The worst possible scenario

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The worst possible scenario


I had been browsing online about different things regarding diapers, and bed wetting. My friend often told me he wore diapers, and enjoyed doing so. He told me occasionally he’d wet himself and even mess himself on a good day. He’d been feeling so great about doing what he’d been doing, and I was fascinated by his stories, that I thought I must try this. I loved being cared for, so what better way to be cared for then to be a baby again. At first I went to the store bought some diapers and when I felt like it Id put one on. It felt strange at first, but I liked the feeling of being a baby. The diaper though was my first step to playing around with the idea of being a baby. Now if only someone would be able to change me and care for me like a baby.

A couple months later the least expected thing happened, my aunt who worked at the hospital across town, got into a fight with my uncle, and needed a place to stay. Family is very important so I told Aunt Barb she could stay with me. She was very happy about the offer and excepted. This meant though that now I’d have to be careful in my playing being a baby. Id hoped that some day I’d find a daddy (bf) who was into this like my friend Phil and be able to take care of me. Well I got what I wanted, but boy was it embarrassing.

Aunt Barb was suppose to have been at work from 5pm-1am, I figured while she was at work, I’d play around a little, try wetting, and seeing how that felt. So I went into my room, where I hid the diapers and put one on, did my usual browsing on the web, seeing what else is new, and what other options I had as far as playing. I read that some “Mommys” and Daddy’s give there little girls baby good, and pacifiers. Perhaps that is something I could get a pacifier when I sleep. That would be on my agenda for the following morning.

At around 9:30 I wet myself, and boy it felt strange, Phil had told me to sit in them for a while to get used to it so I took his advice. I set the timer and was going to sit in them for 45 minutes to an hour if I could.

I lay in my bed, that had a plastic sheet underneath, I don’t know why I had it, and I laid in bed, sucking my thumb going to bed, figured the timer would wake me up in time to change my diaper before Aunt Barb came come.

Was I ever wrong, at around ten past Ten I’m woken up by my aunt who asks me if I’m feeling okay, of course I told her, just wanted to have a nap, so we could hang out after you came home I lied. My aunt hadn’t’ noticed the diaper I assume I was somewhat covered so she couldn’t, luckily. All of a sudden my aunt who I guess has a good smell, said to me it smells like urine in here, that’s strange I said. I started getting worried, that Aunt Barb would realize what I was doing. Aunt Barb told me she was going to go in the kitchen to grab a drink, if I wanted to join her, I told her sure, I’d meet her down stairs, I just wanted to freshen up a tad. Phew I thought she didn’t notice my diaper I quickly ran, to the diaper closet grabbed another diaper, cleaned myself up, put the diaper in a garbage bag and brought it to my garbage disposal .

I sat down stairs with my Aunt for a while we both had something to drink and talked about our lives, and she told me about her fight with my uncle. It was getting late and we decided to go to bed. I figured Id try wearing a diaper to bed. Figuring my aunt was in her room I leisurely put my diaper on, all of a sudden a knock at my door, and she opened the door and said nothing for a moment and then asked me if I had any extra blankets. Yes I told her startled. There I was laying doing up my diaper. I didn’t know what to think or do. My aunt didn’t say anything either. I put on a pair of pants went to my closet and got her a blanket.

We both went to bed , wow I thought if my mom would have seen me she would have freaked. The next morning at the kitchen table my aunt started asking me something and then stopped then she said I need to ask you a question, last night I saw you in diapers, is everything okay? Yeah I said just been having some night mares lately that have me wetting myself a little I lied, just feel better with diapers I lied.

Lisa, she said I think that should get checked out, how about you come with me to the hospital and I can have a nurse help me check you out. You haven’t got plans today have you? No I said not knowing what to expect now, I hated going to the hospital.

I was in for a shock of a life time though when I arrived Aunt Betty told the receptionist, she wanted me to get looked at by Dr. Samson. No problem the receptionist told her asking my aunt to fill out the paper work. It came time, and I was called in, the nurse had filled out all the paper work and I had no idea what I was in for. What I didn’t know is that Dr. Samson was a doctor for babies and such. A nurse walked in took my vitals, and told me she needed to check my temperature, alright I said as I waited, Lisa dear you are going to need to lay on your belly my aunt said. What? No you’re not putting the thermometer in my butt are you? Aunt Betty quickly jumped in, Dr. Samson likes his temperatures done rectally, don’t worry it won’t hurt, and it will be quick. What was I getting myself into I wondered. I turned over on my stomach, and felt the nurse pull my panties down, I heard her putt on gloves then some noises drawers opening and stuff. Lisa my dear the nurse said I’m going to take your temperature now it may be cold, but quick, stay still for me, I laid there feeling my butt cheeks being pried open and this thermometer being inserted I squirmed and begged for it to get taken out, there there Aunt Barb said don’t worry hunni it will be done shortly. Then the doctor came in while I was this thermometer protruding from my butt . Oh looks like she’s almost ready for her check up Dr. Samson said. Yes said my aunt, thank you for having a look at her.

My pleasure Dr Samson said. After give minutes, the thermometer was taken out of my butt, then there was silent’s, I wondered what was going on. Then about give minutes later nurse said I had a bit of a fever that Dr. Samson would take care of.

Alright Lisa the Dr said sit up on the table for me, so I did. You’re here for a check up are you? I think so I said. Your aunt tells me you’ve been having some wetting problems when did this start he asked me. I looked at him, looked at my aunt, and looked down to the floor, umm I said not too long ago, I had no idea what to say. You’d so longer than a week shorter? Um. About a week I said quickly. Don’t worry we’ll get you looked after.

My aunt was now lonely since her husband and her were in a fight, and she wanted someone to look after so she had planned to turn me into a baby, thinking since I wear diapers I may as well be a baby. Your aunt and I need to talk outside for a moment to discuss your fever treatment we’ll return shortly. I lay there, wondering what was going on. Few minutes later Dr came back did a whole check up and told me to lay on my stomach again. I did he pulled down my panties. What are you doing Dr I said sacredly. Just some medicine child don’t worry, it will be done in no time. He moved away from me, I saw him preparing a needle NOOOO I cried I don’t want a needle. Don’t worry Lisa it won’t hurt at all. Barb dear the doctor said would you hold her over your lap may make this process a lot easier he said. Sure my aunt said. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I cried as the needle struck me. There Lisa wasn’t’ so bad was it? After he went to a drawer pulled out a pair of diapers and placed them on me, had some powder poured it on me, and went to get a weird bullet like looking thing, lifted my legs up as if he were to whip a baby and inserted something into me. I found out later it was a suppository, OWWW it burns I cried, please take it out owww owwww oww, he kept is finger in my butt for a couple more minutes, and then closed my diaper up. I continued to cry softly as he told me aunt some suff and gave her a list of things to get the pharmacy for me.



On the way home I could really feel the suppository working and really had to use the washroom. Aunt Barb I said I really need to go to the washroom, since she was driving she kept driving. We just need to make a stop at the pharmacy she told me, it will be quick. I was getting soo nervous, I would be pooping my diaper if I didn’t get home. Aunt Barb I said I really have to go. Don’t worry you have your diaper you may as well use it. Then she told me try and sleep maybe it would not feel as bad. She would run into the pharmacy grab what she needed and come back out.

While she went in the pharmacy she picked up a bag of stuff, and I decided to keep my mind off me having to go bathroom, but all of a sudden with no warning, it came out, ohm it didn’t’ feel good at all, was like one of the weirdest feeling things ever. Nurse Barb came in the car and said oh my you really did have to go didn’t you. She drove home. Let me change you Lisa she said, oh its okay Aunt Barb I can do it. Oh please let me take care of you Lisa you’ve so generously let me stay at your place least I could do is take care of you.

I agreed and she changed me, she’d bought wipes, suppositories, rectal thermometer, pacifier, and some other things at the store. Once she changed me she showed me the pacifier she’d bought me, told me to lay down for a nap and she’d prepare lunch. I did I laid down and feel asleep. I dozed off.

When I woke up there was a surprise of my life. I was feeling more like a baby, and didn’t’ feel as strong as I did. I screamed AUNT BARB, help. She came running to my room. I feel like I can’t really move properly, I feel weak, and strange, she said. Oh Barb said the medicine worked. Medicine? Yes the injection Dr Samson gave you, it to relax. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. She came up and brought me a bottle of milk. Here hunni drink up. What’s this I said its milk. I accepted it as if it were normal.

I drank it. Something had been put into it, to make me, talk like a baby, and act more like a baby.

Auntie I said , me all wet pwwease change me, I said. Okay hunni my aunt said, I’ll change you again.

She changed me, and told me to go play, when I went to my living room it was transformed into a baby room, with toys, she let me play down stairs for a bit, and said she had a little bit of work to do upstairs, and that she would come down and play with me later.

I started playing with the toys. I started to cry some of the stuff that was in my milk or something started wearing off, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me My aunt told me that she thought Id be acting funny since I got there and noticed or figured Id been wanting to be a baby, and had it so that I would be a baby. I would have to act like a baby, and my aunt would treat me like one. Id go to bed early, eat baby food, and use my diapers. I cried please I don’t like this, too bad you’re going to be a baby for at least the month. She pulled me towards her laid me on the floor, took my diaper off, lifted me like the doctor is and inserted something, OOWWW I said it hurts Auntie what is it? it’s a suppository it will help you go number 2 in your diaper and also help relax you. I started to cry. She then brought my upstairs to what she called my nursey my bed had been transformed into a crib well she had pillows all along my bed as if it were a crib. We’ll get your nursey set up more tomorrow Lisa for now, this is what you have.

I cried I don’t want a nursey I don’t want any of this I just want to be a big kid again. To bad Lisa, Aunt barb said, this is how it will be. She then pulled handcuffs out of her suite case tied me up on my bed and told me to lay there and think about what I would be going through.

I was super scared, and didn’t like where this was going one little bit.



A couple hours later she came back into my room, id been sleeping and she woke me up. Lisa sweetie time to get up. I cried, and looked down at my wet diaper. I wet auntie , pweease change me, I said.

Okay Lisa my aunt said, you’re a good girl I’ll change you. She moved me to the bathroom where there was a change mat layed out as well as diaper, wipes, cream and powder. She took off my wet diaper, took some wipes, wiped my clean, I could feel her fingers, spreading cream all over me, and then she took powder. I started crying, again. Hush baby, auntie is almost done. I no baby I cried. Aunt Barb slapped me on the butt and reminded me, she’s wearing diapers talking like a baby, acting like a baby and will get treated like one. She went to the cupboard, took out a jar or suppositories and inserted another one into my butt, OWWWW Auntie I cried and squirmed, stay still auntie said, as he finger was buried in my rectum holding the suppositories in place. After a couple minutes she closed up my diaper and told me she was having a friend baby-sit her, because she was going to go shopping for some more things she needed for me. I cried, no I no want babysitter. I felt so embarrassed I didn’t want anyone else to see me in diapers. You’ll be okay Lisa I won’t be gone for long you’ll be fine. I cried she said maybe your cranky because your tired she said, she put me back into the bed tied my arms up, so I wouldn’t move. Oww I no want dees I said. I don’t want you getting out of bed, or moving around. She left my bedroom I could hear the phone she was calling the babysitting who would be coming over to watch me. Sure Phil, in about 10 minutes would be great. My ears and mind jumped when I heard the name Phil. WHAT? I thought Phil is coming to watch me, this was the most embarrassing thing ever. A few minutes later Aunt Barb came to my room telling me that a nice guy named Phil would be coming over, to babysit me, she knew Phil from the Hopsital he helped out there too. I cried and I cried, Auntie she held me tight and said no worries hunni, everything will be okay. I will only be gone a couple hours. She brought me down stairs and let me watch TV. Door bell rang Phil came into the house, he had a bag with him. I brought some books to read he sad to my aunt. She was just changed theirs formula in the fridge, and diapers upstairs let me show you she said, as she showed him upstairs. Meanwhile I was down stairs watching TV. Oh gosh I thought I cannot believe he’s going to be playing with me. I heard them coming down the stairs so I pretend to be sleeping Aww my auntie said she’s sleeping, let her sleep for half hour she said then wake up her feed her and you may need to change her diapers. Have a good one hunni she said quietly as she kissed me forehead. Once my aunt left, I woke up and Phil said to me ; WOW , I never realized you were going to take it to this level he said. I’m impressed and a little turned on he said.

All of a sudden I felt the suppositories do their work, Phil I said pweese wet me use da baff woom I need to poo poo . Do it in your diaper he said. Der mezin in my bum it hurts make me go poo. I know Phil said your aunt told me she wants to get you used to taking a poo in your diaper so she inserts suppositories, I think that’s pretty hot. I can’t wait to change your diaper. Take your doo doo, and I’ll change you. Push it out Lisa, Push it out. I started crying, and I had no choice the poo came out of me. I cried and started to squirm on the couch, pwwease change me pwease. Phil didn’t hesitate one bit, and brought my upstairs.

Laid me down on the bathroom floor, undid my diaper and wiped my clean. Then he started wiped my vagina. Ooo pwwease no, I cried. I am just cleaning you up. He mad me laying down there and took his time wiping every little bit of me, he then came with a thermometer and Vaseline, alright come over my lap he said, I cried nooooooooooooooo don’t do dat, no take my temperature I cried. I have to princess. You’ll like it. He inserted his finger into the Vaseline and then into my butt. OOOO I cried pwwease take it out peeease,. He started twirling it around, in my butt. I cried more, but then I started to enjoy the feeling, then he started moving it in and out in and out, I didn’t like it but liked it all at the same time.

I didn’t know what I should be feeling. Finally he took it out and told me I had no fever, but he was going to insert a suppository anyways. Wow he said to me, I can’t believe my dream is coming true, I always dreamed about playing with you like this.

I squirmed and tryied wiggling off his lap. He slapped my bum, hard gave me ten good wacks. I cried OWWWWW OWWW, as his hands landed on my butt. You going to stay still so I can insert this suppository? Ok okay, he inserted it a bit I squirmed a again he smacked my bum again, and drove the suppository further up my bum. OWWWWWWWWW, he then got another one and inserted another one. Because your being mad Im going to insert another suppository. And guess what my bag as a butt plug Im inserted that too, that will teach you. Once the plug is in Im going to spank your bottom until its read, and you won’t be able to sit anymore. I pleaded and begged for him not to, there was nothing I could do. He was going to insert the plug into me whether I liked it or not. He took the butt plug inserted into me, I cried he could tell I was in a bit of discomfort, and continued slowly inserted the plug. I cried some more hush princess your all done down. He did up my diaper, held me in his lap and cooed its okay now darling your okay, just relax.

Your spanking is coming up. He thew me over his lap again and started to spank me, I cried each time his hand landed on my bottom, after 20 swats he stopped. Then he had me lay on my back and told me he’d be right back he was getting something else. He got my pacifier and inserted it in my mouth told me to keep that in my mouth and we’d be going down stairs to watch TV.

The phone rang it was my auntie, she went to work, on her way back and she had to go on a meeting and wondered if Phil could watch me for a couple days. Of course he said. Phil came back and told me the news. I cried. He then when and got my bottle and I drank it, feel asleep. While Id been sleeping Auntie had come back bought a crib, change table and a few other supplies. Had phil help set it up.

In the mornig I woke up with a HUGE surprise



To my surprise I woke up in a crib my arms, and legs were tied to the ends of the crib so I couldn’t move. I screamed and cried, until Phil showed up. Ah my little baby has woken up. I started to cry, I had so much doo doo in my diaper, I wanted to get changed real bad. He teased me a little patting my butt, where the poo was starting rubbing it a bit, making it known that it was in fact there. I started to cry and said Please Phil Please Change me, he started to spank me, ask my properly and I may. I started crying shaking trying to get untied but nothing did, I was tied up and there was nothing I could do about it. I squirmed and squirmed Phil said he’d leave until I was done throwing a hissy fit. He left the room for a bit.

When he walked in, I had settled down and he untied me, got me out of the crib and had me get onto the change table. I’ll change your diaper now he said, as he undid the straps of my diaper and cleaned me up. I think you need a bath he said, as he threw me in the tub, cleaned me all up, and had me back on the change table. The change table looked like an exam table from a doctors office, even had stirrups on them and everything he had me lay on my back and put my feet in the stirrups. Tied me arms and whips down to the table. I started to cry why are you typing me up like this I cried. I will give you the baby treatment you will never forget he said I’ll be right back.

He left the room and came back with a bag, of things, placed it on the table beside him. Pulled a blind fold out of his bag, and put it around my eyes. I don’t want you to see what’s in store for you just wet he said, as I heard him getting things ready. All of a sudden I felt my butt cheeks being spread and something gushy, he was tubing up my butt. I squirmed a little. Stay still he demanded of me, it didn’t feel good, I cried, he left me laying there with my butt feeling all gross and violated , I heard water running and wondered what he was doing now. Maybe he had to use the washroom I thought. He then came into the room and I heard him setting things up. Next thing I felt was something being inserted into my butt. UGH I moaned. What are you doing I said. Cleaning you out with a nice warm enema he said. A WHAT? I weakly yelled. Next thing I heard was a click and water running into me, I cried and tried to shake this thing out of me, this was not fun at all. I started to cry I gotta go, don’t worry he said this bag isn’t half way empty yet, your talking the full 2 qrtz, and you’ll hold it in there for a while too. I started to break out in crying. I couldn’t’ believe what he was doing to me. I regretted so much talking about being a baby, with him, and getting interested enough to experiment myself I could have saved myself this big mess.

Finally the bag was empty and I was done holding it, and I was ready to expel. This was first time, since Id been told Id get stuck in diapers and only diapers I used the toilet it felt so amazing. Don’t get used to this he said. This will be one of the only times you’ll get to use the potty young lady. Finally 20 minutes later I was empty, and he brought me back to the change table. I was still blind folded for all this he had to lead me. He then told me to lay and rest tied me all back up. And left. I laid there wondering what the heck was going on.

I hear the door bell. Oh no who could that be? My Aunt is back I hope not. Phil came back up, undid my blind fold and untied me, and had me sit up. He then said c’mon in guys. As two of his friends walked in the room.



I looked blankly, at Phil, looked at his two friends and broke down crying, here I was sitting naked on this change table, and the guys looking right at me. Adam is a doctor he said and offered to have a look at you, Tom is in training, and will assist Adam he said. Phil whispered in my ear you better do as they say, and obey or I will spank you in front of them, maybe even get them to spank you is that clear?

I felt completely helpless. My eyes started to water. Hey Lisa Adam said to me. I looked away and put my hands on my breast, trying to cover them up. LISA Phil said sternly, uncover your breasts the doctor is going to give you a full body exam. Adam walked over to me, and grabbed my hand. Don’t worry Lisa, this won’t take long, just want to make sure you’re in good health. He then said are you ready if so we’ll get started. Tom would you grab me my stethoscope and my supplies please. Tom went into the doctors bag and grabed a few things. First thing was a tongue depressor, Adam told me to open up my mouth so I did, he stuck it a little further in, I tried to pull away. Just checking gag reflex he said. Everything seems to be okay. He then checked my heart, ears , nose throat and then said, alright get on your hands and knees time to get your temperature. I cried. And did as the doctor said. I heard him put on rubber gloves , Tom the Vaseline please he said, could you also shake down the thermometer. Phil Adam said you may have to make sure she doesn’t move so could you help me keep her in this position, he said. Of course Phil said, as he held my hips. I then felt my butt cheeks being spread and a finger, being inserted umph I moaned again. Few minutes later I felt the familiar yet dreaded thermometer being inserted, I squirmed. Phil gave me a kick whack on the butt, to remind me, what he had said to me earlier. I laid still while the temperature was registering, I then felt something being inserted into my vagina. AHH what’s that I said. Don’t worry Lisa we’re taking a vaginal reading as well like to compare the difference. Finally it was done and he removed both thermometers, everything is okay he said. Tom you can clean the thermometers for me he said. Phil did you give her an enema he said? Yes I did. Perfect. He then got out something that looked weird. Oh my gosh it was a vibrator. He opened up me up and inserted the vibrator into me, he then inserted one in my butt, there now just relax, there while I examine your tits ehm I mean breasts he said.

He pinched them, sucked them did all sorta of things to them as I started getting very wet, I started moving my hips and I was really enjoying the vibrations at both ends. Started to get overwhelming and I asked for it to stop. He stopped the anal vibrator and inserted a simple butt plug, and continued working on my boobs. Finally he was done and took out the vibrator and anal plug. He then inserted a tampon into my vagina, and told me to lay on my stomach. I cried, why? When is this exam going to be done. I have to check your temperature again he said. I got on my stomach. I saw him pull a big bigger thermometer out of his bag, and dipped it into the Vaseline, and then into my butt I squirmed and moaned, I was starting to like all this anal penetration. When he was done he inserted four suppositories and told phil I was done. Phil came over with a diaper which he put on me. Both Tom and Adam looked she wears diapers? She does indeed. Tom looked I thought you were joking, when do I get to examine her Tom said to Adam, tomorrow its your exam I hope you paid close attention.

After Adam and Tom left Phil and I went into my room, he through me over his lap and started to spank me. I cried, why are you spanking me he said. You seemed to enjoy that exam near the end too much, for that you will be spanked until your red. The suppositories started taking effect, I cried oww I gotta poo, do it in your diaper he said as he continued to spank me.

Couple days later my Aunt came home. Phil left and Aunt Barb said to me, I hope you learned your lesson. If you were going to wear diapers and act like a baby I had a plan to see if you liked it. So did you?

Well Aunt Barb I liked the diapers but not getting treating like a baby part. Well she said at least you learned your lesson, you don’t have to try and hide anything from me, your Aunt is smart and WILL figure this stuff out.

I huged her and we had a great time, for the rest of her stay