"Little girl" 's exam

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"Little girl" 's exam


Part 1

I'm thirty, but I'm my Daddy's "little girl." We've been having this relationship for six months, and I love that Daddy gets to tell me what to do.

I was never molested or hurt by my actual father; he was actually pretty easy on all of us about discipline. He was a good father, just a bit of a pushover. Not Daddy. When Daddy wants something, with very few exceptions, I'd better be ready to do whatever it is - or face the consequences, which are usually worse!

And this is how we wound up at the doctor's office. See, Daddy loves to play with my ass, but can't seem to penetrate me. I'm too tight. So he brought me here to see if the doctor could help us.

We walked into a nice waiting room with very soft carpet and well-padded chairs. Daddy told me to sit while he told the nurse at the desk that we were here for my exam. As I looked around, I realized that there were other Daddies and their girls and boys, and even a few Mommies. I'd had no idea there were so many other people like us. It made me feel a little less weird, but no less nervous.

Daddy came back to sit with me. "The nurse is going to get us in a few minutes," he said, stroking my hair.

"Daddy, I'm really nervous."

"Don't be," he said. "The doctor is going to make it all better." He brought his mouth close to my ear; "He's going to make it so that Daddy can get his cock in your hiney-hole and make you feel good in a whole new way. You want that, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy," I whispered, squirming. I could feel myself getting wet already. I was going to tell Daddy so - he likes me to tell him the minute I get wet - when the nurse came and took us to the exam room.

It was a big room, to my surprise. The nurse saw me looking around, and smiled. "It's as large as it is so that the doctor and his assistants and your Daddy can all be here without running into each other," she said. "Now I'll need you to strip and get on the table for me."

I did, and looked for a gown, but there wasn't one. Blushing at being naked in front of the pretty nurse, I got up on the table. She asked me to spread my legs and put my feet in the stirrups, and then she sat on a little stool and scooted close to me. I glanced at Daddy, who grinned at me when he saw how wet I was. To my embarrassment, the nurse noticed too; "Someone's a little excited," she said, and smiled at me. "Try to relax; I'll be putting a lubricating suppository in your rectum."

I tried to relax, but I jumped when her gloved finger gently touched my hole. "Please relax, dear. I promise this won't hurt." She looked over her shoulder at Daddy. "Maybe it would help if Daddy distracted you a little?"

"Sure," Daddy said, and got up. He spread my labia a little and put a fingertip on my clit, barely moving. "That's my good girl," he said as I relaxed. "The nurse has to get that in there so your little hole will be allll wet," he singsonged. I moaned when she touched me again, and when she gently pushed the suppository in, I strained up to make Daddy rub me harder. But when she pulled her finger out, Daddy stopped too. I whined.

"Don't worry, dear - you'll be getting more of that soon," the nurse said, patting my thigh. Then she left.

"Daddy, what's going to happen?"

He grinned down at me. "You'll see," is all he would say.

The doctor came in a few minutes later, introduced himself to Daddy, and then to me. He sat down on the stool and scooted close just like the nurse had. "Has she been allowed to orgasm? he asked Daddy.

"No, Doc, I did just what you said."

"Good, good. I think - " the door opened again, and two other doctors came in. I couldn't stand the fact that all these strange men could see my little slit and the wetness I couldn't hide. "Ah, gentlemen!" said the doctor. "Mr. Black, these are my associates, Doctors Jones and MacKenzie. They'll be assisting me today." Daddy nodded and shook their hands. The first doctor sat back down and finally spoke to me.

"I understand you have a little problem down here," he said, and smiled at me.

"Yes, Doctor," I whispered, feeling myself blush.

He and the other doctors put on latex gloves, and he lubricated his fingers. "Your Daddy can't penetrate you anally, can he? He can't get his penis in there?"

Somehow, the clinical language was even worse than the little-girl talk Daddy preferred. "No, Doctor," I whispered again.

"Well, we'll fix that today," he said jovially. "First, I'm going to touch your vulva. Do you know what your vulva is?"

This was horrible. I looked at Daddy, desperate for some cue. "Go ahead, honey," he urged. "Tell the doctor with the words Daddy lets you use."

"My lips...down there, and clit, and my pussy," I managed.

"Very good! I'm going to touch and examine all these parts," said the doctor. "And then we're going to examine your anus very, very throughly. What do you call your anus?"

" hiney-hole," I said, and cried. Daddy was there, stroking my face, in a heartbeat. "It's ok, little girl," he crooned. "Nothing's going to hurt."

"No, not at all," said the doctor. "If it does, you must tell us. We want this to feel good to you, so good that you will always want Daddy to do things to your anus," he soothed.

I swallowed and squeezed Daddy's hand. "I'm OK now," I said, trying to be brave. Daddy told me what a good girl I was, and sat down to watch the doctor touch me.

He ran his fingertips down the outside lips, then gently spread me open. "Doctor MacKenzie?" he said, and the other doctor stepped forward to hold my lips open. "That's excellent," the first doctor said. He touched my clit very softly, putting the pad of his finger on it, then moved it slowly to the opening of my pussy. I moaned a little. "Yes," he said, "this should be pleasurable to you. Now I'm going to touch your anus." He slid his finger down, spreading my shameful wetness down and around my hiney-hole. "How does that feel?" he asked.

" feels nice," I said.

"Good. Now I'm going to put a finger deep inside your vagina." He did, and I gasped. Wasn't Daddy going to be angry at how excited I was getting over these strange men touching me? He saw my eyes flick in his direction, and said, gently but sternly, "Pay attention to the doctor."

The doctor's finger was deep inside me, moving around, feeling all of me. I was still being held wide open by the other doctor's hands, exposed to all of them. "Good," said the doctor who was probing me. "Doctor MacKenzie, if you'll masturbate the patient now?"

"Certainly, Doctor," he replied. He smiled down at me. "Your Daddy has already told us how you like to be masturbated. But maybe you should tell me again, just to be sure."

"I like Daddy to pull everything apart and rub my clit with his finger, right on the head," I whispered.

"Like this?" he asked, doing just that.

"Yes, please, Doctor," I gasped.

"Excellent, Mac," said the doctor as he rotated his finger inside me. "That's a good girl...go ahead and come." I looked at daddy, who nodded, which pushed me over the edge. I came, screaming and writhing...

Part 2


The doctor smiled at Daddy. "Her vaginal tone is excellent," he said, pulling his finger out slowly. "I think we can proceed to the anal & rectal without further ado. Doctor MacKenzie, will you get the labial spreaders?"

Doctor MacKenzie let go of my lips and pulled a strange-looking thing out of a drawer. It was four straps with four padded clamps. The doctors all came over, and the three of them put my outer lips between them, running each strap around my thighs. The first doctor stepped back and admired their handiwork. "There. Now you're all nice and exposed, and we can masturbate you easily. Isn't that nice?"

"Yes, Doctor," I managed. I was humiliated and thrilled.

"Good, good. Doctor Jones?"

Doctor Jones stepped up with a thermometer in his hand. It was bigger than what Daddy usually used. He was lubricating it with some gel. "I'll need your Daddy to show us how he takes your temperature," he said, smiling at me. "Mr. Black?" he said.

Daddy got up and came over to me. I relaxed a little; I loved it when Daddy took my temperature, though I was usually over his lap when he did it. He explained his procedure to the doctors. "First, I lubricate and massage her anus..." Daddy rubbed my hiney-hole, pushing a little. "If she seems especially tight, I rub her clitoris with my free hand." To my horror, he showed them how he did that as they watched intently. "Then I press the tip of the thermometer to her anus, and press it in very slowly." I gasped; while it wasn't huge, this thermometer was still bigger than what I was used to. Doctor Jones noticed and said, "This is a veterinary thermometer, and it is bigger. You need to become more accustomed to larger objects penetrating you."

"Yes, Doctor," I whispered again.

"While it's in, I make sure to rotate it and move it in and out a little, and I masturbate her a little." Daddy's finger was on my clit, and I moaned. "Once it's been in long enough, I take it our and bring her to orgasm immediately. Then.." Daddy looked at me expectantly.

"Thank you, Daddy, for taking my temperature and making me come," I replied, the same way I always did. He beamed and patted my thigh.

Doctor Jones nodded. "Excellent procedure, Mr. Black. And after this, you begin anal play?"

"Sometimes," Daddy said.

"May I please see what you usually use?" Daddy pulled a bag I hadn't seen from under his chair. All the toys he usually used on my hiney-hole were there.

"Well," Doctor Jones said to me, "there are quite a few toys here, young lady. Do you like it when Daddy plays with your anus, when he makes it all nice and wet and pushes things into it?"

"Yes," I whimpered, ashamed but also unbearably aroused.

"That's a good girl," he soothed. "I'm going to start exploring you now." He sat on the little stool. "If anything hurts, you must tell me. Your Daddy wants this to feel good so that you will look forward to it. You want your Daddy to be able to use your anus, don't you?"

"Yes," I said, crying a little. I wanted Daddy to be able to put his cock in my hiney-hole more than anything, but it always hurt so much that he'd stop. I was so embarassed that theses strangers knew this.

"Good," he said. "I'm just going to rub your anus for a while." His slick finger, so smooth in the glove, began rubbing my hiney-hole. It made me squirm, and he started pressing it in a little. As he pushed his finger into me, he reached up and rubbed my clit with his other hand. "Good girl," he murmured. He started moving his finger in big circles, gently stretching my hiney-hole. I moaned and tried not to move. After a minute of this, he stopped rubbing my clit and slid his finger out. "Mr. Black, what size toy do you usually use first?"

"This one," Daddy said, holding up a small black buttplug. The doctor nodded. "I think our patient is aroused enough that we can go a step up." Daddy agreed and handed him the next bigger plug.

"I'm going to push this into you very slowly," Doctor Jones told me. "I'll be masturbating you, and I'll need you to tell me when to put more in."

"Yes, Doctor," I said. He lubricated the plug and put the tip against my hiney-hole, and then started rubbing my clit again. I felt the tip slide into me a little. "Would you like more?"

"Please...please put more in my hiney-hole," I begged. It felt so good, and his finger on my clit was almost as good as Daddy's. He pushed more in.

"It feels good when the toy stretches your anus like this, doesn't it?"

"Yes," I gasped. I was so close; "Can I come, Doctor?"

"You can come when the plug is fully inserted." He twisted it a little. "Should I put it all the way in?"

"God, yes, please, put it in me..."

"You'd like me to fill your anus with the plug?" he teased?

"Yes! Yes!" As he pushed it home, I came, screaming again. When I stopped, the plug was still in me. "Very good," Doctor Jones said. "I think you're ready for something much bigger already. Mr. Black, can you show me a toy one size smaller than your penis, please?"

This always made me excited, because if I could fit the toy that was close to Daddy's cock size, I'd surely be able to fit him in my hiney-hole. It just never seemed to work. The doctor gently pulled the plug out of me, and settled in to put the new one in.

"Doctor MacKenzie," he said as he greased up the new plug, "can you get the vibrator and place it for clitoral stimulation?"

"Of course, Doctor," he said, getting a bullet-type vibrator out of a drawer. He somehow attached it to the harness that was holding my lips open, put it on my clit, and turned it on. I gave a little shriek, though it felt good. It was so intense!

"Same thing," Doctor Jones said as he put the plug's tip in my hiney-hole. "You can orgasm when you take the whole plug in your anus."

It seemed to take forever, he pushed it in me so slowly. I was being stretched and spread and could feel every bit of the plug. I wanted to come so badly. "Please, please," I begged.

" 'Please' what?" he sing-songed?

"Please shove it up my hiney-hole!"

He did, and as the plug popped all the way inside me, I came so hard I saw stars. I came until I thought I'd pass out. I closed my eyes; the vibrator stopped, and the plug was pulled out as slowly as it had gone in.

Doctor Jones turned to Daddy. "She clearly enjoys this," he said. "I think perhaps one more exam is in order, and then we can proceed to the inflatable, and then attempt penetration."

Daddy nodded, stood up and took off his clothes. I was confused; surely they weren't going to do something to Daddy? The doctors and I noticed his erect cock at the same time, but they all chuckled.

"Our Daddies never have problems with this part of the exam," the first doctor said. "Now, little girl, we'll help you up while your Daddy lays down." Baffled but not caring much, I let Doctors Jones and MacKenzie get me off of and stand next to the table.

The first doctor turned to me. "You see, I will need to examine your anus while your Daddy penetrates you vaginally. You will mount your Daddy, insert his penis, and lean forward. All three of us will lubricate our fingers and examine your anus while he penetrates you. You need not ask permission to orgasm."

This was even worse. Daddy usually let people watch him fuck me when he wanted to punish me. "Daddy," I whimpered, "please, no."

He held out a hand. "It's not punishment," he said. "But the doctors have to examine you this way. Besides," he grinned, you like having things in your hiney-hole while Daddy fucks your pussy, don't you? Tell the doctors."

I turned to them, but couldn't look at them. "I like it when Daddy fucks my pussy when there's something up my hiney-hole," I admitted.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Doctor Jones said. "It's normal for little girls to like things in all their orifices." He helped me up on the table. I took Daddy's cock in my hand and pressed the head against my pussy, and started sliding him in the way I knew he liked. Once he was all the way in, Doctor Jones bent me forward and started rubbing my hiney-hole again.

"Oh, my - your anus is very soft. I can push my finger right in.." he said, and did so. The other two doctors stood at my head and asked me questions while Doctor Jones moved his finger in my hiney-hole. I closed my eyes and answered; did I like feeling all my holes filled? Did I want the doctor to put another one in? Did I like feeling his finger gliding over Daddy's cock? The answer was always yes, and then I came again.

"Excellent," Doctor Jones said as he eased out of me. "Two fingers, Doctors." I was slumped on Daddy's chest, beyond doing anything but getting fucked and probed and answering whatever they asked me. Doctor Mackenzie was next, and he slid two fingers into my hiney-hole easily but quickly. I gasped and squirmed. "Please," I begged again. "More, put more fingers in my hiney-hole."

A murmur of approval went around, and I was rewarded by three fingers stretching my hiney-hole. "Go ahead," he urged. "When you orgasm, it makes your Daddy's penis feel good." That was all it took to make me come again, my hiney-hole spasming around the doctor's fingers and my pussy gripping Daddy's cock.

The first doctor was ready. "This will be a little different," he explained as he massaged my hiney-hole. "I'll explore and examine your anus with my fingers, but I'll also be putting a vibrator inside you."

I moaned. "Daddy..."

"Yes, little girl," he said. "It'll probably make Daddy come. You want that, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy."

"That's my good girl."

The doctor got three fingers inside me so easily, I didn't realize it until he told me he was already in. Then he moved, spreading his fingers, stroking in and out of my hiney-hole. "That's it," he said. "Can you feel how I'm also touching your Daddy's penis? There's the head..." I came again, but they ignored that this time. I could hardly tell when he pulled his fingers out, though I gasped a little when the vibrator touched my hiney-hole. "Yes, it's a little bigger. But you want me to stretch your anus and make it feel good, don't you?"

I was beyond shame. "Yes, doctor. Please put it in my hiney-hole."

"Good, good girl," he said, and pushed it in. It didn't hurt, but it was bigger. Then he turned it on, and it made me come again. "Tell me how it feels," Daddy insisted.

" feels so good...I'm all full, all my holes are full, I like how I feel all stretched open, I like the doctors watching, I love the way your cock feels against the vibrator..." I lost control and came, with Daddy coming a few seconds after. The doctors gave us a few minutes to recover, then helped me get off Daddy and back on the table on my back again. Everything was a blur, and I didn't care about anything except having things up my holes and coming.

My clit was being massaged again, very slowly. Doctor Jones held up a black inflatable dildo. "It's time to make you ready for Daddy," he said, and moved back between my legs again.

Part 3


I looked at the shiny black dildo. Grinning, Doctor Jones pumped it up...and up...and up. It was huge. "Don't worry - we won't be inflating it to maximum," he reassured me. I sighed with relief.

Once again, my hiney-hole was probed by his fingers. "Hmm. Doctor Fields, could I get a syringe of lubricant?"

Finally, the first doctor had a name. He brought over a syringe filled with clear gel. "This is very thick, so your anus and rectum will stay nice and wet and slick, and things will slide in and out of you easily," he explained. I felt the tip push into my hiney-hole, and then a strange, cool feeling as they filled me with the gel.

Doctor Jones pumped the dildo up a bit, and put the tip against my hiney-hole. I gasped; it was so smooth, and the biggest thing that had touched me so far. He pressed gently, and I felt my hiney-hole open a little. "Doctor MacKenzie? Can you begin masturbating her again?"

"With pleasure," Doctor MacKenzie replied. He was facing me this time; he put a finger and thumb to either side of my clit and stroked slowly. "I know this is different, but you can't be allowed to orgasm until more of the inflatable is inside your anus," he said.

"Yes, Doctor," I gasped, because he was close to making me come anyway. I felt the big dildo push against and into my hiney-hole a little more. "The head's inside you now," Doctor Jones said. "I'll insert it to the same length as your Daddy's penis, and then we'll blow it up a bit more, and then you can orgasm."

All I could do was whimper. The dildo slid slowly, smoothly into me, then stopped. Doctor MacKenzie kept stroking my clit, and nobody told me to stop moving my hips in time with his hand, so I didn't. The dildo started to inflate, and just before it started to hurt, Doctor Jones somehow knew and told Doctor MacKenzie to let me come. He did, suddenly stroking me the way I liked best again, one fingertip on my clit, right on the head. When I caught my breath, I wondered just how much more there could be. Nothing hurt or was sore, but I didn't know how many more times I could come without passing out or falling asleep.

"One more inflation, Mr. Black, and then we'll see if you can't penetrate," Doctor Jones told Daddy. Daddy nodded, and started taking his clothes off again.

Doctor MacKenzie only touched my clit every now and then, and I whined. "No more orgasms, young lady," he said sternly. "Not until your Daddy has penetrated your anus fully, at any rate. Now relax."

"Yes, just relax and let your anus stretch," Doctor Jones urged as he blew the dildo up even bigger. "There. We'll leave our patient for just a moment to adjust," he said. They were all staring at the sight of my wet hiney-hole stretched around the big, black thing inside it. I whined and begged to be allowed to come again, but they just grinned. After a few minutes, Doctor Jones deflated the dildo and eased it out of me. Doctor Fields and Daddy came up to the table.

"Your Daddy is ready to penetrate you anally," Doctor Fields said softly. "Are you ready?"

"Oh, god, yes, Daddy, please, please put it in me," I begged. Daddy smiled.

"Excellent," Doctor Fields said. "I'll be telling you everything that's happening," he told me. "Your Daddy will now stimulate your anus with the head of his penis...There, your anus is already relaxed and opening to him." I moaned. It felt so good, so wet and dirty, and I wanted more. "Yes, it feels good, doesn't it? Now he's going to slowly slide all of it inside you, fully penetrating your anus and rectum...I'll masturbate you again to be sure you keep enjoying this," he said as his finger circled my clit delicately. I was moaning and making noises I couldn't control as Daddy slid home deep inside my hiney-hole. He stopped once he was all the way in.

"Are you ready for your Daddy to have anal intercourse with you? Are you ready for him to pump in and out of your anus until he has an orgasm? When you are, please tell him, and he'll begin," Doctor Fields said.

I pulled my head up to look at Daddy. "Please, Daddy. Please fuck my hiney-hole and come inside it. Please."

"Yes, little girl, yes..." Daddy groaned, slowly pulling his cock out of me, then just as carefully pushing it back in. I knew it was naughty, but I pumped myself towards him, desperate to come. The feeling of his cock stroking the inside of my hiney-hole was irresistable, and Doctor Fields was working my clit just right. But then Daddy came, and everything stopped. I burst into tears.

"It's OK, baby. You're going to come soon, I promise."

"Daddy, please..."

He stroked my hair, and that's when I realized the doctors were naked - and putting on condoms. "They have to check to make sure you're OK inside, baby, and there's only one way to do that."

I was horrified again. "They're...they're all going to put it in my hiney-hole?"

Daddy smiled. "Yes. Every single doctor is going to put his cock up your sweet little hole and fuck you. Don't tell me you don't want it."

I closed my eyes. How did Daddy always know the things I couldn't admit? "Yes, Daddy."

Doctor MacKenzie was first. He spent a lot of time rubbing my hiney-hole with the tip of his cock, and worked it into me with a circular motion. Once he was all the way in, he asked me how my hiney-hole felt.

"It feels good," I said, lamely.

He nodded, patted my thigh, and pulled his cock back out of me. "Next," he said, and Doctor Jones stepped up.

I'd sneaked a peek, and Doctor Jones's cock was, while shorter, a little thicker than Daddy's. I was a little bit scared, even after all this. He showed me the lube he was stroking onto his cock. "I'll be very slow and gentle," he said. "Would you like me to masturbate you?"

"Please, Doctor," I said as he eased the big cockhead into my hiney-hole. I gasped as I stretched open for him. He stroked in and out of me slowly, a finger working my clit. Just as I started to come, he stopped. I cried again. Weren't they ever going to let me come?

Doctor Fields patted my leg kindly. "I know, you're very frustrated. But we're going to do one last special exam," he said. Daddy was grinning again. Uh-oh. "Same as the other time, young lady," he said as they pulled me off the table and Daddy took my place. I obediently put Daddy's cock up my pussy and leaned forward, but Daddy stopped me from laying on him again. "I need to be able to get to your clit," he told me. I relaxed as Daddy started rubbing it with his thumb, but when Doctor Fields spoke again, I tensed up despite myself.

"Now I'll be penetrating your anus and rectum while your Daddy penetrates you vaginally," he said. I squeaked a protest before I could stop myself.

"Shhh...Just relax," the doctor said. "Does this feel good? What am I doing to you? Describe it."

"You're rubbing the head of your cock against my hiney-hole," I said. Daddy rubbed my clit a little faster.

"Yes," Doctor Fields said. He pushed the head in, making me gasp. He waited a second or two, then pushed what felt like half his cock into my hiney-hole. "And now?" he asked?

"I think you''ve got half your cock up my hiney-hole," I managed. This earned me a little more pressure on my clit, and a little more cock up my hole. I started humping Daddy's cock. "No, no, no, none of that," Doctor Fields said as Daddy held my hips still. More cock inside me, and then just stillness. "Describe it to us," the doctor demanded.

"I'm so full," I groaned.

"Of?" he prompted.

"My hiney-hole and my pussy are so full of cock...It feels so good..."

"Good," he said. "I'm going to start stroking my penis in and out of your anus now. It will rub against your Daddy's penis, and the tightness will feel very good to us. I will not stop until your Daddy and I reach orgasm. Do you understand?"

I knew what they wanted by this point. "Uh-huh...You're going to fuck my hiney-hole until you both come inside me. Please. Can I come? Please?"

Doctor Fields chuckled. "I doubt you'll be able to stop," he said, and moved.

My hiney-hole was so full of lube that the pumping was silky-smooth, even as tight as it was with the two cocks in me. I could feel the doctor's cock sliding against Daddy's inside me. I started babbling, even using the big-girl words that usually got me spanked. "Oh god, yes, fuck my asshole," I pled. "I can feel Daddy's cock, I can feel you both in my holes, oh fuck please let me come!"

Daddy came then, pumping my pussy a little. He kept rubbing my clit. "C'mon, little girl. Come for Daddy and Doctor Fields. Make Doctor Fields's cock feel good, because he's going to keep fucking your ass until he comes," he reminded me.

The doctor was pumping my hiney-hole fast and hard now. "Contract your muscles," he ordered. "Squeeze my penis. Yes...harder..." he moved in a circles again, churning his cock in my hiney-hole. It stretched me just a little more, and I came again. Doctor Fields groaned, shoved his cock all they way in me, and came.

I must have fallen asleep or passed out, because they next thing I knew, I was on the table again, covered with a blanket. Doctor Fields and Daddy were the only ones left in the room. "I think you'll have no more problems," Doctor Fields was saying. He was explaining to Daddy how to keep my hiney-hole open, but I wasn't really paying attention. Well, not until I heard him ask Daddy a question...

"She's an exceptional patient," Doctor Fields said. "Do you suppose you could bring her back next week as a demonstration exam subject? I've got ten new interns...