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  • n/a 2013-12-21

    I am a 36 natural D. I wear bali, vanity fair and victoria secret. I prefer pretty bras:)

  • DLizzie 2013-12-12

    I'm a 36B in Wacoal unpadded underwire. I usually wear sports bras though, because I'm a genetic male, and they are easier to hide under business clothing. My boobs (moobs?) started growing as a result of taking testosterone blockers for BPH. (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia - enlarged prostate, in lay terms) - I started wearing a bra after I hit a pothole on my road bicycle, and thought my left boob was getting torn OFF! I learned a whole new world of pain that day.

    My friend, Teresa, who is a quite well-endowed genetic female, laughed and said, "Welcome to MY world," when I told her my sad tale of woe..

  • Annab 2012-07-16

    38c I like Bali underwire. I also wear a long leg all-in-one, usually Rago or Spanx. Rago gives much more control. Annab

  • pumpedfull 2012-06-23

    Forgot to mention I like Leading Lady nursing bras. My wife is doing Soma lace bras. They are so beautiful.

  • pumpedfull 2012-06-23

    I'm a 42A/B. A on one side, B on the other. That's because I'm a guy who has had hormone treatment. I actually am prototyping an in home breast enlargement product. Works pretty well. My wives have been pretty chesty 38C to DD. But my first wife was a 34A and pendulous. I loved that. You could suck her whole breast in your mouth and stroke it in and out. She would go wild!

  • Luvabag 2012-06-17

    My ladyfriend is a 40dd, and I love them. However my most desired size is a 32b.

  • hagoddess 2012-06-09

    36B naturally but with help from Victorias Secret I'm a C

  • SpecSteve 2012-06-08

    GF is a 38D/DD now and started getting breasts around 8-9

  • bikeo 2012-06-08

    My wife is a 36a. I've always loved smaller breasted women.

  • douche 2012-06-06

    Before kids she was a 34B; after implants a 36D.Once or twice a year on trips to the big city,we go bra shopping together and she models them for me back in the hotel room. I will pick out one for her to wear out to dinner.Makes for a fun day.

  • peppermint 2012-06-04

    depends on the manufacture, mostly size 38B + or -

  • Sweet Julie 2012-06-04

    I wear a 34a or b depending on the brand. My mom bought me my first bra for my 12th birthday. As for brand preference it just happens to be whatever Nordstrom has on sale. I have a couple of sports bras that I use when I go to the gym, but prefer a more feminine look, especially lacy ones.

  • gwglover47 2012-05-27

    I typically wear a large size sports bra or bra top, but my measured size is 38A

  • Sunfun 2012-05-11

    I am 34 B an very satisfied with that.

  • sarah 2012-05-10

    34 C and happy with this

  • soakedsarah 2012-05-10

    i'm a 36D..i have a few victoria's secret,and i love the way bali fits..

  • annie 2012-05-08

    I'm a 34C.

  • thegirl 2012-04-27

    I'm a 34 E (aka 34 DDD). I used to go to Victoria's Secret but then my chest grew... I love the bras I've gotten at Nordstrom. My Chantelle fits better than any bra I've ever worn. I think I was around 11 or 12 when I first wore a bra... It was definitely a tiny training bra.

  • new @ this 2012-04-07

    before i was pregnant i was 36c..now after 3 kids im at 38D and hubby love them. I shop only at victoria secrets. I have tryed others but nothing touches a VS bra. When i do stray i go online to figleaves they run a close second. I usaully get my matching bra and panties from them.

  • Emom 2012-03-24

    I'm a 34B, got my first bra when I was still 11. My typical bra label is probably Olga or Lily of France. I have a couple of Victoria Secret bras, but those are usually gifts from my husband for Valentine's Day or some other occasion.

  • bulbfull 2012-03-07

    i dont know when my wife got her first bra, but she told me she was a 36 b then now 42c

  • hughes 2012-01-27

    Ahh My Ex-Wife Was A 32AA With Perk Nips!

  • crystal 2012-01-27

    iam a 34b

  • sweetmmmelissa 2012-01-12

    36C Can't complain

  • jill2doctor 2011-12-06


  • Sweetbonbon 2011-12-06

    38D/DD, almost always very sexy from Victoria's secret (or from other VS collections), first bra at age 11

  • subemmy 2011-11-23

    32 a or 32 b depending on the bra

  • rosemaiden23 2011-11-22

    32D. Barely. I'm borderline DD. I love Victoria' Secret bras, but I'm a working college student and can't afford them all the time, so they're bought sparingly. I had to start wearing a bra at 10, and grew fast from there.

  • Babyginagirl 2011-11-22

    I am NOW a 33A cup,but got my first training bra when I was 11 years old,and got my first period about 1 month later.

  • cherrypie 2011-10-20

    12D Australian or 34D American

  • n/a 2011-10-13

    I'm a 38 D. Just right according to my bf.

  • analbiguy 2011-10-13

    My f/b is 36B, wears 1/4cup bras, means I can stimulate her nipples easily

  • stirrupgal 2011-09-26


    fREYA, Panache

    about 12 yrs old

  • SutureSue 2011-09-26

    European 80B, and I tend to buy mine at the average lingerie-stores that are in every city. I'm lucky that my boobs seem to be of a size that fits with a lot most bra's, so it's never too difficult to find something that fits.

    And I started wearing bra's around age.. 14 I think.

  • enemary 2011-09-26

    34c, many different makers, about 12 was my first training bra

  • Ronjen 2011-09-26

    My girlfriend's is around 40DD, and she got her first bra at about 10.

  • n/a 2011-09-14

    34a. I usually buy my bras at Walmart push up. My first one was at age 13

  • Mickey46 2011-08-31

    34B, Anne Summers :)

  • Speculum Lover 2011-05-22

    38B, probably should be wearing a 40B though, And I pretty much only wear Maidenform bras. Not sure when I got my first one, but I think it was a fancy black Calvin Klein bra that my mother got me!

  • ann40 2011-04-28

    i was the same way sports bra was well needed growing up on the ranch riding horses..

  • sharbrian 2011-04-23

    38C Bought my first training bra in the 5th grade. Always have! Always will! buy Wonderbras.

  • hawky 2011-04-22

    44D. :)

    I generally buy mine online from various places.

    And I started wearing a bra at age 11. Though it was all sports bras because I was really active in horseback riding and needed something strong!

  • jillt 2010-10-23

    34A, varies where I buy, was 15 for first one

  • skybear -N Florida 2010-10-22

    I also have had large Teats in my hands but that was a very long time ago on the farm. I have never found a breast that I did not like. My favorite is the one I am sucking on at that time.

    I think my mom weaned me too young. It was a traumatic experience for a 12 year old! >:D OK I am kidding.

  • arthur 2010-10-22

    Whispering because I am a man posting on a specific women .

    I prefer breast larger than usual as smaller , but I read and check that nipples from smaller breasts are more arrousend for the owner of it , as larger breasts , but larger breasts have options than smaller don't have . . .

    I talk about my preferences , NOT about the reasons who give me the impulse to be close of my lover .

    My dream ? huge thick nipples in my mouth feeding me , but also very erotic nipples who offers a lot of fun to my lover .

  • cutelilasian 2010-10-22

    Haha, doesn't seem like to many of us smaller gals are commenting on this one. I'm a little shy about it, but I'll admit to my tinyness: 34B

  • cal1082 2010-10-21

    40D or 40DD...depends on the bra

  • Bethany Morissy 2010-10-21


  • gynoslave 2010-10-21

    my breast size is 38 B .

  • Amanda978 2010-10-21

    This is for the ladies if you didn't already guess by the title.

    What is your breast size?

  • litlover 2010-08-23

    38C for me. I started wearing a bra in 5th grade. I'm not brand loyal. I wear what looks good, feels good, and keeps them where they need to be ;D

  • sexypatient18 2010-08-19

    im a 32 D in uk sizes.

    i wear lots of different brands really.. mostly pretty ones from topshop, la senza or wonderbras (purely because the fit is amazing)

    got my first bra from marks and spencers at the age of 11 or 12 maybe?

  • LadyMoonlight 2010-08-08

    38C-D Usually Bali ev day or Wacoal or Vickys (Victorias Secret) Got my first bra at age 11 It's good not to have to worry about tipping forward

  • Bethany Morissy 2010-07-15

    38d/Victoria's Secret/12

  • Fugitiva 2010-06-28

    36DD but often hard to find. Dreaming of sewing my own lingerie.

  • Medical Gurl 2010-04-24

    Size 38DD

    Brand Usually La Senza or Bravissimo

    First Bra at around age 10

  • knivesreturns 2010-04-20

    I wear a 36b/c depending on my weight or time of the month. I got my first training bra at 11. I usually get my good stuff from victorias secret.

  • germangoddesss 2010-04-19

    Let's see, I wear a size 34C, now (I am pregnant). I believe my bra size pre-pregnancy is a 34B. My first bra I ever got was probably around age 11 or 12...it was a 32A.

    Walmart and K-Mart are my Victoria's Secret :) I don't need a designer tag to show of these babies!

  • Switchablesusie 2010-04-18

    I'm a 34 C.

    I get mostly OnGossamer, Soma and Le Mystere.

    Wacoal has it for sports bras because of the wide straps.

    loobyloo said: I'm not an expert on large sizes. but once you go above a D cup, cup size descriptions seem to be variable and up to the manufacturer.

    Some use DD, DDD, E, EE, F, FF etc

  • loobyloo 2010-04-17

    never heard of a DDD cup....or a back size 52

  • jillt 2010-04-04


    Many makes

    Was 15

  • robbob 2010-04-04

    wear 38 b cup first bra was 38 a cup at 60 yrs old want to get to small c cup

  • loobyloo 2010-03-10

    36 DD or E

    La Senza or Ann Summers or sometimes WonderBra

    Age 11

  • LittleGirlShoes 2010-02-27

    Double-D, baby! Got my first bra at age 11.

  • doctorgene 2010-02-07

    Given that I am on the 'wrong' side of 40, I look back and notice that women's busts are now somewhat smaller and their waists are somewhat bigger. Average bra size (in my opinion) - 34B to 38C.

  • Lady Teddy 2009-12-27

    I wear a 38D or 40D or even DD, depending upon the manufacturer of the bra. Bali is my favorite everyday brand and I usually wear a 38DD in that manufacturer. Bra sizes really seem to vary based upon the manufacturer.

    Lately, I have been purchasing some retro bullet bras on eBay for a very sexy look.

    Lady Teddy

  • rikkiann 2009-12-27

    My bra size is a 34C and i usually buy my bras whereever i happen to be at the time. the only time i wear a bra is at work and i take it off as soon as i get home. Got my first bra an A cup for my 13th birthday. for my 14th brthday i got a padded a cup.

    6 months later i was a c cup


  • urednecku 2009-12-21

    Wife is 36 D

  • ladyj 2009-12-13

    I wear a 34DDD or 34F

    I like Bali or whatever fits well

    First bra 32A at 12

  • 312 Capri 2009-11-17

    Interesting, my old girl friend from college, she attended UNM was called Bobbie, short for Barbara. She moved back to Buffalo NY in 1957 to complete her nursing studies. You wouldn't happen to be her by any chance?

  • arnie12 2009-11-17

    looks to me like there are a lot of voluptuus women on this site. Hard to disagree with that, I hope.

  • bobbie 2009-11-16

    I usually wear a 34B depending on the bra.

    I choose what ever bra fits me the best.

    I started wearing a bra when I was 11.

  • 312 Capri 2009-11-14

    My ex-mother-in-law was built like Dolly Parton and she always hated it! She said the only reason many boys/men wanted to date her was because of her over abundance of breasts! I was raised on a dairy farm, and as a child/teenager I had my hands full (pun intended) of overly generous cow utters.... enough to last me a lifetime. I prefer an "A or B" cup size, I don't want to relive my childhood experiences! Moooo

  • hidden1girl 2009-11-14

    34 Full B/Small C

    Victoria's Secret


    All natural

    Can i just say that I HATE how they are the first thing to shrink if I lose weight!

  • naughtyinohio 2009-11-14

    hahaha, it seems im the only itty bitty titty club member here. I wear a 32A. I usually buy Victoria secret. My first bra was when I was about 14 and yes, it was a 32A.

  • onbike 2009-11-13

    Hi, my size is 34B

  • Kay2ks 2009-10-14

    36b and any old brand, usually from Penny's, first bra about 12/13

  • female patient 2009-10-13


  • ladydocisin 2009-08-27

    I'm a 34C and I wear Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret or whatever feels good and looks pretty.


  • musik07 2009-08-27

    36 DD

    Victoria's Secret, Ambrelle or whatever else i like at that time!

    i was probibaly 11 or 12

  • shygirly 2009-08-11

    Im an E cup - I use Bravsimo and La senza - Jordans range at Asda is good too and Marks and sparks

  • needexamfemale 2009-08-11

    36 DD

    Lady Grace


  • Switchablesusie 2009-06-14

    34C and still, after turning 40 this year, and having two girls, now 15 and 12, still reasonably firm and maaaahhhvelous in a latex catsuit! ;D ;D ;D ;D

    I get most of my bras by OnGossamer, Soma and Le Mystere.

  • Heather 2009-06-13

    I wear a size 36D (all natural). I normally purchase Bali and Victoria Secret brands. I was about ten years old when my Mom purchased my first bra for me at Sears. By age twelve, I had already developed into a C cup.

    I have read that the average American woman is a 36-38 B cup. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It doesn't appear that there are many average size ladies on this board!

    Heather, Portland, OR and Los Angles, CA, USA

  • phoebe2009 2009-06-13

    52 DDD all natural

  • lilfirecracker123 2009-06-13


    Body by Victoria (Victoria Secrets)

    I guess I was around 11 or 12

  • angiel 2009-06-13

    36C ( up from a 34B in my 20s and prior to children)

    I wear a lot of different brands

    I was about 12 when I got my first one

  • lynn l 2009-03-20

    I wear a 32E. They are custom made and unfortunately are also very expensive. It takes about three weeks to get new ones as they come from Europe. First bra at age 12

  • castaholic 2009-03-03

    Addendum to my previous post ... first bra - 34C at about 13.

  • Europe Mrs 2009-03-03

    Bra size: 32B, or 34A depending on brand.

    Favotite brands: Triumph, Chantelle, Philippe Matignon preferably, provided there's no padding. Otherwise department stores brands.

    First bra...aroud 12, 13 years old

  • JenSchaefer 2009-03-02

    I am a 38 C. I wear more sports bras because I am so active.

  • littleh 2009-02-03

    Bra Size?: 36C

    Where?: Where ever I can find underwired and UNpadded

    Age?: About 12

  • castaholic 2009-02-01

    42FF - have to go to specialty store for it as the normal stores tend not to carry anything beyond DD.

  • sadsack7743 2009-02-01

    my bra size? I know I am a guy but I have man tits and wear a size 40B.....wife has bought me some for sexual activity ...only time I will wear one.....

  • flyfisher 2009-01-28

    42 D

    Whatever fits best, I know, not a brand but it changes, sometimes one type fits better then the other and I find new ones.

    About 9

  • ellena 2009-01-28


    Usually La Senza.

    Probably 11?