Holiday Humiliation

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Holiday Humiliation

This story will include nappies, babified girls, wet and poohy nappys, sexual encounters, humiliation and bondage.

i was 18 years old and flying out to Ibiza with my cousin and a few of her friends, girls and boys alike on a club 18-30 holiday. i didn't really know any of them as they were 3 or 4 years my elder and i was a sort off a tag along on this holiday filling in for my sister who had to give her ticket up at the last minute due to work commitments. The flight out there was terrible. Turbulence from the word go and i admit i was scared. i was sat in the window seat next to Tom, my cousins boyfriend. As i kept looking out of the window i could see lightening and this scared me even more. Combined with the turbulence i tears of fear started to form in my eyes. i started crying much to the amusement of Tom and Lucy who was next to him. i sort off laid my head on his shoulders and tried to drift off sleep. On arrival at Ibiza airport I was awoken by Tom who helped me get my bags off and after traipsing through security and baggage collection we got on the coach to our apartment.

We were assigned our rooms on arrival by Ryan seeing as it was his apartment. I was put in with Tom, Lucy and another girl, Helen. i vaguely remember her from my school days as a bully. She was very tall, well over 6ft, long blond hair and a very full figure. On entering our room Tom and Lucy assigned themselves the double bed whilst me and Helen were content with the two pull out beds in the corner of the bedroom. The room was big, had a nice kitchen area, a balcony that overlooked the sea and a bathroom with a separate bath and shower. The first couple of days passed without much happening. We did the usual going out, getting as drunk as possible and dancing till the early hours of the morning. i was carefully supervised by Tom and Lucy who were under orders from my sister to keep an eye on me as i was young and naive. in the morning we slept, the afternoon we sunbathed by the pool and come sunset we partied. Plus i managed to socialize well with the other members of the group, 2 boys and 2 girls.

After 3 or 4 days off partying in the town we decided to go on a special party night organized by one of the local drinking holes. it was the usual bus journey to some random place, loads of drinking and games and then back to a club to party the night away. The bus journey there was a good laugh. We had a bit of drinking, a few songs and a rundown of the nights festivities. On arrival, we were shepherded off the bus and down some stairs into this big auditorium with a bar either side of a huge dance floor and at the front at a big stage hidden by a curtain. Dance music started blasting out and we made our to the bar. All inclusive drinks was a godsend. About an hour into the party, the Club Reps made there way on stage and turned off the music to introduce the main game of the night. They were looking for 3 volunteers for some 'toddler' related activities they were going to play. By this i thought the old drinking from a baby bottle game but i wasn't interested. Well not least until the group i was with decided that as i was (a) the youngest of the group and (b) had a little crying fit on the plane, they were going to volunteer me. They were looking for a baby and daddy/mummy so i was volunteered for the baby role and Ryan, being the oldest of the group was the daddy. I reluctantly made my way on stage, well i was kind off forced as Ryan picked me up and threw me over his shoulder fire-mans lift style. 2 other girls were already on stage, one was with her boyfriend whilst the other was with a fellow female friend. The parent's were told to sit on the chair whilst the baby's had to sit on there knees. The game was explained to us. There would be a series of toddler related activities and the score of each competitor would be scored by the 3 judges at the side of the stage. At the end of the event whichever baby had scored the most points would win a free boat trip for them and there party.

The first task described by the club rep Michelle was going to be the 'changing station.' As i was wearing a low cut red boob tube, a mid-thigh length white skirt and killer 6 inch high heels with a face full of make-up and my shoulder length brown hair i didn't quite look like a toddler. But all that was about to change. Michelle explained, "Right, the aim of the first game is to get you girls looking like baby's. As you can see, my fellow reps are bringing out your outfits. The idea is for the daddy's to get as many napppies on there baby's as they can in 2 minutes." The rep laid out a changing mat in front of us and then a huge stack of different sized napppies . Some looked thick and huge but that didn't faze me as i was slightly tipsy. Also laid out was a frilly pink dress. Ryan picked me up and laid me down on the changing mat, it was pretty big. I fitted on it snugly whilst Ryan kneeled at my feet and removed my heels, skirt and then my knickers. I was hoping to keep them on but by the time Ryan had pulled them halfway down it was too late. The rep shoved a dummy in my mouth, put a blindfold on me and then the crowd were encouraged to participate in the countdown...'5...4...3..2...1....GO!' I felt a big mound of baby powder on my pussy then Ryan proceeded to lift my legs in the air and begin to a load of nappies under my bum. He taped them up super fast i lost count after the first 4 or 5 seconds. I could hear the crowd laughing and whooping and cheering the parents on. The rep shouted 1 minute to go and already were my legs were spread wide apart and my back was arched a good 2 or 3 inches from the ground due to the thickness of the nappies. There was no let-up in how fast Ryan was putting the nappies on me. Now my legs were so far apart I was never going to be able to stand up. The final whistle went and the crowd delivered a big cheer. The rep calmed down and set about calculating the results. I was still blindfolded, but i heard hear read out the first girls results named Charlotte,

"4 pampers, 7 Tenas and 4 cloth nappies, 15!" There was a big clap followed by the next girl's results, Kerry,

"2 pampers, 2 Tenas and 1 cloth!" The crowd burst out laughing at her boyfriends pathetic attempt. Finally onto Sam,

"6 pampers, 9 Yenas and 8 cloth nappies, 23!"

The crowd cheered and i could only imagine what i looked like. Before Ryan helped me stand up he put some plastic pants on me as instructed by Michelle. I struggled to stay on my feet, the weight of the nappy was pulling me down and my legs were spread so far apart i was nearly doing the splits. She then told the parents to remove our tops and put our dresses on us. I felt the bottom of the dress and it barely came down to my waist. We were stood up and the crowd began laughing hysterically. My blindfold was removed and I looked down at myself. It was humiliating to say the least. I was clothed in a frilly pink baby-doll dress and the nappy puffed out and down to my knees. They were so huge and bulky it was unreal. I looked up to the crowd and they were still cheering and laughing. Ryan patted me on the bottom and commented how cute i looked. Looking at the other 2 girls they didn't look half as babyish as i did. We had to parade ourselves in front of the judges. Charlotte casually strolled on by parading her sweet little bum to the judges. She had a blue frilly dress, blue plastic pants and a blue iggle-piggle dummy. The judges scored her 6s. Kerry went next, she looked pretty normal. Her bum didn't stick out as she only had 5 nappys on. She was dressed in a white frilly dress, no plastic pants though and no dummy either. The judges scored her 5s. I was up next. As i began to take a stride towards the judges i instantly fell back onto my padded backside. They were far to thick to be walking in much to everyone's amusement. Not wanting to let the side down I got on my hands and knees and crawled up to the judges. On getting to them i hitched up my dress to show them how thick my nappies were. Perfect 10s all round were scored. I crawled back to Ryans side and was applauded and wolf whistled by the boys in the front row. I was kind off getting in to this. There were baby bottles placed in front of us which contained vodka and red bull, I grabbed at mine and downed the full bottle in a matter of seconds.

The dance floor was cleared so the reps could set up the second game. A few cones were placed in a line followed by a bowl of some funny looking gunk. The parents were moved into their positions at the far end of the room. Michelle explained the game,

"Right then babys, the idea of this game is you have to crawl round the first cone and back, then round the second cone and onto the third cone and back. Then its back out to the lovely bowl of baby food and baileys yum yum, eat it all up without using your hands then onto your parents who will bottle feed you. First girl back scores 10 points, 2nd 5, 3rd 0!"

I was helped off the stage by a couple of reps onto my starting line in between Kerry and Charlotte. All 3 of us were on all fours and the crowd started the countdown, "3..2..1...GO..." was the cheer and we were off. I was too busy concentrating on crawling to notice my position round the first few cones but i had a feeling i was crawling pretty fast. After all i had had the most practice. After the 3rd cone i quickly scampered back then up to the food bowl. It was a dogs bowl and what was inside it looked horrendous. It was a mixture of pureed vegatables and fruit mixed in with Baileys. I took a deep breath and buried my head deep in it. I could feel it all over my face but i just sucked and slurped till the bowl looked fairly empty. It was disgusting, i was on the point of vomiting and needed a drink. The rep who was judging cleared me to move on to the next stage. As i crawled towards Ryan i could see him holding the baby bottle between his groin. Obviously this was designed to add to the humiliation but as i was desperate to win the race and wash down the gunk i quickly clasped my lips around the teet and sucked away. Ryan was obviously enjoying this as he grabbed me hair and pulled my head backwards and forwards to simulate the blow-job. I quickly gulped down the bottle of vodka and red bull again. I turned around and crawled as fast as i could towards the line and to the joy of the crowd I was the first home. I sat back on my bum admiring my new found status with the crowd. As the other 2 finished there bottles i had this bad pain in my stomach along with the need for a wee. I realized i wasn't going to be able to take all these nappys off so slowly i released my bladder. I mean, whats the worst that could happen as soon enough i would be out of these things. I could feel a slight dampness around my pussy and bum area but with 20-odd nappys on nobody was going to see it. There I was sat there in amount of nappies, a couple of them now wet, my face and her covered in baby food and i also starting to feel very drunk.

As the night went on we played a few games most of which i was always first or second. The games ranged from drinking as many baby bottles of cocktails in 2 minutes, eating pots of baby food to who could make the babiest noises. At the end of the event it was announced that i was the winner. But by then i was an absolute wreck. I was struggling to stand as a combination of the nights drinking, eating and bulky nappies kicked in. Ryan held me up as we collected our prize and then he helped me off stage and outside along with the rest of the group. I was in a bad state drunken wise so my cousin Lucy decided it was probably best to leave me as i was, get me back to the hotel and sort me out in the morning. On the bus journey back i vaguely remember vomiting into a bin on the bus. I felt so rough and drunk and just wanted to get home. The thought of being dressed as baby didn't matter anymore and i thought nothing off it as i again vomited into the bin. After a short 15minute bus ride we arrived back at our hotel. I vaguely remember Ryan and Tom carrying me one by my arms and the other by my legs up to our room and dumping me on the edge of my bed. Ryan whispered something in my ear to which i could only let out a groan and tried to drift off to sleep. The last thing i remember is my tummy gurgling and me letting out another wee into my nappys.

Morning came and i awoke very groggily and very hungover to the sight of Lucy and Helen standing over. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying over than that they were going to get these nappys and dress off me and shower me as during the night i had vomited on myself. They sat me up to remove my dress, which Lucy pulled over my head and threw into the wash basket. Helen grabbed my legs and pulled me back to a lying position, lifted them up and removed my plastic pants. Between them they began removing the pins from the cloth nappys. 16 pins and 8 cloth nappys later they were onto the tenas. They spare me no shame and just ripped them off whilst tutting at the state of me. I looked down at myself after they had removed the last tena and i humiliatingly saw the first of the baby nappys, it was a pampers. Helen commented on how cute I looked. It was at that point Lucy said,

"Smells kinda funny now."

"Its probably just the stale sick baby threw up last night!" Replied Helen as she began undoing the first of the baby nappys. That was when the smell got even worse and there was a horrible sight. Just below the leggings on my nappys was a brown stain. I hoped to god it was just a small dribble but as the next few nappys came off the smell got even worse. There were 2 nappys left on and that's when Lucy shouted in Tom and Ryan and to bring the camera. The four of them stood over me holding there noses and debating over who should remove my last nappys. There i was lying there with no top on, a potentially dirty nappy and 4 of my so called friends laughing and waiting to add to my humiliation by taking photos of me. Lucy took it upon her self to remove my penultimate nappy. i looked down at it and it was very wet and also had a dirty great big brown skid down either side. She threw it at me and it landed right next to my hand and it smelled pretty bad. Now i was humiliated as Ryan began taking photos of me and the girls were retching into the bucket beside the bed as the smell just got considerably worse.

"Theres no way we're changing that dirty bitch in here, lets take her on to the balcony and sort it. At least we can get some fresh air out there" complained Helen as leaned over, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me off the bed onto my feet. I looked down between my legs and could see a very soggy nappy emitting a very offensive odor. To be honest it smelt like a sewer. Ryan and Tom were following behind constantly smacking my backside and splattering the pooh all over whilst the constant clicking of the camera reminded me i was in for severe humiliation. As Helen dragged me through the patio doors she barked at me to lie on the floor. The 2 lads grabbed a leg each and pulled them up and apart spread-eagled whilst Lucy stood between them. She leaned forward, slowly untaped the tab on my right hip, she immediately took a step back and covered her nose. The smell was getting worse. She regained her composure and this time quickly grabbed at the right tape, ripped it off and pulled the front of the nappy down. All four of them burst out in hysterics. The camera continued to click away and as i picked my head off the floor and looked at myself i realized what all the fuss was about. My pussy and backside were completely covered in pooh. The mess stretched from my waist, fully covering the top 2 inches of my legs and round all over both my bum cheeks. Ryan and Tom still had hold off my legs and took great delight and pleasure in pulling and pushing them backwards and forwards causing my bum to slide all over the poohy nappy. Tears began to form and i started crying as i realized they were going to spare me no humiliation. They both pushed my legs bent right so my head was between my legs and my messy backside was fully exposed to the camera. They made me sit up on my knees and smile for the camera. After another 5 minutes or so of being forced to posed Lucy said,

"You really are one dirty little shit bag. Thank your lucky stars you didn't have your knickers on! If you know whats good for you you won't dare move from that position not unless you want these photos spreading round faccebook." I just lay there and watch as Lucy disappeared back inside and locked the patio door behind her. The balcony was pretty big plenty of room for me to stretch my arms and legs. IT was a nice shaded area and i could see through a gap in the balcony fencing Helen, Lucy, Ryan and Tom walking off to the shops. Great i thought, how long am i going to be left here for? The smell was getting worse thanks to the heat and if any neighbors came out they were bound to be curious and pop there head over. After about hour of lying there, the pooh had turned solid and stuck permanently to my backside and legs. As i lifted my legs up the nappy came up with me and was stuck to me as well. I sat up and tried to tape the nappy back up hoping I could get back inside but it was no use. Lucy had ripped the tapes and the stickiness had gone out of them, luckily i managed to get back in the lying down position as i heard the room door creak open. A few minutes later the patio door opened and out came Ryan carrying the camcorder and focusing on me.

"And here we have our little shitgirl Sam. As you can see Sam has had one very big accident. She took the part of playing the baby very seriously and now shes going to regret it. Get up, bring your nappy with you and get in that bathroom. As the others have disappeared somewhere i unfortunately have the displeasure of cleaning you up. And drop that dirty thing in the bin on the way past."

I bunched the nappy between my legs squelching the pooh in between my bum cheeks. I managed to clasp one hand on my backside and one on my pussy. I stood up and began taking small steps as to not drop the nappy. Ryan was stood in the corner of the balcony and said,

"Smile for the camera baby, and tell everyone how it feels!"

"It's horrible" I blubbered, "Please don't do this to me, it was an accident. I'll go clean myself up." I could see my reflection in the camera lens and i looked awful. My mascara had dripped all down my cheeks and my lipstick was smudged over my face. I looked like a baby who had grabbed hold of her mothers make up and tried experimenting. I carefully tiptoed through the living room made my way towards the bin and began squatting over it. Carefully positioning my backside as close to the bin as possible I let go of the nappy and it thudded into the bin. I stood up, facing the camera as Ryan had followed me inside and I gave a rye smile.

"Turn around baby. Good girl, now bend over and show everyone what you've done. Good good, now on all fours and crawl into my bathroom."

I was now thoroughly humiliated. Here i was with Ryan, who before last night was a total stranger showing off my body albeit covered in pooh to potentially anyone who was going to view this video. On entering Ryans room i was overwhelmed by the size of it. It had a huge king-size bed in

the middle and its own private balcony overlooking the sea. His room was quite untidy. His clothes were strewn all over the floor, there were women's knickers and bras obviously from his latest conquests and his unmade bed had numerous pairs of handcuffs and restraints. He was obviously the dominant type. As i crawled into the bathroom i was shocked. Again it was huge with a shower unit in the corner a full wall covered mirror, beautiful white marble surfaces and a massive white circle bath in the middle. There was a bag on the side from the local supermarket. Ryan placed the camera down on the side and pulled out a pack of baby wipes, some nappy bags and threw them down in front of me. He picked his camera back up and said,

"Right baby girl, wipe your shitty arse up, put the wipes in the bag and then stand in the shower hands against the wall, backside facing me."

I did as i was told. Humiliatingly i found it easier to lie on my back and clean myself that way. I opened the pack of baby wipes and the sweet scent of baby hit me. I took out 2 or 3 hoisted my legs and back of the ground smothered my backside with my hand and wipes. Most of it felt quite sludgy and soft. And as much as i kept wiping I felt i was just smearing it around my backside. I must have used about 20 wipes when Ryan stepped in and stopped me. I got onto my feet and stepped into the shower cubicle. I put both hands on the wall at about head height and just waited. The shower came on and the next thing i felt was a jet of warm water over my backside. I looked down at the floor and it was totally brown with pooh. As Ryan worked the shower head around my backside it kept catching my pussy lips and boy did that feel good. It sent little shock waves through me leaving me on the verge of a mini orgasm. Ryan grabbed at waist and spun me around placing my hands on my head. I was being treated like a proper naughty child and as the shower jet hit my pussy I began to love it. Ryan could see from the smile on my face I was loving it and every so often he would blast my nipples and face then back down to my pussy to work me up. As i was at the point of orgasming Ryan threw the shower head down on the floor and pulled me out of the shower by my arm. He dragged me into the bedroom, me still dripping wet from my shower and forced me to kneel down in the corner on the hard tiled floor. I felt really cold and i couldn't help but shiver and try rubbing myself to keep me warm. My 6ft, slim bodied frame didn't have an ounce of fat on it to keep myself warm and my 32DD breasts had rock hard nipples. The water ran down my dark brown hair and rested on my shoulders and continued to trickled down my back and front. I could hear Ryan behind on the bed rustling about like he was trying to find something. I could hear the clunking of the metal from the handcuffs and before i could react Ryan had snapped one cuff around my wrist, pulled it round my back and cuffed up my other wrist. I was getting a bit scared now but also very aroused. To be honest Ryan was a very good looking man. He had a rock hard 6-pack, very well toned arm and leg muscles and was good looking. He must have been at minimum 6ft 3 so he looked very intimidating. He then ran his fingers through my hair pulling it back wrapping a lovely silk blindfold around my head covering my eyes. The transformation was complete when he shoved a dummy in my mouth. He left me there for a few minutes before calling me over to his bed. I clambered to my feet turned around and walked steadily across from where i could hear Ryan breathing and rustling about. There was a tug on my right hand and Ryan grabbed me, turned me round so that was bum was facing him and he began rubbing some form of oil into my in between my legs onto my pussy lips. I arched my back slightly forward to accommodate his macho hands and I was loving it. The oil tingled on the edge of my pussy lips, he massaged his hands in a circular motion on my clit and my breathing came heavier, i was panting like a dog as every movement of his fingers sent small orgasms through the whole of my body. He suddenly took his hands away from me allowing me to regain my composure. I was beginning to forget all about my humiliating nappy experience and i could hear Ryan masturbated himself behind me. I decided to take control, I managed to manouvere my hands into a position so that i could grab Ryans hands and move them from his cock. I pushed my backside into his chest and knocked him backwards so he was lying on the bed. I then sat back on his waist, his cock penetrated my pussy and bang, he was away thrusting his hips up and down riding me like a piece of meat. He just pumped and pumped away in that same position for about 10-15mins sending me into the loudest, quivering orgasm I had ever experienced. I screamed the place down as wave after wave of pleasure transcended through my body leaving me a quivering wreck. Ryan got up, lifted me off his lap and dumped me on the bed on my back. I felt him clamber on to me, straddle my breasts and he began to wank himself off. A few seconds later he ripped off my blindfold and spunked all over my face, it was huge, covering my eyes, going up my nose, over my hair and down my mouth. Never had I experienced such pleasure.

I must have fallen asleep as i awoke to darkness. I was still laying on Ryans bed, my hands still cuffed behind my back as well as sticky face of cum. I got up and walked over to the door. I could hear laughing and talking from behind it and as i slowly opened it there was Ryan, Tom and Lucy sitting on the sofa drinking champagne and watching the movie they had made that day of me and my predicament.