• Hacques3 Hacques3

    Diaper wearing days

    Stories about me being in diapers as a kid.

    Updated : 2017.03.26
  • danfox danfox

    No Longer an Old Newbie

    My blog will be concerned primarily with observations about myself and fetishes in general. Specific and perhaps more detailed aspects and comments will be reserved for the forum and the library sections of this site. Thanks to all who have made me feel welcome and for your helpful c…

    Updated : 2017.03.25
  • Vallyman Vallyman

    I'm having fun

    I,m a guy that grew up with enemas and liked them from age 4. I like to have fun with both men and women that like enemas, I have written some of the stories of things that I did over the yeas and I have put a spin on some of them I hope all enejoy them, I enjoyed writting them

    Updated : 2017.03.25
  • JayPetie JayPetie

    Friends and Lovers, Temps and enemas

    This blog will illustrate how I became interested then involved, then obsessed with rectal temperatures. Suppositories, enemas and all things anal.

    Updated : 2017.03.25
  • OscarFilde OscarFilde

    Filling My Needs

    This is to be a record and reporting box for my enema experiments. Ideally, I will have someone to push me in the future. But for now, this is how I will push myself.

    Updated : 2017.03.25
  • Love2play Love2play

    Want to Play

    My thoughts and activities.

    Updated : 2017.03.22
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2017.03.20

    Getting to the Bottom

    This is my first attempt at Blogging. It is here that I will relate my experiences in receiving and giving enema's and spankings. I hope you can relate to some of what has happened to me.

    Updated : 2017.03.19
  • hello kitty hello kitty

    Fifty shades of kitty

    I'm such a naughty little girl that I deserve a spanking.

    Updated : 2017.03.19
  • Sha Sha

    Why I need a mistress? and other things

    My first attempt at a blog.

    Updated : 2017.03.19
  • 4 Enema Guy 4 Enema Guy

    A fellow med. professional

    This is a box for writing the introduction text for your new Blog. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST PAGE! I am a fellow male med professional and understand your trials and tribulations. We are trained for this but life can never be 100% smooth. Keep the faith!!...Charlie

    Updated : 2017.03.18
  • babyboy20 babyboy20


    This blog will be home to the many thoughts of my understands and anything else.

    Updated : 2017.03.16
  • Carol Carol

    My World

    A place to be me

    Updated : 2017.03.14
  • MissStress MissStress


    My life and times of kink with my sub and who knows what other ramblings.

    Updated : 2017.03.13
  • LuvsHuggies LuvsHuggies

    My life in diapers

    I really don’t recall much before the age of 4, but I do know that my parents tried to potty train me at the age of 2 ½ or 3. They had some success, but they never fully trained me at night. I was still in night diapers and plastic pants every night. By the time I reached Kindergarte…

    Updated : 2017.03.12
  • Mashie Mashie

    The Life of a Nurse

    This is my third attempt to create a blog, maybe this time I can finally get it right, lol. Crazy as it may be, I can save your life, but please don't ask me to turn your computer on for you, lol. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, I am a complete…

    Updated : 2017.03.10
  • Wondering Wondering

    Wondering's wonderings

    Just hoping this will be a safe place to share my thoughts.

    Updated : 2017.03.09
  • Hermann Hermann

    Hermann’s thoughts today, and looking toward tomorrow…

    WE meet many people in our lives as we go through it. Some will fill minutes, others hours. And, some, a year or two. AND, then there are a precious few who touch a place within us, and whom we know deep inside that we will meet again, and again.

    You are one of these special people t…

    Updated : 2017.03.09
  • Loveitkinky Loveitkinky

    Random musings of a middle-aged ex-pat

    When in a Zity chat room recently, a member here encouraged me to cast aside my doubts about the value or legitimacy of a blog and actually just start writing one. So here goes. Thanks to that member. You know who you are.

    Updated : 2017.03.05
  • JR3 JR3

    Luck of the Irish

    Fáilte! Some random thoughts I have, kinky and personal. I can only promise my honest thoughts and experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

    Updated : 2017.03.02