Best feeling
Spanking Pain OTK for females
Poll skin screening in the genital area
Pooping the regular way
Favorite place to get an enema? Closed
What’s to blame for your diapers?
What is comfortable position for rectal temperature for you?
Scooting down..
Rectal Temperatures
Penis Whips and Male Chastity Devices
Rubber and Latex
holding with or without the nozzle Closed
Where to put the Main Menu button Closed
Pooping & Messing or diapers only ? Closed
How do you like your plastic pants? Closed
Giving buttock injections Closed
Getting buttock injections Closed
What did you feel (male/female) when you were first examined urologically / gynecologically? Closed
Should Chat mute work in both ways
Should normal chat users be able to mute chat supers and mods
Chat mute button for portal moderators and chat supervisors
Single selection
Multiple options selectable