Baby Boyfriend

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Baby Boyfriend


Gay themed story

Here's my rewrite of a favorite story

Part 1

Jason loved his boyfriend Jim with all his heart but he seemed so secretive at times. Aloof and shy when it came to talking about the things he wanted. Oh he had a hot body, great cock and was always fun in bed, but he always seemed unsatisfied in some way he could not explain.  While Jim always made sure Jason got off, Jim seldom had his own orgasm and despite Jason’s efforts, it was a situation he couldn’t "fix". It was a mystery.

They were scheduled to move in together in just 2 weeks and Jason took the day off to clean the home that Jim had built before he moved his things over.  Jason had spent several nights and weekends there, but had never thrown himself into the work of cleaning the place from top to bottom.  Jim was away at a business conference so Jason had the time and privacy to really get things done.

While vacuuming the floor of the walk in closet that was on his side of the bedroom he bumped the vacuum against the back of the closet and suddenly there was a soft but distinct "click". He turned off the vacuum and discovered a small, well-oiled and equally well concealed door he never knew existed.

He bent down and moved into the hidden space, a small but highly organized closet behind the closet and found himself in a whole different world. Neatly hung on the closet rod were 6 little boy style outfits sized for an adult. The design was babyish or pre-school in style – little sailor suits, Winnie-the-pooh rompers, and Spiderman onesies.  These, he knew immediately, would fit his boyfriend, Jim.

Jason knew about infantilists, he had, after all, been to college, graduate school, completed an internship and finally had earned his license as a Clinical Psychologist.  But to find that his boyfriend was a closet diaper boy was a bit of a shock.

This explained why Jim was so reluctant to talk about his own deep sexual desires. Maybe there was more to discover. He moved the outfits aside and found that indeed there was a small dresser behind them.  The top drawer of the dresser was full of kid’s toys like leggos and story books.  The second drawer almost took his breath away. It was filled with adult sized disposable diapers, thick cloth diapers, plastic pants in white, yellow and baby blue and even nursery prints.  Some snapped up the sides but most were tight pull- ons.  "So," he thought to himself, "My Jim is not just a little boy but also a baby. Interesting." If he had diapers where were the rest of the things a baby needed?

He found them in the next drawer down. Baby bottles, adult and full sized nipples for the bottles, adult sized and full sized pacifiers.  There were even cans of baby formula.  By now Jason had a pretty good idea why Jim had never let his feelings out but it was the bottom drawer that cinched his conclusions. It had a small but adequate selection of baby spoons, teething rings, baby plates and bowls with Blues Clues and Bob the Builder on them, a little paddle… and a photo album full of pictures of guys in diapers.

Jason stepped out of the closet and sat on the edge of the bed.  His mind raced with this hidden truth about his boyfriend.  He thought about how much he loved Jim, thought about taking the dominant role in their relationship, thought about the idea of changing diapers and treating his 150 pound, 5 ft 9 inch boyfriend like an infant.  With each thought his cock started to swell and soon pressed against the confines of his jeans.  His throbbing penis told him one important thing… not only could he treat Jim like a baby, he’d actually ENJOY doing it to Jim.  He had always had a very strong, direct personality and now that he had the proof before him he could see that he had always preferred that he lead in almost every way. From finances to the bed room he preferred that he take control.  Well, now he would take control and in a very direct fashion.

The first thing he did was to empty out the hidden closet and move everything to the spare bedroom. There would be no more secrets between them. There may be secrets in this house but not between him and his new little baby boy.

Once he had everything put away to his satisfaction in the spare room with the baby outfits hung in the closet and the layette laid out and put away he proceeded to log onto the internet and find everything he could about adult babies.  Some of the things he found intrigued him as a psychologist. For one thing he found that many gay adult babies wanted Daddy to control them, dominate them in intimate and sexual ways and they were highly sexually aroused by coerced or even directly enforced infantilization.

The next thing he found, to his relief, is that most adult babies do not want to make a dirty diaper. At least not very often and most times never. It was considered "too real" and truth to tell the idea of changing dirty diapers did not appeal to him at all but he also made up his mind that at least a few times his baby, Jimmy, as he now thought of him would just have to accept his complete and total authority over him. He would hold his breath and change him like any other baby.

Wikipedia was the real authority on Adult Babies. It is written by the readers and on the subject of Infantilism it was both clear and direct, "Adult babies have no sexual desires that include children." And then it went on to say “adult babies are not child molesters or pedophiles." Jason breathed a sigh of relief.


The next day, before his Jimmy came home from his trip he went shopping for baby food, baby cereal, baby wipes, powder, baby oil and all the other little touches that make a nursery comforting and functional. His last stop was a store that sold gym supplies where he got a full sized massage table and a thick mattress to cover it. This would be the perfect changing table for his baby. He even got a mobile of Winnie-the-pooh and Tigger to put over the changing table.

By the time Jim got home all was in place.

Jason met him at the door with a big hug and deep kiss then said, "Did my baby have a good trip?"  Jim looked puzzled. He had never use the word “baby” as a term of endearment before. "Pretty good. We got the contract."

"Good boy." He kissed his cheek, grabbed his boyfriend’s luggage out of his hand and set it on the floor…then took his hand leading to their bedroom.  He set him on the bed and looked right into his eyes. "Jimmy, I found your little secret closet so all that hiding and all the secrets are in the past.

What you have to decide, and I do mean right now, is if you are ready to accept the role you have craved for so long or do we call off my move and we end it tonight?"

Jim was struck absolutely speechless and he knew that once he made this decision his whole world would change but he also knew that he would only meet a man like Jason once in his life so he chose to submit. "I submit." He said.

“I thought you might, little guy." He said as he took a pacifier out of his pants pocket and slipped it quickly into his mouth. "First, we are going to have some new rules here. You may be a man to the rest of the world but once we are together and every minute you are with me you will be my baby. Is that clear?"


"Almost. You will call me Daddy or dada."

"Yes, Daddy." He said around the pacifier."


For the next 45 minutes he laid out the new rules and then got him to confess about his need for diapers, baby clothes and all the rest. At last he got it all out but Jason had one more surprise in store. "Do little babies keep secrets from Daddy?" He said sternly.

  "No, Daddy." He said meekly shaking his head.

  "So you admit to being naughty and keeping secrets?"

  "Yes, Daddy."

  "Then I think you need to be punished the way a naughty baby is punished." He said as he pushed him back on the bed and reached for his belt.  In moments he was stripped from the hips to his toes and then he was commanded to roll over. Suddenly he knew what was about to happen and he started to whimper but Jason was a trained psychologist and not at all weak willed.

Once he was on his tummy with a pillow under his tummy raising his bottom he took out the paddle he had found in his secret closet and proceeded to start Jimmy’s first real spanking.  With the first S-M-A-C-K Jimmy let out a cry of shock and tried to cover his bottom but Jason calmly moved his hands and said. You have needed this spanking for a very long time, little one. Then he smacked his ass again and the flood gates opened and Jimmy started to cry like a baby in deep uncontrollable sobs.

S-M-A-C-K... S-M-A-C-K... S-M-A-C-K the paddle came down on Jimmy’s ass and he screamed and cried like a baby. Jason was delighted because he knew that Jim was also regressing, accepting his complete domination of him and getting rid off all his pent up emotions all at the same time. Twenty-five swats later and his arm was tired, Jimmy has a flaming red ass and he was sobbing and kicking just like a 2 yr. old. Perfect. Just perfect. He put the paddle away and commanded that he roll over and lay his head in his lap.

Without hesitation he did exactly as he was told and he caressed his face, cuddled him and once more reminded him that Daddy was going to make all his real choices for him and if he was naughty he could expect a spanking every time.  It took a while but Jimmy finally stopped sobbing, rolled over on his side and curled up with his head in Jason’s lap softly sucking his passy. 

Daddy let him cuddle for a few minutes then he had him roll over on his back. In no time at all he had his pants back on him. Once his pants were on and zipped he took him by the hand and said, "Okay, buddy, now let’s go watch some TV before dinner." Then he led him not to the living room but to the new nursery.

He opened the door to the nursery and Jimmy was astonished at what he saw.

Sucking his passy he walked into the nursery and sat down on the changing table like a good boy.  " No, sport, not there. That is for diaper changing. You belong in your playpen." And he pointed to a slightly over sized playpen on the other side of the room. Meekly, Jimmy walked to the playpen and got in.

  As Jimmy sat down Jason asked "Jimmy, do you need to go potty?"

  It came as a surprise to Jimmy but all of a sudden he did. He started to stand up but Daddy said sternly, if you get out of your playpen with out permission Daddy will give you another spanking. Is that what you want?"

Shaking his head “NO” Jimmy sat back down as Daddy said. “You need to learn that I am completely in charge now and, as you are on your way back to babyhood, I know you do not have any real control over your potty habits. That means that I expect you to have a few accidents and wet your pants.” He pointed to the video camera that was mounted above the playpen and then to the other 5 set in the walls. “Daddy will be watching your every move buddy and when I get back I better find that you have had an accident and need to be changed."

He turned on the TV, put in a tape of Blues Clues; a popular TV show for 2 to 3 yr. olds then left the room to make dinner. Everything was going perfectly.  Just as he had planned.


Jason was just putting the salted water on to boil for the macaroni and cheese dinner that Jimmy was going to have and sipping a glass of wine while watching the monitor. The cam was the one that was facing the playpen. It had only taken about 2 hours to set up the system. It was all wireless and he had a hand held remote so that his monitor, actually any TV in the house he wished to use, could get the view from any camera and any time.

Jason knew that to break Jimmy of his adult behavior and to make it last it had to be a hard, fast break with no compromises on his part. What he said had to be law and he had to be willing to be Daddy in every real sense of the word.  Jimmy looked to be actually enjoying his pre-school TV but this was not a surprise. He had always had an interest in cartoons and had even made a few car payments on money he made creating cartoon theme song compilations and music from Sesame Street. That he could openly watch his baby shows had to be a relief for him.

  After about 10 minutes the water started to boil but movement on the monitor caught his eye. Jimmy had gotten on his knees, stuck his thumb in his mouth, closed his eyes and gotten a dreamy look on his face. In just another couple seconds a thick, wide wet spot started to form on the front of his pants. His eyes were closed and you could see that he was fully lost in his baby land.


Part 2


"Good boy," Jason said to himself. "Very good boy." He knew that Jimmy had just taken his first real step into giving over complete and total control. It would not be that hard to totally un-potty train him but that was not going to happen.  He still had a life outside the house. There was no way he would give up his career for full time babying. In fact that thought was not at all a comfortable one for Jason either because he too was a busy professional with a number of patients. No, Jimmy would be a baby at home or at selected friends only.

Now that was a thought. He wondered if there were social groups for gay men with adult baby boyfriends. He would have to look into it.

In the nursery Jimmy had taken his thumb out of his mouth, opened his eyes and sat back down in his playpen. He was cross legged and the wet pants were very clear on the monitor. The story was over and the next show on the tape was even more infantile…Teletubbies.

He took the water off the stove and set it aside. Dinner would be a bit late but that would be fine. Now, he had to go be Daddy to his little boy in the playpen.

  He entered the Nursery and went straight to the playpen. Jason softly clapped his hands and Jimmy got on his knees so that he could hug him. He cuddled Jimmy’s head against his firm stomach and told him that when ever Daddy came to his crib or playpen he was to get on his knees and come to the side so that he could get his cuddles. If he was in his crib he was to reach for him for his cuddles but never get out of his crib till he told him to.

  As he stroked his hair and softly talked to him like you talk to a 12-month

old he also told Jimmy that he was no longer allowed to keep his thoughts to himself. He was to tell him what he was doing, what he had done and especially if his peepee was hard or soft or if he felt any sexual desires. Jimmy said he understood so Daddy asked, "What happened, sport?"

  "I wet my pants, Daddy."

  "I can see that. Now say it like a baby says it."

  "went pee pee in pants, Daddy."

  "Good boy." He encouraged him. "Very good boy."

  "Does Daddy need to change your pants?"

  "Yes, Daddy.” Jimmy said, deeply blushing.  “went pee pee and need pants changed daddy."

  "How did you feel inside when you wet potty in your pants?"

  Jimmy blushed again.  It was hard to admit to Jason but he swallowed hard and said "me felt good. Safe. Warm and confused, a little scared too Daddy."

  "Good boy. I am sure you feel confused but that will pass quickly.  And don’t be scared Jimmy, its OK to show me who you really are and what you really want to be.  Now, come with Daddy and let’s get you changed."

  Jimmy got out of the playpen and, without being told, crawled to the

changing table on his hands and knees then got on the table and laid back.

Daddy kissed him and tasted his tongue as he opened his mouth. "Good baby."  He compliments Jimmy then kissed his nose and put an adult-sized passy in his mouth. "When you are being changed you will always have a passy in your mouth. Is that clear?"  Jimmy nodded his head yes and Daddy moved to the foot of the changing table and removed his socks first. Then he moved to his hips and began to unbuckled his belt and unfasten his pants. He was not used to undressing an adult in quite this way but he had changed his two nephews a few times and they had had accidents until they were almost 5 so the wet, clammy jeans were not something that was going to be a problem for him.

  "Lift, baby." He said and Jimmy lifted his hips and the soaking wet pants and briefs slid off.  He tossed the soggy clothes into the diaper pail he had bought and proceeded to wash Jimmy’s penis with a baby wipe.

  Immediately Jimmy started to get an erection. He stroked it softly and said, "Aren’t you supposed to be telling Daddy something?"

  "pee pee hard, Daddy."

  "That’s right, sport. It is hard. But next time you better tell me before I have to ask and that goes for any time and any place you are in baby Time. Is that clear?"

  "Yes, Daddy."

  "Such a good baby you are going to be." He said then he tweaked Jimmy’s nose and rubbed his tummy. "Baby needs his bath."

  In minutes Jimmy was sitting on the bathroom floor, fully naked and waiting for the tub to fill. Daddy had started the water and added baby bubble bath and when it was ready he had him get in. First he washed his hair and face then he took his time and washed the rest of him. Twice Jimmy had to say he had erection and both times he was deeply kissed and his penis was rubbed by Daddy as a reward for being a good boy. In no time he was clean and smelling just like a little baby, so Daddy rinsed him off then toweled him dry, wrapped him in a thick towel and led him back to the changing table.

  This time Jimmy took the passy immediately, laid down and spread his legs for Daddy. "You are such an obedient baby, sport." Jason said as he covered Jimmy’s penis and testicles with a coat of baby oil. The oil was thick, heavy and would prevent any chance of Jimmy getting a diaper rash.  A few more times Jimmy had to announce that his “peepee was hard”, but Daddy seemed to pay little attention to it.  Daddy was going to use Jimmy’s need for release as a way to control him and get him to revert to babyhood completely.

  In no time Jimmy was diapered and dressed in a romper that had been in his closet. Daddy put him back in his playpen and started the tape of pre-school television. Jimmy sat quietly watching Baby Einstein while Daddy went to

the kitchen to get dinner ready.

Jason kept an eye on him on the monitor as he prepared the macaroni and cheese dinner with milk in a sippy cup and a dish of apple sauce.  The fact was that this was one of Jimmy’s favorite meals and now Jason really understood why that was. He added a tossed salad for himself and set the table. When it was ready he got Jimmy from his playpen and took him to the kitchen. He did not have an adult high chair yet but he would be getting one this week. Jimmy was delighted when he set his plate in front of him but the real surprise came when Jason said, "Little babies do not use silverware, sport.  If you want to show me that you are REALLY a baby, you are just going to have to eat with your fingers like a 1 yr. old does. Daddy will be feeding you your applesauce but everything else is to be finger food for my boy."

Jason stood beside him, cradled the back of Jimmy’s head with his hand, whispered into his ear, and, as you are not a real baby I am going to see to it that you loose the advantage of some coordination." He took a bandana and tied it around Jimmy’s his eyes making sure that no light could leak through. "Now, sport," he said, "here comes the airplane for a landing..."  And Jimmy obediently opened his mouth for a spoon full of applesauce. He fed him the first bite saying, "Be a good baby Jimmy.”  Jimmy opened his mouth and he slid the spoon in, "Close the hanger." He closed his mouth and took a bite. "Good baby" he told him reinforcing her domination of him and the regression from adulthood.

  All through Jimmy’s dinner and his first real experience as a big baby with another person, Daddy kept up a constant stream of baby talk and instructions about planes and trains and cars landing and reaching its station or garage. Jimmy was a very good boy.  Then the blindfold was removed and he was allowed to eat his macaroni and cheese with just his fingers. By the time dinner was over for Jimmy he was a complete mess and happy and content as he had ever been. Daddy took him to the sink and washed his hands and face thoroughly then he took him back to the nursery.


It was only about 6:45 pm in the evening but Jimmy had been up since 5:00 AM and been on the go ever since and he knew he was getting tired. Jimmy was taken first to the couch where he was cuddled into Jason’s lap and given a bottle of milk.  While he took the bottle Jason went over the same instructions as before, talking all the time in a soft Daddy voice that is used on all 9-month old babies.

After his bottle Jimmy was led straight to the changing table where he was laid down and his dry diaper was taken down so that his penis was exposed.

"Pee pee hard, dada." Jimmy said with a big grin.

"I know, sport. Daddy is going to masturbate you; but “masturbate” is such a big word for a little baby to understand, isn’t it? We are going to call it

"milking" you from now on. Daddy will milk your penis till all the sweet sticky sperm is puddled up on your tummy. If Daddy milks you in your diaper that will be called, "making a sticky diaper" or "number 3". Do you understand, baby?"

"Yes, dada."

Jason chuckled to himself to realize that Jim had regressed back far enough to call him “dada”… it amazed him at how far back Jimmy wanted to go.  "Good boy. Daddy is going to milk you so that you will sleep well tonight.

Daddy will milk you where ever I want, when ever I wish. Do you understand, sport?" All the while he had been stroking his penis, rubbing just under the flair of the head and making Jimmy throb and jerk in reaction to his expert touch.


Jimmy could barely say a word.  With a shaky voice he said "Yes, Dada. Dada can milk me any place and any time he wants."

"That’s right, sport." Jason leaned over French kissed him deeply tasting the milk on his tongue. "Daddy will know when you are getting close and I had better hear lots of baby talk and cooing coming from you, and I want to see you drool and slobber like an infant and just as you start to orgasm your thumb had better be in your mouth. Is all that clear?"

  "Yes, dada. I have to babble and coo and drool and suck my thumb when I am

about to orgasm."

"Very good, baby. Very good, indeed.  I want you to imagine that every drop of sperm you release helps you regress more and more.  Each little drop will take you further and further back to babyhood.  We want to turn back the clock and make little Jimmy a baby don’t we?" He squeezed Jim’s penis and said, "Does Jimmy wanna be a widdle bitty baby boy for dada?"

Jimmy could barely hold on.  “yeth dada, me wan be baby, me wan be widdle baby…9 month…6 month…me gonna be…widdle” He started to squirm and buck,

"gaaagaahhhgahhhgaagooooooo... Gaahhhh..." Jim stuck his thumb into his mouth and started to drool out of the side of his mouth.

  "Come on, sport, that’s the way, ... Let go.. Don’t hold back... Let Daddy see your spermies..." And he coaxed him till he bucked his hips high and a stream of sperm shot from his penis almost to his chin. The next three pumps all shot a stream of sperm onto his tummy and then he fell back panting and drooling but Daddy was not done.  Jason kept stroking and massaging Jim’s penis till it was completely soft in his hand. "Such a good baby you are. So much sperm and tension you had inside," he sad as he wiped the mess off his tummy with a Huggies baby wipe.

Jim was still panting and completely relaxed as Jason pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it tight. Jimmy was barely able to lift his hips for the baby pants to be pulled over his hips.  In minuets he was in bed, tucked into his regular side of the bed but this time he had a stuffed teddy bear tucked against his cheek and a passy on the table beside the bed.

  Daddy rubbed his back and in ten minutes Jimmy was sound asleep. It was 8:15 PM and, thanks to the sleep aid Jason put into the milk, Jimmy was out for the night.

Jason left the bedroom but, left the door open a crack. He went to his new home office and began to research Infantilism and adult babies. His appointment book for the next day had 8 appointments so it was going to be a very full day.  Jimmy was off the next day so daddy would have to plan something special for his new baby boy.  At 11:30 pm he saved his computer files, book marked the best sites and turned off the light and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be fun.


The next morning Jason was up early and had a bottle ready for Jimmy by the time his eyes started to flutter open. "Good morning, little one." He smiled at his sleepy face, "you ready for your baba?"

Jimmy was a little startled to think the baby game was still going on, but opened his mouth, took the nipple in and he began to suck.  While he nursed Jason told him that he only had till the baba was empty before he had better need his wet diaper changed. Jimmy had just slept in diapers for the

first time ever with his Dada and he was aroused, hard as a metal post, wanting to make a sticky diaper and now had to find a way to go potty like a baby before Dada spanked him for being naughty. He did not want another spanking. NO WAY!  But he found out that it is almost impossible to wet when his penis is as hard and stiff as a solid rod. Daddy, however, was fully aware of this and he knew what to do.

  "Lift up." He said and when Jimmy lifted his hips he pulled the thick, baby blue plastic pants past his diapers and down to his ankles then he released the tape holding the diaper and pulled it back. One touch told him that there was a nice, thick coat of baby oil and his baby’s throbbing erection so he placed took Jimmy’s hand and guided it down to Jimmy’s peepee and said, “Daddy’s going to watch and you, little one, are going to milk yourself for me."

With no hesitation at all Jimmy began to jerk his hand up and down over and around the fully flared head of his penis. By the third stroke he was humping his hips and squirming beside his Dada.

  Jason stood back and grabbed the digital camera and started to film a video clip of his baby boy in action. "Good boy." He coaxed him, "Very good, let me see you make a big, sticky mess all over your fingers and tummy. Daddy wants to be proud of his baby and how he has learned to obey when he tells him to do something ... Babies have no shame and can not be embarrassed and you are to be no exception.. None at all.. Now hurry up and show Daddy all that thick white sperm."

Jimmy was oblivious to the filming of his deepest secret desire in action.  All he could think of was his peepee, his dada, and being a widdle bitty baby boy.  In less then 3 minutes he opened his mouth and started to gurgle and make baby sounds. “googgooo gaa dada boo boogaa gaa goo gee daa baa gee”.  Then with one last hard stroke the sperm began to flow from his erection. It shot from the head and splashed down on his tummy and hand. Jimmy could only get in 3 good strokes before he could not move but it was far more then enough. His penis was already going soft.

Jason took Jimmy’s hand and ran the fingers through he puddle of sperm then put them inside his open mouth. "Suck it all off, little guy. Get used to it."  Jimmy choked a little at first, it had been a while since he tasted his own sperm, but Jason had other plans. "Sperm won’t hurt you, sport. Now suck your fingers." Slowly Jimmy let his lips close over his fingers and he sucked them clean, all while daddy continued to film.  “You’re just a little baby now Jimmy” Daddy said, “let me hear my happy baby boy.”  Jimmy readily complied as he suckled and licked his fingers clean while gurgling and going like an infant.

“Such a good baby and such a fast learner. Daddy is very proud of you."  Jimmy’s eyes were closed as Jason quickly put the diaper over Jimmy’s now soft penis and replaced the thick baby pants then told Jimmy “and see baby, Daddy caught it all on cam…so if you ever think that you can stop being a baby…think again.  Daddy is in control and Daddy will decide how and when you regress back to babyhood.”

Jimmy’s eyes grew wide and the surprise of Jason’s announcement made him so nervous he let loose his morning pee and soaked his diaper.  Jason chuckled, noticing the growing wet spot, “now that’s my little guy, wetting just like a helpless little 6 month old.  This is just the beginning, my little baby boyfriend.”

Jimmy knew that Jason was serious and he had little choice but to slip back to babyhood and let Daddy have full control.

THE END (or maybe, just the beginning)  ;)