High School Bedwetter

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High School Bedwetter

[ A girl's perspective ]

The year before high school I discovered the joy of masturbation. I would wake up every morning slip my hand down my panties, part my lips, and finger my clit until I came.

At the end of my freshman year I was still doing this. One morning I woke up put my hand down my panties and froze. My panties were wet. I pulled my hand out and felt my pajama bottoms, they were wet. I felt my sheets they were wet. Crap, crap, crap I thought. I had wet the bed.

I knew I had to get out of these wet things, but I was so used to playing with myself before I got up I decided that I could clean up after I was done. So I slipped my hand back down my panties and proceeded to masturbate.

As soon as I was finished I took off my cloths and stripped my bed. I bundled every thing up and took it down the hall to the laundry room. Since I was the one in charge of doing laundry, it wouldn't seem weird to have the machine running.

I took a shower and got ready for school. As I headed out the door I threw the now clean things in the dryer. At school I decided to put it out of my mind. Maybe this was a onetime thing, maybe I had too much pop before I went to sleep, maybe I had been sleeping so deeply I forgot to get up to pee.

That night after putting the sheets back on the bed I climbed into it and tried to sleep. It took forever to get to sleep. I was so worried I would wet the bed again that I ended up not falling asleep until 4am. The next morning I woke up and automaticly got started masturbating. Part way through I realized that my cloths were dry. I hadn't wet the bed. Great, I thought, it really had been a one time thing.

The end of school came and summer started. My 15th birthday was coming up in a week and I was so excited. I would be able to start driving lessons and get my driving permit.

The morning of my birthday I woke up to a wet bed. The great day I had helped me forget about the wet mess I had cleaned up.

A few days later I woke again to a wet bed. Then it happened 2 days later. Then again the night before. Over the rest of the summer I pretty much wet the bed every night.

Noticing that my mattress was becoming stained and had started to smell I tried cleaning it. That not working I sprayed the bed with the room spray I had taken from the bathroom. I started putting towels under my sheet. If you looked at my bed it looked normal. But if you laid on it you could feel the layers of towels under the sheet.

It definatly helped, but I was ending up with a lot of things to clean. Knowing it would seem weird to be washing things every morning I began to hide them in bag in my closet. So now only once I week I was using the washer.

That winter break my family moved from our small town to a city a few hours away. At the new house my sister's room was closer to mine. One morning I woke up and my sister was standing out my door.

"Did you wet the bed again?" my sister said.

Shocked that she knew, I mutely nodded yes.

"Since we moved I noticed you have been wetting the bed for the last month," she said. "Did this start before we moved?"

"It started several months ago," I lied.

"Why didn't you tell Mom?" she said

"I am too embaresed to"

"Well you better tell them, or I will"

January and Febuary flew by. Before I knew it the day before spring break had come. As usual I woke up in a wet bed and started masturbating. I took the cloths and sheets to the laundry room and headed towards my bathroom to take a shower. But passing my parents room my Mom opened the door.

"We need to talk," she said. "Lets go to your room."

In my room my stained mattress was exposed for all to see. My Mom pointed to it and said.

"We noticed your matress was stained when we moved. We knew you had wet the bed. I had thought it had stopped, that maybe it was an isolated thing. But your sister came to us a few days ago and told us you were wetting the bed almost every night. She also told us that you had promised to tell us, but you didn't. What is going on?"

"I was ashamed to tell you." I said.

"Ok, well you get ready for school. But just to let you know, tomorrow you are going to the doctor's office and we are going to find out what is wrong"

I nodded and got ready for school. The day flew by. When I got home and went to my room I noticed that my bed had been made. I lay down to read a book and noticed a weird crinkly sound. My mattress had been covered in a plastic sheet.

My mom came in and said, " I put a plastic sheet over your mattress. I don't want your mattress ruined any more than it already is."

The next morning laying in my wet bed I thought about how maybe seeing the doctor would be a good thing. Maybe there was something wrong with me. But the doctor didn't find anything and referred us to a specialist. The specialist didn't find anything wrong either. She told my mom that she should get me some protective underwear to sleep in (aka I was supossed to wear diapers".

At the store my mom took forever looking at all the different kinds of diapers. Concluding that they were all too small for my she took me to the isle that had adult diapers. She looked at all the different kinds and read the backs on the ones that seemed promising. I stayed at the end of the isle acting like I was really intrested by the meal replacement shakes. Finally she picked out some. When we were in the line to pay I kept looking around convinced that one of the kids from my new school would see me and know that I was a bedwetter.

That night an hour before bed time my mom brought the bag with the depends in them to my room.

"I need to put one of these on you," she said.

My sister was in the other room acting like she was watching tv, but she was laughing. My mom overheard this and said.

"Don't laugh and get over here. You need to learn how to do this too. I'm not going to be the only one in the house changing diapers."

My mom had me take off my pants and underwear and lay on the bed. I had my knees in the air. I was instructed to lift my butt up in the air. My mom slid the diaper underneath me and I put my but down. The diaper was so soft against my bare skin. As my mom finished putting it on she explained what she was doing to my sister. When they were done my mom spoke.

"Don't think that you can hide out in your room. The whole family knows you will be wearing a diaper. So you better get used to wearing it around us. At night you will be put in the diaper 30 min before bedtime. And in the morning you will come to the breakfast table in it. You will need to ask either your sister or me to change it." she told me.

I went to bed confused. I was embarresed that everyone knew I was in a diaper. Disappointed that the doctors found nothing wrong with me to fix. I was also kinda weirded out. Because I masturbated every morning wether I was dry or not I kinda associatted sexual pleasure with laying in a pee soaked bed.

The next morning I woke up dry. I needed to pee and I felt horny. Knowing that I was secure in my diaper I relaxed and let the pee flow into it. A warmth and wetness spread and I felt even more horny. I slipped my hand down the wet diaper and parted my lips. I rubbed my clit. The tingling started slow and intensified, then the pleasure expoded from my pussy radiating through the rest of my body.

I got up and waddled to the kitchen. My whole family looked up from the table to me.

Noticing the droopyness of my diaper my mom said "you need to be changed don't you?"

"Yes, I mumbled."

"Ok. Sister you come with us and I will teach you how to take off her diaper."

I shuffled behind them towards my room. After they took off the diaper I was instructed to take a shower and get ready.

Every day the same thing happened. Spring break ended and the school year continued.

I was really enjoying my masturbation sessions in my wet diaper. Summer was about to start and I was having so much fun in my diaper I decided that I would see if I could get my parents to let me wear them in the day. Over the next few weeks I started peeing in my pants.

It got to be so often that my mom took me back to the store to look for diapers to wear during the day.

My plan had worked. Things were going fine until one day my mom came to me.

"Your birthday is coming up and I have a surprise for you. Your best friend is coming to spend 2 weeks here." she anounced excitedly.

I was so happy for about a second before I remembered. I was wearing diapers day and night. I couldn't keep that hidden, she would know. The only reason none of my new friends knew was because we were at an age where sleepovers were no longer cool. And the depends briefs I wore during the day I was able to change myself. If my best friend came she would see me being changed.

She knew almost everything about me. We didn't keep secrets from each other. We always shared a bed when we had sleepovers. She even caught me masturbating once. I was trying to be quiet about it as I lay next to her sleeping body. She woke up to notice that my legs were spread and that the sheet over my pussy was moving. She watched me as I came. After I was done she spoke.

"You were masturbating weren't you?" she said.

Surprised that she was awake I quietly said yes.

"Don't worry about it. I thought you had been masturbating in the morning the last few times we had a sleepover. I don't mind. You don't have to hide it. I kinda find it fascinating." she said as she looked into my eyes.

From then on whenever I felt horny around her and we were alone I openly masturbated. I would masturbate in the morning like always. And if the night before we were watching a movie that turned me on I would unbutton my pants and slip my hand down my underwear. Sometimes she just ignored me, but other times she openly watched me.

Since we moved we still talked all the time. She had known that the summer I turned 15 I stopped asking her to spend the night, but she didn't know why. Now she was coming to stay for my 16th birthday. Even though we were really open with eachother, I didn't want her to know I was wearing a diaper.

"You need to tell her," my mom said. "she will be staying with you and you will not be able to hide it from her."

The next morning she came. We hugged and headed to my room. We sat on the bed to catch up. She gave me a funny look as we sat down. I noticed that she was feeling the mattress. Knowing that she was noticing the plastic mattress cover I started to speak.

"You are my best friend and we tell eachother everything, I need to let you know I have been keeping a big secret from you," I said not looking at her. "I wet the bed. It started a year ago and it happens every night."

"Is that why you stopped asking me to spend the night?"


"Don't be embarresed. My cousin is 18 and he wets the bed. When he comes over I've seen his mom change him."

Relieved to hear this I continued "I also wet myself during the day"

"Really," she said. "Are you wearing a diaper right now?"

"Yes," I said.

"OMG, let me see." she exclaimed.

Slowly I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down a little.

"that is so weird"

Totally embarresed I started to wet myself. Once I start I can't stop. My depends had an indicater line on the front to show when they were wet. She gasped as she noticed the blue line disappearing.

"You just peed yourself"

"It was an accident, I was nervous"

"Do you need to be changed"

I told her I could do it myself. The she surprised me.

"Can I watch?"

Knowing that she had seen me pee myself I figured how it couldn't get any more awkward, so I let her watch.

Through the rest of the day she kept looking at me and my pants. Excited I wet them more than usual. I had to keep going to change. That night as usual my mom came to my room.

"Time to put on your diaper," she said.

My best friend started to leave the room, but my mom said.

"you don't have to leave. I know that you know that she is can't control her bladder anymore. Stay and watch. I know you won't mind helping out. And you might need to change her during the night. " she said.

Knowing that I was turning red I took off my wet depends and laid down on a towel on the floor. My mom diapered me and told us good night.

"Will I really need to change you?" my friend said.

"Maybe," I replied.

"We stayed up so late talking. I wet my diaper while we were talking. Since she didn't notice I figured she wouldn't have to change me. But after I wet myself for the second time I realized she had to change me.

"I'm wet" I said.

"O...K..." she said "I guess I'll change you."

After changing me I was so turned on. I thought about masturbating, but knew that if I did she would know that I was turned on by her changing my wet diaper. She noticed the familiar expression on my face.

"OMG, you are turned on. You are horny because I changed you." she said laughing.

"Yes, I admitted. I kinda want to masturbate."

"Don't let me stop you" she said.

Nervously I spread my legs and put my hand down my diaper. I rubbed myself, somewhat consious of were intently watching me.

"Wow that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen" She said.

I blushed.

"It wasn't weird in a bad way it was just intresting. You are a 16 year old who can drive, but you wear a diaper and get so turned on by it that you masturbate. It is such a odd sight to see a teenaged girl masturbating only wearing a t-shirt and a diaper."