• debgurl debgurl

    The Musings of an Enema Lover

    Enemas....so misunderstood, so mischaracterized and yet so delightful! This is a blog devoted to my adventures in the wonderful world of enemas...from things I've tried (and things I would never try again) to those things that go to make for a wonderful and often erotic experience. …

    Updated : 2018.09.17
  • sandie sandie

    A few things about me: diapers, crossdressing, submissive cravings

    Hello, I'll use this blog to try express my sexuality, fetishes, and how they fit into my life.

    Updated : 2018.09.17
  • BernieGreenberg BernieGreenberg


    A record of my years with Norma. I will try to recount what happened and how I reacted/adjusted to it. I am doing this for myself as much as to share with others. Please be patient, even at my advanced age, I am new to this and feeling my way.

    Updated : 2018.09.17
  • Pluglove Pluglove

    32 and Writing my first blog ever lol

    I'm a 32 year old lover of all things kinky. Inspired by zity's topics to share my thoughts.


    Updated : 2018.09.16
  • toshe63 toshe63


    So many changes in the last month. So much to think and ponder. Dealing with some issues personal and physically. But glad to have a place to express my feelings to the friends I have met here. I'm taking each day at a time and enjoying each day. Trying to push the troubling things o…

    Updated : 2018.09.15
  • Wolf2007 Wolf2007


    Yesterday morning, my wife, lover, companion, team mate, sailor, hiker, singer died from pulmonary complications of ALS. After she passed, my daughter and I, who had been standing a twenty hour vigil, administering medications, keeping her comfortable, opened the deck door to allow h…

    Updated : 2018.09.13
  • Nurse Phillips Nurse Phillips

    Playing around

    Just me talking about playing or anything else

    Updated : 2018.09.12
  • Ant Ant

    Everything WWII

    Hey everyone, I wanted to take a different approach on my blogs and talk about everything related to WWII and my experience as a reenactor and collector.

    I reenact as Cpl. in a Tank Destroyer Battalion at a few re-enactments a year. Occasionally a Cpt. in the Army Air Corp ( which p…

    Updated : 2018.09.12
  • Dr Kinky Dr Kinky

    Exciting products and misc.

    My daily blog entries about different real life experiences or product discoveries.

    Updated : 2018.09.09
  • botox botox

    Botox's Eclectic Mutterings

    Things I think are relevant or not.

    One of them is I believe that freedom of speech is a sacred right. It does not, however, guarantee you a venue or an audience.

    Everything you see here is my opinion, backed up by fact or not.

    Updated : 2018.09.09
  • jack123 jack123


    looking for a WF that likes to travel scuba and go fishing Im 69 years old. still looking for fun and adventure and a fun loving companion. My wife passed away in june this year.

    Updated : 2018.09.09
  • Enema Runner Enema Runner

    The Three R's (Random Running Ramblings)

    As long as I can remember, I have always had a pleasant experience with enemas. And although my interest and taking enemas has periodically waxed and waned throughout my life, the interest is back late in my life. Concurrent with that has been my anal fascination/eroticism. Anothe…

    Updated : 2018.09.08
  • Wet-girl Wet-girl

    Musings of a wet girl

    Just a place to put down some of my thoughts, experiences , dreams and fantasies

    Updated : 2018.09.08
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2018.09.08
  • supple supple

    My Avatar Postures

    This blog describes my avatar photos, which - I hope - will progress.

    Actually, it is not so much the photos, but my exercise regimes, progress, and desires.

    The images themselves are in my album named Avatar Photos (of course!)

    I don't think I will be writing more than once every 2…

    Updated : 2018.09.05
  • Lenchick Lenchick

    Something about me and my thoughts or anything else (first attempt)

    Well, it’s my very first joining sites where people can have their blogs.

    Let’s try what will come out from it.

    Don’t be too strict.

    I hope if you come across my blog, you will find interesting or at least like something here.

    Have a great time, enjoy and be yourself here. (I rea…

    Updated : 2018.09.04
  • caresabouthealth caresabouthealth

    The Megz

    This is my life...

    Updated : 2018.09.04
  • exam doc exam doc

    Group physical

    The only group exam I ever had was when I was a seventh grader for sports.

    Updated : 2018.09.03
  • Pecan nutjob Pecan nutjob

    Switching in Paris

    My wife and I are "switches". In addition to (nearly) daily vanilla sex, we give spankings and enemas and take rectal temperatures, among other things.

    We do not like it "hard", we do not feel like BDSM. We are just an ordinary couple with a fascination for fun with the rear end.

    We …

    Updated : 2018.09.01
  • mandycandy mandycandy

    Mandy's Blog

    .Just a random blog about a girl's adventures with enemas, anal training, and other anal fun =)

    Updated : 2018.08.31