My first and Naughty Punish...

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My first and Naughty Punishment

Sitting together watching a movie on the couch was wonderful. They looked at eachother and kissed sweetly... He had this planned... The begining all about her.. Then middle and end.. Just him. He told her he had to get something and came out with a whip and her nipple clamps hanging from his mouth.. He said Daddy wants you to come here babygirl.. Come see daddy.. She followed him into their room as she thought it would be a fun night of slightly kinky sex.. She lay on the bed and he handcuffed her... hands behind her head. She said honey what are you going to do to me.. He replied You refer to me as daddy.. or else... I want you to put my cock in your mouth and all the way down your throat! (his cock seemed bigger than a normal one.. It was wider and about 3 inches longer) She said ohh but I can't.. You know i have tried and i cant do it.. He forced her mouth over his cock and began to make her gag.. He said take it you little bitch and I told you to refer to me as daddy.. You have already done two things wrong.. Next he told her this time you will take it without gagging... Sure enough she gagged.. That was strike three.. He said you are a little whore and you will be punished.. Good little girls treat their daddies right and with respect.. You dont treat me that way.. He clamped her nipples and left the room.. He told her to shut her eyes... He came back with a fleet and a 1/2 full red bag.... Since she had her eyes shut he hung the bag and had everything all ready.. he said now kiss me you little sex slave kiss me now! His bulge rubbed her leg.. He had her laying like this for a reason... She was unable to see anything behind her and couldnt move her hands to turn over. He said in 1 minute I promise i will make you scream.. She lay there excited.. He lubed the fleet and bagan to rub it round her hole.. she said daddy what is that? With that he shoved the tip in fully and told her to relax.. she said oh daddy no.. He said this is what girls get that dont listen to their daddys.. Having never had one before she wasnt sure what was going to happen next.. He squeezed the fleet into her until it was empty.. He removed it and said no leaks do you understand your daddy.. She said OMG my belly hurts daddy i need to use the bathroom now.. He put his hand on her stomach and says You may use the bathroom when I say you can.. And that will not be for about 10 minutes.. She said but my stomach hurts so badly its cramping and painful.. He said you will listen to your daddy and make daddy happy from now on right you dirty cunt? She said yes daddy as he shoved his manhood once again into her mouth... This time she was able to take a little more but it wasnt anything compared to the bad cramping she had.. She stopped about 3 minutes later and said daddy i really have to go.. he looked at her and said suck bitch i didnt say you could speak.. After a few more minutes he let her release her bowels.. Little did she know he had a camera recording it to play back to her.. after done she said daddy can we fuck now? He said no little girls dont get off that easily.. daddys get what they want and i am to make you full... She laid down in submission to his demand and he took the nozzle and lubbed it up.. since everything was all ready for her he inserted it into her tight little rosebud and she screamed.. it was much bigger than the other..He said i told you i would have you screaming.. With the clamp still not released he told her now baby.. you will recieve an enema you will enjoy the hot soapy water i have prepared for you.. The soap will make you cramp and only daddy will be herre to calm you down... He began the flow.. after about a minute she had some very bad cramping.. He told her it would be okay and daddy would make it better.. he rubbed her belly.. Once the cramping subsided he started the flow again.. this time she was begining to feel very bloated and full very quickly.. All of the sudden he said baby you are now full of one quart of water.. this one must last 15 minutes... can I eat your pussy? She was doggie style and he got under her and began to eat her dripping wet pussy... She said daddy is this my punishment? He said yes babygirl your punishment is recieveing enemas.. you will get at least 2 every day for one week until you beg me for another.. And you will... Daddy knows whats best for his little girl.. She said daddy these cramps hurt bad.. he saiid ohh dont worry about that either my little sex slave.. the more i fill you the more you will hurt.. wait until i give you 2 quarts.. then 3... and when its slowly.. and you have to go so bad.. you cant.. you disobeyed me tonight... She said how much longer daddy.. He said once you suck my cock and i orgasm you can go.. That will take about 10 more minutes.. She sucked and sucked and sucked until his warm load graced the back of her throat. She said daddy i really have to go.. he rubbed her belly and carried the bag to the bathroom with her.. The nozzle was pulled and she bagan to go.. mostly clear fluids since the fleet had cleaned her out.. he said okay no i want you to finger yourself as you go.. she did as she was told... after she finished in there he said now look up and smile bitch.. I will make you watch this every night for the next week.. watch you squirm whenever you get your enema and watch the feeling it gives you when you finally release.. We will watch it together.. Oh by the way... Daddy wants to have anal sex.. This is a requirement nightly too.... He led her into their room and put her doggy again.. without lubing his cock.. he entered her vagina.. just to get wet enough to prick her bud... They had amazing sex and again she was his little bitch who had disobeyed him.. he would tug the clamps and whip her for some extra pleasure... She was sobbing.. by the time the night was over her had made her cry so much he felt kind of bad.. he finished in her ass and pulled out... His penis now limp.. They went to the bathroom shower together... They both got in and he made her kneel down.. She was given a golden shower and told she deserved to be humiliated.. This is what she had been all night... The camera was still rolling... After the shower they retired to their room and he lay with his arms wrapped around his good little girl for her first and second enema!