round of more thorough toilet training. And that means regular diapers for awhile until Uncle Jack sees that you are ready to begin using the potty.’

He came over and gave her a long hug as she cried quietly, at once terrified and yet immensely relieved that at last someone was going to take care of her and take away all of her big girl responsibilities. ‘There ... there ...that’s my Susie Girl ... you have a good cry sweetheart ... you’ll feel a lot better.’

He held her closely in her arms as her crying intensified and kept her there, stroking her hair and telling her what a good girl she was until it finally began to subside. He was pleased when she put her arms around him and hugged him back toward the end as her crying came to an end. Only then did he ask her if she was ready to put away her clothes.

When Susie nodded, he released her from his arms and allowed her to begin unpacking as he opened the top drawer.

‘Let’s put your socks, panties, and nighties in here, shall we Susie?’

She followed his instructions, noticing three one piece sleepers in different colors stacked on one side of the drawer.

‘Uncle Jack, it will be too hot in the summer for jammies,’ she protested as she lifted one sleeper up and saw snaps running along the inside of the legs and crotch.

‘Don’t worry. Those are only for when it’s cool like today or at night. Now put your things away. I’ll be back in a few minutes and I want to see you all unpacked when I return.’

After he left, Susie proceeded to put away her blouses and dresses and panties in the next drawer, next to some taffeta party dresses in her size. She then unpacked her toiletries and put them on the bathroom sink. Finally, she returned to her bedroom and slid her empty suitcase under the big hospital bed.

No sooner had she straightened up when Uncle Jack returned, glancing around the room in apparent satisfaction.

‘Good girl, Susie. I’m glad to see I can count on you to do what you are told. As you know, I believe in spankings for boys and girls who disobey me and that goes for both you and Amanda. Do we understand each other, honey?’

‘Yes, Uncle Jack,’ she managed to gulp.

‘Good girl. Now let’s get down for lunch, shall we? After that, we can get you ready for your afternoon nap?’

‘But Uncle Jack, I’m too old for an afternoon nap.’

‘Under normal circumstances, I would agree, Susie. But remember that these are not normal circumstances for you this summer. Any child who is still wets her bed and needs diapers and plastic pants needs an afternoon nap every day. Things are going to be rather different this summer Susie. You’ll see. You’ll be used to your new routines in a few weeks or so, I promise. A month from now, you’ll probably look forward to your afternoon nap and early bedtime. Now come on downstairs with me. Amanda has some delicious sandwiches ready for lunch.


Chapter 2


Once she left her room and got downstairs, Susie felt better. Yet the whole time she was eating, she couldn’t help think about what was coming after she finished. When Amanda finally cleared her plate, Uncle Jack announced,‘Susie, it’s time we got you upstairs for your nap. Come with me sweetheart.’

And then her Uncle took her by the hand as if she were little more than a toddler and led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Her heart was pounding as he took her into her room and left her standing there while he took a folded pad from the top of the dresser and unfolded it on her bed.

‘Now then, let’s get you undressed so we can get you into your first afternoon diapers.’

At the sound of the word ‘diapers’, tears formed in Susie’s eyes and began trickling down her cheek. Uncle Jack recognized these as tears of quiet resignation and was pleased to see Susie seemed to have accepted her situation.

‘Alright, Princess, let’s get you up on your pad ... ups-a-daisy ... that’s a good girl.’

He lifted her under the arms as if she weighed nothing and plunked her down on the edge of the bed, the plastic sheet and pad crackling noticeably every time she moved.

‘That’s my good girl. Now let’s get these shoes and socks off, shall we?’ ‘I can undress myself, Uncle Jack,’ Susie protested weakly without really trying to do so. She knew it was pointless.

‘Don’t be silly, Princess. You will not be allowed to undress or dress yourself for the rest of the summer. I will also be giving you a bath every night after dinner. No girl in diapers is old enough to dress or bath himself, is she?’

A fresh stream of tears streamed down Susie’s face as she realized everything he was saying was true. She really was a big baby in many ways.’

‘That’s a good sweetums ...that’s Uncle’s Jack’s Susie girl. Let it out and have another cry if you think it makes you eel better.’

By now her shoes and socks were off and he gave her a hug before turning her sideways and lifting her legs up onto the bed. ‘Hold your hands up to either side of your head like this ... that’s it, Susie Girl.’

She cried some more as he fastened the velcro, terry cloth restraints around both wrists until her hands were safely held out of the way. Once the hand restraints were on, Susie felt an ever deeper sense of vulnerability and helplessness. She could move her hands freely around her shoulders but she could not reach any lower. She really was a big baby now.

‘I think we’ll use these restraints for the first two weeks at changing time until you get used to your diapers. The sooner you feel as helpless as a real baby who needs to wear diapers, the better. Now let’s get Baby Susie’s undressed, shall we?

First her uncle took her ankles in one big hand and lifted her legs up and back until her skirt fell forward to her waist. Susie blushed bright red at the exposure of her white cotton panties, the only kind her father ever let her wear.

‘My, we certainly have a very pretty Princess to take care of, don’t we?,’ Uncle Jack said, giving her a playful smack across the seat of her panties before unzipping her skirt and sliding it out from under her. More tears began trickling down Susie’s cheeks as Uncle Jack lowered her legs and began unbuttoning her blouse. At the same time, her utter helplessness gave her a strange sense of security which made it even easier for Amanda to let go and cry. At that very moment, Amanda arrived with a baby bottle. She handed it to her father, briefly stroked Amanda’s face, and left, closing the door behind her.

Uncle Jack shook out a few drops of milk onto his wrist to test the temperature before putting the bottle into Amanda’s right hand and forcing it gently into her mouth.’

‘This will help you sweetheart. Daddy knows these first few weeks of diaper changes are going to be hard. So he’ll make sure you always have a nice warm bottle of milk to keep you from fussing too much.’

‘But you’re not my Daddy,’ Susie protested, taking the bottle from her lips.

‘I know that, Princess, I know that. But since I’m going to treating you like my own little girl this summer, I want you to call me Daddy. Now be a good girl and put your milkie back in your mouth. That’s Daddy’s good little Susie.’ Uncle Jack gently but firmly returned Susie’s bottle to her mouth where she gave up and continued sucking. It did seem to help somewhat, especially when Uncle Jack began unbuttoning her blouse.

She cried some more as her pink brassiere came into view even as she felt pride in the full breasts which ran in all the women in their family. ‘That’s a very pretty brassiere, Susie. But you won’t be needing any more big girl clothes like this for the rest of the summer. Let’s undo these restraints for a moment, shall we?’

Susie lay there, crying and sucking on her bottle as Uncle Jack undid her wrists and took her blouse off completely.

‘Lift up, sweetheart. That’s a good girl.’

She lifted up slightly so Uncle Jack could reach around behind her and unsnap her brassiere. And then her big, milky globes were wobbling freely as she lay there, the pink nipples already fully erected.’

‘My, my! You really are Daddy’s pretty little girl, aren’t you?’

Susie blushed bright red, her embarrassment mixed with a thrill that her Uncle found her so attractive. Blood flowed freely into her loins and she suddenly realized she was getting wet under her white cotton panties.

‘Roll over sweetheart. And lift up so Daddy can slip this pillow under you. That’s a girl ... ups-a-daisy.’

Uncle Jack lifted her up by her full hips and pushed a doubled up pillow underneath, elevating her bottom well off the bed. He then refastened her wrists in the velcro restraints and guided Susie’s bottle back into her mouth. Susie now felt like a completely helpless two year old, her bare bottom elevated for any kind of parental attention. As if reading her mind, Uncle Jack spanked each of her plump cheeks once and jokingly warned her,

‘Princess, you had better behave at diaper time unless you want Uncle Jack to show you how he handles naughty girls in this house. With your pretty fanny up in the air like this, I have half a mind to give you a good paddling right now just so you know what to expect whenever you misbehave. From what your father tells me, you may need a naptime spanking in addition to the regular bedtime spanking you’re going to get every night for the rest of the summer. Now lie still so Uncle Jack can get you ready for your temperature.’

This last remark was directed at Susie’s bottom which was squirming back and forth at the sensation of her uncle’s big, broad hands. With another spank to remind her to be still, he reached over to the bedside table, removed the thermometer from the large, open jar of Vaseline, and reached in with four fingers to scoop out a giant glob. It seemed enough in Susie’s eyes to take the temperature of fifteen girls all at once. Then one hand began trying to spread her full cheeks which were clenched tightly shut.

‘Loosen up right this instant, young lady, or I really will give you a good paddling.’

With a groan, Susie relented and allowed him to spread her full cheeks with one hand. She gasped audibly as she felt the thick glob of Vaseline smeared all over the inside of her cheeks and up and down along her rectum. Uncle Jack worked the Vaseline in thoroughly, running his four fingers up and down deep inside along Susie’s crack as well as all over the inside curves of her cheeks all the way to the tops of her bottom until her whole rear felt like one sticky, glistening, slippery thing. At first, Susie felt deeply embarrassed to be in such a position. But as her Vaseline fanny massage continued, she gave in to much stronger feelings of little girl helplessness, freedom, and a deep relaxation which spread out from her bottom into the rest of her until her bottom began arching up almost on its own, responding rhythmically to her Uncle’s wonderful massage.

Each time her uncle’s finger passed over her rectum, she found herself pressing back a little, as if impatient for what she knew was coming. And when she finally felt his oily finger slipping into her rectum, Susie have out a loud moan and pressed back even more. For a minute, Uncle Jack stopped moving his hand, allowing Susie herself to move back and forth on that wonderful digit inside her, oblivious to the fact that her thighs were now opened and her wet femininity was showing itself for all to see. Though Susie realized she was squirming about with open abandon on his finger, she no longer cared. Completely regressed to some little girl state, she was happy to give herself up to the pleasures of the moment and to the big masculine finger which was doing such wonderful things inside her bottom. After letting her squirm about on his finger for a few minutes, Uncle Jack resumed sliding his finger in and out, preparing her for the thermometer while she let out a series of sighs and soft moans while suckling on her bottle.

‘Susie, for the rest of the summer you will have your temperature taken twice a day, at naptime and after your evening bath. Uncle Jack is going to keep good track of your health. Regular thermometers will also help you accept your diapers and prepare you for your toilet training in August. While I think it best if we keep you in restraints for now, I’m sure you’ll get used to having your temperature taken this way in a week or two.’

With the last words, Uncle Jack slid the thermometer in and held it in place by cupping her bottom. Susie said nothing. She was lost in the sensations of his big, warm hand resting against her cheeks as he held the thermometer in place, the softness of the pillow beneath her, the warm milk trickling into her mouth. It was all too much. The thermometer stayed in for five minutes. She wished it could have gone on forever. But it didn’t. With a brisk spank to announce she was perfectly healthy, Uncle Jack wiped off the thermometer, took it into the bathroom and washed it thoroughly, and replaced it in the open jar of Vaseline.

He then picked up a little jar in the dresser and returned to the bed, sitting down beside her once again.

‘Now Uncle Jack’s going to give you something to help you with your diapers. Please don’t squirm ... this will only take a second.’

Susie couldn’t help squirming as his left hand opened her cheeks once again and his right hand pushed something small inside her bottom. Then Uncle Jack’s finger was pushing it deep inside her before withdrawing. A second later, he repeated the procedure, pushing the second little thing deep inside her before smacking her vaselined cheeks again and thanking her for being such a good girl.

‘What’s that, Uncle Jack?’ she asked fearfully.

‘Just a little something to help you learn to act just like a real baby girl with your diapers. You’ll probably need help like this at naptime and bedtime for the first two weeks or so. Now let’s get you rolled over so we can put you in your diapers.’ Again he spanked her for emphasis and as a warning of what would happen if she fussed.

Once more, Susie began crying softly at her utter helplessness. The last thing she wanted to do was turn over and be put into diapers but she had no choice. The pillow was pulled out, her wrists were unfastened, and with another two spanks to encourage her, Uncle Jack turned her over. More tears of embarrassment trickled down her face as her hands were refastened into her restraints and her bottle pushed back into her mouth. She was now lying on her changing pad, completely naked, her hands to either side of her head just like a real baby.

With her legs spread once again, Susie felt a tinge of embarrassment and turned her face away, her eyes shut.

‘One word of warning, Susie. Once your diapers go on, I am the only one who can take them off. If Amanda or I ever catch you trying to remove your diapers, you will be paddled and left downstairs in a playpen wearing nothing but your diapers for the rest of the day where any visitors will see you. The only time your diapers will ever come off is during changes and at bath time. Is that clear, little girl?’

Susie nodded tearfully, suddenly terribly grateful she had the warm milk to soothe her. She continued to cry quietly as Uncle Jack brought over a disposable diaper, a cloth diaper and the light pink plastic pants. He placed these on the bed and returned to the dresser to fetch some baby oil and baby powder.

‘Daddy doesn’t want his baby to get a diaper rash on her first day in diapers. I’m going to give you a good oiling which will help prevent diaper rash and relax you at the same time.’

Uncle Jack then spent the next five minutes rubbing baby oil all over the front of Susie’s diaper area. His strong hands went everywhere with that oil, massaging away all sorts of tensions and fears until Susie was completely limp at the end, her eyes closed as she drifted off into a private babyland in her dreams. The sweet smell of baby oil hovered everywhere like a delicious perfume and Susie allowed herself to succumb to the combination of sensations. By the time Uncle Jack finished, her whole diaper area gleamed and glowed with a healthy pink color. His strong, slippery hands also roused a tingling excitement in her limbs which she was helpless to suppress. By the time her handsome Uncle finished oiling her, her hips and thighs had begun moving with a life of their own, rocking up and down in response to her uncle’s hands. The fact that Susie’s femininity glistened wetly was not lost on her Uncle. He smiled at the knowledge that a summer of diapers would help answer some of his niece’s deepest needs and allow her to come to terms slowly and securely with her more adult desires.

After she was well oiled, Uncle Jack said,

‘Now it’s time for your baby powder, Susie. I’m going to powder you all over so Baby Susie smells fresh and clean just like a real baby.’

After wiping his hands on a towel, he powdered Susie’s body from her feet to her neck as she continued to nurse her bottle. Her tears had subsided at the beginning of her oiling and she lay there, intoxicated with the new small of baby powder and the silky feel of her uncle’s strong hands slipping lightly all over her body as the powder literally surrounded and enclosed her in a comforting baby shield. Inwardly, she exulted at the extra care he spent powdering her lovely globes and engorged nipples. Finally her uncle announced she was ready for her diapers. And in many ways, Susie was indeed very ready indeed.

Uncle Jack began by unfolding the disposable diaper and fluffed it out before spreading her thighs and laying the material on the changing pad. Susie wondered where he had found such large diapers in her size. Then he lifted her ankles with one hand and bent her legs back, raising her bottom and hips off the pad so he could slide the diaper beneath her. As he lowered her bottom back down, Amanda gave out an involuntary sigh at the feel of the baby soft, rustling material against her bare cheeks. It was heavenly, more comforting than anything she had ever felt. Without quite realizing what she was doing, she closed her eyes again, turned her head to the side on her pillow, and began sucking more vigorously on her bottle. Even before her uncle did anything, she instinctively drew her thighs up and spread them to allow for the diaper material to be drawn between them.

With another smile at how well his new baby was progressing, Uncle Jack drew the disposable diaper up and taped it firmly into place around her hips. Again Susie gave out a deep sigh at the feel of the soft, fluffy diaper fabric and the strange security it offered. Even the rustling noise was hypnotic. Then came the two cloth diapers. Finally, Uncle Jack gathered her plastic pants in his hands and guided the leg openings over Susie’s feet one at a time before sliding the pink baby pants up her legs. Once again, he grasped her ankles in one hand and bent her back easily, as if she were a toddler, so he could slide the baby pants over her diapers.

‘There you are, Princess. All safe and sound in your first diapers. Since it’s rather chilly today, I think we’ll need a sleeper for your nap. Daddy’s doesn’t want Baby Susie to catch a chill, does he? I think we’ll use the pink sleeper for the first few weeks until you adjust to your diapers.

Susie lay there, in a daze, unable to complain about anything further and unable to do so anyway with a baby bottle in her mouth. Inwardly, she was glad to be getting a sleeper since it beginning to feel cold and the sleeper would cover her exposed breasts. Uncle Jack undid her wrists and went to get the sleeper out of the second drawer. He then slipped the warm, fuzzy material over her legs and worked the garment up to her waist, tilting her legs up again to get the sleeper under her diapered bottom and hips. Susie noticed that this sleeper had no snaps on the legs or crotch. He then sat her up so he could get her arms into the sleeper and do up the zipper.

As Uncle Jack zipped her up, Susie noticed as tiny padlock attached to the zipper which she presumed was just a little piece of decoration. She realized her mistake when Uncle Jack took a little key from his pocket, unlocked the padlock, and locked it onto a tiny ring she had overlooked which was sewn into the neck of the sleeper. Her jammies were now locked on and there was nothing she could do to take them off.

Only then did Susie realize her diapers would come off only when Uncle Jack decided to remove them. Once again, tears of helplessness began trickling down her cheeks as her Uncle kissed her good night and told her she would have to stay in her crib for an hour and a half nap.

Uncle Jack added, ‘If you have to go potty, it’s the most natural thing in the world for a little girl like you to go in your diapers and baby pants. That’s what your diapers are for. The sooner you get used to using them, the easier it will be on everyone. To make sure you don’t try to get out of your crib, I’m going to raise the side rail like this. Now go to sleep, sweetheart.’

He then bent and kissed her goodnight before raising the rail and securing it. He then lowered the heavy window shades, plunging the room into a darkness which she somehow found comforting as she snuggled in her warm bed. The day’s events had exhausted her and she fell into a deep sleep.


Chapter 3


Once her uncle closed the door behind him, Susie was surprised at how dark it was in the room. Isolated in the darkness, she snuggled into her warm, cozy sleeper and the hugging reassurance of the soft diaper material against her loins. Exhausted by the day’s events, Susie quickly drifted off to sleep only to wake a half hour later with an urgent need to move her bowels. At first, she struggled to hold out. But after ten minutes, she quickly realized it was hopeless and she called out in desperation for her uncle. A few minutes later, he came the steps and down the hall to her room. Rather than coming in, he just opened the door and stuck his head through.

‘Uncle Jack, please ... I need to go to the bathroom real bad ... number two ... please undo my sleeper and let me up.’

‘I’ll do no such thing, little girl. The first thing Baby Susie needs to learn this summer is how to use her diapers and the sooner she learns the better. You are to stay put until your naptime if over. If you need to wet or make a poopie, that what your diapers are for. Now I don’t want to hear another peep from you until I get you up from your nap in an hour. If I do, you will spend the entire afternoon in messy diapers on a baby blanket on the living room floor and you’ll get a good paddling after I change you.’

With that, he closed the door and left Susie alone in the darkness. A burst of hot tears washed over her as she realized how utterly helpless she was. Locked into her diapers and sleeper, there was nothing she could do to reach the toilet. Despite the hopelessness of her situation, Susie continued to fight the growing pressure in her bowel for another twenty minutes. At some point, she rolled over onto her stomach instinctively, knowing the end was near. Minutes later, despite her best efforts to hold back, her bowel erupted into a series of spasms and emptied a large, hot mess into her disposable diaper. A long gush of urine followed her poopie as Susie lost all control. As she loaded her baby diaper, Susie burst into a fresh round of tears. Yet she also felt relief as her abdominal cramps subsided. And somehow the helplessness of her situation made what she had just done less terrible. Without realizing it, she clutched the baby bottle to her lips, began sucking on more warm milk, and drifted off into another period of sleep.

She awoke forty five minutes later with the sound of Uncle Jack’s reassuring voice and the sensation of his big hand on the seat of her sleeper against her full diaper.

‘Did Baby Susie make a nice poopie in her didees? Did she? What a good girl you are, Susie ... using your diapers just like a real baby on your first nap. I know it’s going to be hard the first few times but you’ll get used to it over the next two weeks. Daddy’s only rule at naptime is that you fill your diapers before he gets you up. Amanda only needed suppositories at naptime and bedtime for three weeks last summer. After that, she was using her diapers on her own without any special help from Daddy. When you learn to relax and use your diapers freely just like a little baby girl, you’ll be much happier in your diapers. I promise.’

The whole time he spoke, he continued to massage her bottom gently, as if encouraging her to get used to the feel of her messy diapers. Susie lay there, sucking her thumb and crying quietly until her uncle slid the railing down and helped her out of bed.

Instead of changing her as she expected, Uncle Jack took his ‘little potty pants’ downstairs and led her into the living room. Susie toddled along like a two year old, the sticky feeling of her fanny making her walk awkwardly. After sitting down in a big stuffed chair, Uncle Jack swept her into his arms and gave her a big hug, one hand catching her squarely on her bottom and gently massaging the seat of her diapers against her further.

‘That’s my good girl, Susie. Since you’ve been such a good girl during your first nap, Daddy is going to read you a story. Amanda, please get Susie another bottle of warm milk. I’m going to put her in my lap and I read her a nice story.’

Uncle Jack lifted the sleepy youngster up and placed her on his lap, holding her closely against his broad chest. He then took ‘Peter Rabbit’ off a nearby table and began reading to Susie while Amanda heated up the milk. A few minutes later, he pushed the nipple of a fresh baby bottle into her mouth. Enfolded in her warm jammies and her Uncle’s strong arms, Susie began sucking on her milk and closed her eyes as her uncle continued reading. By the end of the story, she had almost forgotten about her messy diapers.

After her bottle was finished, Uncle Jack took her into the kitchen and put a bib around her neck and spoon fed her some Gerbers Baby Food as a snack. Only then, a full hour after she had come down, did he take Susie back upstairs. First he put her up on her bed, unlocked her sleeper, and removed it. Next he put her hands in the soft velcro restraints before announcing, ‘Angel, it’s time to change your diapers and clean you up. Since you’ve just had a bottle of milk, we’ll use this pacifier to make sure you don’t fuss during your changing. OK sweetheart?’

Susie nodded weakly, knowing a bottle or pacifier was coming whether she wanted it or not. After getting a pacifier off the dresser and putting it into her mouth, Uncle Jack lifted her legs high in the air to take off her plastic baby pants. He then removed her dirty diaper while praising her again for being such a good girl during her first nap.

‘You’re going to be my good baby all summer, aren’t you Susie? Yes you are. You going to make all your BM’s in your diapers for the next two months. And Daddy’s going to change your diaper regularly to make sure Baby Susie doesn’t get a diaper rash. Now lift up so Uncle Jack can wipe Susie’s bottom clean ... that’s my good little girl.’

As he cleaned her up with toilet paper and Baby Wipes, Uncle Jack continued showering her with praise for being such a good baby. When she was clean as a whistle, he applied some more baby oil to her diaper area and rubbed it in well. He then returned to the dresser and fetched two cloth diapers. After folding them in two, he slipped them under Susie’s bottom and brought them up between her legs. He then pinned them in place with two pins on each side. As he shook out a pair of greyish semi-transparent plastic pants, he commented,

‘Two thick diapers should hold you until after dinner, Susie? What do you think?’ Knowing she wasn’t expected to answer, Susie continued to lie there sucking on her pacifier while he finished diapering her. He then released her wrists from the restraints and slipped a short yellow and blue sun dress which barely covered her plastic pants and diapers. Finally, he announced it was time to go to the beach. By then, it was three o’clock and the sun had been out for at least an hour. It had warmed up to 85 degrees under an almost cloudless sky. When Susie balked at going to the beach in such a short sun dress, Uncle Jack quickly warned, ‘Princess, I expect you to obey me at all times this summer. If you ever disobey me, I will take your plastic pants and diapers down and give you a sound spanking on the spot, no matter who is present. If I hear one more word out of you, you’ll get a good spanking and then you’ll go to the beach with just a bathing suit over your diapers and baby pants. Now do as Uncle Jack says or you will be a very sorry little girl.’

Again Susie felt overwhelmed with a sense of complete helplessness and started to cry. Comforting her with a hug, her uncle said,‘Don’t cry little Susie. You’ll have lots of fun at the beach. I promise. We’re bringing a pail and two shovels so you and Amanda can built a sand castle. Now be a good girl and come along with me.’

With that he lifted her out of her crib in his strong arms and set her on her feet before taking her by the hand and leading her downstairs. After gathering up a hamper, some beach chairs, and Susie’s pail and shovels, he led Susie out the door and along the path to the nearby beach. Fortunately, their cottage was right at the edge of the beach itself and they didn’t have to go far to go. And since the beach was private, it was fairly deserted, with only a few strollers passing by. They spread out a blanket for their things at the top of the beach a good distance from the water’s edge. After that, Amanda took charge of Susie and helped her get started on her sand castle.

After an hour, as the sand castle began to take shape, Susie almost forgot she was in diapers. She was also glad to be outside the house, away from her baby room. Uncle Jack even surprised her when he opened the hamper and took out her favorite soda and some cookies.

Around 4:00, Amanda asked Susie how she was doing and if she was still dry. She blushed and nodded as Uncle Jack commented,

‘I put two cloth diapers on her, Amanda. That should hold her until after dinner. ... Oh, hello Janet, how are you?’

Susie jerked around to see an older woman in her late forties coming up the beach. She recognized Uncle Jack’s neighbor and friend, Janet Baker.

‘Fine, Jack. How wonderful to see you. It’s been almost a year, hasn’t it. Hello Amanda. How nice to see you back this summer too. And who is this? Why that looks like Susie Springer if I’m not mistaken.’

‘It certainly is, Janet. Susie’s here for the whole summer. She’ll be staying all the way through to Labor Day.’

‘Splendid, Jack. This is the perfect place for a youngster to spend the summer months.’

As Mrs. Baker approached, Susie pressed her sundress down against the wind, trying desperately to keep her diapers covered up. Alas, her efforts only called more attention to what she was wearing. Not that it mattered. Mrs Baker had already seen everything as she walked toward the group. As Susie had crouched to work on her sand castle, her little sun dress had flared up in back, completely exposing her baby pants and diapers. After a long look directly at Susie’s sundress, Mrs. Baker said,

‘Jack, it looks as if Susie needs the same treatment Amanda had last summer.’

Susie looked down with a very red face while noting with some satisfaction that Amanda herself was blushing and looking away. To make matters worse, Uncle Jack spoke up immediately.

‘That’s right, Janet. Susie has a wetting problem which we’re going to take care of this summer. Today is her first day with us and she’s already learning how to use her diapers.’

‘I see. What a good girl you are, Susie. Don’t be embarrassed at needing diapers, child. You’d be surprised at how many youngsters your age have a wetting problem and still need nightime diapers. I always found it was a lot easier with my Jennifer than washing sheets every morning.’

Although Susie said nothing, Mrs. Baker’s sympathetic words made her feel a little better. And she wondered what she meant about washing sheets? Was Jennifer a regular wetter too? Was she still in diapers every night? As Susie continued to ponder these words, Uncle Jack invited Mrs. Baker to join them. After spreading out her big beach towel and sitting down, Mrs. Baker asked,

‘Do you still have those cute sleepers from last summer, Jack?’

‘We certainly do. Susie looks adorable in the pink one. Why don’t you come for dinner tonight? We’re having grilled fish and corn on the cob and you can see for yourself how that sleeper looks.’

‘I’d be delighted, Jack.’

The two neighbors soon settled into a long conversation, glad for the chance to catch up on the year’s events. Meanwhile, Amanda and Susie went back to their sand castle. After about thirty minutes, Uncle Jack leaned back and asked,

‘Susie, sweetheart, please come here so Uncle Jack can check your diaper. That’s the third ginger ale you’ve finished this afternoon.’

When Susie froze in place, Uncle Jack warned her in a quiet voice,

‘Susie, don’t make me take you back to the cottage and put you over my knee.’

That was enough to convince Susie. With a red face at the mention of a spanking before Mrs. Baker, she got up from her sand castle and waddled around to her uncle’s chair. He drew her up close without getting up.

‘Good girl ... now be still while I check you. I expect you not to fuss when you are being checked or changed, unless you want me to spank you right out here ... that’s a good girl ... come across my lap so I can check you.’

As Susie went limp, Uncle Jack pulled her across his thighs as if she was going to be spanked and tucked

her under his left arm before lifting her sundress. Susie’s face got even redder as she realized her plastic pants and diapers were completely exposed to Mrs. Baker and Amanda. Even before Uncle Jack could slip his finger under the plastic pants at the crotch, Mrs. Baker spoke up,

‘She certainly is wet, Jack... you can see it right through her baby pants.’

Sure enough, she was. Even Amanda took notice. Underneath Susie’s baby pants, they could all see a darker wet area n her diapers extending out from the crotch in a semi-circle across much of her bottom.

Fortunately, at least a third of the diaper material was still completely dry. After checking further, Uncle Jack playfully smacked Susie’s plastic pants and said,

‘She’s not that wet Mrs Baker ... are you Susie? These diapers will do just fine until we go in for dinner.’ He then pulled her dress back down, lifted her to her feet, and patted her bottom through her sundress before and sending her back to the sand castle. Though Susie’s face burned red with shame at being seen in wet diapers by Mrs Baker, there was nothing she could do except hide behind Amanda. Fortunately, her uncle and Mrs. Baker quickly returned to their conversation as if Susie’s diaper check had been the most ordinary thing in the world.


Chapter 4


By the time they gathered up their things and headed back to the cottage around 5:00, Susie was even wetter and eager for a change. Instead of placing her on the changing pad in her crib, Uncle Jack took the pad into the bathroom and laid it out on the rug. After staring the bath water, he pulled off Susie’s sun dress and helped her lie on the pad where he quickly removed her plastic pants and wet diapers.

He then dropped her wet diapers into the diaper pail marked SUSIE and washed out the plastic plants in the sink before hanging them up to dry on a towel rack. The whole time, Susie lay completely naked on her back on her changing pad, feeling like the smallest little girl in the world.

‘Susie Princess, I will be giving you a bath every night before dinner. After your bath, before going downstairs to eat. Amanda will feed you dinner between 6 and 7, after which you are free to play for an hour. At 8, I will bring you upstairs and change you into thick, nightime diapers after your temperature and your bedtime spanking. If you’ve been a good girl, Daddy will let you take your bedtime bottle snuggled on his lap while he reads you a nice story. If you’ve been naughty that day, Daddy will put you right to bed after your spanking with no snuggling and no story. Do you understand?’

Susie knew it didn’t matter whether she ‘understood’ or not. A few tears trickled down her cheek as she realized how she was going to be spanked every night at bedtime all summer.

‘It’s all for your own good, Susie. The faster you accept your need to be a baby, the more effective your toilet training will be when we start in August. A complete baby routine is very important at the beginning. Just ask Amanda. She went through this last summer and it cured her wetting completely. I know it’s tough at first but you’ll get used to it after a few weeks. Amanda was the same way.’

Hearing that her older cousin had gone through the same treatment helped Susie stop sniffling as her uncle got her into the bath. The hot water also helped relax her as did the feel of the soapy sponge all over her as he washed her thoroughly. By the time he let the water out and stood her up to dry her off, Susie’s whole body was flushed bright pink and warm all over. She felt somewhat better about things without really understanding why. And she was secretly pleased at all the compliments Uncle Jack had lavished on her.

After he dried her off with a soft towel, Uncle Jack took Susie and her changing pad back into her bedroom and placed the pad in her crib. After lifting her up and onto the pad, he went to the dresser and fetched her diaper things. He returned with an armful of diapers, oil, powder, plastic pants, and the pink sleeper. And he also brought a pacifier which he put into her mouth. After baby oiling her all over and giving her a full-body powdering, Uncle Jack slide two folded cloth diapers under Susie’s raised bottom and pinned them snugly in place. He then shook out a pair of plastic pants.

This time, it was a pair of opaque white plastic pants decorated with Disney characters. They were considerably heavier than the semi-transparent plastic pants and they crackled loudly whenever Susie moved her legs. Finally Uncle Jack slipped on the pink sleeper without bothering to use the little padlock.

By the time they went back downstairs for dinner, Mrs. Baker had already arrived and was in the kitchen helping Amanda with the dinner. Seeing them come down the stairs, she came out of the kitchen and greeted them warmly. As Uncle Jack led Susie around the living room in a fashion parade, her thick diapers bulged out against the tight sleeper and her plastic pants crackled loudly. After admiring her outfit, Mrs. Baker said,

‘Oh doesn’t she look adorable. How many diapers is that child wearing, Jack? It looks like she is set for the whole night.’

‘Just two folded cloth diapers, for now, Janet. I’ll change her into thicker night diapers after her bedtime spanking. She’ll get a disposable diaper then with two cloth diapers to take care of her nightime BM’s and the heavier wetting. As you can hear, I’ve already got her in heavier plastic pants.’

Susie’s face flushed an even deeper deep red as Mrs Baker asked,

‘Jack, how many BM’s has she made today?’

‘Just one so far, during her nap. We’re using two suppositories at naptime to make sure she gets used to using her diapers right away. And she’ll gets another two at bedtime, at least for the first few weeks. After that, we’ll see how well she does on her own. Once she learns to use her diapers like a real baby, we won’t need suppositories. Amanda, why don’t you take Susie to the kitchen and feed her dinner. We’ll eat a little bit later.’

‘OK, Dad. Come on, Susie. Let’s get our baby fed, shall we?’

Susie allowed Amanda to lead her by the hand into the kitchen, eager to escape further humiliating conversation. Fortunately, Amanda let her eat grown up food this time though she insisted on feeding it to Susie herself. She also made her wear a bib to catch the dribbles which fell over her chin and did not allow her to use a napkin or to wipe her face. Towards the end of her dinner, Uncle Jack and Mrs. Baker came by to pick up their dinner and take it out to the table on the porch. They both smiled at the sight of a bibbed Susie with food all over her face. When Susie tried to wipe her chin, Uncle Jack warned, ‘Put your hands down, young lady, unless you want a spanking right here in the kitchen.’

‘Does she need many spankings, Jack?, Mrs Baker asked with a twinkle in her eye.

‘Not so far, Janet. Susie’s generally very well behaved, especially since she knows she what will happen if she isn’t. As Amanda learned last summer, any misbehavior means a longer bedtime spanking.’

‘Does Amanda still get bedtime spankings, Jack?’

‘Not every night, Janet. She is behaving much better this summer and we’re down to two or three a week, plus the occasional daytime correction. Unfortunately, Amanda has a bedtime spanking coming tonight, don’t you Amanda?’

‘DADDYYYY,’ Amanda wailed, her face reddening as she suddenly became the focus of attention.

Not letting her daughter off the hook, Uncle Jack continued,

‘Amanda promised to have the laundry done while Susie was taking her nap but she forgot and went to the beach with a friend, didn’t she? Frankly, she was probably due for a bedtime spanking anyway. She hasn’t gone over my knee in five days and it’s starting to show.’

Once again, Amanda protested,

‘Daddyyy, please, let’s talk about this later. I’m almost twenty’.

‘That’s right, young lady. And a twenty year old girl is too old to be turned over my knee twice a week and spanked on her bare bottom. But we both know that’s exactly how Daddy is going to handle you as long as you continue to act like a naughty fifth grader. Beside, Mrs. Baker knows how I handle you. Have you forgotten last summer when I put you over my knee in the living room?’

Amanda blushed even more and looked down, this time without answering her father.

‘I remember that evening, Jack,’ Mrs. Baker volunteered. ‘And judging from what I’ve observed of Amanda’s behavior, she still needs regular firm discipline to keep her in line. Though Jennifer is in ninth grade, I intend to keep spanking her as long as she is living under my roof whenever she misbehaves. It works wonders, let me tell you. She’s always an angel after a good spanking.’

‘Amanda’s the same way, Janet. Which is why I intend to continue punishing her like a little girl when she needs it. In many ways, she still is a little girl inside.’

‘Does Amanda still cry like a little girl during a spanking, Jack?’

Amanda’s face went an even deeper red as she stared at the table.

‘Just like a little girl. Yes, Janet. It’s the best indication I have that she’s learning a good lesson and still needs to be spanked at her age. Overall, I’ve made real progress with her these past two years. She needs far fewer spankings than she did last summer when bedtime discipline was more of a nightly routine.’

‘I use a weekly spanking hour with Jennifer, every Sunday night after dinner. If she’s been naughty that week, she learns a good lesson. And if she’s been good, she still gets a firm reminder that she is Mommy’s little girl and that she’s going to be spanked until she gets married. And when that time does come, I’m going to have a private chat with her fiancee so he understands how to handle her when she misbehaves.’

As each new detail came out, Susie grew more fascinated, searching Amanda’s face for her reaction. Suddenly she couldn’t care less that she was sitting there with a bib and food all over her face wearing diapers and toddler jammies. Her beautiful older cousin was going to get a bare bottom spanking that very evening and Susie would be able to hear everything from her room. To escape from the embarrassing conversation, Amanda suddenly asked Susie if she was finished and ready for go to her room to play. Since Susie’s plate was clean, Amanda quickly wiped her face with a wet cloth, took off her bib, and took her into the living room where the two girls played as Uncle Jack and Mrs. Baker had dinner.

Susie could barely keep her mind on her toys, knowing her first bedtime spanking was rapidly approaching. Finally, the chair scraped on the porch and Uncle Jack came in to take her upstairs. He led her into the bathroom and asked her to brush her teeth while he got a few things ready.

When she finished, her uncle called her into her room. As she entered, her heart fluttered at the sight of her uncle sitting in a straight backed chair near her bedside table, the jar of vaseline and thermometer in his hand. On the table was the little jar of suppositories.

‘Come over here, little girl, so Daddy can get you out of your sleeper and take your temperature. Susie walked over and allowed him to unzip her sleeper and slip it down off her arms and all the way to her feet. Uncle Jack then took the tearful child over his lap where he removed her plastic pants and unpinned her diapers. Folding them down in back and putting the pins carefully on the nearby table, he soon had her bottom well vaselined and the thermometer held securely in place, his big hand cupping her cheeks in a way which announced what was coming next. Already Susie had begun crying softly and squirming her full bottom from side to side,

‘Please Daddy ... I don’t want a spanking ... please not a spanking.’

‘Hush sweetheart. You know a spanking each night at bedtime will help you learn to behave and to be Daddy’s perfect angel. Besides, any girl who still needs diapers and baby pants and who wets and messes her diapers just like a baby is certainly not too old for bedtime spankings. Now lie still while Daddy takes your temperature.’

As Susan lay there, continuing to squirm, she could hear Mrs. Baker and Amanda doing the dishes downstairs. That meant they would be able to hear her spanking just as easily. After Daddy took the thermometer out and pronounced Susie fit as a fiddle, he inserted her nightime suppositories and announced it was time for her spanking. As his big hand fell onto her bare bottom, it covered each of her big cheeks in a single smack. Though she wanted to be brave, Susie was unable to hold back from sobbing like a baby just two minutes after her spanking began. Uncle Jack spanked her steadily for a good five minutes until her whole bottom was bright red and her face a tear-streaked mess. Somehow, the soft diaper material felt comforting under Susie’s loins during her spanking. And when her uncle sat her up afterwards and told her how much he loved her and how well she had taken her first spanking, she found herself hugging him back with an intensity which surprised her.

Without breaking the hug, he lifted her in his strong arms and carried her over to her crib and laid her on the changing pad. He then retrieved the two cloth diapers which had fallen to the floor and laid them out on the bed with the four diaper pins, a disposable diaper, and the baby oil. Next, he put her wrists in the velcro restraints and gave her a warm bottle of milk which she quickly placed between her lips. This time, Susie lifted and opened her legs instinctively for her oiling, glad to have the soothing baby oil on her stinging bottom. Within five minutes, she was safe and sound in her thick, rustling, nighttime diapers and plastic pants, her sleeper zipped up to her chin and her forehead tingling with her uncle’s good night kiss as he turned out the lights and left.

Uncle Jack then returned to join Mrs. Baker on the porch where they wiled away another hour. Eventually, it was time for Mrs. Baker to head home. As she was leaving the front door, Uncle Jack called Amanda over.

‘Come say goodbye to Mrs Baker, Amanda.’

‘Yes, Daddy,’ Amanda said.

‘Good night Amanda,’ Mrs Baker said with a mischievous smile. ‘Good night Mrs. Baker,’ Amanda replied, blushing again.

Before seeing Mrs Baker off, Uncle Jack turned to Amanda and said,

‘I want you to go to your room and change into your baby doll nightie and matching panties and wait for me in the corner, young lady. Daddy will be up to take care of you after I clean up a few things down here.’

With a red face, Amanda nodded before fleeing up the stairs and going into her room. Slowly, reluctantly, she undressed and changed into her nightie. It was baby pink with a pair of heavily ruffled, rhumba-style panties peeking out below the hemline. Though Amanda realized Susie would probably wake up and hear everything, she was grateful not to be seen by her cousin in this girlish outfit. Little did she realize Susie was still wide awake and straining in her bed to hear every sound that came through the thin walls.

At last, Amanda’s father finished his chores and came up to find Amanda standing obediently in the corner.

‘Good girl, Amanda. I’m glad you did what you were told. Now come over here so Daddy can give you a good spanking before putting you to bed. That’s a good girl, over my lap, that’s right ... all the way over Daddy’s lap. I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight that you won’t forget. Let’s get these little girl panties down ... like this....’

Although Amanda’s father was speaking in a quiet voice, Susie had climbed quietly out of her bed and pressed her ear to the wall so she could hear everything. She made a mental note to search her cousin’s dresser to see what these panties looked like. Suddenly, she heard the distinct sound of a hand landing hard on a bare bottom and a quiet ‘Ow’ from Amanda. Immediately a second and a third spank followed and then a long series of regular spanks as if this was a familiar routine for both father and daughter. Like her father, Uncle Jack spanked fairly quickly, landing one spank about every two seconds. And as Susie listened, she suddenly realized that her cunny was soaking wet in her diapers.

Had Susie been in the room, she would have seen Uncle Jack’s hand alternate from one cheek to the other as Amanda’s fleshy cheeks bounced wildly back and forth with each spank. Amanda had 38 inch hips and a very large bottom which required many spanks to cover her cheeks. Within three minutes, her fat bottom was completely pink and Amanda was already beginning to cry, though rather softly in the hopes Susie would not hear. Her father guessed she was trying to hold back but knew it wouldn’t last. Sooner or later, Amanda reached a certain emotional release when she felt free to cry her heart out like any other little girl being soundly spanked. Knowing her daughter’s need for that release and the way it brought the two of them together in an intense bond, Uncle Jack always spanked her well past the point when she began sobbing.

He also knew how effective a lengthy spanking was in bringing good behavior. Years of experience had convinced Uncle Jack that short spankings were ineffective in curbing mischief and teaching a naughty child proper limits. Since he usually used his hand, saving the paddle for the most serious mischief, his spankings never left lasting damage other than a very warm bottom for the next few hours. Instead, his method was to spank for a longer period of time, usually five to ten minutes until Amanda completely forgot about how old she was, until she became a little girl who knew deep down that she still needed firm guidance and supervision from someone older than her. That was why she always cried so freely in the end.

During the course of a good spanking, sooner or later she realized she really was a little girl in many ways and that she still needed someone to set firm limits for her and make sure she stayed within them.

With all this in mind, Uncle Jack ignored her daughter’s soft cries and continued spanking her big bottom, watching as it grew steadily redder and listening as Amanda’s resolve broke down. Sometime around four minutes into her spanking, Amanda lost it and began crying loudly with a manner normally seen in much younger girls. As always, her father reminded her that her real spanking had just begun and continued spanking her for another five minutes. That was another reason she never held back for long. Her father always spanked her for five minutes after hearing the genuine crying which indicated true penitence and the learning of a good lesson.

By the time he finished, Amanda had received at least 300 spanks and she was sobbing freely without inhibitions, kicking her legs out together in parallel frog-like kicks just like a ten year old. Jack kept her daughter over his lap for another five minutes, rubbing her sore cheeks softly and telling her how much he loved her until her crying subsided. Then he spoke the words Amanda had been fearing all along.

‘I think we’ll put you in punishment diapers tonight, Amanda, just to make sure you learn a good lesson. Please stand up and get on your bed while I get your diaper things ready.’

Amanda had been dreading this possibility through the long spanking, especially because Susie might hear everything and find out she still had to wear nighttime diapers two or three times a week. Though she didn’t wet anymore, her father usually added nightime diapers and baby pants as an extra punishment after a bedtime spanking since he knew it would bring back vivid memories of the previous summer. After a summer of intensive diaper therapy, baby clothes were a highly effective reminder of Amanda’s juvenile status.

After Amanda’s father helped her up to her feet, he directed her to her bed with a couple more spanks. He then went to Amanda’s dresser and opened the lowest drawer which was full of large disposable diapers and plastic pants. He took out two disposables and a pair of pink plastic pants and closed the drawer.

By then, Amanda was already lying in bed, her legs lifted up in anticipation of her diapering as she rubbed her big sore fanny with both hands. She was then diapered in double disposables (to add extra bulk and rustling noise to her infantile status) and plastic pants were slipped over her diapers. Before he left, she had to give her Daddy a big hug and promise to be a good girl so she wouldn’t need another spanking soon. And with a final kiss on her forehead, Daddy tucked his well-spanked, diapered daughter into bed and turned out the light.


Chapter 5


The next morning, Amanda’s father checked on her daughter to make sure she stayed dry. After debating whether or not to make Amanda wear her baby doll nightie and diapers while Uncle Jack got Susie up for breakfast, he relented and removed the dry diaper so his daughter could wear big girl clothes. It was enough that Susie had heard Amanda get spanked the night before.

When Susie heard Uncle Jack go into Amanda’s room that morning, she stirred in her sleep and woke up. She noticed with shock that she had messed herself sometime during the night without having woken. Apparently the cod liver oil had done its work. She was also quite wet. After breakfast and her morning diaper change, Susie stayed inside all morning. Since it was already quite hot, she played in the living room wearing nothing more than diapers, plastic pants, and a little sun dress. At 10:30, Mrs. Baker stopped by for coffee and sat with Uncle Jack on the porch while Susie played checkers with Amanda. Since Mrs. Baker had already seen Susie’s wet diapers the day before, Susie accepted her presence, knowing full well that she couldn’t have done anything about it anyway.

At 11 AM, Amanda went upstairs and came down with a clean disposable, a pacifier, the baby oil, and the changing pad. Spreading the pad out on the rug, she changed Susie’s wet diaper with the older woman glancing in approvingly from the porch.

‘That’s the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen,’ Mrs Baker said as Susie lifted her own legs to allow Amanda to slip the dry diaper under her.

‘Isn’t it? Susie’s much better today. We may not even need suppositories for the first two weeks,’ Uncle Jack replied.

Once Susie was back in a nice, dry diaper and her plastic plants pulled on, she brightened up considerably and resumed her checkers tournament with Amanda. After two more games, it was time for lunch. Mrs Baker stayed on as a guest and watched while Amanda spooned dribbly baby food into Susie’s mouth. When she finished, she wiped Susie’s face, took off her bib, and said,

‘Time for your afternoon nap, Baby Susie. Let’s go upstairs and get you tucked in to your jammies.’ Her curiosity aroused, Mrs Baker asked,

‘Do you mind if I go along, Jack. I’d love to see how you’ve set up Susie’s room.’

‘Not at all, Janet. You’ll see that Susie has everything a baby needs up there, doesn’t she’?

Susie protested momentarily until she saw the look on Uncle Jack’s face. So upstairs the three of them went. As Amanda put her down on her changing pad in her crib, fastened her wrists in the restraints, and inserted a pacifier, Susie’s face growing increasingly red. Mrs Baker looked on, evidently impressed by everything she saw.

Amanda then took down Susie’s plastic pants, untaped and removed her wet, disposal diaper, and wiped her off thoroughly with Baby Wipes. She undid Susie’s wrists so she could turn her over before refastening her and slipping the special pillow under her loins.

‘We always take Susie’s temperature twice a day, at naptime and bedtime, Mrs. Baker.’

‘That’s a splendid idea, Susie,’ Mrs. Baker replied. ‘I find a baby thermometer is still preferable with my Jimmy when he acts like a little boy instead of a nineteen year old.’

After vaselining Susie’s bottom, Amanda slipped the thermometer in. Turning to Mrs. Baker, she asked,

‘Mrs. Baker, could you hold Susie’s thermometer in place while I get her baby things ready? I usually keep my hand here like this.’

‘Of course, dearie. I’d be happy to do that. Isn’t she the cutest thing you ever saw in her crib?’

After agreeing, Amanda handed Susie over to Mrs. Baker and went about getting everything ready. Turning to Mrs. Baker after five minutes, she asked,

‘How’s her temp, Mrs. Baker?’

Mrs. Baker pulled out the thermometer and checked it.

‘Fine, Amanda. I’d say you were taking excellent care of Baby Susie.’

‘We are, Mrs. Baker. Here ... let me have that thermometer so I can wash it before we continue.’

After washing the thermometer in the kitchen sink, Amanda returned it to the open jar of vaseline beside Susie’s bed. As she picked up the little jar of suppositories, Amanda’s eyes widened and she began whimpering and squirming, her fat bottom wagging back and forth.

‘Susie usually fusses when it’s time for her suppositories, Mrs. Baker. Sometimes she even needs a spanking to settle her down. We always give her two before her afternoon nap to make sure she uses her diapers like a good little baby girl. And she gets cod liver oil at bedtime. Of course, it’s all still very new to Susie but she’s already getting used to her new routine and I expect she won’t need suppositories in another week or two.

Susie groaned audibly into her pillow as Amanda pried open her fat cheeks and slipped the two plugs into her bottom, one after another. Then Susie lifted her hips so Amanda could remove the pillow, unfasten her restraints, and turn her over. Already understanding what came next, Mrs. Baker herself fastened Susie’s wrists back into her restraints as Amanda opened the bottle of baby oil and squirted a liberal amount all over her hands.

Once again, Susie squirmed and fussed as Amanda oiled her diaper area thoroughly. At one point, Mrs. Baker lifted Susie’s ankles high into the air so Amanda could oil her bottom. She also gave her three good spanks when Susie began fussing more than usual. Finally, Amanda rubbed her hands on a nearby towel and reached for the baby powder. Since the powdering took another five minutes, Susie’s exposure to Mrs. Baker dragged on and on. All Susie could think of was having her new diapers put on so she could at least regain some modesty.

‘You certainly are thorough with this big baby, aren’t you, Amanda,’

‘Yes, I am Mrs Baker. It’s an essential part of her summer training. The longer we spend on Susie’s baby needs, the more completely she will come to accept them. Now then ... I think that about does it. We’re ready for Susie’s disposable diaper.’

Amanda then lifted Susie’s legs and slipped the diaper into place before lowering Susie’s legs back down again, spreading them, and pulling the soft, rustling diaper up into place where she taped it snugly in place. Once it was secure, she finished Susie off with a pair of pink, semi-transparent plastic pants.

‘I thought you’d like these pink baby pants, Mrs. Baker. Aren’t they cute?’

‘They certainly are. Why I could just take Baby Susie and rock her to sleep in my arms right now.’ Mrs Baker gushed.

Finally Amanda took Susie out of her restraints, put her in her pink sleeper, and locked the zipper in place. She then turned her over and patted her well-diapered bottom before kissing her good night. Mrs Baker also gave her a pat on the bottom and wished her a ‘good nightie night’ before turning to leave.

Exactly an hour and a half later, Amanda came in to rouse Susie from her nap. Actually, Susie hadn’t gone to sleep since she wasn’t tired. And it was obvious from the odour that she was quite messy. Once again, Amanda took Susie downstairs. Fortunately, Mrs. Baker had left by then. Nor was Uncle Jack anywhere to be seen. A baby bottle sat on the table by the rocking chair.

Amanda sat herself in the chair, smiled warmly at the sleepy Susie, and opened her arms.

‘Come here, sweetheart. Since you’ve been such a good girl during your nap, I’ll let you snuggle while you have your bottle.’

Since no one was there to see her, Susie allowed Amanda to put her on her lap where she snuggled against her full breasts as Amanda stroked her face and held her bottle. Just as she was finishing her milk, the front door swung open and in walked Uncle Jack, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Baker’s nineteen year old son, Jimmy. Susie tried to bolt from Amanda’s lap but her cousin held her firmly in place and whispered in her ear,

‘Young lady, if you try anything like that, I’ll change your diapers right here on the rug, is that clear?’

Susie nodded, already bright red at the fact as Jimmy Baker stared wide eyed at her bottle, her infant sleepers and her diaper bulge. Uncle Jack invited them to sit down on the couch while he got some lemonade from the kitchen. The two visitors made themselves comfortable and began having an ordinary conversation, with Jimmy glancing over frequently at Susie. Suddenly Mrs. Baker said,

‘Amanda, it seems you have a messy baby on your hands who needs changing. Am I right?’

‘Indeed you are Mrs. Baker. Susie was wetting her bed four or five time a week last spring so she’s undergoing a summer of diaper therapy and toilet training. Part of that means getting used messy diapers likea real baby. We usually don’t change her right away when that happens. Would you like to help me clean her up? I think she’d ready for a change?’

At that, Susie broke out in loud protests until Uncle Jack sternly rebuked her and told her she had earned a spanking as soon as she was changed. Again Susie loudly protested until Amanda literally lifted her onto her feet, smacked her diapered sleeper bottom hard four times, and led her back upstairs where she was put into her restraints, cleaned up, and changed into a single cloth diaper and her pink plastic rhumba style pants with a matching pink sun dress. Amanda then brought Susie back downstairs. As soon as they reached the living room, Uncle Jack got up from his chair with a stern look and took Susie by the hand from Amanda.

‘Give me that naughty little girl, right this minute. It’s time she learned what happens to children who disobey in this house.’

With Amanda and Mrs Baker looking on ready to offer assistance, there was nothing Susie could do except burst into tears as her uncle led her off into the kitchen. At least they were out of sight of the living room as he sat down on a kitchen chair, lifted into the air and placed her face down over his lap. With Susie protesting loudly the whole time, Uncle Jack flipped her sun dress up, pushed her plastic pants and diaper down to mid thigh, tilted her further over his left thigh, and began a long spanking.

By the time he finished five minutes later, Susie was crying vigorously like any little girl who had just been soundly spanked over a paternal lap. Afterwards, Uncle Jack helped her up and marched her over to a corner in the living room where she had to stand for fifteen minutes. Although her diaper and rhumba plastic pants were back up, Susie had to keep her sundress up around her waist so everyone could see her diapers and rhumba pants. Meanwhile the four onlookers chatted away as if nothing unusual had happened. Finally, Uncle Jack said,

‘Is my naughty little Susie ready to behave herself like a good girl?’

When Susie sniffled yes from the corner, he replied,

‘Good then. Come over here so Uncle Jack can give you a hug.’

After hugging Susie, Uncle Jack told her she could play quietly with her dolls on the floor. While she was relieved her spanking ordeal had ended, her face remained red as she listened to Uncle Jack, Mrs. Baker, Amanda and Jimmy discuss her diaper needs over a glass of lemonade as if she weren’t even in the room. She was also embarrassed at the way her rhumba panties peeked out continually from beneath the hem of her short pink sun dress.

After they all finished their drinks, Susie began whimpering about how bored she was until Amanda asked,

‘Susie, how would you like it if Jimmy and I to took you down for a walk on the beach in that pretty sun dress so everyone could see your diapers? That’s what’s going to happen if you don’t stop fussing. Why don’t I get another bottle for you?’

Jimmy watched, fascinated, while Amanda filled a baby bottle with apple juice and gave it to Susie with a slap on her diapered bottom to remind her what to drink it quietly. Susie had no choice but to put the bottle in her mouth and suck. For the rest of the afternoon, she played quietly with her dolls and stuffed animals on the floor while the others discussed various aspects of her baby needs from the merits of frequent spankings, corner time, rectal temps, baby baths, suppositories, bottles, naptime, and early bedtime. Then only relief for Susie came when Mrs. Baker casually mentioned Jimmy’s spankings and rectal temps and teasingly warned him she might have to put him back in diapers too if he misbehaved. Jimmy’s face went bright red instantly as he felt Susie’s wondering eyes looking at him.

When Susie’s dinner time rolled around, she was quite wet after two more bottles of juice. Amanda took her upstairs and changed her before bringing her down and putting her in her chair for dinner. As Jimmy watched, Amanda tied a bib around Susie’s neck and fed her grown up food, going out of her way to dribble it all over Susie’s face. By the time she finished, Susie’s face was quite messy. It was also red once again.

After dinner, Amanda and Mrs. Baker took Susie up for her bath. Afterwards, Amanda dried Susie off and led her into her bed room. She then sat down on her desk chair, lifting her skirts out of the way, and put Susie over her lap. Already Susie had broken down helplessly and was crying like a ten year old as she realized she was going to get another spanking and this one right in front of Mrs. Baker.

‘Quite fussing, child. It’s not as if Mrs. Baker has never seen a spanking before.’

‘That’s right, Susie,’ Mrs. Baker chimed in. ‘I find I have to turn Jimmy over my knee at least twice a week. Actually, he has a bed time spanking coming tonight, just like you do, for disobeying me this morning.’ Although Susie could not see it, Jimmy’s face turned bright red again downstairs as his mother’s words reached him.

After taking Susie wrists firmly in her left hand, Amanda spanked her younger cousin using the same technique her father used until Susie was sobbing. Afterwards, she stood Susie up for a long hug.

‘I’m sorry Amanda had to spank you, Susie, but you know how naughty you were this afternoon and you know what happens to little girls in this house whenever they are naughty.’

Since Susie’s head was buried in Amanda’s shoulder, all she could do was nod her head hug her older cousin more tightly.

‘Are you going to be a good girl while we put you into your nightime diapers, Susie?’ Once again, Susie nodded and hugged Amanda back more tightly.

‘OK, sweetheart. Let’s get you up on your changing pad, shall we?’

With help from Mrs. Baker, they lifted her easily onto her pad, face down, put her wrists in place, and arranged the pillow underneath. As Amanda took Susie’s temperature, she was pleased to see her sucking almost contentedly on her pacifier. Apparently the spanking had helped settle her down. After checking her temperature, they took away the pillow, undid her restraints, turned Susie over, put her back into her restraints, and then proceeded with her diapering.

After slipping on the pink, rhumba panties, Amanda asked,

‘Susie, if you think you are ready, we can go from the pink sleeper with the zipper to a regular sleeper with snaps. Do you think you can be trusted not to try to take off your diaper in the night?’

When Susie nodded, Amanda added, ‘Just to be sure, I am going to lock your bathroom door tonight as well as your bedroom door. If you want more freedom, you’ll have to show us that you are a real baby.’

Susie nodded, not sure this was the same as freedom but happy not to be locked into her sleeper.

‘I think this sleeper will go nicely with your pink baby pants tonight, Susie,’ Amanda said as she selected another pink sleeper with pale blue bunny rabbits from Susie dresser. With help from Mrs. Baker, the two had the sleeper on quickly and all the snaps along the legs and crotch done up. Then it was time for Susie’s cod liver oil which she took with a big grimace.

With a big hug and kiss from Amanda and from Mrs. Baker, Susie was put to bed with another bottle of warm milk. Then Amanda locked her bathroom door and the two women left. As Susie lay there, she realized that even there was no place to go potty even if she did take off her diaper. And so with a few more tears of resignation, she sucked on her bottle until she fell asleep.

The next morning when Amanda brought her down for breakfast, she and Uncle Jack both complimented Susie for bring such a ‘good girl’ and not needing the locking sleeper. That morning, she had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs. No one seemed to care in the slightest that she was sitting in messy diapers. Even Susie was beginning to get used to it. And afterwards, she put up no protest as Amanda brought her pad and diaper things downstairs and changed her on the living room rug. Since it was already turning into a hot day, Amanda put another very short sun dress over Susie which did nothing to hide the pink ruffles of her rhumba baby pants peeking out in back. When Jimmy arrived soon after that wearing a swim suit, Amanda, Jimmy, and Susie all went down to the beach with a picnic basket and a large bag full of towels and other things.

Since Susie was wearing just a single disposable, Amanda checked her every hour by tucking a finger under her plastic pants. By 11:00, Susie was wet enough to need changing and fully expecting to be taken up to the cottage. To her surprise, Amanda told Jimmy to go down for a swim while she changed Susie. She then reached into her large bag and pulled out her pad, some baby oil, baby wipes, and a clean disposable diaper. Despite Susie’s objections, Amanda spread out the pad on her towel, made Susie lie down, and lifted her legs in the air so she could pull off her plastic pants and untape her wet diaper. As she looked off to her left, she was horrified to see Jimmy watching from about a hundred yards away. She protested through her pacifier until Amanda gave her bare fanny two sharp smacks. It wasn’t long before Susie’s new disposable was taped into place and Amanda was pulling her plastic pants back up. Then she waved Jimmy back from the shallow water where he was playing and watching.

An hour later, Amanda took Susie up for lunch while Jimmy went home for lunch with his mom. After discussing whether she still needed her suppositories, Uncle Jack decided to cut it down to one and see how things went. Sure enough, when Amanda went in to check on Susie an hour and a half later, one was enough. To reward Susie for being so good, Amanda took her downstairs and rocked her on her lap for a half hour while she had another bottle. She then took her back upstairs and changed her before letting her come back down to play with her dolls for the rest of the afternoon. After giving her her bath and taking her temperature, Amanda put Susie to bed without a sleeper since it was so hot.

By the end of the second week, Susie didn’t need naptime suppositories. She had learned to use her diapers naturally, just like a real baby. She still needed cod liver oil, at night, however, to ensure regularity in the morning. By the third week, Susie messed her diaper once at night without waking up. Most of the time, she soiled himself in the morning while lying in bed awake or downstairs after breakfast while playing. By the fifth week, messy diapers had become sufficiently routine for Susie that she simply pooped in them without thought whenever the need arose.

One day she even surprised Amanda and Jimmy at the beach in the middle of making a sand castle after lunch. She was wearing a disposable diaper and white plastic pants under a sun dress when she suddenly stopped digging with her shovel, pitched forward at an awkward angle, and grunted for a full minute as she made a big poopie. Knowing she wouldn’t get changed for awhile - she never was after messing himself - Susie just sat back down again in the sand and continued playing. Amanda and Jimmy exchanged glances and smiled.

By the middle of the second month, Susie behaved like any other baby. She was not even embarrassed anymore, even when Mrs. Baker or Jimmy was visiting. If Susie was already downstairs, all wet diapers were changed in the living room, with Jimmy sent to the next room first. For messy diapers, Susie was usually taken upstairs to be changed. A few times, Susie looked over from the pad on the living room floor as she was being changed and saw Jimmy peeking from the kitchen. Instead of complaining or pointing him out, she pretended not to have noticed though her heart began beating rapidly. There was something exciting about having a handsome, nineteen-year old boy secretly watch her while she was stripped naked like a little baby and changed into dry diapers. She was also excited every time she was taken upstairs and spanked while he was visiting or when his mother referred to a spanking he had just received or was going to get that night at bedtime.

Once, when the grown ups let Jimmy come up and get her up from her afternoon nap, he had bent over her crib and kissed her as she lay there in her pink sleeper - the first time a boy had ever kissed her. By the end of the summer, Jimmy was kissing her whenever he had a chance and fondling her diapered bottom under her sun dress when no one was looking. Susie wondered if she was going to be back for another summer.