Correcting Bad Behavior

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Correcting Bad Behavior

Good Day caring Guardian,

I'm glad you chose to consider implementing my 12 step plan with the patient. When you see the plan, I'm certain you will see its benefits.

In future years he/she will thank you no end. O.K. here's the 12 step procedure with details enough to feel secure and in charge.

The products I mention you'll need can all be found and/or compared with what you already have,(to be sure you are properly equipped), on e-bay.

Just go to 'search' all products, keyword "enema" and pr...

djcttx djcttx
p : 89
E&L : 0
paul3834 paul3834
p : 127
E&L : 4
DanL DanL
p : 16197
E&L : 100
MisterSister MisterSister
p : 296
E&L : 9